All the Best Toys from the Star Wars Franchise

In 1977 George Lucas, the director and creator of Star Wars, took a cut of $500,000 in his pay from directing fees, for the full ownership of the franchise’s merchandising rights. The merchandising revenue grew quickly with the popularity of the Star Wars sagas. By the year 1987 the merchandising revenue had climbed to $2.6 billion and by 2012 it was at $20 billion due to the first six films that were produced. In 1978 gross sales of more than $100 million was made as more than 40 million “Star Wars” figures began flying of the shelves. The toys brought in more than $3 billion in the year 2011 a year in which no movie was released. The toys from each movie hit the shelves and started selling like wildfire before the movie even hits the theater.


Background of the Dark Side and the Jedi Force

There are many different historical influences when George Lucas was creating the Dark Side. It is based on the struggle that goes on between the democracy (Jedi Force) and the dictatorship (Dark Side). The inspiration for Darth Vader’s design was Samurai armor that also featured a German Military helmet. Darth Vader’s loyalty to the dark overlord Palpatine, also known as Darth Sidious, was based on the loyalty of the Schutzstaffel, Hitler’s Army, to Adolf Hitler. The Stormtroopers uses the name of World War 1 German “shock” troopers. The uniforms and guns of German Forces during World War 2 were the inspiration for the Imperial Officers.


George Lucas drew on a lot of different influences for the Jedi and the Jedi Force. He drew on the influences of the chivalry of knighthood, the Shoalin Monastery, Shamanism, and Hinduism. This was the inspiration of their moral value system of purity of thought and the detachment of emotions. They felt that strong emotions would hinder their actions and cause them to lash out at others. The outfits of the Jedi and Jedi force resemble the robes of monks. They are long and flowing with sleeves that come all the way to the fingertips. Most of them also have a hood on them to protect the head and face in sandstorms.


The Jedi Force was a ancient monastic, academic, meritocratic (people who hold power within a society that was picked according to their merit), and quasi-militaristic, which means that they wear a uniform, carry a weapon, have ranks, and are under an authoritarian command structure, organization that was around for many years before the start of the rebellion. They consisted of polymaths (known for their vast knowledge of many different subjects); teachers, philosophers, scientists, engineers, physicians, diplomats, and warriors. Each of these played a special role in the rebellion against the dark side. The Jedi Force was wielders of the force and is the protectors of life and will defend it with their entire honor.


Background on Star Wars Merchandise

The Star Wars toys became popular rather quickly. Kenner was the first company to produce the Star Wars action figures that are now highly valued by collectors and cherished by the kids. In the 1990’s Hasbro gained the rights to produce the action figures that are based on the Star Wars sagas. In the history of LEGO, Star Wars sets was the first licensed copyrighted toys they produced.


Something on Merchandise

There is a vast variety of Star Wars toys for kids of all ages. There is also a wide variety of Star Wars general merchandise for everyone out there, from the smallest of babies to the adult fans. Some of the merchandise, such as Funko Pop! Bobble heads with lights and sound, are fun for the kids to play with but also a collectors’ item for the adults. Even after 20 years of making Star Wars sets, LEGO still has new innovations that they are adding to the different sets, such as simple mechanisms that make the bricks move. There are action figures of the different characters from the films. Kids love to play with them and adults love to collect them. Get ready as we dive deep into the Memorabilia toy-world of Star Wars:


Vintage Star Wars

Star Wars has been an institution the globe over for decades and decades now. That’s the reason that purchasing vintage Star Wars toys can nowadays cost a steep sum of money. There are many auction sites on the Internet that have extensive selections of Star Wars toys. Old Star Wars toys often command as much as $40.00. Tiny Star Wars figurines didn’t cost anywhere near as much back when they were first unveiled to enthusiastic consumers. The rarer a Star Wars vintage toy is, the higher a price it commands nowadays, and understandably so.

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Boba Fett action figures were a huge deal years ago. These toys actually cost more than many other similar options that are accessible in recent times. They typically cost roughly $25.00 in toy shops, department stores and elsewhere. Price tags vary depending on the specific retailers, however. Although these Boba Fett favorites in the past “only” required payments of $25.00 or so, things have changed dramatically throughout the decades. People who own action figures that depict the character can sometimes earn as much as $5,000 total. There’s a fascinating tale behind the toy, too. People classified the action figure as being a possible hazard when it first came out. That’s precisely why consumers weren’t able to readily acquire it. These action figures were concealed from the entire planet for four decades. It wasn’t long ago that they became accessible to eager devotees.


Obi-Wan Kenobi is yet another Star Wars powerhouse. Action figures for this character came out in the seventies as well. They at that time cost just a tad less than $16.00. If you own and sell one of these figures nowadays, you may be able to reap the rewards of $30,000. Obi-Wan Kenobi wasn’t a character who was as well-known as Luke Skywalker. He closely trailed him, though. People who are major Star Wars devotees often are unable to resist these dolls that are inspired by Alec Guinness. People are in many cases crazy about the sought after “Double Telescoping” figure.


Historic Star Wars Action Figures from Kenner vs Hasbro’s new Black Series

The Star Wars franchise has released a broad assortment of thrilling action figures to the public over the course of the past few decades. “Kenner” is a widely known toy brand that came out with an assortment of action figures for the film all the way back in 1978. That was just one year after the movie first was released. Kenner manufactured more than 100 distinct action figures. They were on the market between the years of 1978 and 1985 as well. Consumers purchased a minimum of three million of the figures. There were Han Solo options that underwent slight adjustments throughout the years. They initially had smaller heads. They were made bigger with the passing of time, too. Older Jawa options had vinyl capes that were reminiscent of those that were worn by Obi-Wan Kenobi. Kenner updated that as well. Later options donned cloaks that were made using fabric.


Hasbro is a lot like Kenner in that it’s another powerhouse in the toy world. The company came out with Star Wars action figures that were geared toward a much newer generation of fans. This was back in 2013. The name of the collection simply was “Black Series.” Black Series options are still accessible to consumers. These action figures are half a foot in length and have been staples on the market since launching back in the autumn of 2013. It took Hasbro a longer period of time to release a Chewbacca “Black Series” offering. The Chewbacca option has been on hand to consumers since 2014. Figures that are part of the illustrious Black Series are Princess Leia, Sandtrooper, Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Stormtrooper, Han Solo, Clone Trooper, Anakin Skywalker, Greedo, Boba Fett and, last but certainly not least, R2-D2. There were some “special offers” on hand to fans who were lucky enough to get their hands on them as well.

Fortunate fans could secure carbonite Han Solo figures. They could even secure carbonite Boba Fett ones as they desired. There have been many different “Black Series” action figure variations throughout the years. Hasbo introduced a thrilling collection that showcased the film’s 40th anniversary back in the winter of 2017. The initial action figure that was depicted was X-Wing Pilot or Luke Skywalker. There were a number of others, too. Star Wars aficionados could choose between Jawa, Death Squad Commander, Luke Skywalker and a handful of others.

Lego and Star Wars – a perfect marriage

Bright-eyed kids everywhere have been playing with Legos for a long while at this point. There have even been many kids who have owned Star Wars Lego sets. Star Wars Legos can make incredible outlets for kids who are in love with the movie. They can make impressive outlets for kids who want to be able to stretch their minds and work on their imaginations. People sometimes consider Star Wars vintage Legos among the most timeless toys on the market. There aren’t many other Lego toys out there that can compete with Star Wars options that debuted years and years back in the seventies.


Star Wars Outfits for children and adults

It’s no shocker that kids adore dressing up as their favorite Star Wars characters. It isn’t even uncommon for mature adults to adore doing so. Thankfully, there are an abundance of Star Wars costumes accessible to people who want to dress up for Halloween or for any other occasion under the sun. Children in particular have a plenitude of options on hand. There are a wealth of outfit options for girls and boys alike. Little boys can emulate the bravery of Luke Skywalker. Little girls can emulate Princess Leia. Some examples of types of Star Wars costumes that are commonly accessible are those that revolve around Queen Amidala, Chewbacca, Yoda, ewoks, C-3PO, Rey and the Blue Clone Trooper. It doesn’t matter if a bright-eyed youngster wishes to mimic Snow Trooper, ARF Trooper, a Jedi, Kylo Ren or anything else. Tracking down A+ Star Wars outfits can be a cinch for people who search diligently.


Buying Star Wars outfits for kids can be simple. There are also many exhilarating accessories that come with costumes. Kids can get access to costumes that include gloves and lightsabers. They can even get access to wigs that look authentic. If a young girl wants to look just like Princess Leia for a Halloween party, the assistance of a classic wig may go a long way. Headpieces are often part of Star Wars costume packages for maximum ease.


Star Wars costumes luckily are available in numerous different size classifications. Kids who are tinier can opt for “small” outfits. There are also “medium” and “large” size categories. Parents should pay close attention to general costume and chest lengths for good measure. There are many kiddie Star Wars costumes available for sale on the Internet. There are just as many available for sale in brick and mortar shops.


Dressing wee toddlers up as famed Star Wars characters can be a blast. Parents frequently opt for ewok costumes for their little ones, and with good reason. Few things look cuddlier than these classic and timeless creatures. These costumes often include rompers that are deep brown in coloration. They in many cases include signature headpieces that are ewok staples. Parents who want to dress their little ones up as Star Wars favorites should have zero problems tracking down A+ costumes on the Internet and elsewhere. New options are accessible with great regularity.


Our days and what’s behind Star Wars Board Games

It can be a joy to play around with a Star Wars action figure. It can also be joyous to stimulate the brain with the assistance of Star Wars. Star Wars fans often opt to play in-depth board games that revolve around the franchise. Choices in exhilarating and unforgettable Star Wars board games legitimately run the gamut. People who are keen on fleet battles that involve significant brainpower may appreciate Star Wars: Armada. This option is suitable for a couple of participants at a time. People who are keen on board games that are reminiscent of laid-back card choices may want to go for Star Wars: Empire vs. Rebellion. Empire vs. Rebellion takes a straightforward approach to the board game sector. That’s part of its charm. Figuring out how to play this board game is a cinch. It doesn’t call for a substantial amount of time at all, either.


Monopoly is one of the most renowned board games of all time. That’s why the combination of Monopoly and Star Wars is so incredible. A special Monopoly Star Wars board game was released during the film’s 40th-anniversary celebration. It’s a board game that’s suitable for anywhere in the range of two to four participants in total. It showcases clips from the “A New Hope” movie. Participants fight it out for galaxy control. It’s a classic Monopoly game in that sense. Note, though, that there are a few undeniable Star Wars touches in the mix.


People who are all about board games that are understated may gravitate to Star Wars Risk. This is yet another option that’s appropriate for anywhere between two and four participants. People who adore space combat may not be able to turn away from the pleasures of Star Wars Risk. It’s a biggie in the Star Wars board game division nowadays.


Star Wars Books for Kids – Carry on the force and educate our young Padawans.

Playing Star Wars games is a ball. Dressing up like Star Wars favorites is just as energizing. It can even be joyous to read about Star Wars movies. That’s the reason it’s such a cinch to find Star Wars books that were penned for kids of all age groups. There are Star Wars books that are appropriate for little toddlers who are just learning the art of reading. There are Star Wars books that are fitting for kids that are a bit older as well. There are wacky Star Wars books that are centered around Legos. Kids who adore playing with the building blocks frequently gravitate to them. These books often enable readers to select their next steps. They can be ideal for kids who like being in charge of their own destinies.


Many Star Wars books come with an abundance of pictures. These offerings can come in handy for younger fans. They can come in handy for younger fans who are just learning how to read in school. Parents can easily find Star Wars books that go into the ins and outs of film plots. If a child wants to delve into “A New Hope,” then his parents may be able to find numerous books that include clear and striking illustrations.


Star Wars devotees often adore learning more about specific characters. They in many cases adore finding out more about Star Wars tidbits in general. That’s why fans can easily and rapidly find guidebooks that go into the ins and outs of Star Wars. These books frequently cover all sorts of topics that are part of the vast Star Wars umbrella. They may cover compelling topics that go all the way back to the seventies.


When it comes to the merchandise there is just about everything that you can think about. It is available in clothing, accessories, jewelry and many other things. Some of these things are kitchenware, dishes, pillows and throws, and wallets and billfolds. Chances are if it is wanted then it can be found with a little searching.


So what is it about that Star Wars Merchandise that makes us so intrgued?

Two of the most popular articles of clothing are t-shirts and hoodies. There is also baby onsies that are really cute. If jewelry is part of the accessories of the day, then what is wanted can be found with some searching. There are earrings, bracelets, and necklaces available decorated or made to look like some of the favorite characters. For the gamer of the family there is the Jedi Challenges AR Headset and Lightsaber Control.


If a camera is the preferred item then the Star Wars Instax Mini 9 Camera would be perfect. For the people that are attached to their phone all the time that are Star Wars fans then there is the perfect gift for them. Just purchase them one of the Star Wars phone cases.


There are nightlights, lamps, clocks, pictures, wall stickers, and snow globes. There are whiskey glasses, wine glasses, and ice cube trays. For the tea lover there is a teapot. There are cake pans, baking set with aprons and hot mitts, salt and pepper shakers, and water bottles.


For the major Star Wars fans out there that would want kitchenware products, they can be found also. There are waffle irons in many different styles. There is a Darth Vader dutch oven and an R2-D2 Instant Pot. There are also plates and cups that can be purchased. Lets’ not forget all of the different movies of course. What is more iconic than sitting and watching the movies while sipping a beverage out of a Star Wars mug or glass?