Climbing Frames For Small Gardens

This climbing frames for small gardens is something that is not for everyone, but for someone who loves having outdoor activities. If you are old enough, you will remember that people used to have a lot of outdoor activities back in the days. Then digital life started to take over and now in recent times, you will hardly see kids or even old people have outdoor activities.

WICKEY Climbing Frame MultiFlyer Playground



We are not saying that the Wickey Turbo can change the whole dynamic of that thought but the mission is exactly the same. After all, when you get to play with this awesome climbing frames for small gardens , you will really think twice whether to stay indoor or play with this awesome wooden climbing frame outside.

Now, we have set the premise but it is also important to talk about the features of this product. A product will never be as awesome if the features are not there to support it. So, what is it that makes Wickey Turbo Flyer climbing frames for small gardens different and make you want to go for it?

This is a complete climbing machine. The product details are interesting. There is solid wood, the height is around 90 cm and the thickness is around 9 times 4.5 which is good enough to go for.

The company says that this product is designed for kids from three to ten years of age but that is not always the case. We have seen bigger kids have fun with this tool which is perfectly alright. All in all, from rope ladder to swing connector, this frame has everything to make you and yours kids go wow.


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Explorer Frame with Platform and Den

This one is pretty standard, as you can see from the photo. But if your garden is really small this is probably the best option for you.

Also this is great for people that are working with a cheap budget. This climbing frame is a lot cheaper than the rest on this post.

A good feature on this, is that the frame is extendable, so its great for ages ranging from 18 months to 12 years old.

Has a little den for your child to hide away at the top, with x2 entry and exit points and a roll up door.

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WICKEY Climbing Frame SeaFlyer 

Now if your budget isn’t so small, and you want a lot more features for your child to play with then this climbing tower is a great option.

This one comes in three different colours, green, red and blue. Hopefully your child’s colour is one of those three.

Your children will have endless fun with this one, its sand box, rope ladder, swing and slide. The wood has been pressure-treated for longer lasting.


  • Size: 461 x 389 x 260 cm
  • Safety tested
  • Three colour options


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WICKEY Play Castle KnightFlyer

Another great climbing frame, that has many features. It has a slide that is 220cm long, 2 swings, mini climbing wall, steering wheel and telescope and also has a sand pit.

Customers say “Excellent, Well designed, Solid” with many other positive reviews for this garden climbing frame.


  • Wrong & Sturdy
  • Many items to play with

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FATMOOSE Climbing Frame FruityForest

This climbing frame from FATMOOSE has been well designed with many features for you children to play with.

Included on this is, slide, steering wheel, ladder, climbing stones, bigger sand pit. It has three different playing levels, and Waveslide with water connection.

The company recommends placing it on 16 sift safe mats, for extra safety. Also comes with 10 anchors to keep it secure.

Age recommendation is 36 months and older with adult supervision at all times. A great thing with this is, you get 10 years guarantee on all wooden parts.


  • Size: 286 x 516 x 245 cm
  • Weight: 180KG
  • Wave slide
  • Ajustable swing hight


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Garden climbing frames can be expensive no matter what size garden you may have. But if you have a smaller garden, then you may have to compromise with what features they have.

The only down side, is that they take hours to put together. And can be tricky to build, all the ones here have been Quality and safety tested.

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