The Best Kid’s 6ft Trampoline with Enclosure

Are your children begging you for a trampoline? Thanks to manufacturers’ innovations, you can buy an affordable 6ft trampoline with enclosure on Amazon today. Besides the price, these trampolines will perfectly fit your small garden and are engineered safely for your 4 year old. 

Trampoline Uses

The first modern trampoline was invented in the 1930s by the gymnast George Nissen and his coach Larry Griswold. Made out of scrap steel and inner tubes, it’s main purpose is to train the gymnasts for their acrobatic performances. Because of its popularity, schools adopted this to their physical education programs and after that it became an Olympic sport in 2000. 

In the 1950s, trampolines became popular at gas stations because it keeps children busy while their parents are pumping gas. It also has been used to train U.S. Navy Flight School pilots and NASA astronauts. Nowadays, trampolines are not only used for sports but for recreation and exercise. In fact, there are so many models that even your younger kids can enjoy today including indoor trampolines and trampolines for toddlers.   

Trampoline Parts

Like some of the other garden bouncing toys, trampolines are fun because they let your children experience weightlessness while bouncing. That’s why if you want to further understand its mechanism you should learn more about its essential parts.

Modern trampolines include a frame, springs, a mat and a safety enclosure. The frame, which is the main foundation of a trampoline, is usually made of heavy steel. It has 4-6 legs depending on the size of the unit. 

  • Frame & Jumping Mat

The springs and the trampoline mat makes the trampoline bed. The springs are as important as your frame because it provides the bounce mechanism of your trampolines. Galvanized rust-resistant steel or fiberglass rods are the usual materials to make strong frames.

The jumping mat on the other hand is another crucial part of a trampoline. It accommodates most of the user’s weight that’s why manufacturers use strong polypropylene or nylon fabric to make it. High quality trampolines include a UV coating to make the fabric last longer. 

  • The safety enclosure

The safety enclosure is the latest feature you can now find in the traditional trampoline. A lot of injuries were reported because of the use of trampolines and this has really discouraged a lot of parents. Companies since then have improvised by including a security net to keep users safe. 

  • Paddings

Another safety feature added to a trampoline is the paddings covering the springs and frame. The trampoline pads prevent your kids feet falling on the spring gaps and cushions the outer frame of the unit. Safety pads are usually high-density and impact-resistant foams with a strong weatherproof outer-cover. 

Now that you know more about trampolines, here are six of the safest 6ft trampolines you can buy for your kids.

The Best Kid’s 6ft Trampoline with Enclosure

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ZERO GRAVITY 6ft Trampoline  with Enclosure

ZERO GRAVITY 6ft / 8ft / 10ft / 12ft / 14ft Ultima 4 High Spec Trampoline with Safety Enclosure Netting and Ladder (6ft)Type: Outdoor Trampolines

Age level:4 to 13 years

What is great about this toy: ZERO GRAVITY’s weld-less trampoline frame is stronger compared to the traditional models which crack on the weld points. 

What is not so great about this toy: This trampoline is perfect.


Zero Gravity is a well-established manufacturer of high quality trampolines. As a matter of fact, their decades of experience in trampoline production made it possible for them to create affordable but high performance products. Their 6ft Ultima 4 trampoline it’s one of their latest models and is the safest choice if you have children who love bouncing.

ZERO GRAVITY 6ft Ultima 4 High Spec Trampoline has a strong weldless steel frame that doesn’t have a weak point. On the other hand, their paddings are 20mm thick and covered with UV protected PVC materials. And to avoid injuries from hitting the frames, the company positioned the net enclosure internally, not outside the spring covers.

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HYGRAD® 6FT Trampoline with Enclosure

HYGRAD® 6FT 8FT 10FT Outdoor Trampoline With Safety Enclosure Net And Step Ladder Garden Trampoline (8FT Trampoline)Type: Outdoor Trampolines

Age level: 4 to 13 years

What is great about this toy: The HYGRAD® Trampoline comes with a free anchor kit, ladder and safety net enclosure.

What is not so great about this toy: It takes longer to assemble.


If you’re children love to jump all day, HYGRAD® 6ft Premium Trampoline is the best trampoline to buy your children. In fact, HYGRAD® is one of the leading manufacturers of safe trampolines for children. Furthermore it has passed all EU safety tests and has CE, GS, TUV and EN71 certifications.

HYGRAD® 6ft Premium Trampoline has a jumping diameter of 1.42 m and a frame height of 51 cm. It can support up to 50 kg of weight, that’s why even older children can enjoy this unit. When it comes to safety, the spring cover is made from high quality, UV protected polyethylene fabric. This is also filled with 14 mm EPE foam to guarantee your children’s safe landing.

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Moxie 6ft Trampoline with Enclosure

Moxie 6ft 8ft 10ft 12ft 15ft 16ft Trampoline Set, Premium Top-Ring Safety Enclosure Frame Net Pad Jumping Mat TUV Certified Garden Trampoline for Kids (14 ft, Dark Green)Type: Outdoor Trampolines

Age level: 4 -10 years

What is great about this toy: Because of its unique enclosure design, the trampoline is more spacious and provides more jumping area.

What is not so great about this toy: It is more expensive compared to the other trampolines in this list.


If you want to get your child more time outside, bouncing on the Moxie 6ft Magnitude Springsafe Trampoline is another fun thing to do. Moxie Trampoline measures 170.94 x 38.86 x 14.99 cm and is best for kids 4 – 10 years of age. Although it has a maximum load of 50 kg, the manufacturer recommends one player at a time usage.

When it comes to quality, the Moxie 6ft Trampoline is made of a high quality galvanized steel frame. The 36 springs are coated with zinc which makes it more durable too. But the best thing about this trampoline is its unique 3G enclosure that protects your children from bumping on the hard frame and springs.

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PlayActive 6FT  Trampoline with Enclosure

Type: Outdoor Trampolines

Age level: 4 – 10 years

What is great about this toy: Comes with free accessories, including a safety net enclosure, trampoline cover, ladder and shoe bag.

What is not so great about this toy: The company has selected free delivery locations only.


PlayActive is one of UKs leading online toy shops that offer free delivery in selected areas. That’s why if you want to save on shipping fees, you might want to order the PlayActive 6FT Trampoline.

PlayActive assures parents that their trampolines are high quality and durable. Because of the heat-tempered and zinc-plated coating, the springs are stronger and provide more powerful bounces. The jumping mat is made from strongly-woven and UV protected materials that can support a lot of weight. In addition it comes with all the safety features including a weather-proof trampoline cover and a polyethylene safety net enclosure.

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Wangkangyi 6ft Trampoline 

Type: Outdoor Trampolines

Age level: 4 to 15 years

What is great about this toy: It comes with multiple color options.

What is not so great about this toy: More expensive compared to the other brands.


With a maximum weight of 300kg,  Wangkangyi 6FT Garden Trampoline is your choice if you have heavier kids. In fact, it has a non-welded galvanized steel frame with 3 W shaped legs. This makes it more durable and stronger by removing the risk of welded joints wreckage. In addition, the 36 steel springs are 140 mm long producing better performance.

The Wangkangyi 6FT Garden Trampoline has a height of 48 cm and a net height of 198 cm including the protective enclosure. The safety enclosure is made from high quality Terylene materials and supported by 6 waterproof padded polypropylene poles.

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Moxie by Upper Bounce 6ft Trampoline Set with Enclosure

Type: Outdoor Trampolines

Age level: +4 years

What is great about this toy: Includes a basketball hoop which is great for basketball lovers and more active kids.

What is not so great about this toy: This trampoline is £200+ more expensive than the simple trampoline models.


With a 250kg weight limit, Moxie is one of the strongest trampolines you can ever buy on Amazon. This is possible because the steel frame is strong and stable and has 4 U-shaped steel pipe legs

Moxie can provide you and your family so much fun and physical activity thanks to its high quality materials. It produces powerful performance because of its 10 mm thick galvanized waist drum springs that are powerful and high-pressure-resistant. In addition, it comes with a lot of safety features like a high density net enclosure and anti-skid foot pads.

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Tips to help you pick the right one for your family.

Now that you’ve seen some of the best and safest 6ft trampolines for your kids, here are some tips to help you pick the right one for your family.

The first and foremost quality that you should check when buying a 6 ft trampoline is the frame materials. When buying outdoor trampolines, make sure that it has a galvanised steel frame to prevent rusting. Try to find frames that are non-welded too because they retain shape much longer compared to the welded ones.

Secondly, find safety net that has high-quality materials like Polyethylene (PE) and polyester. Both of these materials are durable and easy to clean, they are also usually weatherproof and UV stabilized. In addition, if you can, buy trampolines with internal enclosures because it minimizes the risk of children bumping on the hard frames.

When it comes to the bouncing power, look for 6ft trampolines with more and longer springs, something with at least 5 inches in length. Make sure that the springs have a zinc coating to prevent rust which affects the trampoline’s performance.

Last but not the least, you should always make sure that the trampoline you buy has padded spring covers. The safety pads should also have reinforced and weatherproofed PVC, PE or EPE fabric. The foam inside should be heavy-duty and impact resistant too with at least 20 mm thickness.


Frequently Asked Questions for 6ft Trampolines with Enclosure


Is a 6ft Trampoline big enough?

A 6ft (183 cm) trampoline which has a jumping size of almost 140 cm, is a good size for the average British garden. It is usually the best one to buy if you have a single child. Although 2 toddlers can fit inside, it is advisable to let your kids play one at a time. This can prevent injuries from kids bumping into each other or bumping on the frames and springs. 

What age is a 6ft trampoline for?

A 6ft trampoline is suitable for kids 6 to 13 years old with a maximum load of 50 kg. 4 year olds can also use a 6ft trampoline provided that they have better bouncing and physical skills. No matter the age, always make sure that you supervise your children while trampolining. 

Are trampolines safer with nets?

Although it can’t 100% prevent accidents, net enclosures greatly reduce trampolining injuries by 50%. Moreover, if you want to lower risk of injuries more, buy trampolines with internal enclosure and install safety pads.

Are trampolines easy to assemble?

Trampolines, especially the 6ft models which are smaller, are typically easy to build. For first-time users it might take longer time and more people to assemble but the instructions are generally easy to follow. 

How do you secure a trampoline for high winds?

A 6ft trampoline can withstand winds of around 20 mph. You will need to securely anchor it to prevent stronger wind from blowing away your trampolines.  If the wind is too strong or the weather is bad, you can disassemble the trampoline and store it in a dry place.