Best Fast Set Pool for Kids

Do your kids love swimming but you can’t afford a built-in swimming pool? Then you might want to buy a high quality fast set pool instead. In fact, this is one of the best investments you can buy for your family!

With a fast set pool you can enjoy the perks of having a swimming pool without the hassle of the time-consuming and expensive maintenance. Furthermore, you can always set it up only when needed or during hot scorching days.

Encouraging your children to swim at an early age also has a lot of benefits for your child. It helps develop their muscles, motor skills and coordination skills. Social skills are enhanced as well if you let them play pool parties with your neighbor’s children and schoolmates.

Now you know why you should buy your kids a fast set pool this summer! In this article, we have listed the most durable, most exciting and most stylish fast set pool for kids you can buy on Amazon today!

10ft Bestway Fast Set Pool

Bestway Fast Set Pool 3.05m x 76cm

Type: Fast Set Pools

Age Level: 6+ years

What is great about this toy: This pool is high quality and durable!

What is not so great about this toy: The drain valve is not included. 


Are you looking for a pool for the family to enjoy this summer? Bestway offers a lot of portable and inflatable pools you can choose from some of their pools with frame we’ve reviewed in our swimming pools for sale article. But if you’re looking for the most affordable, check out their 10ft by 30 inches blue Fast Set Pool! 

The Bestway Fast Set Pool is guaranteed heavy duty, thanks to its Tri-Tech technology. With this type of construction, Bestway uses a three ply PVC and Polyester layering system to enhance the strength and durability of this pool. In addition to that, it has passed the quality standards and has all the required European safety certificates.

This fast set pool is extremely easy to install. Just look for a flat surface and you can inflate and fill the pool with water easily. The capacity of the pool is 3638 litres and weighs just around 9 kilograms. To maximize the fun, make sure that you supervise your children during pool time to prevent accidents!

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Bestway Family Fun Lounge Pool

Bestway Family Fun Lounge Pool

Type: Fast Set Pools

Age Level: 6+ years

What is great about this toy: This pool is easy to drain.

What is not so great about this toy: No larger size available.


If you’re looking for a more exciting pool, the Bestway Family Fun Lounge Pool is another great product. Measuring 2.13 x 0.69 x 2.07 metres, this pool is smaller compared to their 10ft model. It also has a lower water capacity amounting to only 575L or 152 gal! 

This is a great product if you have a smaller garden or smaller family! But the best thing about this pool is its super stylish design. In fact, it has built-in seats and headrests making your hot summer days lounging more comfortable. Additionally, it has 2 cup holders where you can place your child’s bottled water or drinks.

When it comes to quality, it has the same materials and quality as other Bestway pools come with. It has extra side walls and durable pre-tested vinyl materials. Furthermore it already comes with a heavy-duty repair patch and can be easily drained with the water drain valve. 

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10ft Intex Fast Set Pool with Filter Pump 

10ft x 30in Easy Set Pool with Filter Pump #56922

Type: Fast Set Pool 

Age Level: 6+years

What is great about this toy: It comes with an easy to install filter pump!

What is not so great about this toy: This pool is quite expensive.


If you’re looking for another great name in the easy set pools industry, then Intex is another quality choice. It has all the sizes and types of pool for every size of the family. But their 10tx30ft is their most sold product as it is the standard size for European backyards and gardens. 

Although this pool is more expensive compared to the Bestway’s pools, this comes with a lot of features worth its price. First of all, it has 3 layers of materials to guarantee longevity and durability. In fact, it is constructed with two heavy gauged outer layers made from high quality PVC materials and an inner polyester mesh!

But one of the best things about the Intex pools is that it comes with the Hydro Aeration Technology and a 110-120 volt Krystal Clear cartridge filter pump. These additional unique features provide an improved circulation and filtration system. With this system you are guaranteed that the pool water you child’s swimming in is crystal clear and clean!

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Intex 57190NP Swim Centre Family Lounge Pool

Intex 57190NP Swim Centre Family Lounge Pool, 229 x 218 x 76 cm

Type:  Fast Set Pool 

Age Level: 3+years

What is great about this toy:This pool is see through, to help you supervise your children! 

What is not so great about this toy: It is not heavy duty compared to the other Intex pools. 


Do you like the Intex brand but don’t have the extra cash to purchase their premium pool with a filter pump? Intex also has affordable regular fast set pools you can also try out. And if you’re looking for the comfortable and stylish version, their 57190NP Swim Centre Family Lounge Pool is the one for you! 

Measuring 90in L x 86in W x 31in H, this pool has a water capacity of 156 gallons. It comes with 2 cupholders, a seat and a headrest like the Bestway pool family lounge, but the design is different. It only has one long bench and headrest which is perfect for larger kids or adults to relax on. 

The design is super stylish too as the pool is see through and you can see the inside of the pool easily. When it comes to assembly, this pool is easy to inflate and deflate too. Weighing 7kgs, it weighs lighter compared to the Bestway pools. 

Intex-57135NP Dinoland Play Center-Inflatable water play center

Intex-57135NP Dinoland Play Center-Inflatable water play center, assorted model (with and without volcano), multi-colored, 333x229x112 cm-280 Liters (57135NP)

Type:  Fast Set Pool 

Age Level: 3+ years

What is great about this toy: This pool is best seller because of its colorful dinosaur theme!

What is not so great about this toy: The only issue is your kids will never want to get out of this exciting and fun pool!


With over 4000 products sold, you can never go wrong with another exciting and fun Intex inflatable pool! In fact, your children will definitely jump for joy if you give them this Dinoland Play Center for their birthday!

Just like any Intex pools, this pool is high quality and heavy duty. The difference is it has all the fun colors and exciting dinosaur characters and super unique and entertaining design! It’s like having a Water Theme Park at the safety of your own home!

Overall this pool measures (LxWxH): 333 x 229 x 112 cm with a capacity of 280L of water. The play center is filled with interesting  and colorful dinosaurs. It has a water slide and soft landing mat with extra paddings for your child’s protection. Your children can also play dino hoops and volcanic ball roller games! And just in case the pool gets damaged, the set also comes with a repair patch to fix it instantly! 

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Sable Fast Set Pool for Kids

Sable Inflatable Pool, Swimming Pool for Baby, Kiddie, Kids, Adult, Infant, Toddler, 1.2m/1.5m/1.8m/2.1m length, for Ages 3+

Type:  Fast Set Pool 

Age Level: 3+ years

What is great about this toy: This pool is specifically made for kids and has small sizes for indoor pools. 

What is not so great about this toy: This Playhouse is expensive.


Sable is a company famous for their high quality comfortable mattresses. But you’re in luck because they create inflatable indoor and outdoor pools for kids too! Their pools are specifically made for kids with sizes that can fit inside your home or bath area if you have a large one!

If you don’t prefer round pools, you will surely love their rectangular pools with sizes ranging from 1.2m to 2m in length. Just like their soft but high end mattresses, their fast set pools are also high quality, durable and eco-friendly. 

When it comes to design, they also offer a lot of print designs that your children will definitely love. In fact, they have a pink pool with canopy and air-pump too that is always sold out because of the soft quality and its cuteness! In addition to that, this pool can be converted into an exciting mini-balloon pool your child can play at anytime of the day!

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Fineway Giant Rectangular Lighted Swimming Paddling Pool 

Fineway. Giant Rectangular Lighted Swimming Paddling Pool LED LIGHT Inflatables Size 79"X59"X20" With Electric Air Pump 240v

Type:  Fast Set Pool 

Age Level: 6+ years

What is great about this toy: This pool is affordable and comes with colorful lights!

What is not so great about this toy:The 3AA batteries required for the LED lights is not included.


Do you love night swimmings? With this pool, your child can enjoy swimming with you at night if your house pool is too deep for them to enjoy.

This pool is included in this list because of the affordable price and it’s colorful light and additional features. It also comes in 2 sizes, with 79” and 103” length, so that you can choose the best size for your child. The construction is the same quality as the other pools we’ve mentioned above. It’s made from durable pre-tested vinyl with wide walls and sturdy beam and ring construction. 

The best thing about this pool is it already comes with an electric pump already. This makes inflating and deflating much more easier and faster. The  AC220V-240V 150W 50Hz pump is also CE and ROHS certified with a simple plug and go operation! 

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Fast Set Pools FAQs

What do you put under a Fast Set Pool?

To prevent damage, it is important that you add a protective cover to the ground where you’ll set your inflatable pool. This will prevent punctures just in case there is a sharp object under it. Most companies provide extra ground cloth included in the package. If this is not available, you can buy third-party ground covers or use a old carpet for free. 

What is the best way to clean a fast set pool?

You should always clean your pools to make your children’s play center clean and germs and mold free. You can use a mild soap solution to wash and dry thoroughly after rinsing. 

How long to fill a fast set pool?

Almost all of the pools included in this list will take around 10-15 minutes to fill with water. The extra minutes will depend on the size of the actual pool. 

Do you put chlorine in an easy set pool?

Chlorine is important to keep your pool water clean and avoid growth of algae and bacteria. The minimum amount of chlorine is 1ppm. The Intex company recommends around 2-3 ppm of chlorination to maximize your children’s safety.

Are Fast Set pools any good?

Fast set pools are affordable and easier to clean and maintain. You will realize its value if you have little kids who love to swim. It’s also easy to set-up whenever it’s too hot and you want to refresh and beat the heat!