Children’s desk with storage – Read our full 2020 review guide

When your children get’s to certain age there require different toy’s, clothing and bedroom furniture. Deciding on the right item’s can be difficult at times, and that is why we have put this post together and found the top 3 children’s desks with storage.

Children’s desk’s can be really useful when your child need to do homework, colouring or using there laptop or iPad on. And having one with storage is even better to store there homework, pencils or anything that you need to put away.

Home Source Kids Desk Toy Storage with 6 Canvas Drawers

The first one on the list is a desk and storage, this one is more aimed at storage than a desk but you do get a lot of storage with it. This is a option if your looking for storage more than a desk.

You will have to buy a seat because it do not come with one, it has 6 removable colourful storage bins. People who have reviewed this product said it’s sturdy, strong lots of room for toys.


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Compact Small White Writing, Laptop & Computer Desk 

This next one is a bit more in price and has less storage, but as you can see from the picture that this one a really stylish and will look great in any kids bedroom.

If you don’t need much storage, then this kids desk could be for you, but you would have to buy a chair to go with this one as well.

This desk is not foldable and the hight is 80cm tall. Customer’s of the children’s desk with storage said, the finish is excellent, the drawer is quite spacious and assembling took under an 1 hour.


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Height Adjustable Kids Desk


This next children’s desk is my personal favourite one, just from the look’s it stands out from the rest, and any child would love this one.

The company that sell this recommend children up to 1.7 metres tall, so most children will get a lot of use from it. The desk height is 52cm to 76cm and the chair that comes with it is 30cm to 42cm.

This kids computer desk with storage can tilt unto 30 degrees, that will make it easier to read. Also comes with LED Lamp installed with 3 different settings, for different activities. If you looking for a children’s desk for them to do there homework ETC then this is a great option.


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All the Children’s desks that we have listed are from the UK. When children grow up and start writing, reading  and sometimes they need there own little area. These desks with storage will allow them to start being independent and responsible.

These desk’s will help stop all the mess from colouring pens and pencils on your dining table, floor and sofa, just for that reason alone this is a good investment for you and you children.