Top 10 Trampoline Accessories

Whether you have ever been on a trampoline or you have the one at your home, you better know that trampolining is the ultimate fun. You can spend hours of fun jumping and bouncing on the trampoline, and the same is for your kids. Trampolining is not only fun but a superb exercise for keeping you fit and healthy. For this fun and physical activity, your trampoline should have the perfect bounce and free from any wear or tear; thus, you need some trampoline accessories to get the bounce as good as the new trampoline used to have.

Like other playing equipment, the trampoline also needs some regular upgrades to overcome its wear and tear cause of weathers or long-time exposure to severe UV. Also, the energy-packed kids romping cause the springs to lose, resulting in low bounce. That is why it is recommended to regularly check the trampoline for pulled stitching around the rings, frays, tears, punctures or missing rings or springs.

Besides replacing the faulty parts of the trampoline, many accessories are not included in the manufacturer package, but you need to add to your trampoline for an enhanced joy or security purpose.

Let’s take a look into some of those trampoline accessories available in the market that you will love to add to your trampoline.

Trampoline Accessories

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Greenbay 6Ft Trampoline Spring Cover Padding

Greenbay 6FT Replacement Trampoline Surround Pad Foam Safety Guard Spring Cover Padding Pads Blue

Type: Trampoline Accessories

Age Level: 6 years and above

What is so great about this toy: The padding is extra thick and wide.

What is not so great about this toy: You have to make the holes for your poles.


Do you want a replacement pad for your old, ripped or damaged trampoline? If yes, you found the perfect replacement for your trampoline paddings. This Greenbay replacement spring cover is a complete pad, and there are no holes for the safety enclosure poles.

The best thing about this replacement pad is its extra width. It is 300mm wide that cover the springs and the connected frame. Its extra width prevents any injuries by spring caught and provides extra bouncing space for jumpers.

Another best thing about this replacement pad is the material used in it. It has PVC on the top, PE on the bottom and medium closed-cell EPE foam inside. The outer PVC is UV resistant that allows you to use it both indoors and outdoors. The inner foam is water and mildew resistant which makes it durable and long-lasting. The best thing about this replacement pad is that it is available in different lovely colors such as Green , Pink and Tri-color (red, yellow and blue). Also, it is available in various sizes like 8Ft (244cm), 10FT (305cm), 12FT (366cm) , 13FT (397cm) , and 14FT (427cm).


      • Durable and long-lasting
      • PVC material
      • EPE foam inside
      • UV resistant
      • Water-resistant
      • Mildew resistant
      • Extra-wide and thick padding
      • Available in different colors and sizes


      • There are no holes for the safety enclosure poles.
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Upper Bounce 6FT Trampoline Jumping Mat

Pro Trampoline Replacement Jumping Mat | Compatible with 6 ft. Frames with 36 V-Rings | Use 7 inch Springs | Perfect Bounce, Water-resistant, UV Resistant

Type: Trampoline Accessories

Age Level: 6 years and above

What is so great about this toy: The padding has 36 V-Rings attached.

What is not so great about this toy: You need a spring loading tool to install this jumping mat.


Are you tired of your worn-out trampoline mat? If yes, this Upper Bounce trampoline jumping mat will bring back the original bounce in your trampoline. This jumping mat with PP Mesh heavy-duty material is durable and will stay long, providing the easy and perfect bouncing to your kids and family.

This better than the original jumping mat is designed for 36 springs of length 7 inches, but the best thing is that you can get this high-quality jumping mat for a different number of springs, such as from 36 springs up to 96 springs. On the other hand, you can get the mat for various spring lengths from 5.5 inches up to 8.5 inches. And it is available from 6-foot size up to 16-foot size.

If you want to know about the mat quality, this jumping mat is made with PP Mesh heavy-duty material: UV, water, and fade resistant. It has eight rows of stitching with each ring that makes the mat tear-free for a long time for extra safety and protection. And the best of all is the one-year warranty from the date of purchase.


      • Heavy-duty material
      • UV-Resistant
      • Water-Resistant
      • Fade-Resistant
      • 36 V-shaped hooks attached
      • Eight rows of stitching with each hook
      • Available for multiple spring lengths
      • Available in multiple sizes
      • One year warranty


      • A spring puller is required to install this mat.
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Greenbay Premium 6Ft Safety Enclosure Net

Greenbay Premium Replacement Safety Enclosure Net Netting (Net Only, Poles Not Included) | 4mmx4mm UV resistant | for 6FT(183cm) 6 poles trampoline

Type: Trampoline Accessories

Age Level: 6 years and above

What is so great about this toy: The front zip opening makes the entrance easy and quick.

What is not so great about this toy: You need two adults to install this safety enclosure.


Are you worried about your kid’s safety while trampolining? No worries! This Greenbay safety enclosure net is here to protect your kids from falling on the ground while trampolining. This safety enclosure net supported with metal poles act as a barrier between kids and the ground.

If you talk about the safety net material, it is made with high-quality PE (Polyethylene), 95gm/m2. The breathable mesh net is 4mm x 4mm in size for better protection. Also, this high-quality net is UV resistant and stand against weather wear and tear for a long time.

The best quality zipper is there for easy opening on the front of the safety enclosure net. This zipper also protects from falling when closed. There are six sleeves of 60mm available for the protection of metal poles from weather and rust. The number of poles, sleeves and height variations for your convenience are listed below:


      • Zip entrance for safety and protection
      • High-quality material
      • Weather-Resistant
      • UV-Resistant
      • Buckles for added safety
      • Available for different sizes
      • Universal fit for the specific size


      • It is time-consuming to install it on the trampoline.
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Upper Bounce Trampoline Tool Hook

Upper Bounce Trampoline Tool Hook, Spring Peg Puller, Pull and Install Springs T-Tool/T-Hook

Type: Spring Loading Tool

Age Level: 10 years and above

What is so great about this toy: The tool has grooves for a better handgrip.

What is not so great about this toy: This tool is a bit expansive than the other available in the market.


Are you worried about the springs getting into the trampoline frame without any injury? If yes, this tool hook is precisely the one to solve your problem. The Upper Bunce tool hook is specially designed to easily and quickly get the robust springs into the trampoline frame.

The Upper Bounce used high-quality metal while designing this T-Hook. Its metal and special ergonomically designed handle makes it easy for you to insert the sprints into the trampoline frame without fatigue. The finger grooves on the tool make it easier to grip this robust tool.

It is an essential tool for those who want to install the jumping mat on their trampoline. Without this mini tool, the installation of a trampoline becomes a nightmare for you. No matter you want to slide, how many springs if you have this Tool hook with you.


      • High-quality metal
      • Ergonomically designed
      • Hand groove for better grip
      • Durable and long-lasting
      • Long and wide
      • Strong metal hook end


      • A little bit expansive than other T-Hooks.
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Skyhigh 8FT Trampoline Spring Cover Padding

Skyhigh Replacement Trampoline Surround Pad Spring Cover Padding Safety Guard Safe Durable Wide and Thick(Round, 8ft)

Type: Spring Cover Padding

Age Level: 6 years and above

What is so great about this toy: The padding cover has extra straps and a hook to fit properly.

What is not so great about this toy: The elastic straps are not as sturdy as you expect.


Are you searching for quality padding for your trampoline springs to prevent any injury while trampolining? If yes, you found the best available all-weather resistant padding covering from shortest spring to the longest to avoid any contact with the springs.

Your kid’s safety is more important than anything. That is why Skyhigh used the 21mm thick EPE foam that ensures no injury when your kids come into contact with the springs. Also, its UV resistant PVC coating and PE bottom make it resistant to all weathers.

Because of its 300mm width, you can cover every spring length from the shortest 135mm to the longest spring of 210mm. It ensures no injury if your children come into the contact spring; also, it enhances the bouncing area for jumpers. For your convenience, it is available in all sizes, such as 10ft , 12ft, 14ft.


      • Safe and durable
      • PVC outer layer
      • PE bottom coating
      • 21mm thick EPE foam filling
      • Extra secure straps and hooks
      • One year warranty


      • The elastic straps are not as sturdy as you expect.
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Ultrasport Ground Anchorage with Cutting Discs

Ultrasport ground anchorage with cutting discs, ground anchor set for trampolines, swings, garden house, play tower etc., 4 galvanized steel ground screws, adjustable safety belts ca 190cm

Type: Anchoring Kit

Age Level: 10 years and above

What is so great about this toy: You don’t need any digging or drilling to fix these screws.

What is not so great about this toy: The straps are not sturdy enough.


Cannot your trampoline withstand your children’s high-spirited romps or high winds? If yes, you may need this product to fix your issue effortlessly. This Ultrasport ground anchors set can nail your trampoline or other garden equipment without digging, drilling or foundation.

This anchor kit includes four zinc plated steel corkscrews of width 8mm and length 40cm, four adjustable heavy-duty straps with length up to 190cm. This anchor kit prevents dismounting your trampoline, swings slides, or garden sheds in high winds.

Thanks to these specially designed corkscrews, you don’t need to dig or drill; it quickly goes into the ground by twisting the screw head. Moreover, its triangular head and heavy-duty adjustable straps help you fix any equipment that tends to move in high winds.


      • Galvanized steel screws
      • Heavy-duty straps
      • 300 grams heavy-duty screws
      • Zinc coated
      • 8mm thick
      • No digging, no drilling
      • Spiral shape for easy insertion


      • The straps and clips are little weak.
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Plum 8FT Trampoline Accessories Pack

Plum 29124, 8 Foot Trampoline Accessory Pack - Cover, Ladder and Anchoring Kit, Green-Black

Type: Trampoline Accessories Kit

Age Level: 10 years and above

What is so great about this toy: The ladder is sturdy and adjustable to fit all sized trampoline.

What is not so great about this toy: The cover size is not standard to fit well.


Do you want to upgrade your existing trampoline? If yes, you need these high-quality components to upgrade your trampoline within a low budget. This Plum trampoline accessories pack includes a 6ft trampoline cover, an adjustable ladder and an anchor kit to fix any movements in your trampoline.

Each component in this kit is made of high quality. The trampoline cover included in this kit is made with fine quality nylon and is suitable for an 8ft trampoline. This lightweight but sturdy cover makes your trampoline weather-resistant and enhance its life and durability. And this trampoline cover is available for 10ft, 12ft and 14ft sizes as well.

Another best thing included in this kit is the adjustable ladder. This steel made ladder has three steps, but you can adjust these steps according to your size. Also, the anchoring kit makes your trampoline stable during high winds and wipe out the risk of the trampoline blowing over.


      • High-quality cover
      • Adjustable steel ladder
      • Stability with the anchoring kit
      • Increase the life span with this kit
      • Suitable for 8ft trampoline


      • The cover is not big enough and does not cover the whole trampoline. cover
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Upper Bounce Trampoline 6.5 inches Springs

Type: Trampoline Springs Set

Age Level: 10 years and above

What is so great about this toy: The springs are sturdy and rustproof for long-lasting.

What is not so great about this toy: It needs a technical person to install these springs into your trampoline.


Are you missing the bounce that your trampoline used to have? If yes, no need to replace your trampoline; instead, this spring set will get back that bounce in your trampoline. This Upper Bounce spring set revives your trampoline bounce as good as new for years to come.

The best thing about these springs is the heavy-duty hooks on both sides of the spring. These hooks make the spring to attach with trampoline easier and quicker; only you need a robust T-Hook. And the cold weather resistance polish prevents any cracking in these springs.

These coil springs are rustproof and durable to stay long with you providing an easy and strong bounce and tight landing for years. Because of the quality, the company offer one year warranty with these robust and sturdy springs. The good news is these sturdy springs are available in all sizes, like 4 inches ( 10.2cm), 5.5 inches (14cm), 8.5 inches (21.6cm) and 9 inches (22.9cm).


      • Withstand massive weights
      • Revive the trampoline bounce
      • Durable and hard-wearing
      • Cold weather resistance polish
      • Perfect bouncing and tight landing
      • Zinc coated
      • Rust-free design
      • One year warranty


      • Some customers complain about the snapping of these springs.
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Jumptastic Trampoline 3-Step Ladder

Type: Trampoline Ladder

Age Level: 6 years and above

What is so great about this toy: The assembly is very easy and quick.

What is not so great about this toy: The ladder clips are not sturdy to hold the ladder with a heavy weight.


Is your trampoline high enough for your kids to get in? If yes, you need these three steps skid-proof steel frame ladders to easily help your kids get into the trampoline. This universal design ladder is suitable for all sizes of trampolines.

Worried about the assembly of this steel frame ladder? No worries! It is pretty easy to assemble this ladder in minutes. You don’t need any technical knowledge or special tools to assemble it. Simply pop off the pieces, and it is done.

As for as the material of this ladder is concerned, it is galvanized UV resistant material, stronger enough to withstand weather wear and tear for a long time. Also, the plastic-sprayed tubes and bee-eye design of ladders make them skid-proof and safe for kids to use in all weathers.


      • Perfect ladder for all sizes
      • Safe for kids
      • Easy assembly
      • UV-Resistant
      • Durable and strong
      • Adjustable skid-free steps
      • Extra-wide steps
      • Suitable for other equipment.


      • The holding clips are flimsy.
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BodyRip 10FT Trampoline Dust Rain Cover

Type: Trampoline Cover

Age Level: 6 years and above

What is so great about this toy: The cover is UV and weather resistant.

What is not so great about this toy: The clips cannot hold the cover to fit well.


Are you worried about the wear and tear of the trampoline fixed outdoors? If yes, you need this BodyRip trampoline cover made of high-quality polyethene material that can protect your trampoline from rain, dust or ice weathers for a long time.

Unlike the ordinary trampoline covers available in the market, which are made of nylon and cannot withstand the temperature or ice weather, this cover is made with high-quality polyethene weather-resistant, UV resistant, dust resistant and waterproof.

This cover has a universal design and fits well for all 10ft round trampolines. It is easily and quickly covering the trampoline, and you don’t need any assembly. The good thing about this cover is that it is also available for an 8ft trampoline.


      • Durable and affordable
      • High-quality material
      • Weather-resistant
      • UV-resistant
      • Dust and waterproof
      • Universal design


      • Instead of straps, there are clips to fasten the over.
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Frequently Asked Questions about Trampoline Accessories.

How long do the trampoline covers last?

The trampoline cover protects your trampoline from high temperatures and severe weather conditions. Its life depends on how you use and take care of it. The normal covers life span is three to eight years. If you do not use your trampoline often, it will decrease the life span of your cover.

What is the material used for the trampoline Accessories?

The trampoline consists of the jumping mat, coiled steel springs and a frame to hold the jumping mat. The jumping mate is the most abused component of the trampoline, so it is made with waterproof canvas or Woven Polyethylene material. The spring is made with steel, and the frame is made with steel tubing. Also, you get the spring-less trampoline for kids to bounce safely.

Does it matter if the jumping mat is upside down?

If you have installed the jumping mat upside down, it is still fine and safe to use. You may find the stitching somewhat rough at the edges, but it will not affect the bouncing of your jumping mat in any way.

Is it ok for the trampoline to have it outside in winters?

The trampoline is weather-resistant and waterproof, so it does not affect the trampoline if you have it outside in cold or rainy weather. But if you live in an area where you have heavy snowfall, it is not good to leave the trampoline outside. The snow or high winds can blow up your trampoline. If it is unavoidable to shift the trampoline, you should use the heavy-duty cover to protect your trampoline from severe weather.

Why is my trampoline not bouncing as good as it was initially?

There is a lot of springs that produce the bouncing effect when you jump on the trampoline. If any of these springs get lost or broken, it can reduce the bouncing and cause some serious injury. The severe weather conditions and rust can cause the springs to lose elasticity. So it is recommended to check the trampoline regularly to avoid any mishap and get the bouncing fun as good as you used to have from the first day.