10 Best Pretend Playsets for Toddlers for Imaginative Play

In this article, we’ll give you the best imaginative play toys and pretend playsets for toddlers for a fun and creative pretend playtime!

At a particular time around 18-24 months, toddlers begin to recognize actions that adults do. As a result, toddlers try to imitate these actions, such as using a phone or saying the words they hear through their baby language. As they reach their 3rd year, toddlers begin incorporating these imitated actions with their ideas, creating scenarios that foster creativity and imagination as they mature. Therefore, it is crucial to supplement this growth with pretend play toys that will help increase their development to the next level.

Best Pretend Playsets for Toddlers

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But before buying an imaginative or pretend playsets for your toddlers, there are several things you need to consider.

Things to Consider when Buying PretendSets for Toddlers

Incorporating imaginative or pretend play toys into your toddler’s playtime is beneficial; however, we must first look at the different things to consider when buying one. Careful consideration is essential, especially when we provide toddlers with a safe playing environment that fosters the growth of their skills. Therefore, parents must carefully consider a toddler’s age, toy’s features, materials, and safety when buying the best pretend playsets for toddlers.

Imaginative Play Toys Pretend Play Toys


Before buying an imaginative or pretend playsets for toddlers, it is imperative to check if your toddler’s age fits the manufacturer’s recommended age range. In addition, some toy manufacturers put warning labels on possible choking hazards included in the toy. Therefore, it is essential to check the labels and product descriptions to ensure a safe learning playtime for your toddler.


What are imaginative play toys if they do not keep your toddler engaged? A toy that possesses numerous features enables your toddler to explore and learn more in their playtime. In addition, having more toy features encourages your child to be more creative and imaginative during playtime, enabling them to generate scenarios no matter how simple or complex.


It is essential to check for a toy’s manufacturing material before making a purchase. Parents should look for imaginative toys that incorporate 100% non-toxic, odorless, and durable materials in their design. It is also advisable to look for responsibly sourced wooden toys instead of plastic offerings. However, wooden toys are more expensive than plastic toys; therefore, we made this list balanced between wooden and plastic toy offerings.

The 10 Best Pretend PlaySets for Toddlers

Le Toy Van Doctor’s Medical Pretend Play Set Kit

Le Toy Van - Kids Wooden Educational Pretend Play Honeybake Doctor's Medical Play Set Kit | Kids Pretend Play Role Play For Boys And Girls - 3 Year Old +

Type: Medical-themed Pretend Play Toy set.

Age Level: 3 years and up.

What is great about this toy: Features high-quality and colorful wooden toys.

What is not great about this toy: More expensive compared to plastic pretend play toys.


The Le Toy Van medical-themed pretend play toy will surely help your children develop their fine motor skills, creativity, imagination, and communication skills. Including high-quality and colorful accessories, let your children use the medical tools included to improve their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. In addition, the included accessories will provide your child with unrestrained playtime filled with numerous possibilities.

Let your toddler nurture toys with the Le Toy Van Kids Doctor Role Playset and further their emotional skills and understanding of empathy. Furthermore, let your toddler develop their language skills as they communicate with their toys while playing! For your convenience, the Le Toy Van Kids Role Playset includes a carrying case that is portable, perfect for family gatherings and holidays.

If you are looking for more toys like theLe Toy Van Kids Role Playset, then you will love our review of the ten best-selling vet playsets.

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Learning Resources Pretend and Play Post Office

Learning Resources Pretend and Play Post OfficeType: Post Office themed Pretend Play Toy.

Age Level: 5 years and up.

What is great about this toy: Features 167 accessories that fit in its tri-fold construction.

What is not great about this toy: The features are too advanced for children younger than 5 years old.


Packed with 167 accessories, the Learning Resources Pretend and Play Post Office is the perfect open-ended play toy for your toddler. Allow your child to fill in the shoes of a post office shopkeeper and observe as they develop their mathematical, communicative, and language, and fine motor skills. With the included accessory with the Learning Resources Play Post Office, the possibilities for your toddler is endless!

Learning Resources knows that imaginative play at a young age is essential; therefore, their Play Post Office features a life-like replica of different currencies, postcards, stamps, passports, drivers license, and many more! These replicas provide toddlers with an immersive and engaging environment as they work their way to learn through their imaginative play.

Incorporate realism into your child’s imaginative play with the Learning Resources Pretend and Play Post Office!

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B.Toys Mini Chef Kitchenette for Pretend Play 

B. Toys by Battat BX2155C1Z Mini Chef Kitchenette-Wooden Kitchen-Pretend Imaginative Play for Kids 2 Years + (33 Pieces)

Type: Wooden Kitchen Playset.

Age Level: 2 years and above.

What is great about this toy: Easy to follow instructions during assembly.

What is not great about this toy: Accessories included consists of an all-plastic construction.


Let your toddler’s imagination sizzle with the Mini Chef Kitchenette by B.Toys. The Mini Chef Kitchenette includes accessories perfect for imaginative play, such as an oven, cutlery set, plates, microwave, sink, dish rack, cloth hanger, and a refrigerator. The accessories included with the Mini Chef Kitchenette provides endless scenarios for your little one to enjoy.

The Mini Chef Kitchenette’s accessories feature a realistic plastic design to make your toddler’s imaginative playtime more immersive. In addition, the wood construction of the Mini Chef Kitchenette provides a sturdy and safe playing environment for toddlers as they go on about their playtime. Don’t worry; the assembly of the Mini Chef Kitchenette is super easy as the toy comes with instructions upon shipping!

Let the passion in your little chef burn with the Mini Chef Kitchenette by B.Toys.

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Smoby Black & Decker Kids Ultimate Workbench


Type: Pretend Play Workbench for Toddlers

Age Level: 3+

What is so great about this toy: Seven tools and a huge selection of play accessories ensure that kids will never run out of things to do with this pretend play toy.

What is not so great about this toy: This product requires assembly.


When shopping for pretend playsets for toddlers, it’s hard to beat the variety that the Smoby Black & Decker Workbench provides. Multiple tools, including a hammer, saw, spanner, and even a battery-powered toy drill will surely captivate young minds and provide countless hours of imaginative play. An assortment of toy nails, screws, and other accessories fit snugly into the many nooks and cranneis that your child can work with.

Let your kids playout their workshop fantasies and develop their concentration, motor skills, logic, and thinking skills with this pretend play workbench!

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LeapFrog 600703 Scoop & Learn Pretent Play Toy

LeapFrog 600703 Scoop & Learn Pretend Toddler Toy for Role Play Food and Magic Ice Cream Scooper Scoop/Learn Cart Set, Various

Type: Pretend Play Ice Cream Cart for Toddlers

Age Level: 3+

What is so great about this toy: Comes with cards to help children develop creativity and identification skills. Trolley plays music while being pushed, increasing the immersion that the toy gives.

What is not so great about this toy: A bit low to the ground, making it harder for adults and older kids to join in the fun.


Marketed as friendly, fun, and practical, the Leapfrog Scoop and Learn is an excellent educational pretend play toy for toddlers. The Leapfrog Scoop & Learn comes with over 20 play pieces: an ice cream scooper, 18 “flavored” ice cream scoops, 3 toppings, and 6 animal cards. Its bright colors, animal characters, and friendly designs combine learning with playtime as kids are taught about colors and numbers while indulging all their ice cream cart fantasies.

A card system where animals ask for specific ice creams helps teach identification and pattern recognition and hone their memory skills. Beloved by parents and grandparents for the countless hours of fun it brings, all you need to do is play along with your kid when they ask, “Who wants ice cream?”

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Casdon Henry Cleaning Trolley

Casdon Henry Cleaning Trolley | Henry-Inspired Toy Cleaning Trolley For Children Aged 3+ | Wheels Around From Room To Room!

Type: Pretend Play Cleaning Trolley for Toddlers

Age Level: 3+

What is so great about this toy: Very cheap and practical pretend play toy. Comes with stickers to make it more appealing to kids.

What is not so great about this toy: Bottle isn’t a spray bottle. Some parts can snap with extended use.


As your child grows up, they begin to copy observed behaviors, and among these is tidying up around the house. While ordinary cleaning tools are much too large for young kids, the Casdon Henry Cleaning Trolley goes beyond being a pretend play toy by actually helping kids clean up their room!

This toy comes with a dustpan, mop, brush, and a bottle all snugly packed into an easy-to-transport trolley. The best part about this toy is that not only is it fun pretend play, but it also starts your child on the good habit of cleaning up.

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Style Girlz Salon Hair Styling Set

Style Girlz Salon Hair Styling Set with Battery-Operated Hair Dryer and Vanity Case in Gift Box - Pretend Play Toys For Girls Age 3-6

Type: Pretend Play Hair Salon

Age Level: 3-6

What is so great about this toy: Comes with a carry case for its accessories. Easy to carry and light enough for kids.

What is not so great about this toy: Hairdryer doesn’t come with batteries.


A vivid and colorful brand marketed for young girls with expansive imaginations, the Style Girlz Salon Hair Styling Set is a perfect pretend play toy for toddlers. With multiple accessories including a brush, a pretend perfume bottle, 3 stylized hair clips, and a mirror, kids won’t lack for anything while playing out their hair salon games.

The pretend lipstick even has a detachable cap and pretend lipstick inside it so that your kids can copy mum while she’s getting ready. The pretend hairdryer doesn’t come with batteries, so you’ll need to supply your own. It also doesn’t generate heat so your kids can play safely with it.

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deAO Supermarket Set

deAO Kids Role Play 48 Pieces Supermarket Set Superstore Shop Toys Children Supermarket with Light, Sound, Working Scanner, Shopping Cart and Accessories Included

Type: Pretend Play Supermarket Set

Age Level: 3+

What is so great about this toy: Comes with both a shopping trolley and an item scanner that beeps.

What is not so great about this toy: Plastic shelves aren’t very sturdy and will require reinforcement or a very light load.


Kids going with their parents to the grocery no doubt have dreams of being the ones pushing the cart and manning the cashier. With the deAO Supermarket Set’s comprehensive play accessories, both of these fantasies can be played out.

A plastic shopping till can be used alongside a pretend credit card and pretend cash, helping kids develop basic mathematical and sorting skills. With 24 toy food packages, plastic bottles, cans, and other pretend foodstuffs, your child will hone the skills to become a master shopper and may even start asking to help you in the grocery!

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LeapFrog Pick Up and Count Vacuum

LeapFrog Pick Up and Count Vacuum, Role Play Toy with Lights and Sounds, Educational Toy with Learning Games, Preschool Toys with Numbers and Counting, Interactive Toy for Girls and Boys 2 Years +

Type: Pretend Play Vaccum

Age Level: 3+

What is so great about this toy: Tiltable handle can be adjust to match your child’s height as they grow taller. Plays music to entertain kids as they play with it.

What is not so great about this toy: Back part comes off with extended play but can be reattached easily.


With three play modes that can teach colors, numbers, and counting, the Leapfrog Pick Up and Count Vacuum pulls double duty as a pretend toy for toddlers. Its brightly colored “dust” pieces can work in tandem with the vacuum to help your child learn and recognize colors, while the vacuum itself provides a pretend version of cleaning up. A glowing panel, bouncing balls, and fun music are sure to entertain kids as they learn and play with the LeapFrog.

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Bigjigs Toys Wooden Shop Till with Scanner

Bigjigs Toys Wooden Shop Till with Scanner - Pretend PlayType: Wooden Play Cashier

Age Level: 3 years and up.

What is great about this toy: Encourages mathematical learning aside from roleplaying.

What is not great about this toy: The toy’s currency doesn’t resemble real money.


The Bigjigs Wooden Shop is an excellent toy to incorporate into your child’s playtime that encourages roleplaying and fosters a fun and enjoyable environment to learn mathematics. In addition, like the top 10 kids cash registers, the Bigjigs Toys Wooden Shop Till includes a scanner, telephone, receipt roll, credit card, and play money. These features will indeed engage your toddler as they explore the different functions of the Bigjigs Toys Wooden Shop.

Bigjigs guarantees that their Wooden Shop Till is made from non-toxic and responsibly sourced materials to ensure your child’s safety. Furthermore, the Bigjigs Toys Wooden Shop Till with Scanner meets the current European safety standards for toys, ensuring parents with worry-free playtime with their toddler.

Let your toddler be the cashier of their shop with the Bigjigs Toys Wooden Shop Till with Scanner today!

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Le Toy Van – London Double Decker Vehicle Toy

Le Toy Van - Cars & Construction Iconic London Double Decker Vehicle Toy with Bus Driver Figure Play Set | Play Vehicle Role Play Toys - Suitable For 3 Year Old +

Type: Wooden Bus Pretend Play Toy

Age Level: 3 years old and above.

What is great about this toy: The toy consists of 100% responsibly sourced wood.

What is not great about this toy: The wooden toy bus lacks accessories.


Let your toddler explore the vast city of London with the Le Toy Van London Double-decker Wooden Vehicle Toy. The Le Toy Van features a colorful design to help your children with color recognition. In addition, the highly saturated color of the Le Toy Van Double Decker Bus enables your child to see the boundaries of the toy clearly, furthering their spatial awareness. Moreover, the Le Toy Van London Double-decker Vehicle Toy encourages open-ended play, and imaginative thinking as your toddler plays with it.

The award-winning Le Toy Van ensures that their toys use non-toxic coatings, meeting the highest safety standards for toy manufacturing. Furthermore, the Le Toy Van London Double-decker Vehicle Toy consists of natural materials such as responsibly sourced rubberwood. As a result, Le Toy Van provides only the best quality handcrafted toys for the tender hands of your toddler.

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Tidlo T0302 Wooden Washing Machine

Tidlo T0302 Wooden Washing Machine Play Kitchen Accessories, Multi-Colour

Type: Wooden Washing Machine

Age Level: 3 years and above.

What is great about this toy: This wooden toy teaches toddlers the basics of laundry while immersing themselves in their imaginative play.

What is not great about this toy: The Wooden Washing Machine lacks features considering its price.


Toddlers love to imitate what they see adults do. From cooking, vacuuming the carpet, and even when doing laundry! The Tidlo Wooden Washing Machine teaches toddlers responsibility as they go about their imaginative and creative play. In addition, parents can utilize this play toy with different colored clothes, teaching toddlers color recognition.The Tidlo T0302 Wooden Washing Machine is an excellent addition to your toddler’s existing roleplay set. The included spin dial and large wash door add a touch of realism to the toy.

Tidlo ensured that this wooden washing machine features only high-quality and responsibly sourced woods. Moreover, the Tidlo T0302 Wooden Washing Machine features non-toxic materials that conform to the highest European safety standards.

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DUPLO – Modular Playhouse

DUPLO - Modular Playhouse 10929 (1144096)

Type: Plastic Playhouse.

Age Level: 2 years and above.

What is great about this toy: This modular playhouse provides your toddler with unlimited imaginative possibilities during playtime.

What is not great about this toy: This modular playhouse features small parts that may pose a choking hazard.


The LEGO DUPLO Modular Playhouse is a perfect choice for parents looking to bond with their toddlers as they explore the realms of their creativity and imagination. The LEGO DUPLO Modular Playhouse enables parents and their toddler to assemble the toy while having fun. Once finished, watch as your toddler practice their words while enacting the roleplaying scenario they have in mind.

The LEGO DUPLO Modular Playhouse stimulates a child’s imagination by providing an open-ended playset that encourages idea generation. This imaginative toy from LEGO DUPLO puts your child in a home where the actions of family members are in the palm of their hands. Let your child develop their social skills, fine motor skills, and hand-eye coordination by playing with the different pieces within the playset.

To provide your toddler with a safe play toy, LEGO DUPLO ensures that their Modular Playhouse meets the highest European safety standards when it comes to toys. However, LEGO DUPLO still recommends that parents supervise their children during playtime as the small parts in the Modular Playhouse can pose a choking hazard.

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JOYIN Animal Friends Deluxe Hand Puppets

JOYIN Animal Friends Deluxe Hand Puppets 6 Pack for Imaginative Play, Stocking, Birthday Party Favor Supplies, Girls, Boys, Kids and Toddler

Type: Washable Animal Puppets

Age Level: 3 years and above.

What is great about this toy: The toy is simple to operate and provides toddler with an ideal platform to practice their language skills.

What is not great about this toy: The toy is easy to crease and requires ironing from time to time.


Perfect for children learning to talk, watch as your toddler makes the puppets talk to each other while using his own constructed sentences! Furthermore, parents can incorporate these puppets during storytime, improving a toddler’s imagination and creativity, especially when processing verbally told stories. Moreover, the JOYIN Animal Friends Deluxe Hand Puppets are perfect for developing a child’s hand-eye coordination as they try to synchronize the puppet’s mouth to their words.

For the convenience of parents, the JOYIN Animal Friends Deluxe Hand Puppets are machine washable and easy to clean. Also, its construction consists comprise of a durable and smooth fabric which are gentle to your toddler’s hands. Furthermore, the JOYIN Animal Friends Deluxe Hand Puppets passed the highest United Kingdom Toy standard for your child’s safety.

Engage your children with an imaginative play that enhances their language skill at the same time with the JOYIN Animal Friends Deluxe Hand Puppets!

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Le Toy Van – Pretend Play Educational Wooden Ark Role Play Toy

Le Toy Van - Pretend Play Educational Wooden Ark Role Play Toy | Suitable For A Boy Or A Girl 3 Years Old Or OlderType: Noah’s Ark-themed Wooden Playhouse.

Age Level: 3 years and above.

What is great about this toy: Excellent toy to incorporate imaginative play and religious beliefs.

What is not great about this toy: The wooden toy ark features small parts that may pose a choking hazard.


Incorporate the story of Noah’s Ark into your child’s imaginative and creative play. The Le Toy Van- Pretend Play Educational Wooden Ark includes Noah, Naamah, and ten pairs of meticulously handcrafted animals. The Le Toy Van Pretend Play Educational Wooden Ark parts consist of high-quality wood and safe coatings. Most importantly, your child’s safety is Le Toy Van’s priority; therefore, this wooden ark set complies with the strictest EN71 toy safety regulations.

This Educational Wooden Ark is an excellent choice for parents looking to improve their toddler’s imaginative roleplay. In addition, this playset supports your child’s fine motor skills as they grab the toys and move them around the ark. Let your toddler formulate their own Noah’s ark story with the unlimited possibilities the included toys offer.

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LEGO Trolls World Tour Lonesome Flats Raft Adventure Playset

LEGO 41253 Trolls World Tour Lonesome Flats Raft Adventure Playset with Poppy, Branch and HicoryType: Movie-adapted LEGO Playset.

Age Level: 4 years and up.

What is great about this toy: Reasonable price point considering it’s from LEGO.

What is not great about this toy: The toy features some accessories that may pose a choking hazard.


Watch your toddler enjoy as they immerse in the musical world of Trolls! Toddlers will surely enjoy the playset’s floating raft, dancefloor, jailhouse lock-up and various roleplay accessories. Allow your children to style the highly customizable Trolls before engaging with them for an unforgettable imaginative play.

Your toddler will surely enjoy countless hours playing with Poppy, Branch, and Hickory. The open-ended play of the LEGO Trolls playset offers hours and hours of fun for toddlers as they put their imagination and creativity into play. Bring the fun world of Trolls at the palm of your child with the LEGO Trolls World Tour Lonesome Flats Raft Adventure Playset!

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Benefits of Pretend PlaySets for Toddlers

Toddlers are inherently observant. Your little angel is probably watching you as you do your daily activities, from talking on the telephone, doing chores, and even when you sleep. Consequently, toddlers try to imitate the things they see, whether from the television or their parents’ actions. Through imitating the things they observe, toddlers learn through play and develop different skills such as imaginative thinking, creativity, and many more. So, without further ado, let’s look at the various benefits of incorporating your toddler’s playtime with imaginative and role play toys.

Develops creativity and imagination

Improving a toddler’s creative thinking and imagination is an absolute must. According to Dr Gummer, loosely supervised roleplay is common among pre-school children. Through roleplaying, children benefit from assimilating other identities, which improves their imaginative and creative thinking. Therefore, we suggest that imaginative play toys supplement this growth with an enjoyable and engaging learning experience for your toddler.

Nurtures independent thinking

Letting your children play with pretend play toys will surely improve their independent thinking by generating their scenarios. In addition, giving your children a platform to explore a wide array of possibilities is beneficial, especially when they try to play with open-ended imaginative toys. For example, watch as your toddler express their idea of playing with toys such as a pretend cash register or garden.

Develops fine motor skills

Playing with toys that requires handling, such as the best-selling vet playsets or kids cash register, further develops a toddler’s fine motor skills. For instance, children that play with dolls may learn how to button a shirt. In addition, letting toddlers play with toys that require handling improves their hand-eye coordination. Pretend play toys develop these skills further by providing children with a safe atmosphere to learn to use toy scissors, combs, and many more!

Improves language and communication skills

As toddlers play with pretend play toys, they learn how to incorporate words they hear during playtime. For example, a child playing with a toy doctor set may say the word “nurse” to their imaginative assistant as they try to operate with their dolls. As a result, this encourages their language and communication skills to grow. Toddlers will soon learn how to construct more complex sentences as they widen their vocabulary by listening to their surroundings.

Encourages Social Development

As your toddler plays through various scenarios, they learn how to play with their parents and other children. This instance fosters social development as they try to communicate and make sense of the social situation in their playtime. For example, parents can guide their children with their norms and culture under parent-supervised imaginative play, preparing their toddlers for proper etiquette when socializing with others.

Encourages Emotional Development

As toddlers begin to play, they also start to explore their emotions. Imaginative and pretend play are good platforms to let toddlers explore their feelings. Toddlers tend to learn emotions through pretend play by assimilating their toy’s perspective; these enable them to imagine how their toy would feel in a particular scenario. In addition, imaginative play that encourages nurturing toys leads to toddlers experience an early concept of empathy.

FAQs about Pretend PlaySets for Toddlers

What is imaginative play in childcare?

Imaginative play in childcare occurs when children incorporate their imagination into various make-believe scenarios that they have created. In addition, imaginative play is an open-ended playtime wherein a child decides the outcome of their scenario. Frequently, the scenarios that children recreate came from events that they have observed in their environment.

What is an imaginative activity?

Imaginative activity is any event wherein an individual utilizes their imagination. According to psychologists, imaginative activity among children happens when they idealize situations and act out the flow of their desired outcome.

How does pretend play help a child’s development?

Through pretend play, children utilizes and develops their communicative, social, imaginative and creative thinking. In addition, by incorporating this play with toys, children enhance their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Is pretend play important?

A: Through pretend play, children explore their emotions, communicative skills, social skills, and other fundamental skills required for their development. Therefore, parents must supplement this growth brought about by pretend play with the best imaginative play toys.

At what age does imaginative play begin?

Imaginative play among toddlers begin within the age of 18 and 24 months. The complexity of imaginative play evolves as toddlers grow. By the age of 3-4 years old, toddlers begin to incorporate complex imaginative play with their imaginative play toys.