10 Lightweight Twin Stroller and Double Pushchairs Reviewed

From mealtime to potty time, having twins or two babies close together is definitely twice harder. Moreover, getting out of the house is a big deal too since most strollers for twins are generally big and heavy. If you don’t have a lightweight twin stroller or if your current one is too heavy, it may be time to consider buying a lightweight double pushchair now.

Lightweight Twin Strollers and Double Pushchairs

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Before we go to our individual lightweight twin stroller review, here’s what you need to know first about double strollers and pushchairs.

More about Twin Strollers and Double Pushchairs

Parents with two or more kids know that a double stroller is a must-have. But shopping for one to suit your needs can be tricky. There are a lot of things to consider, and many models to choose from. It’s always best to know what you’re getting into before investing in a double pushchair.

Stroller Terminology

There are three terms used when talking about transport systems for kids. These are strollers, pushchairs, and prams.

The terms “strollers” and “pushchairs” can be used interchangeably. Both of these refer to an upright and often adjustable seat on wheels for your kids. These are great for older kids who like to sit upright to take in the view. On the other hand, prams are flat devices. These carriers are better for infants, who will be able to continue snoozing on a pram’s soft and even surfaces.

“Travel system” refers to a stroller that is equipped with an attachable car seat

Stroller Shapes

There are two categories for double strollers based on their shape. These are double strollers and tandem strollers.

Double strollers are also called side-by-side strollers. They are larger strollers with two seats. These are well-suited for twins or kids close to each other in age, because of their weight capacity. Double strollers are tougher and have a greater carrying capacity than tandem strollers.

Chicco OHlalà Twin Double Stroller Pushchairs from Birth to 15 kg for Twins and Siblings, Lightweight Reclining and Folding Double Buggy, Compact Closure, Rain Cover and Extendable Canopy - Black

Tandem strollers, on the other hand, are aligned one behind the other. This arrangement allows the tandem stroller to navigate tight spots or corridors easier, such as in groceries or malls. Tandem strollers are often customizable and come in a large number of adjustable designs. These are better for kids with a wider age gap.

Graco Stadium Duo Click Connect Tandem Double Pushchair/Stroller, Car Seat Compatible, Black/Grey

Double/Twin Stroller Types

Both of these double pushchair can be further organized by their specialties. Double strollers can be divided into all-terrain, jogging, umbrella, or travel strollers.

All-terrain strollers have specialized tires that ensure a smooth ride for their passengers. These strollers are quite heavy and can be cumbersome to transport.

Jogging strollers are a good fit for parents who want to continue their exercise routines. While most strollers come with parking brakes, jogging strollers also come with secondary brakes. These brakes are similar to bicycle brakes and are usually found on the handlebars.

Baby Trend Expedition Race Tec Jogger

Umbrella strollers are simple yet very handy. While most of them are simple in design, umbrella strollers can be folded up. This allows for easy storage and transport. Umbrella strollers are also among the most affordable models on the market.

Travel strollers are the bulkier and more durable cousins of the umbrella strollers. They can also be folded up and transported, but they are made of heavier and more durable materials. These models are tough and made especially for travel.

Tandem Stroller Types

There are two main types of tandem strollers: convertible and sit and stand.

Convertible tandem strollers feature detachable and adjustable seats. Parents can also switch the seats on a convertible stroller depending on their needs. The convertible’s unrivaled adaptability is offset by the need to buy different seats for different situations.

Kids Kargo Duel Combo Tandem Double Pushchair Stroller, Skinnie Minnie

Sit and Stand tandem strollers are recognizable because of their standing boards. Younger children are often seated in front, while older children can ride standing up on the stroller’s back. Some sit and stand strollers can also be modified to house two seats instead of the standing board.

Now you know the different types of twin strollers or double pushchairs, double strollers and, tandem strollers. One of the main disadvantages of a twin stroller is its weight. Because they are larger and have a larger weight capacity, they are made with more durable materials that are usually heavier. This is where the lightweight twin stroller and double pushchairs come in.

A lightweight lightweight twin stroller including double strollers or twin pushchairs is the best thing a busy parent can buy. If you’re still not sure if you should buy a lightweight double stroller, here are the advantages of buying one for your family.

Lightweight Twin Stroller and Double Pushchairs Advantage

Leaving the house with two babies, diaper bags, bulky infant toys, snacks, and a heavy double stroller can be really challenging. A lightweight twin stroller will be easier to push around and maneuver. Thanks to the aluminum materials which are light but durable, pushing your strollers all day long can be a breeze.


A lightweight twin stroller is portable and compact too. Some have easy-fit designs that can help you get around crowded places easier. Some models can be easily folded, making it easier to store in the car’s trunk. In fact, some products come with a single-hand folding mechanism too. This enables you to easily fold the stroller with one hand, while you’re holding your young ones on the other hand.


When it comes to safety, you can be assured that these lightweight twin strollers are strong and durable too. Because of the aluminum materials, most of these models can support up to 50kg of weight. Some strollers come with additional safety features too like parking brakes and reflective linings.


Because most of these strollers are patterned from the old heavy models, almost all models have the same helpful features that you need in a stroller. For example, brands like Bugaboo still offer sun canopies because it’s an essential part of travelling with your babies. Some have the same basket space and reclining features and some still include carry straps or carry cases.


But the best thing about these strollers are they are more affordable too. Not because the materials are low quality but because aluminum is cheaper. Most companies have removed features that make these old models chunkier and more expensive too.

Now you know that leaving the house with the babies can be easier with these lightweight double pushchair. If you want to make a change, here are the top 10 lightweight twin strollers and double pushchairs available on Amazon today.

Lightweight Twin Stroller and Double Pushchairs Review

Graco Stadium Duo Tandem Pushchair

Graco Stadium Duo Click Connect Tandem Double Pushchair | Lightweight Twin Stroller

Type: Tandem Double Stroller

Age level: 6 – 36 months

What is great about this stroller: With all the additional features included, this lightweight twin stroller is super affordable.

What is not so great about this stroller: This chair is not suitable for newborns


Graco is one of the leading baby product companies that create quality car seats, high chairs and strollers. In fact, their Stadium Duo Tandem Pushchair is one of the best strollers that you can buy today on Amazon.

To start, this lightweight twin stroller measures 102.5 x 52.5 x 101 cm and has a maximum weight limit of 15kg. In addition, it has a 4 position recline rear seat and 2 position recline front seat. It can also accept 2 Graco infant car seats that can be easily attached to the tandem frame. It also has so many features like a one-hand fold mechanism, a lockable front swivel wheels and a large storage basket underneath the seats.

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Out ‘N’ About Nipper Double V4

Out 'n' About Nipper Double V4 - Steel Grey

Type: Side-by-side Double Stroller

Age level: 0 to 48 months

What is great about this stroller: This unique 3-wheeled stroller is the narrowest side-by-side double stroller in this list.

What is not so great about this stroller: This stroller doesn’t have a basket space and is quite expensive.


This latest Double V4 pushchair by Out n About is one of the lightest double puschair you can buy. This award-winning stroller has so many features including height adjustable handles, easy lock pedal brake system and a 5-point safety harness.

The Out ‘N’ About Nipper Double V4 stroller is only 72 cm wide and can also be used off-road, thanks to its all-terrain pneumatic tires. It is made from a lightweight and compact aluminum chassis that can support up to 22 kg of weight. Although it doesn’t have a storage basket, it comes with a drawstring pocket and two zipped compartments on the sun hood canopy.

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Joie Evalite Duo Sibling Pram with Rain Cover

Joie Evalite Duo Twin Pushchair Incl. Rain Cover

Type: Tandem Strollers

Age level: 0 to 36 months

What is great about this stroller:  The underseat storage basket is large and easy to access.

What is not so great about this stroller:  It’s not suitable for heavier toddlers.


This lightweight doublepushchair by Joie only weighs 10 kg but can carry more than 30kg load. Measuring 121.5 x 57.5 x 102.8 cm and featuring a one-hand-fold mechanism, it fits easily in your trunk or in your closet.

The Joie Evalite Duo Sibling Pram has multi-position reclining back and front seats. Thanks to the flat lying position, the back seat is also compatible with newborn car seats. In terms of safety features, this stroller has a one-touch brake, a 5 point soft-touch harness, and lockable swivel front wheels. In addition, it also has an extendable hood and a sun canopy with UPF 50+.

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Besrey Double Buggy

Besrey double buggy

Type: Tandem Strollers

Age level: 0-36 months

What is great about this stroller: This stroller is super cheap and comes with a rain cover.

What is not so great about this stroller: It is quite difficult to steer and push with 2 toddlers in it.


If you’re looking for an affordable but strong lightweight double pushchair, the besrey Buggy Foldable Pram for Babies is the best choice. In fact it has an EN:1888 certification and has passed a lot of testing for durability and reliability.

The Besrey Double Puschair measures 118 x 54 x 102 cm and can carry up 15kg weight on each seat. When it comes to features, although this stroller is affordable it will not let you down. First of all it has a reclining rear seat that is suitable for newborns. It also comes with safety belts and massive storage. It also comes with cup holders, 2 sunproof canopies and a rain cover

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Red Kite Push Me Twini Carbon Jogger

Red Kite Push Me Twini Carbon Twin Stroller, Black

Type: Tandem Strollers

Age level: 0 to 36 months

What is great about this stroller: This stroller is affordable.

What is not so great about this stroller: It is not suitable for rugged surfaces.


The compact twin-seated stroller by Red Kite is the one for you if you’re looking for a lightweight side-by-side stroller. Since most twin-seated strollers are hard to push and pricey, you’ll find that this stroller is easy to push and relatively cheaper compared to other brands.

Red Kite Push Me Twini Carbon Jogger measures 80 x 76 x 103 cm and can accommodate 15kg weight for each seat. Like the other pushchairs in this list it has reclining front and rear seats and has an easy foldable mechanism. This 4-wheeled lightweight double pushchair also comes with a storage basket, 2 footmuffs and a raincover.

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Chicco Echo Twin Stroller Coal

Chicco Echo Twin Stroller Coal - Black

Type: Side-by-side Double Stroller

Age level: 0 to 36 months

What is great about this stroller: This model has a unique folding mechanism.

What is not so great about this stroller: Just like any side-by-side stroller, this model is not that easy to get through narrow doors.


Chicco is one of the leading manufacturers of lightweight baby strollers. Their lightweight double pushchair is a good choice as it is not only one of the lightest double strollers but because it also is affordable and easier to install.

Measuring 108 x 78 x 82 cm, this side-by-side stroller is larger and wider than the Red Kite’s stroller. But the good thing it provides more space and larger leg room for your children. It also comes with a 5 point safety harness that will keep your children safely strapped during your walks. The Chicco Echo Twin Stroller Coal also has an adjustable folding hood that can be easily removed for ventilation.

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Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Double Travel Pushchair

Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Double Travel Pushchair | Lightweight, Foldable & Portable Double Buggy | Seacrest (Navy)

Type: Side-by-side Double Stroller

Age level: 18 -48 months

What is great about this stroller: This stroller is strong and can accommodate heavier toddlers.

What is not so great about this stroller:  It is much more expensive compared to the other strollers in this list.


If you loved Baby Jogger’s City Mini Lightweight Double Puschair, you’ll be thrilled to know that there is a lightweight version of this model. Although instead of a maximum weight of 22kg per seat, the City Tour 2 Double can only carry 15kg per seat. But if you’re looking for comfort, this stroller has all the features the other City Mini double strollers can offer.

The Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Double Travel Pushchair measures 94.5 x 102.5 x 66.5 cm, which is narrow enough to fit through most doorways. It also has an ultra compact design that lets you easily store it in your trunk and bring it anywhere. When it comes to accessories, this side-by-side stroller comes with a belly bar and glider board. It is compatible with City Tour 2 carrycot for newborns which can be bought separately.

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Bugaboo Donkey 2 Mono – Double Stroller

Bugaboo Double Travel System


Type: Side-by-side Double Stroller

Age level: 0 – 36 months

What is great about this stroller: This stroller has a 3 year warranty.

What is not so great about this stroller:  It is the most expensive double stroller in this list.


When it comes to quality and versatility, you should check out the Bugaboo Donkey 2 Mono stroller. This high-end stroller is super stable and can survive bumpy roads and rugged surfaces thanks to its large all-terrain wheels. In addition, it can be converted to carry a baby and toddler or a double pram too.

Aside from being lightweight, Bugaboo Donkey 2 Mono is also compact too measuring
52 x 74 x 93 cm. It comes with so many pieces that you can assemble according to your needs. The handlebar is adjustable and lets you easily steer with one hand. The seats are reclinable and reversible too and are compatible with Bugaboo car adapters. And last but not the least, it has a unique folding mechanism that allows easy folding and storage.

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Maclaren Twin Triumph Stroller


Maclaren Double Stroller | Lightweight Twin Stroller

Type: Side-by-side Double Stroller

Age level: 6-36 months

What is great about this stroller: This stroller has replaceable parts like wheels, grips, seats and hoods.

What is not so great about this stroller:  This stroller is quite narrow and provide less space for your toddlers.


Measuring 78 x 73 x 105 cm, the Maclaren Twin Triumph Stroller is the narrowest lightweight double puschair in this list. This is perfect if you have narrow doorways and if you always frequent crowded places.

Aside from the size, it is also lightweight and compact, thanks to its high-tech aircraft grade aluminum chassis. Maclaren Twin Triumph Stroller also comes with oversized hood and sun visors that are completely waterproof and has a UPF50+ protection. But the best thing about this stroller is that parts are replaceable and you don’t need to buy a new stroller when the wheels or grips get broken.

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Cosatto Woosh Double Stroller

Cosatto Woosh Double Stroller –Lightweight Twin Stroller

Type: Side-by-side Double Stroller

Age level: 6-36 months

What is great about this stroller: With a UPF100+ hood, this stroller has the best protection for your toddlers.

What is not so great about this stroller:  The handles are fixed and not extendable.


If you love Cosatto’s famous storytelling fabric patterns, you’ll be delighted to know that they also have a lightweight version of their double strollers. Cosatto Woosh Lightweight Double Pushchairr is one of the lightest double strollers produced by the award-winning company Cosatto.

Aside from the weight, this stroller is also super compact measuring 80 x 75 x 105 making it easy to store and more portable. But the best thing about the Cosatto Woosh Double Stroller is the high quality and child-friendly patterned fabric used on its seats and covers. In fact, the fabric used for its hoods are not only sunproof but also waterproof.

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Now that you’ve seen the lightest double strollers available today, here are some tips to help you pick the right one for you.

Lightweight Twin Stroller and Double Pushchairs Buyers Guide

With a wealth of lightweight twin stroller to choose from, buying one can be a daunting task. Here are some tips to help you get started.

The first and most important thing to identify when buying a lightweight twin stroller is its purpose. All strollers can carry young children, but they are also tuned to specific needs. Ask yourself – what exactly am I looking for in a stroller? This question will be the determining factor in what stroller to invest in.

Accessibility, Handling, and Safety

A stroller’s seat size should be the first factor in your decision. Good strollers have the right amount of space to keep babies comfortable without being too large. Bigger strollers may be harder to disassemble and transport around.

Next is the model. Double strollers are better suited for open spaces and are generally easier to transport and steer. These are better for twins or children close in age or weight. The double strollers’ width and double seats also allow both children to have a clear view of their surroundings.

Tandem strollers allow for easier navigation of tight spaces, which is great for parents in busy urban environments. They are better for children of different ages or weights. Tandems strollers are more difficult to fold up and transport owing to their shape.

A good stroller is one that keeps your children safe and happy. Strollers are equipped with harnesses and belts to prevent riders from falling. Check the stroller’s suspension system to see if it shakes and rocks as you push it. Its brakes should also be examined. Most strollers come with a brake like a bicycle’s. Others have auxiliary brakes for greater safety.

The number of wheels affects how a stroller handles. For general purposes, four-wheel strollers will do nicely. Jogging strollers are almost always three-wheelers to allow for better maneuverability on the go.


Another thing you should consider when buying a lightweight double stroller is the configuration. If your kids are twins, a side-by-side stroller is a much more appropriate choice. Tandem strollers are better if you have children close together because you can position your younger child on the front seat.

Additional Features

Another great feature to look for is the reclining position availability. Since not all children are of the same size and height, it is good to find strollers with multi-position reclining seats. In fact, some brands have seats which can be reclined to a flat-lying position, which is great position for sleeping. In addition, this configuration allows it to accommodate baby carriers or baby car seats compatible to the brand.

Fabrics and Metals

The fabric of a lightweight twin stroller should be easily removable and washable since your babies will be seated there for long periods of time. It’s always worth testing for allergies and a baby’s comfort when shopping for a stroller.

A stroller’s metal frame will affect its mobility and weight. Strollers are usually made from either aluminum or steel. Most parents prefer aluminum strollers for their lightness and handling. Another thing to consider with the frame is the handlebars. Are you comfortable with a one-handed handle? Or would you prefer a long handle for better steering? The height of handlebar should be adjustable to match whoever is pushing the stroller.


The type of wheels is also an important factor to consider when buying a lightweight double buggy or stroller. Most of the strollers included in this list have 4 stable wheels suitable for a heavier load. A 3-wheeler is a great option if you want better steering and if you have narrow doorways. There are strollers with larger wheels too which is suited for rougher surfaces but they usually are more expensive.

Long-term Investment and Practicality

Price is the determining factor for many parents when buying a stroller. The price ranges of strollers can vary depending on their features and materials. Remember that even the most inexpensive stroller can work for you.

Practicality is important when shopping for a lightweight twin stroller. It may not be worth it to invest in a stroller that your babies will quickly outgrow. Reclinable strollers have great value for money since they can be adjusted to a more upright position for older kids.

Double strollers are compatible with car seats from the get-go. If you are traveling a lot, you should check if your lightweight twin stroller works well with your vehicle.

FAQs about Lightweight Twin Stroller and Double Pushchairs

What is the lightest double stroller?

Weighing 10.6 kg, Joie Evalite Duo Sibling Pram is the lightest double stroller in our list. Furthermore, this tandem stroller can fit through doorways easily while providing spacious seats for your children.

What is the narrowest double stroller?

Measuring 52.5 cm wide, the Besrey Tandem Double Stroller is the narrowest double stroller in our list. That’s why it’s the best stroller to bring to malls, shops and small offices or crowded spaces.

How heavy is a lightweight twin stroller?

Double strollers are usually big and heavy, with a weight range of 20 to 20 kg. And these strollers can support up to 50 kg weight. On the other hand, the lightweight versions usually weigh 16 kg or less. Although it has a lower maximum load, it is easier to push, carry and store.

How much weight can a lightweight twin stroller hold?

Most double strollers included in this list can support up to 15 kg of weight per seat. Since most 3 year old toddlers weigh 15 kg, lightweight doublepushcairs are suitable up to 36 months. In addition, for healthy child development, pediatricians recommend that toddlers aged 3 years and up, to stop using strollers.

Which is better, tandem or side by side stroller?

The good thing about side-by-side strollers is that it lets both of your children have a good view and enables them to interact with each other. In fact, this is a better option if you have twins and you usually go out to visit the park.

On the other hand, if you’re a busy parent who values convenience, you should consider buying a tandem stroller. Tandem strollers are easier to push and maneuver. It is generally narrower and more compact, making it easier to store in the trunk or in your storage cabinets.