Electric dirtbikes for kids

Dirt-bikes have undergone a lot of changes to come up with the different types of off-road dirt bikes that are available on the market today.

So, if your child is interested in electric dirtbikes for kids, your child should try out the new electric dirt-bikes on the market. They are battery powered and very easy to ride.

Also, they have different features and are more entertaining than the standard 2-stroke bikes and a lot less of a nuisance.

If you want to buy a dirt bike in the UK, FunBikes is one of the most reliable internet suppliers to buy from. FunBikes provides motorcycles and other kinds of bikes.

In this article, we’ve listed some of the best electric dirt bikes for kids and teenagers to ride. Kids like to have fun, and buying them a fun and fantastic bikes such as these ones below is a great thing to do.

Funbikes 1300w Electric Kids Dirt Bike

1300w Electric Kids
At the top of the list, is the MXR 65cm 1300w. A bike that is reasonably priced, but also well made with great features. The MXR1300 was released in 2019 and at the time of writing this article is new newest version available.

Being bigger, stronger with a better specification, than any other around the same price. The bike features a massive 1300w motor that has a lot more torque than the smaller 800w.

So your child get a 25% longer riding time, its been fitted with 48v lithium battery, which are lighter than the acid batteries.

The top speed is around 17MPH combined with the high torque motor, this is a animal. Also has upside down hydraulic forks, and back mono shock, for smoother riding on different types of terrains.

The floor to seat hight is 65cm, so its a bit bigger than a lot of other motorbikes. With a 10inch back wheel and 12 inch front. A new feature that have been added to this model is the intelligent control unit. Which enables you to change the throttle response.


  • 1300watt motor
  • 48v lithium battery
  • Bigger wheels with chunky tyres
  • Front & Back Hydraulic brakes
  • Newest design


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FunBikes 43cm 250w Electric Kids Monkey Bike 24v battery

250w Pink Electric Kids Monkey Bike-234x234
Referred to as the Monkey Bike, this is one of a kind. It will bring your child joy and happiness as they ride safely on it.

It is excellently designed for easy riding and to provide the rider with great comfort. The  dirtbike has two speed settings which are low and high.

Its maximum speed is 12mph, which is not to fast and not to slow. Ideal for your childs first bike. If you desire something with a little more speed and action, we recommend looking into looking at a mini moto


  • Lead acid battery
  • Chromoly steel frame
  • Has two speed settings
  • Suitable for 6 plus year old kids
  • Maximum speed of 12mph
  • Rear disc brake
  • Many colours available
  • Powerful 250 watt motor


  • The children’s dirt bike has both low and high speed setting. 
  • The motorcycle is well designed 
  • Unlike other electric motorbikes, this model runs quietly even at its highest speed. 
  • It can run for several miles before being recharged.
  • It is ideal for kids aged 6 or more years. The child should not weigh more than 65kg.
  • The frames are strong as they are made from chromoly steel. This gives the bike extra support.
  • It is very easy to operate as it comes with a switch on for starter.


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What to look for when buying one

Dirt bike design

Make sure that you purchase a dirt bike that is durably constructed. A good number of  motorcycles for kids are made of plastic materials. Also, they are designed in such a way as to provide extra safety to the rider.

Different brands offer different designs. The dirt-bike that you buy, should be comfortable for your child. Check the seat padding and ensure that it has the right cushion.

Speed setting

Consider looking at the speed of the  bike. There are those that don’t have an exact speed limit and it depends on the weight of the rider and the terrain that they are riding on. Many of the motorcycles for kids have a maximum speed of around 24mph to 27mph.

Age suitability

It doesn’t mean that if an electric dirt bike is created for kids it will suit all kids. Don’t assume, but find out if the dirt bike that you intend to buy is right for your childs age.

There are different types of motorcycles suitable for different childrens age range. Some are built for 3 -5 year old kids, 6 to 7 years, while others are great for teenagers. Be sure to get a bike that is right for your child.

Battery power

If you want your child to have a lot of fun, then you should check the type of battery that powers the bike. Some battery powered motorbikes use lithium-ion batteries while others have lead acid batteries.

Lithium batteries are stronger and run for a longer period of time when compared to lead acid. Usually, these batteries have 48 volt – 6,6Ah. Also, they come with chargers for re-charging them.

When charging the battery, ensure that you charge it to the fullest and the recommended period of time. Undercharging the battery will break it over time.

Customer support

Dirt bikes are costly, no matter what there powered by. So, if you had to buy one without getting support from the manufacturer is really absurd. Funbikes offer full after sales service and free technical backup to their customers.


With such a high initial cost to buy one, you should always ensure that you get a warranty. Most of the electric motorcycle dirt bikes at Fun Bikes usually have a warranty.

This is to assure customers that they have full support from the manufacturer and that the products are of great quality.

Bottom line

Whatever type you decide to buy, it should have the features that you’re looking for. In addition, the elec motorcycle should be ideal for the child that you’re buying it for.

You should ensure that it meets safety ratings and has a warranty in-case it is delivered with some defects. FunBikes is a great online site that offers many different quality motorbikes for kids.

As a caution, when buying the dirt-bike for teenager or child you should also purchase a safety jacket, kid’s knee and elbow pad protectors. These will provide the much needed protection to when they are out riding.

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