m2r 125 pit bike review

Riding dirt bikes can be a fun sport, wether thats just for fun or professional riding. Pit bikes tend to be the starting point for many riders that want to learn to ride. As they are easy to ride, and cheap to buy parts for. And the m2r 125 pit bike falls into that category. If you are looking for the ins and outs, then we have done a m2r 125 pit bike review below.

m2r 125cc

My first thoughts of this bikes is that it looks like a great bike to own, with a great design. But not everything is about the looks. Even though it is nice to go and ride with friends or family and have them compliment your new bike. Now lets get into the details of the bike.

Size of the Bike

These m2r pit bikes are based off the crf70 that are 10cm bigger than the crf50 which makes it more comfortable to ride. It has 12inch back wheel and 14inch front, which is the basic set-up for pit bikes. Taking the size of the bike to 82cm from floor to seat.


This bike has a m2r racing adjustable back shock, so you can just and make it stiffer or softer. As you can see from the picture it has a nice looking set of anodized silver trick hydraulic racing forks, with the latest designed CNC triple clamps.


Featuring a 125cc 4 stroke engine, that is air cooled rather than oil cooled. For performance reasons it has been fitted with a all up race pattern gear box. With these engine your able to start the bike while its in gear. So if you stall the bike, just hold the clutch in, kick start it and off you go.


This all depends on the sprocket set-up but standard these m2r 125 top speed is 40 – 45MPH. If you was to put a smaller tooth sprocket on the back then you could get more top end speed but lower bottom end power. If you want to makes these bikes faster, then you should seek help from a professional.


  • Upside-down forks
  • Hydraulic brakes
  • Knobbly tyres
  • Gripped Seat
  • Vented Brake Disks

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When buying a m2r 125 pit bike you cant go wrong, as these bikes are solid. Parts for them are really easy to find. As most other brand parts will fit, depending on what you need to replace. Wether your buying the bike for adult or a teenager this bike would be great for them.

Once you have purchased the pit bike, you should always read the users manual. As it should tell you how to run the engine in, because if you don’t you you could damage parts. Now you have all the information on this bike, it’s down to you to make the final decision. On wether your going to make your son or daughter one very lucky child to get one of these as gift, christmas or birthday would be a great time to get one for them.

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