Toys for Babies Learning to Walk: Baby Walker

It’s not a long time ago when your newborn cuddling in your arms. You feel something new while watching your baby sleeping, weeping and playing with your fingers. Over time your newborn started scooting, flipping, crawling and now trying to stand up on his own by pulling things. These are the signs that your baby is ready for the next phase of learning, and you should look for some toys for babies learning to walk. Among other options, the baby walker must be in your considerations.

No doubts, nothing is more amusing to see your newborn grow up from flipping to crawling and then trying to stand up with your legs. Now it’s the time when you should think about what will help babies learn how to walk? If you have decided for the baby walker to help your little ones with their first step, then take a look at factors that can help you decide about the best baby walker.

What to consider while buying toys for babies learning to walk?

Babies are very sensitive, and they do need extra care. The same should be exercised while buying those things that come into contact with your babies. A baby walker is an essential toy for babies learning to walk, so you should keenly observe several things before buying one.

  1. Safety & Protection

You cannot compromise on the safety of your babies, so the first thing that you should consider is the safety provided by the manufacturer. The baby walkers can be dangerous as they allow your babies to move, not only move but move faster. It may cause any bad situation if the walker collides with any hard stuff or with stairs. So go for the walkers with a brake system that can control the walker’s speed. Also, the rubbered wheel provides better friction to handle the baby’s pace.

  1. Weight

The weight of the baby walkers matters a lot when the baby pushes the walker. The baby’s tiny legs are not well grown or strong to hold their weight correctly, so the baby puts his weight on the walker entirely. If the walker is not heavy enough and sturdy, it gets the pace that may result in any collision. You should either buy a heavy and sturdy walker or go for some walker with space to put some weight inside. Such walker grows with baby, and you can add more weight as your baby grow.

  1. Height

The height of the walkers is critical for the little one to learn to walk. A baby walker with lower or higher height than your baby makes him uncomfortable and tired. It may lead your baby not to use the walker and ultimately suffer his learnings. Some walkers allow height adjustments; you should go for such walkers as these stay long with your baby.

  1. Length & Width

Another essential factor you should consider while buying your baby’s walker is the proper length and width. The narrow walkers make it uncomfortable for the baby to walk and not provide sufficient balance for walking. Also, a very long walker creates trouble for the baby while learning the first steps. If you have any space issues, then you should consider short-length walkers with a broad base.

  1. Multipurpose

A baby walker is not only a tool that helps your baby to take his first steps, but you can use it for developing many skills in your baby. You can get various baby walkers that offer activity boards with lights and sounds that encourage your baby to start walking. Besides, they teach your baby about shapes, numbers, alphabets along with developing gross motor and fine motor skills. So, if your budget allows, you should consider the multipurpose baby walker for your babies learning to walk.

  1. Foldable Baby Walkers

If you have any space issues, then you should go for foldable baby walkers. These walkers not only help your baby to learn to walk but also develop many skills. The folding feature makes it easy for you to store when your baby does not need it.

When you buy a baby walker for your little ones, you find various walkers made with wood or plastic having multiple features. Usually, it is difficult for parents to decide the best walker for their baby if they experience the parent ship for the first time.

For your convenience, we have selected the top best-selling baby walkers for you. Scroll down and compare the features offered and the price and put one in your cart that suits well with your needs.

Toys for Babies Learning to Walk

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Vtech 505603 Baby Walker

Vtech 505603 Baby Walker, Multi-Coloured

Type: Baby Walkers

Age Level: 9 months to 3 years

What is so great about this toy: The detachable front panel is ideal for learning in a fun way.

What is not so great about this toy: Batteries are not included in the package.


Are you looking for a thoughtfully designed walker to encourage your baby to take his first step? If yes, you are in the right place. This Vtech baby walkers are one of the best toys for babies learning to walk. This 2-in-1 walker is specially designed for your babies to help them with their first step.

Thinking about the features! It has textured wheels, soft and easy-grip handle and a durable design that is helpful for your baby to walk both indoors and outdoors. You can detach the front panel from the walker for fun sit-down play.

It is a walker and an educational toy to help your baby improve fine motor skills. The front panel includes five lights up buttons with various sounds, shape sorter, gears, animal buttons and a phone to role play. It introduces your baby to music, numbers, colors and shapes in a fun way.

This unique designed 2-in-1 walker provides your babies everything they need to get prepared for their first step. This baby push-along toy is an ideal gift for your baby’s first birthday or first Christmas by helping them to get ready for their first flight. Interestingly it is available in pink color for your baby girl as well.

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Fisher-Price DLF00 Baby Walker

Fisher-Price DLF00 Learn with Me Zebra Walker, Baby or Toddler Walker and Electronic Educational Toy with Music and Sounds

Type: Baby Walkers

Age Level: 6 months and above

What is so great about this toy: Multiple fun activities engage the babies.

What is not so great about this toy: It is not much heavier as you expect.


Do you want a first friend for your baby to encourage those few first steps? If yes, you found the perfect baby walker that engages your baby with fun activities and encourages him to learn walking. This Fisher-Price baby walker helps your babies to start moving with fun phrases.

This sturdy baby walker is helpful even for your six-month baby and grabs their attention by bright colors, music and lights.  The easy-grip handle provides soft and secure grips for little hands. While the four sturdy wheels base makes your baby’s first steps easier and more confident.

For your convenience, this baby walker has two modes: the walker and the other is the education. Your baby gets a lot of fun activities with this fun walker. There are multiple fun activities that your baby needs to explore, such as the book page to turn, light-up buttons to a sing-song, fun phrase.

Besides the fun activities, it also helps your baby to learn ABC and numbers in a fun way. The songs and animals’ sounds provide a fun way of learning for your baby. Also, the busy finger activities improve fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination. A must-have walking gift for your baby on his first birthday. For eco-friendly, it is available in sustainable packaging as well.

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Nuby Educational Wooden Baby Walker

Nuby Educational Wooden Baby Walker, 10 Months Plus

Type: Baby Walkers

Age Level: 6 months and above

What is so great about this toy: It engages the kids with fun activities for a long time.

What is not so great about this toy: The walker is not heavy enough as you expect.


Does your baby is fascinated with lights and sounds? If yes, you are reading the line about the baby walkers that are just right for your baby. This Nuby wooden baby walkers are FSC Certified and is ideal for helping your baby with their first steps.

This bright-colored walker not only helps babies to get prepared for their first walk but also helps them to have a fun time. The walker has a small compartment at the backside, which means your baby can transport their toys while on the go.

It can Engage your baby with a lot of fun activities. For music lovers, it has a xylophone along with other learning activities. It has a string toy with beads and a nice-looking mirror for the learner to see their smiling face for developing eye-hand coordination.

Your baby can learn about the shapes by placing the relevant figures on the sidewall. Also, your baby gets the gears to learn fine motor skills, whereas the walk develops the gross motor skills. A fun toy baby walker that helps to develop sensory skills and provides education as well.

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Nuby Interactive Baby Walker

Nuby Interactive Baby Walker with Lights and Sounds 3 Stage Push Along Walker 6 Months Plus Perfect for All Stages of Play from Sitting to Standing to Walking

Type: Baby Walkers

Age Level: 6 months and above

What is so great about this toy: Its bright color and interactive features engage babies for hours.

What is not so great about this toy: The wheels do not have any lock and are free to move.


Are you looking for a baby walker that can help your baby to learn from sitting to walking? If yes, you found the best match for your search here. This Nuby baby walker is designed to help your baby sit, stand, and walk with its interactive design and fun activities.

This interactive 3 stage Nuby baby walker helps your baby in three ways. In stage one, your baby can sit and play for six months. In the next stage, from 9 months, it helps to stand and play the fun activities. While in the third stage, starting from 12 months, your baby can use it for his first walk.

The most exciting thing about this toy is the remote control that you can use to change the melodies and adjust the volume. For easy storage, you can clip this remote control on the sidewall. The changing melodies and the volume levels fascinate and encourage your baby.

The other interactive features include removable shapes for shape learning, a spinning owl, flashing lights and four function buttons to produce various sounds. It engages your baby’s tiny fingers and develops fine motor skills. Whereas walking with this walker develops the gross motor skills to maintain balance on both feet.

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Labebe Wooden Baby Walker

labebe - Baby Walker, Push Along Toy for Infant, Kid Push Toy with Wheels, Wooden Toddler Activity Walker, Pull Wagon Child Toy, Push Walker for 1-3 Years Old, Boy&Girl Birthday Gift - Blue Elephant

Type: Baby Wooden Walkers

Age Level: 6 months and above

What is so great about this toy: The delicate wood color makes it a home decoration piece.

What is not so great about this toy: The assembly requires some technical person.


Are you worried about the quality of your baby’s walker? If yes, you got the perfect baby walker that stands for the strictest safety standards to ensure the safety and health of your baby. This Labebe wooden baby walker follows the Toys Safety Standards EN-71 CE in Europe and ASTM F963 in the US and a 30 days money-back guarantee that ensures the quality.

Unlike the ordinary baby walkers, it has rubber on the four wheels that protect the floor from any wear or tear. Also, this rubber ring helps to control the speed of the walker for your baby. The broad base of the walker allows your baby to maintain the balance that makes them more confident.

The walker’s elephant shape not only fascinates the babies, but you can put some books or other material to make it heavy according to your baby’s age. Besides the weight, it is still easy for your bay to move even on carpets and outdoors.

Don’t worry about the assembly. It is pretty easy to assemble with the help of a screwdriver within a short time. The soft-grip handle makes it easy for your baby to push this walker to put steps forward. A 30 days moneyback guarantee makes it irresistible for you to buy it for your baby’s first birthday gift.

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GYMAX 3-in-1 Baby Walker

GYMAX 3-in-1 Stand and Ride Baby Walker, Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker with Multi-Function Panel, Ride on Scooter for Infant Toddler (Blue)

Type: Baby Walkers

Age Level: 6 months up to 3 years

What is so great about this toy: The detachable seat makes it a ride-on scooter.

What is not so great about this toy: The rubber comes off the wheels, causing it not to roll properly.


Are you searching for a multipurpose walker for your baby to start his walking journey? If yes, you are reading about the most suitable product regarding your search. This Gymax baby walker is 3-in-1 that can transform from a walker to a ride-on scooter, accompanying your baby from his first step to driving his ride.

You don’t need to worry about your baby’s safety! This baby walker has a unique safety feature for your baby’s safety and protection. While the non-slip wheels provide more friction to control the speed. Along with these, the built-in speed controller in the stroller also improves safety.

As for as the material of this baby walker is concerned, it is made with high-quality PP and ABS that is non-toxic, eco-friendly and odor-free. Also, its triangular structure makes it sturdy and long-lasting to stay long with your baby. For baby girls, this baby walker is available in Pink color.

If you want to know about the features, it offers a rotary aircraft, small book, rotating sun, raising and falling ladder, intelligent satellite, lightful piano keys and the detachable front panel. When your baby wants to take a rest after a long ride, the detachable front panel is there to amuse him with multiple sounds by pressing lightful buttons. Don’t worry about the assembly; the large plastic nuts make the assembly quick and easy, even for young kids.

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labebe Wooden Baby Walker

labebe - Baby Walker, Push Along Wooden Toy, Pull Along Wagon, 2-in-1 Baby Walker for Girl&boy 6 Months, Toddler Mobility Wooden Walker, Infant Push Toy, Kid First Step Walker, Birthday Gift - Fox

Type: Wooden Baby Walkers

Age Level: One year and above

What is so great about this toy: The interactive functions engage the babies for hours.

What is not so great about this toy: You cannot adjust the handle height according to your baby.


Do you want to help your one-year baby learning to walk and looking for some auxiliary baby walkers? If yes, it may be the right walker for your little angel who wants to explore the world on his feet. This Labebe wooden baby walker is specially designed as a walking assistant for your babies along with a lot of fun activities.

The cute baby walker is designed for your baby to sit to play and stand to walk. The interactive feature engages your baby when sitting on the floor and provides the space to accompany his favorite toys while walking. The walker’s sturdy motion encourages your baby to walk more and more.

Safety is not an issue with this delicate baby walker. The rubber ring on wheels gives your baby control his walking speed easily. Besides, the rubber ring wheels protect your wooden floor from any wear or tear. The broad base also helps your baby maintain balance; it improves his confidence and encourages him to walk properly.

Yes, assembly is not an issue with this multi-function baby walker. You can DIY with the help of a single screwdriver using the crystal-clear instructional manual. Also, it will be fun for your baby to see how wood pieces can be transformed into a delicate bright colored baby walker—an excellent gift for your baby’s first birthday with 30 days money-back guarantee.

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Ricco Baby Walker

Type: Baby Walkers

Age Level: One year and above

What is so great about this toy: The front cushion provides extra safety from any collision.

What is not so great about this toy: The songs are very depressing and loud.


Are you looking for a cute baby walker that develops your baby from crawler to walker with music and lights? If yes, you found the most appropriate product matching your needs. This Ricco baby walker has specially designed front cushions that prevent your baby from hurting when colliding with the hard stuff.

Your baby’s safety and protection are the topmost priority for Ricco. That is why they added a speed adjustment at the walker’s back to control the walker speed to avoid any injury. Besides the control knob, the whisper wheels also provide friction to control speed and prevent any wear or tear of your wooden floor.

The exciting thing about this baby walker is the detachable handlebar for easy storage. Also, you can adjust the handle height to suit your baby’s size. The four cartoon characters that rotate with the walker motion and LED lights on a slow-moving fan encourages your baby to start walking.

The assembly of this cute baby cart does not require any technicality or heavy tools. You can assemble this walker with the help of a single screwdriver within minutes. With a maximum load capacity of 10kgs, it is ideal for toddlers from the age of one or above. Ricco used the high-quality ABS material to cop the safety standards of toys, so nothing to worry about the material.

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Pinolino Kimi Wooden Baby Walker

Type: Wooden Baby Walkers

Age Level: One year and above

What is so great about this toy: The sophisticated brake system makes it more secure.

What is not so great about this toy: Due to rubber coating wheels, you have to set the direction manually.


Are you worried about your baby while using the baby walker for learning to walk? If yes, no more worries! This Pinolino baby walker has a built-in brake system to prevent any collision that can cause an injury to your baby.

Unlike the other bay walkers, this sophisticated braking system helps your baby to master walking. You can easily adjust this braking system without using any heavy tools. It is situated under the walker and consists of a round steel brake rod with plastic end caps.

The vast space around 27 x 26cm is available for carrying the baby’s favorite toys while on the go. Besides the toys, you can put some books or other stuff to make the walker heavy enough to hold the push of your baby while pulling himself up for walking.

Safety is a significant issue for parents when their baby starts walking through the baby walker. But it is not an issue with Pinolino baby walkers. Pinolino selects fine beech wood to ensure the sturdiness and durability of their products. And that’s why every baby walker complies with European safety standard EN 71-3. A must-have gift for birthday or Christmas.

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Little Tikes 3-in-1 Activity Walker

Type: Baby Walkers

Age Level: 9 months and above

What is so great about this toy: More than 70 activities and three modes to engage babies for hours.

What is not so great about this toy: some customers received the installation instruction in Dutch or German language.


Do you want to encourage those little steps with some busy baby walkers? If yes, you found the best baby walker designed to inspire little ones to find their feet and start moving. This Little Tikes baby walkers are designed to encourage your baby to take his little steps with lights and sounds.

This foldable baby walker has more than 70 activities, sounds and songs that encourage the little feet to go ahead. Lights doom the path while walking, and the fun activity board engages your baby for hours with interactive functions. And folding makes it easy for storage.

This 3-in-1 baby walker has three built-in modes to entertain your baby for hours. In Words mode, buttons say shapes and colors; in Music mode, buttons play melodies; and in Wild mode, buttons make jungle animals sounds.

The other features include flipping books, spinning drum with alphabets, numbers engraved into the walker, glowing lights, piano keys, spinning balls, two animal clickers, turn-able gears, peek-a-boo slider with a roaring sound and a mirror. Nothing to worry about the assembly; you can do it by yourself within minutes.

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Frequently Asked Questions about the toys for babies learning to walk

What is a baby walker?

A baby walker is a toy that helps your babies to stand and walk on their little legs. As baby’s muscles are yet not developed, they need something that supports their leg muscles and helps them reach their chosen targets. With arms support, the baby walkers help develop the lower muscles for a balanced and smooth walk.

How babies use the walkers?

At the age of 9 months, babies learn to crawl, and they try to stand up by pulling themselves. It’s the time when they need some toy that can help them to stand and take steps. The walker handle allows the babies to pull up, and its wheels make it easy for babies to take steps with walker movement. The more they push their weight on the walker more it goes forward, and hence the walking journey starts.

How fast can these walkers move?

Fast-moving is not a good idea for baby walkers as the babies are pushing the walker with their maximum load, so they cannot cope with a fast-moving walker. It may cause some unhappy situations for babies.

What is the typical weight of  baby walkers?

Baby walker’s weight is an essential factor while choosing the one for your babies. The weight of a baby walker range from 7kgs up to 13kgs. A heavier walker provides more safety when babies push their weight on the walker handle. The walker with a seat is good because you can add the weight as per your need.

Where to buy the best baby walkers?

Purchasing online can save your precious time, and you can dig a baby walker as per your needs from hundreds of models available in the market. You can check the prices and quality from Amazon here.

What Is the best brand for baby walkers?

A variety of baby walkers are available in the market with specific specialties, making it easy for you to choose if you go for a foldable walker. Little Tikes is best in that, for carpets you can go for Vtech, for the hardwood you can choose from Melissa & Doug, for tall babies you can go to Hape Wonder and for budget-friendly walker Fisher-Price is there for you.

How safe are baby walkers?

If you talk about the structure of the baby walkers, it is absolutely safe for babies. Many walkers are equipped with rubber ring wheels that offer more friction and helps the baby to control his walking speed. Some baby walkers have built-in speed control knobs to adjust the walker’s speed according to your baby’s growth. Also, some walkers are equipped with a built-in brake system that ensures more safety and protection for your babies.

How long does a baby walker?

The baby walkers come mainly in two categories: the wooden walkers and the second is the plastic made walkers. Both the variations are sturdy and long-lasting, but if you compare in between, then the wooden walker stays longer with your babies. The only issue you can face with wooden walkers is that these can be dismantled cause of screws openings. But its, not a big problem; you can fix it with a screwdriver in minutes.

How much does a baby walker costs?

The price of a push-along baby walker seriously depends upon the quality of the material and the features that it is offering. Usually, you can get a sturdy and long-lasting baby walker in the range from $20 to $50. Obviously, it will cost you a bit higher when you go for a multi-function baby walker than a simple walker.

What do other reviewers say?

  • Thesun has chosen VTech First Steps Baby Walker as the best push-along baby walker. The four-wheel baby walkers come with a detachable front panel that engages your babies with a lot of music and lights. The bright colors and multi-function walker is the best return for your money.
  • Thesafebabyhub has chosen VTech First Steps Baby Walker as the best baby walker from the other models available in the market. It is sturdy and long-lasting and provides hours of fun time for your babies.
  • Expertreviews has selected Babylo Combo 3-in-1 walker as the best baby walkers for your little ones. This sit-to-stand baby walker is a combination of multi-level activities that helps your baby to take his first step.
  • Mommyhood101 has given the number one position for Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon Baby Walker. The simplest design wooden walker can offer even your toys a trip when your baby is on the go.
  • Independent has given the number position to Jo Jo Maman Bebe baby walker with pastel wooden blocks as the best baby walker. Simple and sleek design with rubber ringed wheels and space for baby’s toys or books to carry while walking.