Thinking of getting a Snow Cone Machine: These Ice Shaver Machines works like magic.

On a hot day in the UK, the least well-known secret is probably children’s craving for ice cream – or the craving from adults for an ice coffee. As a perfect substitute for the more expensive Ice Cream store, the kids may as well make their own ice cream, with a snow cone machine for kids. Not only is it cheaper than actual ice cream, but it is also something that the kids can control on their own, without parental assistance. Instead of buying ice cream at a grocery store, parents can acquire the slush puppy machine for kids and make one in the convenience of their own home.

Similar to cocktails and other cold drinks, slush syrups are sweet and quick to make. Color your tongue with one of the popular slush puppie syrup snow cone machines on the market.  


Variety of Snow cone Machines for Kids (And adults)

Slush puppies syrups and snow cone machines have transformed the way drinks are taken. In the past, one had to freeze a drink for around 6 hours or more and then crash it to get slush. But with this device, there is no need to wait for that long as you can make your own slush syrup within 20 minutes. Things needed when starting up the slush machine for kids, includes salt, water, ice cubes, and your favorite syrup.

There are different types of slush machines for kids in the UK. Always ensure that you get one that meets your needs. They vary in size with a good number of them having a capacity of one liter or more. Some can serve more than one person at a time while others can’t. In this slush puppy syrup post, we will guide you on how to choose the best slush puppy machine and also, highlight some of the best machines to select from.


What to look for in a Snow cone Machine for kids

  • Construction of the Snow Cone machine

    With so many types and versions of slush machines for kids, it is vital to look for a well built and durable machine. When you read different slush puppy machine reviews online, you will find out that there are some devices that are fragile and spoil quickly. On the same note, there are those that are durably made and have provided excellent results to users. Pick a quality machine on Amazon and make your slush puppy syrup.

  • The role of the Snow cone machine

    Before you make up your mind to buy any syrup in the UK, know what you want the machine to do for you. Some slush machines for kids just crush ice and that’s it. So, make sure that the machine you’re buying performs the roles you want it to. Most of the people expect a slush machine to crush ice and mix it with the syrup to provide a sweet slush.

  • Design

    If you are keen on décor and beauty, then you should select a well designed and lovely syrup machine. The machines are present in different designs and colors. Choose the one that you love or your favorite color. After all the slush machine is for enjoyment. Let your friends admire it as they come to party.

  • Size of the machine

    Don’t be deceived by the images that you see online. There are some slush puppy machines models that are huge and not suitable for home use. So, when buying a machine syrup, ensure that you are buying one for home use and not for commercial purposes. Slush puppy machines meant for commercial use are larger in size and usually have more than one chamber for making different slush syrups.

  • Number of people to be served

    One thing to determine before buying a slush maker is the number of individuals that are going to use the device. If it’s for serving slush syrups at a party or for your three kids, you should get a large slush puppy syrup maker with several cones. This will prevent keeping others from waiting.

  • Storage space

    The bigger the slush maker the more difficult it will be for storage. If you have enough storage, then you can go for the larger slush maker machines in the UK. But if you don’t, a small and portable slush machine will be just fine. It should be able to take up less space on the kitchen counter as you prepare your favorite slush syrup.

  • Performance

    Before you rush to acquire a particular type, you should consider how it has performed for previous buyers. Check out reviews and know if it’s worth the price or not. Many people have praised different slush machines and at the same time, many have complained about certain machines. A high performing slush maker should be able to provide you with a quality and well-frozen slush syrup.

  • Cost

    Depending on your budget, you will find a slush maker of your choice. But if you want the best, then you will have to dig deeper into your pockets. There are several slush puppie machines on the market that guarantee you great outcomes and you should consider buying these. Don’t go with the hype but do your research and know which ones are capable of delivering what they say they do.

  • Brand

    As slush syrups grow in popularity, so do new brands keep popping up, too. Every day, new slush puppy syrup machines keep cropping up and making competition to be stiff. Consider buying from brands that have proven to provide the best machines that make great slush syrups. Some brands don’t deliver and you may end up being terribly disappointed.

Reviews of Slush Machines for Kids

Since there are so many brands and children’s slush machine for kids on Amazon. We have dived deep, done our research and bring to you some of the best four slush machines suitable for kids. These have excellent features and are best suited for home use. 

Slush Machines for Kids

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Cuisinart SCM-10P1 Snow Cone Maker

Cuisinart SCM-10P1 Snow Cone Maker, Plastic, RedThe Cuisinart shaved ice maker is a wonderful machine for crushing ice. It is large enough to crush a lot of ice for many people at once. In addition, the crushed ice machine comes with four cones which can be used. Also, it has a scoop which makes the serving of the ice to be easy. The only downfall this machine has is that it cannot make a slush syrup as you will have to mix the syrup and crushed ice by yourself after crushing the ice.


    • A scoop
    • 4 cones
    • Durable construction
    • Large ice machine
    • Dispenser


    • Very easy to use
    • Crushes ice perfectly to very small particles
    • Is large enough to crush a lot of ice such as one bag of ice
    • Comes with 4 cones which can serve at least 4 people at once
    • Cleaning this ice crusher is very easy
    • A great blender of ice
    • Grinds ice very quickly which is wonderful for use in a party


    • It is very large and will need enough space for storage and on the counter during use
    • It doesn’t make slush syrups but just crushes the ice and you do the rest
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Snowycones Snow Cone Maker

Home Snowycones Snow Cone Maker Kit Includes 3 Free Flavours, Straw Spoons and ConesIf you are looking for a stylish and easy to use slush maker, then this Snowycones snow cone maker is the best choice. It looks similar to the kid’s toy version but it functions perfectly. It is compact for easy storage and takes up less space on your kitchen counter. The stainless steel blades that crush the ice are durable and perform a great job of crushing the ice to provide a nice slush. Also, it has a built-in safety switch and a large dispenser. Although it’s great for home use, it can only serve one person at a time and it’s not suitable for use in a party.


    • One hands-free snow cone
    • Electric countertop model with standard UK outlet
    • Comes with two re-usable snow cone cups
    • Dispenser
    • Stainless steel blades
    • Home snow cone maker
    • Retro styling
    • In-built safety switch
    • Instruction booklet


    • Very easy to use with simple features
    • It is easy to store due to its compact design
    • Has quality stainless steel blades for perfectly crushing ice
    • It easily blends into your kitchen
    • It crushes ice quickly and easily
    • Has two re-usable snow cone cups for dispensing the crushed ice


    • Can only serve a limited number of people at a time
    • It doesn’t make a slush syrup but just crushes ice to be mixed with a syrup
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Neo® Ice Snow Cone  Maker 

Neo® Ice Snow Cone Slushie Slushy Slush Maker Ice Scraper Drinks Machine ElectricThis machine offers different slush puppie syrup machines on the market. Actually, this is one of the best slush puppy syrup makers in the UK.  This means that more than 4 people can be served at a time. Also, the machine is different from others as it allows both ices to be crushed and slush syrups made in it. All you have to do is to mix the right amount of salt, water, ice and syrup of your choice. It has an easy to use switch for either freezing or dispensing the slush syrup. When you are done, you can wash the slush syrup machine easily with your hands.


    • Electric slush puppy machine
    • Dispenser
    • Switch
    • Container
    • Top lid


    • It is durably made from metal for longevity
    • It is large with a capacity of 2.6 litres which can serve several people at once
    • Can crush ice and make different slush syrups
    • Has a lid for covering on top during crushing or mixing of slush syrup
    • It is compact in design for easy storage as it doesn’t take up much space
    • Is very easy to use with its switch for freezing or dispensing of slush
    • The slush maker and ice crusher is great for both indoor and outdoor use
    • Made from a reliable brand which is Retro


    • The slush maker has a crunching noise which is disgusting to the user
    • Takes a lot of time to crush ice
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SensioHome Snow Cone Maker 

Sensio Home Snow Cone, Crushed Ice, Slushie Cocktail Maker - Kid Friendly Shaved Ice Machine with 2 Reusable Slush Cones (Slushy Cups) and 2 Dispensing Syrup BottlesThis is one of the best slush cone makers on the market. The Party frozen ice maker is excellently designed to blend well with any kitchen décor. It has a one-liter capacity which is still great for serving several people. The machine is available in different colors from which the user can select from. There is red, blue, cream, and white. In addition, it comes with different bottle designs to match your party theme. If you’re hosting a small party and want to add more fun to it, then, get this stylish frozen ice shaver and you will have a memorable day. Children’s slush puppie machines for home use are hard to find unless you want to spend a bit of money.


    • Two settings for snow cones and slushies
    • 6 flavors
    • 1-litre capacity bowl
    • Dispenser
    • Lid
    • Different colors to choose from
    • Different bottle designs
    • Spoon straws


    • Comes with a kit with six flavors of slush syrup to choose from
    • Enables the user to make snow cones or slushy sized ice
    • It offers different bottle designs to match the theme of the party or function
    • The spoon straws included make taking of the slush syrups to be fun
    • It is compact in design and very easy to use
    • The manufacturer offers great customer support


    • The slush maker is a bit noisy
    • The blades are not very stable
    • The ice motor is not powerful and thus the ice cubes aren’t broken to perfect slush
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Conclusion when getting a perfect Snow Cone Machine for Kids which suits you

It is important to pick a slush machine for kids, that meets all your needs. It should be within your budget and have the features that you want. Consider how many people it serves at a time and what flavors it can make. Also, look at its size and make sure you have enough storage space for it. Why buy a very large slush puppie machine for home or for your a kid? This doesn’t sound right. But if you love to party and have friends or guests who like coming over, then a large slush puppie syrup from the UK is great.   

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