m2r racing warrior 250cc Review M1 & J2

We have been looking at dirt bikes as well as quad bikes for some time now, and found a m2r warrior 250 for sale. As we have never seen one of these 250cc dirt bikes before and couldn’t find much information on them. We’ve scoured the internet looking for a m2r 250 review, but could not find one. So here we are writing a review, for all the people that couldn’t find one like us.

Int this review of the m2r J2 & M1, you will find all the information you need to know about them. All features of the bikes and the pros and the cons of each one.

M2R Warrior J2 250cc

If you looking for a 250cc dirt bike, then this m2r j2 might be the option for you. It has similar features to the more expensive brands, but not the price.

This beast, that has a seat hight of 88cm stand out with its great design. This is the smaller one of the two, with the 16 and 18 inch wheels with chunky tyre. Also being the cheapest out of the two dirt bikes.

Making things easier for you to start the bike, it does have electric start. Or you could use the kickstart that allows you to kickstart while in gear.

When you receive the beast it comes in a box and steel cage. All you have to do is put on the front wheel back suspension and connect the battery and your ready to go.

Comes with trick front forks mono rear adjustable shock, for smoother riding. It has a single cylinder 4-stroke engine, with the air filter that goes into the seat. So its away from any dirt that may flick up, just like ktm, yamaha all have.


  • Hydraulic front & back brakes
  • Electric start & kickstart
  • 5 gears 1 down 4 up
  • Vented waves disks
  • Air cooled
  • Age 14+

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The total weight is 103kg and a recommend rider weight of no higher than 175kg. Has a fuel capacity of 5.2 litres and requires unleaded fuel. Bikes the price of these ones are expensive, and not everyone can afford one outright. If needed the company that sells these offer FINANCE.

We have looked for videos of this bike in action and this is one of the best ones we could find.

M2R Warrior M1 250cc

This is the more expensive, m2r warrior m1 250cc. This monster has a seat hight of 96cm so if you or your child is taller then this maybe the better option. As it has the bigger 18 & 21 inch wheels, with knobbly tyres for amazing grip.

It also has electric start and kickstart that allows the rider to kickstart while in gear. For the suspension it has the tricked out upside-down adjustable front forks and linkage rear mono shock. These will help when riding on tough terrains.

The durable chromoly steel frame stands out on this one, with its bright orange colour. Fitted out with the air-cooled 250cc engine. This one is just 5kg more weighing 108kg and also recommends a max rider weight of 175kg.

You get a huge 10 litre fuel tank for longer time riding, which we all love extra riding. This m2r warrior m1 250 is a great all round bike. Wether your using just for fields, woods or on a dirt bike track like in the video.

The m2r racing warrior 250cc top speed is undefined by the sellers. And after doing some searching around online i have found that it does approx 65 – 70MPH.


  • Trick Bits
  • Upside-down forks
  • Bigger wheels
  • 5 Gears
  • Vented waves disks
  • hydraulic front & back brakes

If needed the company that sells these, offer FINANCE.


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In this m2r 250 review, have tried to find as much information as possible on the M1 and J2. And have tried our best to provide you with accurate information. These bikes are great starter bikes when moving up to the bigger engines. And the age recommendation is 14+, so its a great bike wether your buying it for yourself of your child.

Looking for something smaller? Check out: m2r kmx 160

No matter which one you pick, you will be satisfied with your purchase. Please make sure that you or you child wear all the safety equipment required as health comes before anything else.

Have you purchased yours yet?