Best presents for 5 year old boys

Finding presents for your 5 year old boy for christmas or birthdays, can be a difficult task especially when they have nearly everything you can think of. Believe me i know i have 3 children my-self and it’s hard work figuring out what to get them.

That’s why i thought i would put this post together, to help parents with this problem. Now you maybe thinking what’s the best presents for 5 year old boys wether that’s for their birthday or christmas. You should really be thinking what haven’t you bought yet.

We have searched the internet looking for what we think are the best unique action packed toys, for 5 year old boys. And put together a list of 10 toys that we think you will like and your child will like more.

Turbospoke Exhaust System

What it is: A exhaust system for a children’s bike, that make noises when the bike is being ridden.

Why we love it: Many kids or parents probably will not know about this item, meaning that when you buy one for your 5 year old boy, no other kids will be riding around with one on their bike. because it’s a unique gift. You could just put a can in the back tyre, but you get sharp edges from the can which can become dangerous.


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Scooter Beast by Razor

What it is: This one is obvious, it’s a scooter not just any, but a stunt scooter.

Why we love it: kids stunt scooter’s go for over £100, and one of the reason’s why we like this one is it is similar to the high priced one’s just without the price tag. These scooters are trending amongst children, so if you child has not asked for one of these, then it’s time to get one.


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Kidizoom Smart Watch

What it is: Kids smart watch, with many different features.

Why we love it: Helping children advance, by utilising 3D style digital and analogue clock faces. Your 5 year old child will want to keep this one on there wrist, as it can take pictures and videos. Also can download and play with apps, and even set and alarm clock so your child knows when to come home if they have been out playing.


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Butterfly Garden

What it is: As the title says it’s a butterfly garden.

Why we love it: Great one for young children to learn about life cycles. Let your child care for their own little pet, and see them go from caterpillar to butterfly, then get released. Your child will be amazed by this, if they get it as a gift for christmas.


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Nerf Nitro Longshot Smash

What it is: Ramp with a trigger to shoot cars out of

Why we love it: Anything to do with shooting and cars young boys love to play with, with this game, both toys are combined. Giving them the best of both games, just put the car in and just fire at anything they want, as the cars are made out of foam anyway.


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Eye Protected HD Virtual Reality Headset

What it is: kids vr headset for films video’s, and games

Why we love it: Kids today, love watching video on places such as youtube, and what better way to do it than with a vr headset. Also this one lets you play games through the app that you have to download when you purchase. And a Good thing is it will not break than bank.


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Paw Patrol Water Blaster Backpack

What it is: Water backpack gun (holds a lot of water)

Why we love it: One i have personally got for my child, and he loves it with no trouble using it at all. Just unscrew the lid fill with water and you ready to go soak everyone, the parent will have to help putting this one on the child’s back and it’s a bit heavy.


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Off-Road Rock Climber Truck

What it is: Children toy remote control car

Why we love it: Good price, although it takes 3 hours to charge the battery on this rc car, your 5 year old boy, will get roughly 20-25 mins play time. The company states that it does 25MPH, but reading through the reviews, people think they are over estimating that.


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LEGO 60051High-Speed Train

What it is: Kids lego train set

Why we love it: This train set is great for many young children, even better if your child is a lego fan, and loves everything lego. With hundred’s of positive review’s from customer that bought this, you can be assured this is money well spend.


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Monkey Design Kids Headphones

What it is: Monkey design headphones for you kids laptop or iPad.

Why we love it: These fun looking kids headphones are safer than the ones that goes into your ears, nothing enters the ear canal. A great feature is the built-in volume-limiting circuitry that keeps the sound pressure down to levels recommended as safe for young ears.

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If you are looking to buy the best present for a 5 year old boy for christmas or birthday, the best one’s will be something that is unique. And that is something we have tried our best to bring you, useable unique christmas present’s. None of these are expensive, and I’m sure there is going to be something on this list that your child does not have already have.