10 Best Twin Stroller, Twin Pram and Double Pushchairs – UK Review

If you are looking for the best twin stroller & twin pram, we have compiled a list for your specific and varying needs. As a parent, you need to rest assured that your twins will enjoy their time outside without compromising their comfort and safety.

Twin Prams, Twin Stroller, Double Pushchairs & Buggies: What Are Their Differences?

First, let us distinguish these terms as they are often interchanged. Certainly, all of them are small versions of carriages parents use to push their babies or toddlers around. However, there are slight differences in terms of their features.

Strollers are mostly lightweight and collapsible and perfect for older babies. Pushchairs are relatively tougher than strollers. Ideal for both newborns and older babies, they can often fold flat and your twins can recline or move forward so they can face you.

Prams, on the other hand, are recommended for newborns and younger babies. Generally, the design is meant for lying down and unlike pushchairs, cannot be folded flat.

A buggy is another term for a baby carriage and is a trademark of British English. Buggies can also refer to pushchairs and strollers – depending on who’s using the term.

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Best Twin Stroller & Twin Pram Buyer’s Guide

With a lot of available strollers for twins in the market, it may be quite confusing or a bit hard to choose what type of stroller to purchase. Here are some considerations and helpful tips to get started:

  • Strollers come in various sizes and features. If you want lighter weight so you can maneuver it easily, choose a side-by-side stroller.
  • However, if space is an issue, tandem double strollers may be an alternative. In this type, one seat is in front of the other. While they may be a bit harder to push or heavier, they can function as attachable car seats.
  • Double umbrella strollers are lightweight as well and fold compactly.
  • Finally, an all-terrain twin stroller is ideal for parents who have an active lifestyle. These models can very well deal with cobblestone and dirt, among others. However, they are heavier versions of strollers because of this extra feature.

Make sure that the stroller for twins you finally decide to purchase can protect your kids from the harmful elements.

Also, strollers with extra compartments for your child’s food, water, and other necessities can help you carry all those extra loads that come with having twins.

Most importantly, the weights, ages, and heights of your twins will eventually be the deciding factors after you have carefully considered your options.

Note that newborns have different needs from older babies and toddlers. This means that they may be comfortable in prams than in strollers as they are always lying down.

We hope that you will find what you are looking for in these twin prams and strollers for twins we have reviewed. Check them out!

Best Twin Pram

Evenflo Pivot Xplore All-Terrain Twin Stroller

Evenflo Pivot Xplore All-Terrain Stroller Wagon Gypsy

Type: Tandem Double Stroller

Age level: 5 years and below

What is great about this stroller: Wheels are big and can move effortlessly; can change from wagon to stroller mode with a quick handle flip and vice versa

What is not so great about this stroller: Avoid putting too heavy items on the basket to prevent torn stitching


This gypsy Evenflo Pivot Xplore all-terrain, stroller wagon can easily adapt to your ride with just a flip of the handle. Just press the button to adjust the handle. The “stroller mode” is when you push it and the “wagon mode” is when you pull it.

The all-terrain wheels mean that you can bring your kids from pavement to beach to the backyard and even beyond.

The wagon/stroller also features canopies with UPF 50+ to help shield your kids from the sun’s harmful rays.  They are reversible so you get two colour options. The seats even have a good amount of padding for the booty and back.

The spacious storage holds your child care essentials and the easy access basket rotates into the wagon when only one child is seated. Also, the handy tray makes it easy to share snacks and other knickknacks.

Solid and sturdy and with a good purchase of an infant car seat adapter, you can use this stroller for an infant and a toddler.

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Kids Kargo Duellette Twin Pram

Kids Kargo Duellette 21 BS Travel System Pram Double Pushchair (Raspberry and Blueberry)

Type: Tandem twin pram

Age Level: Newborns – 15 months

What is so great about this item: The pram’s aluminum frame makes it lightweight and easy to handle. Comes with free rain covers and two seats. Seats can be configured to face the pram driver.

What is not so great about this item: While lightweight, aluminum isn’t known for its durability.


The Kids Kargo Duellette Twin Stroller is a lovely piece of engineering designed to keep your kids safe and comfortable as you go about your business. Coming in both raspberry and blueberry colors, the built-in carry cots are padded with fine fabric designed to keep kids happy and cozy. A built-in suspension system and its soft, flat seats make for a cozy ride.

The Kids Kargo Duellette comes with lockable swivel wheels, which make this twin pram perfect for busy environments, like malls and groceries. A soft grip adjustable handle ensures easy handling for parents and other caretakers. This package comes with two seats that can be configured to face forwards or backwards and the pram itself can accommodate car seats as needed, or can even switch to a single pram.

Parents have reported that this pram is quite heavy and sturdy, but while this twin pram has a weight capacity of 15 kilograms, its aluminum frame means that it’s best to strictly observe this weight limit. Despite this, the Kids Kargo Duellette has been tried, tested, and certified in both BS EN 1888 and BS EN 1466 safety standards.

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Roma Gemini Twin Pram

Roma Gemini Double Pram - Grey

Type: Double twin pram

Age Level: Newborns – 2 years

What is so great about this item: Stylish black finish both looks great and helps babies sleep, especially when hoods are extended. Has a unique, compact fold when put away.

What is not so great about this item: Very narrow seating makes this twin pram viable only for newborns. Some parents have reported problems with the footrest and brake system.


The Roma Gemini Twin Pram is a grey twin pram that combines fashion and functionality. Its unique compact fold makes it easy to fold up and store away. A lightweight aluminum frame makes it easy to push and transport while keeping the pram secure. Swivel and lockable front wheels make the Roma Gemini great at traversing any kind of terrain but should ideally only be used on flat or urban surfaces.

An extendable hood protects your babies from the sun and rain and can encourage naptime, while their large viewing windows are sure to keep your kids entertained if they decide they want to see the world. Comfortable and fashionable seats made from 60% cotton and 40% polyester with a beautiful grey finish ensure comfortable rides for riders.

The Roma Gemini has also been certified as adhering to EN 1888 safety standards. And in case you’re not satisfied, Roma also offers a 12 month warranty on all their products.

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iSafe Tandem Twin Pram me&You

iSafe Tandem Pram me&You - 2 Tone Black (Black)

Type: Tandem twin pram

Age Level: Newborns

What is so great about this item: The iSafe Tandem Pram is incredibly durable and sturdy. This package comes with an additional canopy accessory.

What is not so great about this item: The iSafe Tandem Pram can be difficult to fold up, and can be stiff after collapsing. It also has a lower weight limit of 9 kilograms. The included carry cots aren’t convertible into car seats.


This large twin pram both looks and handles beautifully. With its large back wheels and well-made suspension system, this twin pram can handle itself well even in rain and snow. Two configurable seats can be switched to face forward or backward, towards the pusher or to give your babies a great view of the outside world while staying safe and protected.

The iSafe brand has many seats that are configured to work best with its prams, allowing you to mix and match carry cots and seats as needed. All iSafe seats are comfortable and well-padded, making them perfectly snug for baby, regardless of if you’re on a brisk morning walks or a sleepy afternoon stroll.

Each cot has a verified weight limit of 15 kilograms, which allows children of even up to 3 years to enjoy the iSafe Tandem Pram’s luxurious seating. A spacious storage in the underbasket allows parents to carry baby’s favorite foods and toys. All of these combine together to make a quality product that both parents and kids will grow to love and enjoy.

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Baby Jogger City Mini Twin Pram Convertible

Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Double All-Terrain Pushchair Twin | with 2X Infant Carrycot, 2X Belly Bar & Weather Shield Rain Cover | Jet (Black)

Type: Tandem jogging twin pram

Age Level: Newborns

What is so great about this item: Aside from standard safety features on a jogging stroller, this twin pram comes with upgraded tyres, suspension, and bars.

What is not so great about this item: This package has a very high price tag.


This twin pram, with its lustrous metal and beautiful dark finish, both looks and feels futuristic. All jogger twin prams come with numerous safety features, and the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 is no exception. Designed for parents on the go, this ergonomic jogging twin pram has large Forever Air rubber tyres that give it unrivaled handling over most kinds of terrain. Its cots are collapsible, allowing for easy storage and replacement.

This twin pram is also equipped with a  comfortable machine-washable mattress that’s sure to be a hit with both baby and mum. An extendable UV50+ canopy protects baby from harsh sunlight and allows baby to snooze on the go. A soft grip belly bar lets your kids hold on and enjoy the rush as you zoom along, and its height can be adjusted with a simple push of a button. Its rain cover protects your kids and keeps them completely dry in rain or snow, offering total enclosed protection.

Anything you need from a jogging twin pram, the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 has you covered – and will exceed your expectations. In terms of quality, this is a twin pram that is very, very hard to beat.

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Best Side by Side Twin Stroller

Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Twin Travel Pushchair

Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Double Travel Pushchair | Twin Stroller

Type: Side by Side Double Stroller

Age level: 0 to 18 months

What is great about this stroller: Lightweight, easy to fold, and comes with a travel bag

What is not so great about this stroller: With fixed handle height so may not be ideal for tall people


This Baby Jogger City Tour 2 twin stoller is lightweight, foldable, and portable and comes in three colour variants, namely grey, navy, and green.

Its narrow, on-the-go design can fit through a standard doorway. This makes getting around spaces easier for both you and your kids.

Exert less effort when folding as this folds itself simply. The auto-lock feature secures the fold when you have to transport or store it.

The durable rubber tyres provide a smooth ride while offering easy manoeuvrability as well with its front swivel wheels.

Depending on the height and weight of your twins, it is suitable from birth up to 15kg for each near-flat recline seat. For newborns, add up to two carrycots to keep them snug.

In terms of protection, the stroller has UV 50+ canopies and 4 comfortable padded seats. You can purchase add-on accessories to customise it for a more comfortable ride.

Some of the key features your twins would surely benefit from including the adjustable calf support that accommodates growing legs, the near-flat seat recline that is ideal for napping, and the built-in storage basket that has both front and rear access for easy reach.

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Out ‘N’ About Nipper Double V4 Twin Stroller

Out 'N' About Nipper Double V4 - Carnival Red |  Twin Stroller

Type: Side by Side Double Stroller

Age level: 0 to 4 years

What is great about this stroller: Comfortable lightweight stroller that is perfect for stony paths and bumpy roads

What is not so great about this stroller: More expensive than other strollers for twins in the market


This Out ‘N’ About Nipper V4 Twin Stroller in carnival red colour is suitable for newborns to kids up to 4 years of age.

While it may be the most expensive in our list, this buggy weighs only 12.8 kg because of its light aluminum frame and is quite compact when folded.

It has individually adjustable multi-position seats and a lie-flat option for newborns. It also has individually adjustable sun canopies with peek-a-boo windows. Rain covers protect the whole pram.

You can use the storage pockets and the large shopping pouch for all your essentials. Most noteworthy, it is so easy to push, making it excellent for forest walks and even stony paths or bumpy roads.

Finally, with its space-saving features, it can pass all doors. Certainly, well worth your money.

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Cosatto Supa Dupa Twin Stroller

Cosatto Supa Dupa Double/Twin Stroller –  Twin Stroller

Type: Side by Side Double Stroller

Age level: 0 to 2 years 

What is great about this twin stroller: Easy to raise handles with vibrant colours and a lovely design – not to mention the 4-year warranty that comes with it

What is not so great about this twin stroller: Foot muff may be a bit small for some


This Cosatto Supa Dupa double/twin stroller/pushchair can bring smiles to little ones and even to passersby – with its attractive and fun design. It is lightweight but sturdy – your perfect companion for a day out with the kids.

This stroller for twins is suitable from birth up to 25 kg and includes UPF50+ extendable hoods, rain cover, fleece-lined footmuffs, cup holder, and 2 soft insulated bottle carriers.

The design is all about making you and your children comfortable. It has adjustable leg rest, adjustable handle height, and large shopping basket with a built-in multi-media pocket in the hood for viewing on the go.

It is a compact twin stroller. The stowaway auto stand makes it great for both home or car storage. It also features a quick-release 5 point safety harness with cushioned chest pads.

Enjoy the pushchair’s one-handed recline and gadget display pockets with this lightweight, slimline do-all stroller for twins.

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Best Tandem Twin Stroller

Graco Stadium Duo Click Connect Tandem Twin Stroller 

Graco Stadium Duo Click Connect Tandem Double Pushchair/Stroller, Car Seat Compatible, Black/Grey

Type: Tandem Double Stroller

Age level: 0 to 3 years

What is great about this twin stroller: Around 5 times cheaper than other brands that can do the same job

What is not so great about this twin stroller: It may be too big that it takes a lot of space and is not suitable for use in London buses especially during peak period.


This Graco Stadium Duo Click Connect tandem twin stroller offers a one-hand fold mechanism so you can quickly and easily fold it whenever.

Other features include a removable front and rear child’s tray with 2 cupholders each, lockable front swivel wheels, and a large basket.

Most noteworthy, this stroller’s travel system is compatible with all Graco infant car seats using Click Connect technology.

The front and back seats have different recommended usage. The back seat is suitable for newborns up to 3 years (0-15 kg) while the front seat is suitable for babies aged 6 months to 3 years (maximum of 15 kg). Thus, the rear seat is suitable for newborns because of its full lie-flat mechanism.

Moreover, the stadium-style seating allows the child in the rear seat to be slightly raised for a better view of the surroundings.

In a combination of black and grey colours, this unisex stroller for twins promises comfort and functionality to meet a growing family’s needs.

Both seats also feature a multi-position recline, and the stroller features an extended canopy and a footrest.

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Joovy Caboose Too Graphite  Tandem Twin Stroller

Joovy Caboose Too Graphite Stand-On  Twin Stroller

Type: Tandem Double Stroller

Age level: 3 months to 2.5 years

What is great about this twin stroller: Not bulky and easy to open, close and lift into an SUV – plus comes with a universal adapter for car seats

What is not so great about this twin twin stroller: No built-in organizer – you need to purchase separately


This black Joovy Caboose Too graphite stand-on tandem twin stroller has the flexibility to push two kids close in age. It is the original sit-and-stand stroller with a weight capacity of 90 lbs. This comes with a four-wheel suspension and a durable steel frame to support the kids’ weight.

It has a built-in bench seat that not only allows twins even two kids who are close in age. Your older child can sit on the bench seat, ride in the rear seat, or stand on the platform.

Also, the sturdy platform holds little kids on the move and even includes a car seat adapter. The straps to buckle the kids are also easy to use and adjust.

When kids grow, you can customize the adjustable front and rear seats accordingly.  Most noteworthy, the stroller lists compatible car seats which would be very helpful when you are researching for such in the future.

This very compact twin stroller proves that you do not need to spend too much to own a practical twin stroller.

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Hauck Duett 2 Tandem Twin Stroller

Hauck Duett 2 Tandem  Twin Stroller

Type: Tandem Double Stroller

Age level: 0 to 2 years

What is great about this twin stroller: Easy to put together and fold down

What is not so great about this twin stroller: Bottom seat has plenty of room width wise but taller kids may struggle for head room.


This Hauck Duett 2 tandem twin stroller is your ideal pushchair for twins or for a baby and a child. multi-functional, practical, easy to push, safe and compatible with car seat.

While it is a bit heavy, there is enough space for bags and other stuff. The basket can accommodate up to 6 kg of kids’ essentials.

This 2-in-1 twin stroller is usable right from birth. Its main seat can be converted into a carrycot usable for a newborn. Once the child has grown, you can easily reconvert it into seat by closing the Velcro.

Also, you can adjust Duett 2’s push handle in 3 steps from 94 to 111 cm. The backrest is adjustable to lying position as well.

This double buggy also has two rain covers. Each seat unit has a 5-point harness and can be used for children up to 15 kg.

Lightweight, with high quality aluminum chassis and lockable front wheels swiveling through 360 degrees, and with large rear wheels with protection, certainly, this stroller for twins can adjust well to your family’s needs.

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More Tips:

Buying the Best Side by Side and Tandem Twin Stroller 

If you have friends and family members who have had experience raising twins, ask them for ideas. They are the best resource persons as they probably have adjusted well enough to the challenge of having twins!

Some of them can even share tips should you decide to go to the next level and purchase electric ride-on cars for kids.

Some questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you have regular hiking activities? Or are you ok with the usual stroll?
  • Are you regularly jogging? Do you need something sturdier so you can bring along your twins?
  • What is your vehicle model? Can it accommodate smaller or bigger strollers?
  • Are you a frequent traveler? Do you want something that you can fold up easily?
  • Is your place too hot that you need a good canopy to protect your twins from intense heat?
  • Do your kids love to sleep while traveling? Or are they very active and would enjoy seeing sights?

When purchasing online, it may also be an added protection on your part to research the stroller manufacturer. In this way, you can get the right information to help you arrive at the best decision. Happy strolling!

FAQs about the Best Twin Strollers

What stroller for newborn twins would be best for my little ones?

The best type of twin stroller for newborns up to 6 months is something that reclines to a near flat position or can accommodate an infant car seat.

Certainly, having both features is better. This can simplify your life as well as guarantee your newborns’ comfort.

How to choose a stroller for twins?

Choosing the best stroller for twins may be a task due to a lot of choices. It all sums up to what will be most convenient and comfortable for you and your kids.

Other factors that you have to consider include the cost, the kind of lifestyle your family is most comfortable with (a city family’s daily habits may be different from those of a suburban family), and finally, the features, both standard and special, of the stroller.

What stroller holds the most weight?

Based on the list above, you can choose among Joovy Caboose Too stand-on tandem stroller, Evenflo Pivot Xplore all-terrain stroller, and Out ‘N’ About Nipper Double V4.

Note that lightweight strollers do not necessarily mean that their capacity is less. Some brands like the above-mentioned ones feature innovative designs that make them both lightweight while providing more space for their little riders.

What is the best twin stroller?

The best twin should be something that your kids would enjoy using. Also, you have to make sure that you are also comfortable with it as you will pretty much be doing all the pushing, folding, and carrying.

To find out if you are choosing the best, do not hesitate to get inputs from other parents. They may be your best resource persons for finding that perfect stroller for twins.

Stroller: how old is too old for one?

According to experts, strollers will not be necessary past the age of 3. This is because at this point, kids no longer need a stroller to get around since they can already walk and run by themselves.

However, children’s needs and learning growth vary so as parents, it will still be your final decision until when it will be best for your twins or kids to use a stroller.