Best Playhouse with Kitchen for Children

Playhouses with kitchens are some of the most popular toys for children’s pretend play. Preparing and consuming food is one of the household’s daily activities your child sees and learns as soon as he/she starts eating solid food. And because children love copying their parents and older siblings, a lot of children love kitchen role playing.

Aside from the fun it gives to your children, a playhouse with kitchen has a lot of benefits to your child. When a child engages in an activity like kitchen roleplaying, their creativity benefits the most. Developing your child’s creativity is essential to their brain’s development and can very much help in their future decision-making skills.

Another benefit is language and social skills development. As pretend plays usually involve more than two children, your child can enhance his/her pronunciation and increase his/her vocabulary. In addition to that, playing with other kids help them learn about teamwork and cooperation.

Now you know why you should buy your kids a playhouse with kitchen! Here are our review of the best and top-rated Children’s Playhouse with Kitchen on Amazon today!

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Best Kitchen Playhouse for Children

Smoby Nature II Children’s House

Smoby Nature II Children's House with Kitchen and Accessories (810713), Green

Type: Playhouse with Kitchen

Age Level: 3+ years

What is great about this toy: This toy comes with dining accessories

What is not so great about this toy: The size of this Playhouse is quite small.


Smoby is a French toy manufacturer specializing in exciting and long-lasting developmental toys for children! If you’re looking for a playhouse, Smoby has a lot of products to choose from and we’ve included all of them to this list to help you choose!

First of all, the Nature II belongs to the Nature series of Smoby’s Children’s Playhouse. It measures 110 x 145 x 127 cm (W x D x H) and is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. The plastic materials are finished with anti-UV protection, making it stronger and more durable for outdoor plays.

When it comes to design, the Nature II comes in vibrant colors and decorations your children will definitely love. It has a working door and 2 working windows to let fresh air inside the playhouse. The kitchen is located outside the playhouse and comes with cute accessories like sausages, glasses, plates, cutlery and more.

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 SMOBY Friends House Playhouse n Kitchen

Smoby Kids Playhouse and Kitchen | Quick & Easy to Assemble Wendy House, Made from Durable & Weatherproof Anti-Uv Plastic

Type: Playhouse with Kitchen

Age Level: 3+years

What is great about this toy:This toy comes with an electronic doorbell!

What is not so great about this toy: This playhouse is quite expensive.


Does your kid love hosting playdates, then Smoby’s large playhouse is the best choice for you! Measuring 2.17 x 1.55 x 1.72 metres this playhouse is super spacious it can fit 3-4 happy playmates!

Just like Smoby’s Nature II Playhouse, this toy is made from high quality plastic with anti-UV coating to make it last longer and weatherproof. It is easy to assemble and because of its size it is much more suitable to be installed in your backyard or garden.

One of the best things about this toy is it provides a lot of ventilation! In fact, it has 1 door, 6 windows, 2 shutters and an attic for more ceiling space. Aside from the outside kitchen attachment, this version has a table attachment and 2 flower pots too. In addition to that, It comes with 2 sets of all the dining accessories and an electronic doorbell too!

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Smoby – Chef House

Smoby - Chef House - Playhouse 1.3m tall, 7600810403

Type: Playhouse with Kitchen

Age Level: 3+ years

What is great about this toy: The colors are much more attractive to children compared to the other Smoby Playhouses.

What is not so great about this toy: This Playhouse is expensive.


Smoby’s Chef Playhouse is the best birthday gift if you have an aspiring Chef toddler in the house! This toy is a great outdoor and social toy as with this playhouse your child can roleplay as a Chef and his/her friends as customers! 

Going back to the Chefhouse, this toy comes in more vibrant colors compared to the Nature II and Friends playhouse. It has a vibrant green half door, 2 windows and 4 swing shutters. There are 2 removable slates where your child can add the day’s menu!

But the best thing about this toy is it has a lot of accessories! It has kitchen appliances including a fridge, oven, gas stove with flames and sink with tap. In addition to that it also has shop accessories including cash register with a cash drawer and a credit card reader, and 2 storage shelves to store accessories. 

Aside from that, this toy has utensils and food toys included too, like plates, pans, burgers and pies. You can also buy an electronic doorbell and additional table and chairs from Smoby to transform your garden into a tiny children restaurant! Or if you have an indoor setup, waterproof bean bags are great alternatives as they are lighter, more compact and more comfortable too!

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KidKraft 182 Wooden Outdoor Garden Playhouse Including Play Kitchen

KidKraft 182 Wooden Outdoor Garden Playhouse Including Play Kitchen and Accessories for Children Kids

Type: Playhouse with Kitchen

Age Level: 3+ years

What is great about this toy: Wooden playhouses like this one from KidKraft are much more durable compared to the plastic counterparts.

What is not so great about this toy:This toy is expensive, heaviers and more difficult to assemble.


If you don’t like Smoby’s plastic playhouses and prefer wooden versions, try out KidKraft’s Outdoor Garden Playhouse! Measuring 180.1 x 124.2 x 158.1 cm, this playhouse is larger than Smoby’s Nature II and Chefhouse. But the price is considerably larger too compared to the two plastic models.

When it comes to features and accessories, this toy is truly worth it’s price. First of all, thanks to the high quality and reinforced wooden materials, this Playhouse is stronger and more durable. In addition to that, it is much taller and can accommodate larger and taller children!

The KidKraft Playhouse also comes with a built-in kitchenette, outdoor grill with removable lid, picnic table with two attached benches and a mailbox with flag! It has a lot of windows, a full-sized sliding door, fabric curtains and waterproof roof!

Most parents love this wooden playhouse because they can customize and paint it with colors matching their backyards! You can also purchase a lot of outdoor products to go along with this like a stylish wooden lounge or an outdoor table with cushions and umbrella!

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Playhouse with Kitchen FAQs

What is the best age for a playhouse with kitchen?

The manufacturer’s recommended age for playhouses with kitchen is 3 years and up. That’s because the package comes with small utensils and cooking accessories that are choking hazards. If your child is younger than 3, it is important to supervise them while playing to prevent accidents.

What do you put under outdoor playhouse with kitchen?

Plastic playhouses can easily be installed on grass without any issues. Wooden playhouses on the other hand should have a base to prevent the moisture from the grass from seeping into the wood. Look for playhouses with pre-treated wood materials. If this is not available, you can paint and apply waterproof wood preservative instead.

How do you clean outdoor playhouse plastic?

Plastic playhouses are easier to clean compared to wooden playhouses. To clean, rinse the toy with water first then use a your preferred detergent to scrub free dirt and stains. Rinse thoroughly and dry.

How long does it take to assemble a playhouse with kitchen?

Plastic playhouses are easier to assemble because they are lighter. It will take one person around  2 hours to build and assemble properly. For wooden playhouses, because the panels are heavier and larger, it will require two persons to install it on your backyard. More tools and more time will be needed too, depending on the style and size of the playhouse.

How does a playhouse with kitchen help a child’s development?

As we’ve mentioned above, there are lots of benefits your children can reap from playhouses with kitchens. Aside from enhancing their creativity, language and social skills, these toys can also teach them about planning and organization. It can also teach how to play independently and boost their confidence. In addition to that, they can learn about math and numbers as they try to learn about ingredients and recipes while cooking.