pit bike for kids 6-12 years old

Has your child been asking for a dirt bike, and your looking for the best one to buy for them?

This pit bike for kids guide, will help you decide which one is right for your child. It can be confusing to people that have never had one before. So in this article you will find all the information you need.

If you child’s heart is not set on a dirtbike with a engine then check out: kids electric dirt bikes. Where theres less hassle with noise. A lot more places to ride as no one will no anyone is even riding and they are just as fast.

What is a kids pit bike?

Kids pit bikes should not be confused with a mini moto. A mini moto is a small 2-stroke bike that requires you to mix petrol and oil. They are a lot cheaper and break a lot more than the more quality pit bike. A pitbike is a well made 4-stroke engine dirt bike that is a bit more expensive. Acquiring a pitbike or a quad bike in a young age is for many a great way to train their general driving capabilities. For odler kids, closing in on the  of their teens, a road legal quad bike might be a solid option before actually getting behind the wheels in a car. Road legal Quads can eb driven from the age of 17, and a full review of the most popular road legal Quads can be found here – Link to road-legal quad bikes.

What to consider when buying a pit bike for your child

A good one will not be cheap, all the bikes in our list are recommend for kids aged 6 to 12 years old. Thats not to say older or younger cant ride one of these because thats your choice.

When buying one you should consider there age and height, and buy one that is the correct size.

Best pit bike for kids aged 6-12 years old

XR 50cc Motorbike mini dirt bike
XR 50cc Motorbike mini dirt bike


MXR 50cc Motorbike mini dirt bike

This is one of the best pit bikes for kids. The MXR 50cc Motorbike top speed is 15-20MPH (depending on terrain), which is more than fast enough for any kid. With a automatic clutch & gear box your child should have no trouble riding this. Just press the electric start, turn the throttle back and off they go.

It has soft power delivery, so your child will not fly off the back or flip the bike.

These 2-stroke engines don’t require any oil to mixed with the fuel, just top it up with unleaded.

It has hydraulic upside down front suspension for a smoother ride and chunky tyres for great stability and amazing grip.

The max rider weight is 60kg, if the rider to heavy they may burn the automatic clutch out. Which is the last thing you want to do after shedding out so much money.

Has two 10 inch rims, which are easy to find new tyres and inner tubes for.


  • 20mph top speed
  • Front & Back hydraulic brakes
  • Upside down forks


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M2R Racing 90R 90cc Motorbike 62cm Automatic Mini Pit Bike

With a floor to seat size of just 62cm, its just the perfect size for little ones. If you think the one above is just to slow for your child then this one may be the better option.

Reaching a top speed of up to 30MPH with its air cooled 90cc engine. If you child is upgrading from a mini moto this would be ideal.

This bike again has electric Start, automatic clutch and gear box. Has upside down hydraulic front forks, which don’t only just look good but performs good to.

Front and back hydraulic brakes with vented disks, for that extra stopping power. This kids dirtbike is ideal for fields, small kids tracks.


  • 30mph top speed
  • Front & Back hydraulic brakes
  • Upside down hydraulic forks
  • Electric start


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M2R 90cc Semi Auto pit bike

If your looking to learn your child to do gears, this m2r pit bike has a 90cc semi automatic engine. Which requires no clutch to change gear, ideal for a child moving from an automatic.

Similar features to the one above but with a semi auto engine instead. At barely any price difference you could get this one with gears instead.

Has upsidedown hydraulic front forks and rear adjustable mono shock at the back. It has electric start for easy start up.

Front and back hydraulic brakes with vented disks. The size of the 90cc pit bike is 62cm like the one above, but with a rider weight of 80kg.


  • Semi-auto gear box
  • 10inch wheels
  • upside down hydraulic forks
  • Electric start


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Once you have bought a pit bike for you kid, you should also consider buying some protective gear to keep them safe. Theres no point taking risks by letting your child ride without it. All three of them are ideal for young beginners, that are learning to ride.

You should also consider where your child is going to ride the bike to. Check if you can ride local to where you live. Or someone that owns some land, as it needs to be private property. Or the bike can be taken off your child.

A great thing with the company that sells these bikes is they offer finance on many of the products they sell. So if its christmas time and money is tight you may be able to get one that way.

Parts for these bike are available at many places, and easy to replace.