Childrens off road buggy – Petrol & Electric

You have probably landed here because your child wants a childrens off road buggy. And your doing your research, on which one will be best for your child at the right price. Well you have landed in the right place. Because we have found, four of the best kids off road buggies.

From a kids 2 seater buggy to a electric off road go kart. Now just because one on the list is electric don’t discount it. As it just as good as the petrol ones if not better. This guide will help you choose the right one for your child.

Giving you all the information you need to make your decision.

Shark RV50 156cc

Now just from the picture you just want to go and buy this shark rv50 buggy straight away right? me to. But before you go and snap this up, take a look at all the information about it first.

You maybe thinking this is going to be way to fast for your child, but thats not true. This kids 2 seater buggy is recommend for kids aged 6+ and the top speed is only 20MPH. And has a throttle restrictor that is fully adjustable, so you decide the top speed and acceleration.

With a 4 point safety harness on the cool looking bucket seats, your children could not be any safer. As long as you get them to wear all their safety gear.

This has electric start, so you child start start it no problem. And if for some reason the electric start don’t work, you could just use the pull cord.

Has ajustable suspension, to help make the ride smoother. With back disk brake for fast stopping.

The engine is a air cooled four stroke that takes unleaded fuel, so no mixing fuel. Has a roll over cage that helps protect your children.


  • Remote Cut Out
  • 156cc Engine
  • 4-point Harness
  • Bucket seats


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79cc Funkart Go Kart


If you on a budget and the previous one is to expensive then check this one out. A lot smaller size, and easier to store. This 79cc go kart also has a automatic 4-stroke engine, that can reach up to 25mph.

A great feature with this is it has a foot pedal restrictor, if you think its to fast just restrict it. It has smaller 6inch rims, so your child will feel more in control and lower to the floor.

Weighing just 71kg gross, this 1 seater can hold up to 90 Kg. Also has a seat belt for extra safety. This one do not have electric start, but does have a pull cord.


  • Rear Disc Brake
  • Pedal restrictor
  • Seat belt
  • Cheaper than above

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Finding petrol buggies for sale, can be difficult to find as they are hard to come by. Buying brand new is really the only option, as once for sale they usually get snapped up. They are safer than dirt bikes, as your child will have more control over it.

They are great for weekends to spend time with family at your local track or field. And endless fun for all the family for many years to come. If they ever break the company that supplies them keeps a lot of spares.


If the money is a bit tight at the time of purchase like christmas or birthdays. Then you may be able to get finance from the company instead of shelling out the money all at once.

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