About Me

Me in kilt
Hi there – I am Jake – a toy happy-petrolhead of a Scotsman! Welcome to childrenstoybox! Hope you enjoy the site – and let me know how I can help you!

Hello there! My name is Jake and I own and run childrenstoybox.co.uk!

Childrenstoybox.co.uk started as my private mini-project. With an aspiration to write and create articles on topics I thought were good fun, I  ended up finding myself writing on stuff we all love – Toys!


In time – as my kids grew older – I have been adding reviews of various types of the site. Many of the toys I discuss on this site are toys that have been a part of our own household.


As time went by, the site has developed from being solely focused on writing about toys, to also include a very comprehensive section for off-road bikes – Dirtbikes, Pitbikes and Quad bikes.


I myself have been an avid off-road biker for many years, so I thought might as well put all my knowledge into good use.

Quad bike in Scotland
My 5 year old boy, having a blast on his Quad Bike.
Quads are also for Girls. Here is my 6-year old girl flooring the speeder!
Quads are also for Girls. Here is my 6-year old girl flooring the speeder!








The joy of motorized vehicles for youngsters is something I try to bring forward to my own kids as well.

Last year (2020) I bought 2 quad bikes for my younger kids (ages 5 & 6) – you see them to the left. When I was younger, I traveled all over Scotland competing and trying out racecourses, and it was a true joy. Now it’s time to pay it forward.

Now, enough of me. Hope you enjoy the site and time to go play!


–  Jake