m2r kmx 160 review

In this m2r kmx 160 review, we cover all the pros and cons and the best features this bike brings to the table. If you want a fast pit bike then this is the one to go for, not for just the top speed of 50+mph. But also for it power, this m2r 160cc pit bike has more power than the standard 140cc pit bikes.


M2R KMXR160 160cc 14/12 82cm Dirt Bike


The small wheel m2r 160 with the 14/12 inch wheels has a seat height of 82cm. As the ones with small wheel have more torque than the ones with the larger wheels.


Its powered by a 155cc Zhongshen 4-stroke engine, giving the m2r kmx 160 top speed of 50+ MPH. Because of the power and engine size it requires more calling thats why it’s got a oversized oil cooler.

Also has a racing sequence all up gear box for fast changing that you can also start while in gear.

M2R Racing KMXR160 160cc 82cm Green Pit Bike-234x234


Good chunky tyres for better grip when ripping up the mud, and reinforced SDG hubs. Trick anodised hydraulic racing front forks, to help keep the front wheel down. Breaks are fitted with front and back hydraulics for fast stopping on the vented wavy disks.

The recommend age for this m2r 160 is 14+ but if your son or daughter can ride. Then its totally up to you on what age child your buying this for.


  • 155cc 4-stroke oil cooled engine
  • Black Reinforced SDG Hubs
  • Racing seat
  • Hydraulic front and rear brakes
  • Adjustable Rear Shock
  • Snap Back Levers


  • Faster than the 140 pit bikes
  • Known brand
  • Well made bike
  • Great looking


  • Price
  • Engines are not as easy the 140 to work on


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M2R KMXR160 160cc 17/14 86cm Red Dirt Bike

This m2r 160cc pit bike is very similar to the one above, but with 14&17 inch wheels instead. This pitbike may suit you if your a bigger person or you just like riding one with big wheels.

M2R KMXR160 160cc 1714 86cm 234x234


Its more expensive than the one above, so if you like and don’t mind spending the bit extra money then this may the option for you.

Because of the bigger wheels on this one, its take the seat height to 86cm. So whoever your buying this for make sure they will be tall enough to ride it.


  • Zhongshen 155cc 4-stroke
  • Over sized oil cooler
  • All up gear box
  • Hydraulic brakes
  • Snap Back Levers


  • Great for bigger people
  • Smother riding
  • Oversized wheels


  • Less torque
  • Price


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In this m2r kmx 160 review we have outlined all the best features that it has to offer. The size is great, loads of power and overall a great pit bike to buy wether its for christmas or for a birthday. If you would prefer a smother ride then the one with big wheels should be your pick.

But if you would prefer more torque and a bit lower, then the first one should be your choice which is a bit cheaper.

Have you bought a pit bike yet?

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