m2r 110 pit bike review

Another pit bike that we are going to take a look at is the m2r 110 pit bike. With a considerably better price tag than the 140 & 160. And since its a lot cheaper, it is not as fast and not as powerful. This bike is however great for someone that is a beginner or moving up from a bike with automatic gearing.


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If your not looking for something that is expensive, then this M2R KX110F maybe just for you. As its cheaper than a lot of pit bikes of the same quality. And as you can see this bike looks the part and do not look cheap at all.

Size of the Bike

Coming in at just 76cm its a bit smaller than its big brothers. But don’t let the size put you off. If your buying this m2r kx110f pit bike for a adult or teenager and they are new to riding. The size may help, as they will have a lot more control over it.


The suspension on this m2r pit bike is pretty standard. With the standard hydraulic front forks and adjustable rear shock. You can adjust the rear shock for a smoother ride if you wish.


The air Cooled 4-stroke engine, has a all up gear box installed. The parts for these engines are easy to get hold of. So if anything was to break it won’t be for long. Even though pitbikes are really strong bikes, and parts are cheap to replace.


The m2r 110cc pit bike top speed is 30MPH. When your on a track or going through woodland the speed is more than enough. As you probably won’t even get to the top speed unless your on a big straight which isn’t much fun anyway.


  • 12inch back & 14inch front wheels
  • All up gear box
  • 4 Stroke clutch engine
  • Hydraulic front & back brakes


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When choosing a 110 pit bike, you should really consider this M2R KX110F. It has a lot great features, great price and ideal for new or young riders. If you looking for something a bit faster then maybe you should check out the 140 version.

There are a lot of bikes that look similar to this one, but do you really want to be riding a bike called ynong chong. m2r stands for made 2 race it not there for no reason. m2r are a well known established brand that care about the bike that they produce.

Have you bought yours yet?

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