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Wooden climbing frames for older children

This Outdoor wooden climbing frames for older children that we will talk about is the Dunster House which is a balcony model and it comes at a fort style with wood and anything and everything. Yes, you heard it right, It is a feature magnet and whatever you need or may thought of having in a fort, will be there in this one.

Wooden Playhouse Climbing Frame


It is pretty tough to differentiate Dunster House models from each other. The previous one that we talked about and the one that we will talk about after this one might have similar features but even then, there are little differences that you should know. That is the whole point of going for this review.

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You see, if you are reading this then there is probably no confusion in your mind that you are going to go for a Dunster House wooden climbing frames for older children model but the only confusion that you have is which one to go for. Hopefully, this one is a good contender in the list of your choices.

The first feature that you should know about is the pressure treated timber which does not require any maintenance and will easily support you without any problems for at least 10 years. So if you are looking for a durable unit then this is the one for you.

The overall size of this unit is 4650 mm which is around 15.3 inches. The height is around 4 inch and the unit will obviously include things such as tower, slide, swings, balcony and climbing wall for you.

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