The Best Square Trampolines

Trampoline is the playing equipment that is growing these days, staying at home may be one reason for its popularity other than physical fitness. Regardless of trampoline sizes, every trampoline, such as Round trampolines, Square trampolines, Rectangular trampolines, Octagonal trampolines, or oval trampolines, has its strengths and weaknesses.

Round trampolines are the best-selling trampolines at affordable prices too, but it takes a lot of space to let you enjoy the bouncing. On the other hand, rectangular trampolines are great for long and narrow backyards, but they are the priciest, although they offer good bouncing.

Square trampolines, both indoors and outdoors, have the combined strength of round and rectangular trampolines, and they offer you a play tool with tons of fun and are easy to manage both in placing and in pricing. We have arranged a collection of the best square trampolines from the world’s best makers for your convenience. Scroll down and put it in your cart if you have decided to buy one for your backyard.

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The Best Square Trampolines

Thole Folding Square Trampolines

Mini Trampoline Kids Adult Folding Square Trampoline Complete Set Including Jumping Sheet Safety Net Swing Padded Net Posts and Edge Cove

Type: Folding Square Trampoline

Age Level: 3 years and above

What is so great about his toy: The swing enhances the fun and joy.

What is not so great about this toy: The trampoline rocks while playing with a swing.


Are you looking for an indoor trampoline that brings fun to the whole family? If yes, you have found the perfect match for your search here. This Thole folding square trampoline is ideally designed for whole-day fun and improves your blood circulation to ensure good health.

Thanks to these square trampolines’ folding structure, it makes it easy to fit it in the bedroom, living room, study, or in your studio. Because of the environmentally friendly material, you can safely use it. Also, it won’t make noise that disturbs you while kids are playing, and its folding structure makes it easy to store when not in use.

You do not need to worry about kids’ safety, as the jumping mat is easy to bounce and does not hurt the bouncing kids. You have a safety enclosure net as a barrier between your kids and the ground for more safety. This safety enclosure made with a breathable mesh net also helps you keep an eye on kids while playing inside.

The best thing about this square trampoline is the Polypropylene base which is hard and sturdy but lightweight to drag easily. Also, you do not need to even think about the rust because of this Polypropylene supporting base. The package includes a beautiful swing that adds more fun to bouncing. A fun toy that also teaches your kids the perfect balance and coordination.

Thole Mini Square Trampolines

Mini Trampoline Kids Adult Folding Square Trampoline Complete Set Including Jumping Sheet Safety Net Padded Net Posts and Edge Cove

Type: Folding Square Trampolines

Age Level: 3 years and above

What is so great about this toy: It is lightweight and foldable.

What is not so great about this toy: The assembly is time-consuming.


Are you very concerned about your kid’s safety while trampolining? If yes, then you probably need this Thole square trampoline with a high-quality safety net enclosure that keeps your kids safe and prevents them from falling on the ground while trampolining.

The safety net enclosure is made with a high-quality polyethylene net that acts as a barrier between your kids and the ground and avoids any injury by falling while trampolining. This breathable mesh net is supported by poles that are covered with soft padding for extra safety.

This 19Kg square trampoline is lightweight and foldable so that you can easily store it when not in use. The polypropylene base is sturdy but also lightweight which supports the trampoline while kids play. This polypropylene base is free from any rust or corrosion which makes it durable and long-lasting.

Don’t worry about the assembly! It is pretty easy, and within an hour, you can get it ready for your kids to enjoy trampolining. Also, customer service is always there if you face any difficulty during assembly. The jumping mat is made with high-quality PVC and is easy to bounce for kids. And yes, the aluminum frame is galvanized, so no worries about rust or corrosion.

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MU Fitness Square Trampolines for Kids

MU Fitness Trampoline for Kids Adults Foldable 37In Square Exercise Trampoline with Adjustable Handle for Indoor Outdoor Garden Yoga Exercise Cardio

Type: Square Trampolines

Age Level: 3 years and above

What is so great about this toy: The elastic cords make it quieter and more bouncing.

What is not so great about this toy: The feet tend to rock without rubber pads.


Are you searching for a flexible design trampoline to replace the traditional spring frame? If yes, you are reading the lines about the most suitable product that can meet your requirements. This MU square trampoline is free from the traditional spring frame that produces a lot of noise while trampolining and sometimes can cause an injury.

As the frame is concerned, it is made with solid steel with a protective finish that makes it durable and long-lasting. The 12-inch height and 37-inch diameter make it ideal for kids and adults up to 100Kg weights to enjoy bouncing and jumping. Also, the elastic ropes make it quieter and do not disturb your neighbors while you’re trampolining.

For maximum safety and protection, thanks to the thick protective pads. These pads are made with PVC with inner foam and provide extra safety and prevent children from stepping on the bungee cord. These elastic ropes have a high bouncing effect and longer life as compared to other spring trampolines.

Thanks to the safety handlebar that not only supports the kids while jumping but also boosts their confidence to jump around in peace. And this high-quality jumping mat enhances the bouncing joy. The combination of quality and durability helps your kids improve their physical health, skeleton systems, and confidence as they learn trampolining.

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LuoMei Square Trampolines with Handle Bar

LuoMei Fitness Exercise Trampoline with Handle Bar 40 inch Foldable Rebounder Cardio Workout Training for Kids or Adults Max. Load 330Lbs Zero Stretch Jump Mat

Type: Square Trampoline

Age Level: 3 years and above

What is so great about this toy: The trampoline is noiseless and more bounces.

What is not so great about this toy: You cannot fold it for storage.


Do you want to lose weight or strengthen your immune system with excellent pleasure exercise? If yes, you probably need to give this square trampoline a try. This LuoMei square trampoline with spring-less technology not only provides you an excellent platform for fun and joy but also helps you to reduce your weight and build your immune system with better blood flow.

Thanks to the high-quality steel frame that is galvanized inside and out for extra strength and durability. Although this non-foldable structure costs you some space, it offers extra durability and stays for a long, providing you excellent bouncing joy. With 24cm foot height, it can hold up to 150Kg weight.

No worries about the trampoline noise while trampolining because of its spring-less technology. Its highly elastic mesh structure makes it quieter by absorbing the noises generated by the violent beating. Your neighbors will be happier with you, and you get healthier with this noiseless trampoline.

The best thing about this fitness trampoline is the handlebar. It not only helps you control your jumps, but you can also concentrate on the aerobic exercise routine with full confidence. This square trampoline is a great platform to improve your muscles and bones and helps you to reduce the extra weight in a fun way.

Plum Unisex Square Trampolines

Plum Unisex-Youth Junior Bouncer Children's Trampoline, Purple

Type: Square Trampoline

Age Level: 3 years and above

What is so great about this toy: The springless technology makes it quieter.

What is not so great about this toy: The instruction manual is very minimal.


Do you have plans to gift your toddler his first trampoline? If yes, you do not need to search more about your gift. This Plum square trampoline is the best springless trampoline that you can gift your toddler as his surprise to enjoy hours of fun.

Thanks to the safety handlebar covered with soft foam paddings that boost the toddler’s confidence while trampolining. Further, it helps to balance them while jumping, which improves their confidence level. Also, the purple protective pads give it a childish look.

The best thing about his quality trampoline is its springless construction. This spring-free construction uses high-quality woven elastic cords that not only provide extra safety for your kids but also make it quieter than other spring trampolines.

The sturdy steel frame free from rust is lightweight, having only 5kg weight. Because of its sturdy frame, this springless trampoline can handle the violent bouncing of kids up to 25kg weight. Also, the PVC jumping mat is durable and provides easy bouncing to your kids, and the thick protective pads avoid any contact with the frame to prevent any injury.

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TP Toy Blue Square Trampolines

TP Toys, Blue 208 Trampoline Early Fun

Type: Square Trampoline

Age Level: 12 months up to 36 months

What is so great about this toy: Springless construction makes it noiseless.

What is not so great about this toy: The assembly consumes a lot of time.


Are you worried about the bumps and bruises that usually kids get while trampolining? If yes, no need to worry about those now. This TP Toys square trampoline has a built-in handlebar that helps your kids control themselves while learning the jump and prevent any falling down or injuries.

The soft and easy grip on the handlebar is an added safety and improves the balance and standing skills of babies for just 12 months old. Now your kid is safer and more confident with this easy-to-grip soft handlebar. And the good news is that this handlebar is detachable.

This square trampoline is very lightweight, having only 7kg weight but still can hold weight up to 30Kg. Also, the steel frame is galvanized from inside and out for durability and long-lasting. The great thing is the protective pad, covering the frame to prevent any jumper contact with the frame.

Another good thing about this square trampoline is its springless structure. This trampoline uses woven elastic cords to provide an easy bounce and prevent any spring-caught injuries. This 89 x 89 cm bouncing area is equipped with high-quality PVC that is UV-resistant and waterproof. So, you can use it both indoors and outdoors.

Galt Toys Folding Square Trampolines

Galt Toys, Folding Trampoline, Kids Trampoline, Ages 3 Years Plus

Type: Square Trampoline

Age Level: 3 years and above

What is so great about this toy: The springless structure makes it noiseless.

What is not so great about this toy: The trampoline can rock by violent beatings.


Do you want a trampoline that encourages your children to exercise and keeps them fit? If yes, you found the best trampoline with a built-in soft-grip handle that encourages the kids to exercise in a fun way. This energy-burning exercise can keep your kids fit and healthy to live a prosperous life.

The best thing about this square trampoline is its removable handlebar and legs. You can remove the handle by unscrewing and fold down the legs for easy storage. Its high-quality PVC jumping mat is UV-resistant and is equally suitable for both indoors and outdoors.

No worries about the safety and protection of your children! This trampoline is made with sturdy steel that is galvanized for durability and extra strength. This galvanized steel frame is rustproof and weighs only 5.73Kg, but it can entertain children up to 25Kg weight and is suitable for three years and above kids.

The padded cover is PVC outer and foam inner preventing the children from stepping on bungee cords and avoiding any jumper contact with the steel frame. And no worries about the assembly. The instructional manual is there to guide you, and you can approach customer service for further help.

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LuoMei  Inflatable Square Trampolines

LuoMei Kids Inflatable Trampoline Castle Indoor Trampoline Bouncing Bed Child Amusement Square Bouncing Toy

Type: Inflatable Trampoline

Age Level: 2 years and above

What is so great about this toy: It is lightweight and with no injury risk.

What is not so great about this toy: You need an inflatable pump to get this trampoline ready to play.


Are you tired of spring trampolines because of their regular maintenance? If yes, then you may need this inflatable trampoline that does not require any maintenance. This LuoMei inflatable trampoline is ideal for young toddlers and peace of mind for parents whose kids are playing in a safe place.

The best thing about this trampoline is its soft inflatable bottom that cannot cause any injuries even with violent bouncing from children. Also, its tall side inflatable walls provide better safety and protection along with a self-closed safety Velcro entrance.

Having 0.06 cubic meter volume, it weighs only 18.3Kg and is suitable for children from 2 to 8 years old. Safety is not an issue for this inflatable trampoline as it is made with eco-friendly, non-toxic material that is equally good for both indoors and outdoors.

This inflatable trampoline with dimensions 174 x 174 x 112cm is easy to assemble. The inflatable pump included in the package makes it easy for you. You simply need to attach the pump with this trampoline and switch on the pump; the rest is up to the pump.

LuoMei Square Trampolines

LuoMei Bounce Trampoline Jumping Fitness Trampoline Household Indoor Four-Corner Trampoline Small with Handle Elastic Rope Quiet Collapsible Fitness Gym

Type: Square Trampoline

Age Level: 3 years and above

What is so great about this toy: The springless technology is noiseless.

What is not so great about this toy: The assembly requires a lot of time.


Do your kids need simple and efficient whole-body training? If yes, you may need this square trampoline equivalent to 30 30-minute jogging workout with 10 to 20 minutes of trampolining. Your kids can enjoy this sport and grow up happily.

The best thing about this trampoline is its sturdy and robust structure. While jumping, you won’t feel any shaking due to its robust structure and non-slip bottom. So, no need to worry about the trampoline flying away.

The strong steel frame is made with 25mm steel pipes and is galvanized inside and out, making it rustproof. Legs height, up to 30cm makes it unshakable while violent trampolining. The good thing is that the handle height is adjustable according to the kid’s height.

Unlike the ordinary trampoline with spring systems, this trampoline is springless and uses woven elastic cords. These elastic cords not only produce more bounce but also make it noiseless. So, your neighbors will be happier, and you will be healthier with this trampoline. A great tool to get physical health and a sharp mind.

Frequently asked questions about Square Trampolines

Do square trampoline good for a higher bounce?

It has been proved that square trampolines have a better bounce quality than round or rectangular trampolines. It allows you to jump higher and do various trampolining tricks. Due to these allowed trampolining tricks, the square trampoline is the best choice for gymnasts and athletes. So if you are looking for trampolining tricks, then you should go for the square trampolines.

How much a square trampoline cost?

The pricing policy of square trampoline varies with the size of the trampoline. Usually, square trampolines are safer; kids and toddlers love to use these square trampolines. The material, size, design, and safety features determine the price of the square trampoline.

Square trampolines are expensive. Why?

Yes, it is true; square trampolines are more expensive than other-shaped trampolines. The reason is self-explanatory; the professional athletes and the gymnasts use these. Its professional popularity requires high-quality parts that raise the price a bit higher than ordinary trampolines.

Is it easy to measure the square trampoline?

Yes, it is straightforward to measure a square trampoline because of its shape. It has all sides equal, so you need to simply measure one side from the outer metal edge to the other edges, and that’s it.

What are the largest square trampolines available in the market?

The largest square trampoline available in the market is a 16 ft square trampoline. This huge-sized trampoline provides you the largest jumping area and space to enjoy trampolining. Also, this large square trampoline requires a large area to install. This giant trampoline’s heavyweight will be an added benefit that will make it more stable during violent trampolining.

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