m2r 140 pit bike review

This review features everything good or bad on the m2r 140 pit bikes. The m2r 140 bike is fairly expensive and can cost anywhere from £600-£2000. With this in mind, its better to do some thorough research – which is what we’ve done.

These pit bikes come in two different versions both at different price points, we will cover the differences in the article.


M2R Racing KMXR140 140cc 82cm

M2R Racing KMXR140 140cc 82cm Red Pit Bike 234x234

Starting off with the cheapest of the two, is this M2R Racing KMXR 140cc version, as you can see from the picture it is a great looking dirt bike. The size of these bike makes them comfortable to ride, this is the small-wheeled version that got a seat height of 82cm. So before buying one make sure that whoever you are buying this for will be tall enough.

These have oil cooled engine to stop it from over-heating, rather than the standard air cooled ones. To make the performance of this bike better the gear box has a all up race pattern N1234 going upwards. So you can start the bike faster, rather than taking it out of gear to start it, you can just kickstart it while its in gear.

Its comes with black reinforced SDG hubs and chunky knobbly tyres ready to tear some mud up. To anyone that don’t know anything about motocross bikes will think a seat is just a seat. To make riding this dirt bike more comfortable and stop the rider sliding backwards they have a gripper seat.


  • Hydraulic front&back brakes
  • Racing upside down forks
  • Adjustable rear spring
  • Super strong lightweight swing arm
  • Vented front 220mm and rear 190mm
  • Snap back levers


  • Parts are easy to get
  • Quality built bike
  • 4-srtoke engine


  • None

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M2R Racing RF140 S2 140cc 14/12 82cm Red Pit Bike

M2R Racing RF140 S2 140cc 1412 82cm Red Pit Bike-234x234

Next up is the M2R RF140 Series2 pit bike, similar to the previous one, but higher price tag but with a few upgrades. Has the same style all up gear box, that can be kick started in gear. Has reinforced SDG hubs with anodised red spoke nipples.

And anodized gold hydraulic front forks, adjustable rear shock. Has some trick bits that are colour coded such as soft red grips, chain adjuster, chain guide and fuel breather. Also oil cooled like the other one, to keep the engine temp down.


  • 14 inch front & 12 inch rear wheels
  • Racing Carburettor
  • Red Gripper Seat
  • Fold back levers


  • Colour coded trick bits
  • Gold hydraulic front forks
  • Newer model


  • More expensive

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M2r stands for made to race, so as its says in the name, this bike is ready to race as soon as you have run the engine in. If you don’t then part may start to break the same with anything that has a engine.

You need to make sure that you maintain your m2r pitbike as often as possible to get maximum usage out of it. Such as checking and changing the oil when needed. Oiling up the chain after you have cleaned it, from a day out riding.

These pitbikes are 4-stroke, so you don’t have to mix the fuel with any oil. My personal opinion is that these are more reliable than the 2-stroke engines.

In this m2r 140 pit bike review i have tried to put as much information in to help you decide wether you will buy or not.

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