best infant toys for child development

Best toys for children’s development 6 months – 2 years olds

We all know how toys are important dating back to our early childhood. There is that toy you used to grasp and carry everywhere you went to. The importance of toys to toddlers and grown-up kids is not just to have fun and keep them busy, but as well to educate them and prepare them for adulthood life. They get to learn different things and develop mentally, physically, and emotionally. Also, kids get to know how to communicate and work together with other kids as they play.

As kids grow, you should also buy them the appropriate toys that they need. Toys that are great for a one-year-old may not be suitable for a 3-year-old. Check with your store and inquire about which kid’s toys are great for the age of your kid. For instance, babies love toys that make music while preschool kids should be bought toys that help them learn colours, shapes, and many other things. These are great because they prepare them for school.

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What are the greatest benefits of toys to kids? I have come across this question several times and that’s why I had to research it and come up with best infant toys for child development. When you buy your toddler different toys, they will stand to acquire motor skills, develop socially, develop emotionally, and gain knowledge as they play. Motor or physical skill helps a kid to strengthen their arms and legs.  

Emotional development assists kids to be creative and express their emotions as they tackle a puzzle or colour a picture. Cognitive development helps to jumpstart their memory and teaches them how to concentrate which is good for learning. Finally, social growth helps toddlers know how to interact with people and improve their language.

10 best infant toys for child development


Melissa & Doug Geometric Stacker toy

Melissa and Doug is a well-known brand in the market. The firm creates amazing, fun, and educational toys for kids. The Melissa & Doug geometric stacker is a wonderful wooden educational toy for toddlers. It is made up of a classic wooden toy and skill builder. It has rings, octagons, and rectangles. With 25 colourful wooden pieces to match and stack on three rods, the kid has plenty to play and learn with. The toy itself is of exceptional quality and value. As a matter of fact, it comprises all the colours of the rainbow, which makes it be outstanding.

For parents who want the best infant toys for child development and know different shapes, colours and sizes, this is an ideal toy to buy for them. It will keep your 2-year-old daughter or son entertained the whole day as they familiarize with the various colours and shapes on the wooden toy. It is sold at a very great price and you will be glad that you got it.


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Peradix Baby Swirl Ball Ramp Ball Drop Toys 

Do you want to help your toddler to recognize colours and numbers, improve logical thinking, better hand-eye coordination, and be very active? Get them the Peradix Swirl ball ramp toddler’s ball toy. This is a sturdily built educational toy for kids aged 18 months or more. It is constructed of food grade high-quality ABS material. The ABS is eco-friendly, non-toxic, and healthy, too. The design of the educational toy is amazing with a lovely monkey head and a big mouth. This attracts a baby’s attention with its bright colours.

In addition, the toy comes with 3 rolling balls with bell function that rustles when played. All you need is to assemble the toy even up to 5 roundels to enable your kid to enjoy it. Then, put the monkey head on top and the ball into the monkey’s mouth, the ball will rotate and go down layer by layer until finally get to the number printed out. The numbers are 1, 2, and 3. Your kid will have endless fun as they develop their visual and hearing.


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Decorie Cute Monkey Book for Baby

The Decorie super cute monkey cloth book toy is an excellent book to help develop your kid’s awareness. It is made up of a soft cloth and a material that is harmless to the baby. The textured fabric book toy has bright colours that can help develop kid’s sensory awareness. Also, it has colourful pictures and soft pages that the toddler will love a lot. Actually, it is ideal for kids aged between 0 and 2 years. The unique cloth design of the book is well built and very difficult to tear apart. But at the same time, you should avoid exposing it to water. So, keep it in a dry area.

Better your kid’s creativity by getting them this book toy from Decorie super. You can as well use it as a bedtime story book for your kids. It will help develop the brain of your kid at an early stage and educate them.


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VTech Baby Playtime Bus 

When it comes to kids toys, VTech is another famous brand. The VTech baby playtime bus is a quality toy with outstanding features. On this list of the best educational toys, this is one of the most versatile and a must-have for your toddler. It is suitable for kids aged between 2 and 5 years. It is fully tested and safe for use. It teaches phonic sounds, numbers, vocabulary, letters, counting, and safety rules. It has 26 letter buttons, 1-10 number buttons, brake, horn, and driver buttons. The red bus with red lights helps the id to develop their language, motor skills, basic math skills, discovery, and exploration skills.

The playtime bus is powered by 2 AA batteries. After 20 minutes of use, it switches itself off to save on battery power but you can switch it on to continue with the fun. Also, it has more than 100 interactive curriculum questions that will keep your kid engaged.


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Gowi Colourful Screwing Set for babies

The Gowi toys is the best construction toy for toddlers aged one year and above. It is made of plastic material that is PVC, phthalate, and BPA free. So, there is no worrying about the material. The construction toy has 10 play pieces in different colours and shapes that promote child development. The toy introduces toddlers to construction as they have fun. Also, it encourages the development of fine motor skills. The colourful screwing set toy is great for little hands and provides a lot of scope of imagination to kids as they screw or unscrew.

Buy this toy for your kid alongside other toys to increase the fun and also expand their cognitive thinking.


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Animal shape lorry – pull along toy

This is another wonderful play toy for kids. The Bigjigs toys animal shape lorry is fun and educative, too. It is made up of smooth natural wood, a slide-up rear tailgate, and 11 cut out animal shapes. These include a cow, hippo, elephant, giraffe, camel, zebra, pig, and many others. The animals come in different colours, sizes, and are made from solid wood shapes. This toy is ideal for kids aged 18 months or more.

Before your toddler starts their journey, they have to load the animals on the lorry by placing them in their slots and then close the rear tailgate. The lorry is pulled by a red cord which is attached to it. This toy helps to develop shape recognition, promote solving problems, nurture exploration and imaginative skills, and as well develop motor skills. Also, the kid gets to know the different animals as they grow up.


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Chuckle ball toddler game

In order to keep your toddler entertained and jovial, get them the chuckle ball toddler game. On the various toys that we have discussed on this list, the chuckle ball toddler game is one the most entertaining, especially for crawling babies. It is suited for kids aged 18 months or more. The ball is motorized and moves in all directions. It creates silly sounds to entertain your toddler. For it to function, you will be required to insert 4 AA batteries. These are not included in the purchase and you will be required to buy them separately.

If you want to develop motor skills in your little one, then the chuckle ball is one of the best toys to consider getting for them. An instruction sheet is included which will help you to properly utilize this toy as your kid chances it around the house.


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Melissa & Doug shape sorting

This is another great educational toy from Melissa and Doug brand. The Melissa and Doug shape sorting cube is a classic wooden toy comprising of 12 shapes. These shapes come in different colours which help the kid t differentiate them. Every shape has a hole where it has to be fit. The shapes are in a star, triangle, square, trapezium, rectangle, parallelogram, and many others. Other features of this toy include dove-tail joints and a slide-off lid.

The aim of this toy is to assist kids to know the different colours and shapes. Also, they get to learn how to solve problems by ensuring that all shapes are properly fitted in their slots on the sturdy wooden construction. Similar to a good number of toys that we have reviewed, it is suitable for kids aged 2 years and above. The toy helps kids to grow in confidence as they learn how to match the shapes in their correct holes.

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Tech baby driver’s garage

This is one of the most loved toys in the UK. The VTech baby Toot-toot driver’s garage is a great toy for having fun and learning at the same time. This outstanding toy is made up of an interactive garage with 3 floors. In addition, it has four electronic locations and three chunky buttons. Also, the nine smartpoint locations interact with all Toot-toot drivers smartpoint vehicles. Additional features include a turning helipad that raises and lowers the tower lift and a fun car wash. For the garage to function, it needs 2 X AA batteries and the tow truck is powered by 3 X AAA batteries.

As the kid rides the tow truck on the garage, they get to hear fun phrases, music, songs, and teaching colours, numbers, and road safety. All of these keep the toddler entertained and learn different things at the same time. The garage comprises of different colours which the kid gets to familiarize with, too.


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Mega Blocks bag, 60 pieces

Last but not least is the Mega blocks DCH54 build able bag, this product in my opinion is the best infant toys for child development. There is a high chance that you owned this game or played it while you were young. This is one of the most common games and can be found worldwide. The Meg blocks buildable bag has 60 pieces which are present in numerous colours. It is made up of environmentally friendly and PVC free packaging. This comes with a strap for proper storage of the blocks. These blocks are suitable for kids aged one or more years. Also, it is compatible with other mega blocks first builders products for continuing entertainment.

This toy helps your kids to be creative and improves their motor skills. The kids are able to bring their imagination to life as the match different blocks and colours. These blocks are ideal for little hands as they can be grabbed easily. Help your kid practice to pay attention, concentrate and solve problems with these mega blocks.

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If you want your toddler to develop well and quickly, then you will have to buy them the best infant toys for child development to match their age. Some parents buy their children toys so that they can keep them busy, but this shouldn’t be the case. Toys are just more than something kids play with. Actually, toys awaken senses in kids and make them be stronger. They teach them different things and help them develop mentally, physically, socially, and prepare them for school. So, help your kid discover the world around them by acquiring the right infant toys for child development.