The new all-terrain vehicle: Road Legal Quad Bike

Road legal quad bikes are increasingly becoming popular on the UK roads. That attributes to the fact that more people are becoming adventurous in their transport preferences. More people today prefer to ride quad bikes essentially designed for off-road utility. So, are you planning to get something a bit different to take you around? Well, a road legal quad might be the best solution.


Picking the right Road Legal Quad Bike can be a challenge

With the many types of road legal quad bikes out there in the market, picking the right one can be a challenge. But don’t worry. In this review, we feature some of the best road legal quad bikes for sale in the UK.


However, there are a few things to keep in mind? For instance, are quad bikes legal in the UK? Yes, they are! But they must be certified, registered, taxed, and have elaborate MOT for you to drive them on the UK roads. Nonetheless, most quad bikes are not meant for use on public roads because their design does not meet road safety standards.


As such, make sure to check with the manufacture to confirm whether your quad bike is legal for public road use. If you find that it is not approved, but it meets the road safety standards, you can apply for ‘type approval’ to make it road legal quad bike.


Rules Guiding the Use of Road legal Quad Bikes on UK Roads


The government classifies a quad bike as a B1 vehicle. As such, you must be at least 17 years and have a legal driving licence to drive your road legal quad bike. If you intend to be driving your quad bike on the road, you must have a full car licence or a motorbike licence of category B1. There is no other motorbike licence version permitted by the road legal quad bike laws.


How to Road Register your Quad Bike


You have to register your quad bike with DVLA before you hit the tarmac. It will fall under a private light goods vehicle. So, to register your quad bike and get motorcycle single vehicle approval, it ought to either:


  • Conform to European Community Whole Vehicle Type Approval (ECWVTA).
  • UK Motorcycle Single Vehicle Approval Scheme (MSVA).
  • UK National Type Approval (Small Series)
  • Have evidence of compliance with a Certificate of Conformity (CoC).


Quad Bike Licence UK


If you are wondering whether you can ride your quad on a car licence, then worry not. You may drive your quad bike on the road if you got your full car licence. However, if your car licence dates back before January 1997, you need to acquire a B1 licence before you ride your quad bike on the road.


Road Legal Quad Bike Insurance


Third-party insurance is the legal minimum requirement to ride your quad bike on a public road in the UK. Besides, with comprehensive insurance, you are good to go.


MOT Rules


In case your quad bike is more than three years old, it needs to be tested and certified with a valid MOT certificate before using it on a public road.


Quad Bike Helmet Law


If you are riding your quad bike on a public road, you don’t have to wear a crash helmet. That is because the Quad bike helmet law does not require one to wear a safety crash helmet to drive a quad bike in public roads.


Since the quad bike doesn’t have a seat belt to restrain you, the police often recommend one to wear a safety crash helmet. But it isn’t a legal obligation.


Quad Bike Rules for Off-roading


Quad bike laws permit you to drive an off-road quad version on private land. Besides, you have to get a permit from the landowner to ride on their land. However, land owned by local councils is categorised not as private in the UK.


Kids under the age of 13 are not legally allowed to ride or be passengers on a quad bike. Those with 13 years and above are allowed to ride quad bikes of their appropriate power and size. Most importantly, they have to receive formal training and instructions for riding quad bikes.


When riding your quad bike off-road, you don’t require a driving licence. Equally, if you ride you quad bike off-road, you don’t need to have a vehicle registration. However, you can register your quad bike for off-roading for safety purposes! If you have been asking, ” are quad bikes legal in the UK? ” well there is the answer. Now, let’s look at five road legal quad bikes you can buy in the UK.


Top 5 Road Legal Quad Bikes


1. TGB Blade 1000LTX



If you are planning to buy a road legal quad bike, the TGB Blade 1000LTX could be your best choice. It is because TGB is one of the leading ATV brands globally, with over 30 years of dedicated experience. It manufactures and develops TGB quad bike models. So, if you want to have a big shot for an ultimate road legal quad bike, then TGB is the right one for you.


The Blade 1000LTX is one of the leading road legal quad bikes for sale in the UK. It comes with a new LTX facelift with other hosts of features. The new Hi-Lite LED headlights are carefully fitted in the front body panel aggressively.


It comes with a 997cc engine capacity that delivers high torque. The re-profiled camshafts design works to improve on the bottom end torque. This design gives this quad bike a more linear power curve.


It features a host of safety features that will enable you to get the confidence to take your quad bike to the toughest of off-road terrains without a hassle. These features include rear brakes that come with hydraulic disc brakes, engine braking system (SBS), and front differential electric lock.


The front EVO Hydraulic 220mm travel shock absorbers and the independent double A-Arm for front suspension ensure that you have a comfortable ride in your off-road terrain. The fuel tank carries up to 23 litres for you to have maximum riding adventure around your farm.


The Blade 1000LTX is a high-end quad bike that very few people can’t mind buying. However, if you genuinely want this quad bike, you have an option to buy one of it from road legal quad bikes under 1000 in the UK.



  • Good ground clearance
  • Automatic gears for ease driving
  • Powerful 997cc engine for all off-road driving
  • LED front lights



  • Not for sporting purpose
  • Expensive

2. SMC-MAX-700LE



The SMC MAX 700 675cc is designed and built by Taiwanese to be a class leader in the field of agriculture. Its design comes with a range of standard features that makes it to withstand the toughest of farm working environment.


It comes with a 675cc powerful engine that ensures the quad bike has enough power to power all the four wheels to tackle any off-road terrain. The powerful engine delivers a maximum power of 51HP – off-road to produce a maximum torque of 56.9 NM which is enough to pull you out of any pothole you may encounter.


The 4-Stroke Single Cylinder engine quad bike also comes with an electronic fuel injection making it one of the most fuel-efficient quad bikes in the market. With a fuel tank capacity of 24 litres, you can run errands around your farm without the worry of running out of fuel sooner.


It features electronic power steering, independent rear suspension, electronic winch, and trailer light connection. All these standard features put the SMC MAX 700 675cc a leading quad bike in its category.


When it comes to safety features, this quad bike comes with mechanical disc brakes. The rear shock absorbers are preload adjustable hydraulic, which allows for easy adjusting of the shock depending on your terrain.


The independent double A-arm rear suspension only means you get a comfortable ride regardless of the terrain. With the generous ground clearance of 305mm, no chances of getting stuck in the mud. Moreover, it is an automatic gear selector meaning you will only concentrate on steering your way through.


If you are looking for a quad bike to use in running errands around your farm daily, the SMC MAX 700 675cc will give you many years of unbeatable services. With the 2-year parts and labour warranty, you will have peace of mind knowing that you are covered in case of a mechanical problem.




  • Electric start engine
  • Automatic gear selection
  • Electronic power steering
  • Preload adjustable hydraulic rear shock absorbers
  • Independent Double A-arm rear suspension
  • Suitable for all ages




  • UK parts supply only.

 3. TGB Blade 600LTX

TGB Blade 600LTX

The TGB Blade 600LTX features a road legal utility quad bike design. As one of the leading road legal quad bikes for sale in the UK, the Blade 600 features a new LTX facelift design, which makes it appealing and dynamic than the early models.


It comes with new Hi-Lite LED headlights fitted in a more aggressive front body panel. The new LED headlights are also fused with LED strip indicators to bring out a more contemporary look for this quad bike.


Although it doesn’t come with a sport design, the Blade 600LTX series leads its generation with advanced ATV technology with unmatched levels of specification. With all these excellent specifications, you get exceptional value for money.


A 4-Stroke Single Cylinder 561cc engine with a 2/4 wheel drive selectable powers the Blade 600LTX. The engine produces a maximum power of 43HP – off-road to deliver a maximum torque of 53.6Nm. This torque is enough to roll you through the most rugged off-road terrain. It has automatic gears for you to concentrate on manoeuvring than getting distracted to shifting gears.


Your off-road drive with this quad bike is made easy with the independent Double A-Arm front and rear suspension and preload-adjustable hydraulic front and rear shock absorbers. With this, you will confidently manoeuvre through the toughest of off-road terrains hassle-free.


It features mechanical disc front and rear brakes that allow you to brake smoothly and evenly to bring the quad bike to a stop. The electronic power steering makes manoeuvring through the different off-road terrain even easier.


It comes with all aluminium body build, which ensures the strength and durability of this quad bike. Whatever the condition of the terrain, the 12-inch wheels will handle. With 5-year manufacturer limited warranty, you can go anywhere with this quad bike without a hassle.



  • High torque engine to handle the toughest of terrain conditions
  • Electric engine start
  • Liquid-cooled engine
  • Hi-Lite LED front lights incorporated with LED strip indicators



  • Not powerful compared to its competitors


4. TGB Landmaster 600

Landmaster Quad

The TGB Landmaster 600 is an agricultural quad bike designed as an ultimate tool for farm and smallholding. It comes with all the functionalities and abilities of a UTV but with swiftness and manoeuvrability of an ATV.


The Landmaster 600 features the newest TGB 4-Stroke Single Cylinder 561cc liquid-cooled EFL engine. That engine produces a maximum power of 43HP – off-road to deliver a maximum torque of 53.6NM. That torque is enough to pull you and cargo in the rear cargo tray through the toughest of terrain conditions.


It comes with automatic gears along with the patented TGB 3 Stage Electronic Power Steering. These two features will allow you to fully concentrate on steering through your farm trails without worrying about which gear and when to shift.


The TGB Landmaster 600 is an extreme off-roader. For this purpose, it comes with Preload Adjustable Hydraulic front and rear shock absorbers. Together with front Dual A-Arm suspension and Independent Double A-Arm rear suspension, you will manoeuvre through different off-road terrain with ease. With 320mm ground clearance, it becomes even better.


It comes with 12-inch off-road terrain wheels to ensure you roll comfortably. It features all-steel construction which makes the whole quad bike stable and durable. The Landmaster 600 is backed with 5-year manufacturer limited warranty to give you peace of mind knowing that your quad bike is fully covered.




  • Rear cargo tray for carrying a load
  • Fitted with TGB 3 stage Electronic Power Steering
  • Powerful 561cc liquid-cooled EFL engine
  • Fully road legal quad bike
  • Automatic four-wheel drive
  • 5-Year manufacture limited warranty




  • Expensive

5. SMC MBX 850 Blue Sport

SMC MBX 850 Blue Sport


The SMC MBX 850 is a full road legal quad bike designed as an ultimate sports utility. If you are looking to buy a sport quad bike, then SMC MBX 850 Blue Sport is the right choice. It is powered by the new generation 4-Stroke V-Twin 850cc oil-cooled engine.


The new generation engine features an Electronic Fuel Injection and automatic gearbox. The 850 engine capacity produces a maximum power of 77HP – off-road that generates maximum torque of 84NM, which is plenty enough for a sporty quad bike in off-road terrain.


It features automatic gears and electric power steering, which allows for easy handling and manoeuvring through different terrains with all hand on the steering wheel. With this, you can fully concentrate navigating through the intense off-road environment.


It comes Dual A-arm suspension and Preload-Adjustable Hydraulic shock for the front axle. It features an Independent Double A-arm rear suspension and Preload-Adjustable Hydraulic shock absorbers, which ensure you have a comfortable ride.


The SMC MBX 850 Blue Sport features a 14-inch front and rear wheel size, which are wide enough to provide stability on the road. The disc brakes on the front and rear wheels enables smooth and even braking to bring the quad bike to a stop.


This sports quad bike features all aluminium body construction that makes it durable and lightweight. With a fuel tank capacity of 23.5 litres, you can drive around for longer.


If you are looking for a sport utility quad bike that has high-performances and handles exceptionally, the MBX 850 can be a perfect choice. However, if you the price is your biggest worry, you can consider buying one of the used road legal quad bikes under 1000. It works well!




  • Powerful 850cc new generation V-Twin engine
  • Automatic gears
  • Fully road legal quad bike
  • Four-wheel drive
  • Suitable for all ages
  • 2-year parts and labour warranty




  • UK parts supply only
  • A bit Expensive




Are you looking to buy a road legal quad bike in the UK, but you don’t know where to start? This review can serve you well. However, make sure you register your quad bike and get the necessary legal documents before you hit the public roads.