Gifts For 10 Year Old Boys

VEX Motorised Robotic Arm

If your looking for gifts for 10 year old boys and want to teach your children early on about robotics and machines? Then Hex-bug’s Vex Robotics Motorized Robotic Arm is the kind of toy you must buy for your little ones. Imagine experimenting and assembling their very first robotic arm and experiencing its movement, power and structure. The motorized arm is ideal for inspiring not only children but also adults as it develops their interest in automation and robotics.

The toy set contains more than 350 pieces, some of which are large plastic plates, others are teeny tiny parts, but they are all easy to assemble as they can literally be snapped together. On an average, it takes about 5 hours of pure entertainment for an adult and child duo to build the sturdy robotic arm. The building set comes with a pictorial instructions manual that is super simple and easy to follow. What’s amazing is that you can create two models, a scorpion and a chopper, using the same toy set.

Unlike the non motorized arm, this Lego set comes with 4 motors that makes the arm completely motorized. What this means is that your child can actually witness the arm in action as it grabs and lifts up little objects. The extendable arm can lift items through its motorized claw using four degrees of freedom.

Once completed, the arm’s height is about 18 inches, which is quite impressive. The round base of this toy can be rotated 360 degrees, giving the arm a free reach to pick up things. VEX Robotics Motorized Robotic Arm is a great educational toy that can trigger brain function and is perfect for STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) learning in your kids.

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Real Slotless Racing

Looking for a play-set that pumps up the adrenaline in your little ones? The Real FX Slot-less Racing set is just what you need. The toy set comes with two cars that are designed on infrared Opto sensor technology which allows them to read the track at a speed of 200 times per second! This means that the toy set gives you a thrill ride, which is very close to a real life car chase, and all of this from the comfort of your sofa.

While this racing set is ideal for children above 8 years of age, parents often confess that they enjoy playing with it too. The toy comes with 2 cars, 2 controllers, 20 different track pieces, that can be assembled together to form 40 different layouts, and 4 different play modes. The set requires 2 6 AA batteries to power each of the 2 controllers.

Overtake or block your opponent, you have the complete freedom to steer around your cars, but if you need a little guidance, the groundbreaking technology of this play-set features special tracks that help steer your car magically towards the finish line. While the car may fly off the track on tricky turns, you won’t have to put it back on the track manually by hand, instead you can drive the car towards the track and get it back on! This feature really makes the Real FX Slot-less Racing set a unique and competitive racing set for a parent child duo.

The track pieces are sturdy so it can be placed anywhere around the house without much hassle. Overall, this is a timeless toy that can be enjoyed by both kids and adults. If you need gifts for 10 year old boys this just might be the one you need to buy.


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LEGO Excavator


Looking for a fun Lego set for your children? LEGO Technic Excavator 42006 is what you need! This is a fantastic set with realistic details and features that can keep a child and parent busy for long hours during the assembling stage.

The intricate design of this Lego set makes it a true-to-life experience. This set comes with a 4-prong grabber which can open and close to mimic the scoop and lift motion of a real excavator at a construction site. The toy also includes a sturdy extending arm, a rotating superstructure and comes along with moving tracks. The real life details on the engine and the driving seat makes this play-set very exciting for children as well as parents.

What makes the Technic Excavator an amazing toy is that it can also be motorized, albeit with an an extra motor set that is sold separately, but is totally worth buying.

The most exciting part of this toy is that, it is a 2-in-1 model. What this means is that your child can also build a Tracked Tractor with the same play set. The tractor mode features an opening hood, front and rear tools, that can be raised or lowered, and plow blades that can be adjusted or detached depending upon the need of the moment.

The 720 piece Lego Technic Excavator will be a significant lego set for your child as it will not only help them imagine real life construction sites but will also give them a great building experience, as they assemble tiny parts into miniature moving construction machines.

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K’NEX Double Doom Roller Coaster



Like every K’Nex building toy set, the K’Nex Thrill Rides – Double Doom Roller Coaster Building Set is an educational toy that will leave your kids beaming with joy. The roller coaster toy set comes with an amazing assortment of 891 parts and accessories that can all be assembled together to form an amazing miniature roller coaster ride.

If your kids are 8-12 years or older, this toy can be a perfect source of edutainment as it keeps them involved and develops their sense of organizing different shapes and sizes to form a working roller coaster. Not only is it fun to build it, it feels amazing to see the roller coaster in action. The toy set comes with a track and 2 cars that go swooshing around the roller coaster tracks, imitating the movements of a real ride in an amusement park. This toy set runs on 2 AA batteries, but they do not come with the building set and have to be bought separately.

What’s more thrilling is that you can download instruction links from the K’Nex website to create different roller coaster models using the same toy set. This will let your little engineers learn how to assemble all the vibrant, colorful pieces together in different ways to get different outcomes.

Loaded with topsy turvy turns, the K’Nex Double Doom Roller Coaster Set is a great opportunity for parents to bond with their children as they teach them the logic behind connecting the sturdy parts of the toy. This toy set is perfect if you want your children to learn about architecture, physics, gravity and balance as the building process is super stimulating and fun. There are a lot of gifts for 10 year old boys but getting the right ones are tricky that is why we put this post together.

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