Childrens quad bike & Dirt-bike clothing

My son’s first time on his electric dirt-bike wearing his kit 

kids electric dirt bike

Wether you are buying safety clothing for a kids quad or kids dirt bike, the motocross gear used for both vehicles are the same. Although a children’s quad bike is safer to ride than a dirt bike, there is still a chance of your child coming off and hurting there self, so it’s best to buy the full gear.

A lot of parent’s just buy a helmet for there child’s quad bike because it’s the cheaper option, but is it really worth risking your children’s well being just to save a bit of cash? well not for me it’s not.

So you’ve bought a childrens quad bike or a dirt bike, and you need some protective clothing to go with it. Well in this article, we are going to show you what clothing you need to get to keep your children as safe as possible.

A lot of people just buy a helmet so we are going to start with that first, there are a few different helmet’s you can buy for your child. Plastic full face is more for a push bike rather than anything with an engine, and open face are more for older people. If your going to get the safest option then you need to go for a full face proper motocross helmet that is D.O.T Certified.

D.O.T Certified helmets have been physical examined for safety, there are other code’s such as the ECE 22.05 that are also safe. Make sure when you purchase your kids helmet that it has bee approved or certified, just check the description to make sure. A lot of helmets are up to safety standards, but there are seller’s that buy straight from china and just start selling them without knowing how safe they are.

Childrens Wulfsport Flite Motocross HELMET 

Buying from a well known brand such are Wulfsport is your best bet, as big brands that have been around for some time, are more than certainly going to have all the right tests done on whatever products they are selling.

This children’s motocross helmet is a great one to go for it comes in many different colours, so you can pick one for a boy or girl. With this stylish design comes with EC ER 22-05 Approval.


  • Quick release chin strap
  • Removable cheek pads for easy washing
  • Choose from S/M/L sizes
  • Adjustable peak


  • Price

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Should you get a dirt bike neck-brace?

The next item of quad bike clothing is a neck brace, a motocross neck braces may not look cool, but the fact is, they are used to stop whiplash and other neck injuries.

Choosing the right neck brace is pretty easy and cheap, and they all do the same job, so there is no need to go for the most expensive one.

This childrens motocross neck brace is a cheap product that can save your child from a lot of damage, better to be safe than sorry. If you don’t like the one in the picture there are a lot on the market to choose from.


  • Velcro Fastening
  • Available in 2 Sizes
  • Machine Washable Fabric


  • Customers of the product say it to small

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Children’s all in one Dirt-Bike suit

One of the best parts of a kids motocross kit is a suit, making your child look like a professional racer. Also protecting them from grazing when they fall off there bike or quad, and of course the suit will get dirty not there clothing. 

Buying a suit makes things easier when taking your child out, keep all the kit together, then your not always looking for old clothing for your child to wear out.

The kids CAMO race suits from WULFSPORT are my choice for my child as they are from a well known brand and just look amazing with the camp design.

There are lots of colours and sizes to choose from if you end up buying this one, you can get one for 2 years and up.


  • Top brand in the market
  • Cuffs at wrists & ankles
  • Built to last
  • Great reviews from customers


  • None

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Kids motocross body armour jacket

Body Armour is another crucial item of clothing to add to your list, and one of the most important pieces. Anyone that rides a quad bike or dirt bike should be wearing one of these when riding.

Protecting them from potentially breaking ribs and spine, kids body amour greatly reduces the risk of serious damage. Gone are the days of amour with just front, back and shoulder cover. The best amour to get kids are the ones that protect’s most of the upper body, and they look cool.

This childrens body armour for motocross is for ultimate protection, and there are not any that are designed as good as these ones.


  • CE Approved
  • Shoulder and Elbow Guards, Chest, Kidney, spine Protection
  • Heavy duty doubles Velcro fastening kidney belt


  • None

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What’s the best children’s motocross boots?

One of the most expensive peaces of clothing for quad bike is the motocross boots. No matter where you look they are going to be a fair bit of money, unless you can find some on offer from somewhere for your child.

Motorcross boots are a bit uncomfortable and hard to use at first but, if your kid keeps using them over and over again they will get use to them. And the boots are not just for looks, they will stop your legs getting burnt from the engine or exhaust and many other injuries.

The children’s dirt bike boots in the picture above are made by one of the most well-known brands in the motocross industry. So when buying them you can be sure that your buying good quality boots for your little one.


  • Fully Armoured
  • From a well-known brand
  • Great product reviews from customers


  • Price for some people

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Gloves and goggles are last on my list because they are not as important as the rest although they do give your child protection.

Dirt-bike goggles are more for when your riding with other people, and helps protect their eyes from mud and stones when being flirted up from the rider in front of them.




Kids dirt-bike gloves also help with the same problem as goggles and also helps with grip. buying goggles or gloves are cheap enough and won’t break the bank.



Childrens quad bike clothing Round-Up

Making sure your children are as safe as possible when riding their quad bike or dirt-bike is more than likely your main priority, now that now that they have or getting one. There are a lots of other product’s on the market for motocross, but the ones we have listed above are great for children that are just getting in to the sport and are top quality.

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