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Plum Springsafe Trampoline is the leading safest trampoline whether you talk about an in-ground or an above-ground trampoline. The family-run business is now leading the world market of the trampoline with its innovative design and Springsafe technology. Plum was voted for the “Best UK trampoline Brand 2016” by Which? ® in a consumer survey.

Plum uses the high-performance springs in all their trampolines to provide an even and controlled balance. The bouncing of Plum Trampolines is kind to joints and protects you from any injury caused by the jumping strain.  Over one million trampolines sold worldwide is proof of their quality products.

Plum innovated the Springsafe technology and patented the enclosure design for better protection and safety of the jumpers. Every Plum trampoline meets the European safety standards EN17-14, Toy safety.

Best Plum Springsafe Trampoline 

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Types of Plum Trampoline

As one of the trampoline market’s most prominent names, Plum has a variety of trampolines on the market. Each of these trampolines has its own specialties and are carefully crafted by experts to ensure that they are safe, and most importantly, fun for you and your kids.

#1 Junior Plum Trampoline

If you have babies and toddlers, Plum trampoline got you covered. They offer 4 types of junior trampoline suitable for young children!

Junior Bouncers

For babies, 1-2-year-olds, you have the Junior bouncer and you can choose between their square and circular trampoline models. The Junior Bouncer Plum Trampolines are all colorful but the circular models offer four amazing options. They are the: bright yellow minion bouncer trampoline, the pink and purple Trolls bouncer, the jungle bouncer that has jungle sounds, and the ocean bouncer that has ocean sounds.

Plum Minions Junior Mini Bouncer Trampoline With Handle Sky Blue/YellowTrolls Plum Junior Trampoline Bouncer Plum® Junior Ocean Bouncer with Sounds

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Junior Trampoline 4.5ft

If you have older toddlers, 3-4-year-olds, who love the sounds, these 4 models are also available in 4.5ft size. Because of their design, they are more expensive than the regular 4.5ft trampolines.

Plum Minions 4.5ft Junior Trampoline & Enclosure 30182AC82 Yellow/Sky Blue/BlackTrolls Plum 4.5ft Junior Trampoline & Enclosure

So, if you’re looking for cheaper options, you can go with the regular 4.5ft junior trampoline. It’s available in black (with stardust), blue, pink colors, giving your child more options.

Plum Stardust Junior Children's TrampolinePlum 4.5ft Children's Trampoline and Enclosure - BluePlum 4.5ft Children's Trampoline and Enclosure - Pink

Junior Jumper Plum Trampoline 7ft

Last but not least is the 7ft trampoline with a hexagonal enclosure available in pink and blue colors. Suitable for kids 3-4-years old, they offer more bouncing space compared to the 4.5ft junior trampoline. But because of its size it’s much more expensive compared to the smaller models.

Plum 7ft Junior Jumper Springsafe Children's Trampoline and Enclosure - Pink & PurplePlum 7ft Junior Jumper Springsafe Children's Trampoline and Enclosure - Blue & Green

#2 Classic Plum Springsafe Trampoline

If you have an older kid, the junior plum trampolines may not be suitable for them. Luckily, Plum offers classic trampolines available in 8-12ft sizes. They have 4 different designs available, but all are comparable in quality when it comes to construction. All are equipped with the same safety features to help ensure your child’s safety. Here are the designs you can choose from.

Space Zone II Plum Trampoline

Plum 12ft Space Zone II Springsafe Trampoline & Enclosure

Wave Plum SpringsafeTrampoline

Plum Unisex Children Wave 305 cm Trampoline with Enclosure, Black and Yellow

Colours Plum Springsafe Trampoline



Magnitude Plum Springsafe Trampoline

Plum 6ft Magnitude Springsafe Trampoline & Enclosure

Whirlwind Plum Springsafe Trampoline

Plum 14ft Whirlwind Springsafe Trampoline & Enclosure

In-Ground Circular Trampoline Plum Trampoline

Plum Unisex's 27558 10ft Circular In Ground Trampoline with Enclosure, Black/Yellow, 10 foot

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#3 Premium Plum Springsafe Trampoline

These premium trampolines, suitable for kids 6 years and above are the newest models Plum released. They are equipped with a stronger frame and next-generation enclosure. One premium feature that makes them different from the classic models is their one-pack-down enclosure feature. They have more and longer springs making them bouncier and available in 8-12ft sizes.

Space Zone II Evolution Plum Springsafe Trampoline

Plum 8ft 10ft 12ft 14ft Space Zone II Evolution Springsafe Trampoline & Enclosure (12ft) Black , Spacezone Evo

The Space Zone II Evolution is one of Plum’s premier trampolines. Plum’s safety features are all present – Springsafe technology to prevent fingers and toes from getting in springs, a high-quality net enclosure, a durable, elastic mat for maximum bounce, and a double galvanized steel frame to protect from rust and damage.

The Space II Evolution features telescopic enclosure poles. This means that the height of the safety net can be adjusted on the fly, allowing for easy storage and maintenance, and can be calibrated to fit jumpers of any height.

Latitude Plum Springsafe Trampoline

Latitude Trampoline

With its simple yet eyecatching black and white design, the latitude is a futuristic-looking Plum trampoline that comes with all of Plum’s safety features.

The Latitude differs from other Plum trampolines by its remodeled frame. Both its net enclosure poles and legs are curved to disperse shock more easily. Longer springs allow for better bounce power without compromising safety. A solid steel enclosure top rim holds the safety net in place, and the Latitude’s enclosure can easily be taken down and covered when not in use.

Plum Trampoline Shapes

Plum Trampolines come in many shapes, each made for a specific purpose.

Circular Plum Trampoline

Plum Minions 4.5ft Junior Trampoline & Enclosure 30182AC82 Yellow/Sky Blue/Black

Circular trampolines are the safest trampolines available. Circular jumping mats mean equal weight and pressure distribution on all springs, reducing the chance of springs giving out on one side. Circular trampolines don’t offer as much power on the sides, reducing the risk of falling out, and they naturally draw their jumpers into the middle. Even at the center of a circular trampoline, jump height is considered low, and thus safe.

Oval Plum Trampoline

Plum The Oval 14ft x 10ft Springsafe® Trampoline and Enclosure

Oval trampolines are generally sturdier than circular trampolines. They have a larger play space and offer even better bounce power due to a larger slack area in the middle. On the other hand, they still draw jumpers towards the middle because of their semicircular shape, but they don’t offer as much bounce strength as a rectangular trampoline.

Rectangular Plum Trampoline

Plum Rectangular Trampoline

Rectangular trampolines are not meant for young kids. These powerful trampolines are used by professional gymnasts and athletes due to their immense bounce power in their middles. While they come with a lot of safety features, they’re more expensive and are really intended for adult use.

Bowl Plum Trampoline

bowl plum trampoline

Plum also carries a new bowl-shaped trampoline. A curvilinear jumping mat amplifies force and provides unrivaled jumping power while keeping jumpers safe. Unfortunately, these models aren’t available on Amazon. You can buy them here instead: Plum Bowl FreeBound Trampoline

Plum Trampoline Sizes

One of the most important things to consider when shopping for trampolines is their size. Remember that a bigger trampoline means a bigger loose area for bigger bounces. When shopping for small children, it’s best to keep your trampolines as compact as possible for maximum safety.

Each trampoline also has a weight limit commensurate to its size. Bigger trampolines can withstand more weight. How many kids are going to be playing at once? Will there be adults joining in too? A trampoline’s size should always be just enough for its users. Too many users on a small trampoline can increase the risk of collision and accidents, while too few users on a large trampoline will monopolize jump height.

Finally, factor in a trampoline’s cost. Larger trampolines have more safety measures, but their bigger size means more materials spent and thus a higher price tag. On the contrary, circular trampolines are very safe and easy to manufacture, making them very affordable.

Now that you know the different types, sizes, and designs of Plum trampoline and bouncers, let’s go to the individual review of these plum trampolines.


Junior Plum Trampoline Review

Plum Trampoline for Babies | Unisex-Purple

Plum Unisex-Youth Junior Bouncer Children's Trampoline, Purple


      • Brand: Plum
      • Color: Purple
      • Frame Material: Alloy steel
      • Shape: Sequare
      • Dimensions: 81 x 81 x 85 cm
      • Weight: 5 Kilograms
      • Max Weight: 25 Kilograms
      • Recommended Age: 18 months and above
      • Assembly Time: 2 Adults, 30 minutes
      • Frame Height: 24 cm

An ideal junior trampoline from Plum for your kids that provides the safest platform for your kids to practice the bouncing and build up their muscles and confidence as well. The more they bounce more they learn, and it boosts their confidence with this learning.

If you want to know about its construction, you get a soft-grip handle that aids stability and help your kids to learn bouncing and balance. For extra safety, Plum did not use the springs in this trampoline; instead, they use the woven elastic cords to attach the jumping mat to the alloy steel frame that gives a safer and softer bounce.

What you see in purple color is the soft safety pad that not only covers the bonding of mat and alloy steel with woven elastic cords but also gives a stylish look to this junior trampoline.


      • Colored junior trampoline
      • Soft-grip handle
      • Spring-free construction
      • Woven elastic cords
      • Thick foam padding
      • UV treated
      • PVC made mat
      • Safety cover
      • Easy assembly


      • The instructions are very minimal.
      • The assembly takes much time.
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Plum Trampoline 4.5ft |  Trolls 

Trolls Plum 4.5ft Junior Trampoline & Enclosure


      • Brand: Plum
      • Color: Purple
      • Dimensions: 140 x 140 x 180 cm
      • Weight: 8 Kilograms
      • Max User Weight: 40 Kilograms
      • Frame Material: Alloy steel
      • Shape: Round
      • Size: 4.5FT
      • Recommended Age: 24 months up to 6 years
      • Enclosure Height: 152cm
      • Number of Springs: 30
      • Height of Frame: 36cm
      • Assembly Time: 2 Adults, 2 hours

This Plum Trolls 4.5ft junior trampoline is a peace of mind for parents and hours of bouncing fun for little ones. This junior trampoline provides an introduction of outdoor bouncing to little jumpers. And it is specifically designed for kids to be safe and protected as it builds confidence on the trampoline.

The best thing about this trampoline is its low height. Its 36cm height encourages the kids to on and off by themselves without any need for parent’s help. It improves the self-confidence of little ones. Also, the safety enclosure prevents them from falling on the ground and provides a safety barrier between them and the ground. The zips and clips are the extra assurance of safety and protection.

For extra safety, the padded safety pads cover the springs and frame, it protects the little fingers and toes to hit the frame or the springs. Yes, the PVC jumping pads are weather-resistant for durability. Also, the sturdy and strong material ensures rustproof and weather wear and tears.


      • Safety enclosure
      • Lower height frame
      • Shorter length springs
      • Zips and clips for extra safety
      • Weather protected safety pads
      • Sturdy and durable


      • The assembly consumes a long time.
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Plum Trampoline 4.5 ft | with Enclosure  Plum 4.5ft Children's Trampoline and Enclosure - Blue


      • Brand: Plum
      • Color: Blue, Pink, Sardust
      • Size: 4.5ft, 6ft Plum Trampoline Option
      • Weight: 15 Kgs
      • Assembled Size: L140 x W140 x H180cm
      • Shape: Round
      • Mat Material: PVC
      • Enclosure Height: 152 cm
      • Frame Material: Alloy Steel
      • Recommended Weight: 40 Kgs
      • Recommended Age: 3 to 6 years
      • Assembly Time: 2 Adults, 2 hours

This colorful trampoline from Plum is full of fun with endless joy. It is an ideal playing tool for young kids as it boosts their confidence as they learn to jump on the trampoline. This Plum trampoline helps the kids to bounce all their energy and develop their physical development along with coordination, balance, and strength.

If you want to know about its structure, Plum used the galvanized steel to make this sturdy and robust structure. This galvanization also protects this sturdy frame from rusting.  For the bouncing facility, plum used 30 high-quality robust steel springs that not only provide a powerful bounce but also provide extra durability.  While the thick foam mat covers these springs and steel frames providing extra safety and bounce.

The best thing about this fun trampoline from Plum is the safety enclosure.  It is s net made with rebut nylon ropes and specifically designed to keep the user inside the safe area while jumping on the trampoline. Because of this safety enclosure net, the risk of falling reduces to almost nil.


      • Made by Plum
      • Blue, Pink color, Stardust
      • Galvanized alloy Steel
      • 30 Zinc coated springs
      • Thick foam mat
      • Rust free coating
      • Safety enclosure
      • UV treated mat
      • Weather protected


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Junior Plum Trampoline with Stardust

Plum Stardust Junior Children's Trampoline

Junior Plum Trampoline with Stardust Review

This Junior Plum trampoline are marketed as “ideal introductions to outdoor bouncing”. Available in both 4.5 size, this trampoline with stardust has won over many parents not only for its design but its many features. In addition, every measure has been taken to guarantee a safe and fun experience for beginner jumpers.


The trampoline’s frame is made of galvanized steel, which is both incredibly sturdy and resistant to rust. These frames are built to take a beating and last several years. With the low height of these frames – at just 40 centimeters off the ground – the risk of injury is greatly minimized as kids bounce, jump, and play on the trampoline.


Junior Plum trampolines are equipped with a soft yet firm mesh enclosure that protects young jumpers from falling out. This enclosure is held firmly in place and is secured by high-quality poles that both reinforce the safety net and prevent any sagging.

The Plum Play’s patented Springsafe technology ensures your child’s safety by using carefully calibrated, high-performance springs, while keeping these springs safely out of reach or touch to avoid injury. They are hidden away by thick padding sewn into the jumping mat, which is resistant to rain, fading, and general degradation. Springsafe springs are also coated with zinc to keep the rust away.

While tailor-made for children aged 3 years old and up and equipped with the very best safety innovations available, basic safety precautions should always be taken. Junior Plum trampolines have a maximum weight of 50 kilograms and must only be used outdoors. The enclosure net should be replaced yearly to prevent accidents. The trampoline should ideally be placed on a flat surface, and in an area free of overhead obstruction.

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Plum Springsafe Trampoline 7ft  with Enclosure | Hexagonal

Plum 7ft Junior Jumper Springsafe Children's Trampoline and Enclosure - Pink & Purple


  • Brand: Plum
  • Color: Blue and Pink
  • Dimensions: 220 x 220 x 190 cm
  • Weight: 17 Kilograms
  • Size: 7ft
  • Max Weight: 50 Kilograms
  • Frame Material: Alloy steel
  • Frame Height: 40cm
  • Recommended Age: 3 years and above
  • Enclosure Height: 152cm
  • Assembly Time: 2 Adults, 30 minutes

Plum makes the safest trampoline for kids, and it is one of those safest trampolines. This Plum Hexagonal trampoline is the best jumping platform for energy-packed kids that help to improve their physical health, coordination, balance, and muscle strength in a fun way.

If you talk about its structure, Plum used the steel galvanized frame for strength and durability. Also, its rust-free quality makes it stay long with your kids. For a perfect and powerful bounce, Plum used 36 Zinc coated steel springs that also ensure extra durability. Along with these robust springs, a durable jumping mat provides extra bounce.

Don’t worry! You can use it outdoor due to its weather-protected thick foam pads that cover the springs and the steel frame for safe cushioning. The spring-loading tool is also supplied with this fantastic trampoline.


      • Safety enclosure
      • Strong and sturdy steel frame
      • 36 zinc coated steel springs
      • Available in blue and pink color
      • Rust-free frame
      • PVC jumping mat
      • Thick foam pads
      • Mesh net
      • UV treated
      • Weather protected
      • Spring loading tool


      • The color fade very badly.
      • The assembly consumes a lot of time.
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Classic Plum Springsafe Trampoline Reviews

Magnitude: Plum Springsafe Trampoline 8ft 

Plum 8ft Magnitude Springsafe Trampoline & Enclosure


      • Brand: Plum
      • Color: Black
      • Dimensions: 5 x 2 x 5 meters
      • Weight:9 Kilograms
      • Max User Weight: 50kg-125kg
      • Size: 8 FT, 12 ft Plum Trampoline
      • Frame Material: Alloy Steel
      • Shape: Round
      • Number of Springs: 42
      • Spring Length: 140mm to 178mm
      • Assembly Time: 2 Adults, 30 Minutes
      • Recommended Age: 3 years and above

Plum trampolines always provide a great way to encourage outdoor sports and help make your kids physically strong and healthy, along with improved coordination, balance, and strength. This magnitude trampoline makes your kids feel like in a big bubble and bouncing off their energy.

You cannot compromise on kids’ safety and protection; the same is true for plum. That is why they used steel galvanized to make this sturdy and durable steel frame, and its rust-free protection keeps your kids bouncing their energies for a long time. Also, they used the innovative 3G enclosure design to protect your kids from the springs.

The best thing about this trampoline is the zinc-coated steep springs. Plum used 42 robust springs, coated with zinc for corrosion and rust-free, to provide an extra bounce. Along with these springs, the durable jumping mat makes your bouncing experience unforgettable.


      • Pumpkin shaped trampoline
      • Alloy steel frame
      • Robust and zinc-coated 42 steel springs
      • Sturdy and strong PVC mat
      • UV treated jumping mat
      • Innovative 3G safety enclosure
      • Breathable net
      • Weather-resistant
      • Push-button locking system for frame legs


      • A bit more expensive than the same trampoline from other manufacturers.
      • The assembly requires an adult.
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Wave: Plum Springsafe Trampoline 10ft

Plum® Unisex-Youth Trampoline, Black, 10ft


      • Brand: Plum
      • Color: Black
      • Material: Plastic, Metal
      • Dimensions: 117 x 50 x 23 cm
      • Weight: 05 Kilograms
      • Shape: Round
      • Size: 10 FT
      • Max User Weight: 80 Kilograms
      • Recommended Age: 6 years and above
      • Assembly Time: 2 Adults, 2.5 hours

Another great trampoline from Plum! Plum introduces a brand-new innovation for the bounce lovers, an exciting replacement of spring-based trampolines. This 10 ft Plum trampoline is free from springs and based on WEB (woven elasticated bungee) with a soft, safe, vertical bounce protecting knee joints from impacts.

The best thing about this Springsafe trampoline is that it separates the jumper from the frame parts providing a larger jumping area. You get almost 20% larger jumping area by this trampoline as compared to other same-sized ordinary trampolines.

Another great thing is the “L” shaped zip closing, your kids can bounce freely and safely on this high-quality trampoline. Also, the thick foam padding saves your kids from any harm while entering or leaving the trampoline. Again, the net is supported by curved 8 poles, each covered with high-quality protective sleeves.


      • Free of springs
      • Black powder coated
      • “L” shaped zip
      • 20% more bouncing space
      • 5-year rust-coating warranty
      • Curved eight poles support
      • High-quality trampoline bed with Plum logo
      • PVC safety pads
      • Woven elasticated bungee


      • No more than one person at a time on this trampoline
      • The ladder is not included.
      • The assembly consumes a lot of time.
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Space Zone II Evolution | Plum Trampoline 

14ft Space Zone II Evolution Trampoline (Telescopic Pack Down Enclosure)


      • Brand: Plum
      • Color: Black
      • Shape: Round
      • Size: 8ft – 14FT
      • Age Range: 6 years and above
      • Number of Springs: 80
      • Spring Length:8cm
      • Frame Pad Thickness: 20cm
      • Enclosure Height: 250cm
      • Weight:50 Kilograms
      • Max User Weight: 75kg-125kg
      • Assembly Time: 2 Adults, 2.5 hours

This Space Zone II Evolution trampoline from Plum has a 2G enclosure that separates the jumper from the springs providing larger bouncing space. Besides, it has a unique pack-down feature to prevent the trampoline from changing weather conditions.

The best thing about this trampoline is the pack-down enclosure. The enclosure comes with a pushpin mechanism to quickly pack down the enclosure. You have to remove the padding foam and clip down using the pushpins mechanism effortlessly. It saves from changing weather conditions.

This enclosure comes with a cover that protects the vital safety components, net-pad, and mat from weather effects. You can do it quickly by clip down the enclosure, and foldaway with a cover. Also, the Springsafe technology protects the jumper from springs and frame parts providing larger bouncing space.


      • Innovative easy pack down enclosure
      • Comes with a cover
      • Innovative Springsafe technology
      • Double galvanized steel frame
      • Zinc coated 80 springs
      • Spring loading tool
      • 2G enclosure
      • Pushpin mechanism
      • Five years frame warranty
      • Rustproof frame


      • The jumping pad is a little bit hard to bounce.
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Whirlwind:  Plum Trampoline with 3G Enclosure

Plum 14ft Whirlwind Springsafe Trampoline & Enclosure



      • Brand: Plum
      • Color: Black & Yellow
      • Dimensions: 426 x 426 x 254cm
      • Weight: 86 Kilograms
      • Size: 14 fT
      • Shape: Round
      • Recommended Age: 6 years and above
      • Max User Load: 125 Kilograms
      • Number of Springs: 80
      • Frame Height:72 cm
      • Enclosure Height: 182 cm
      • Assembly Time: 2 Adults, 3 hours

Another innovative design for trampoline by Plum! This 14ft trampoline has a 3G safety enclosure that is like a pumpkin, curves in at the bottom, and curves out from the center. The curved poles provides extra safety for jumpers to avoid any contact with springs or frames and the center curves out provide extra bouncing space for jumpers.

If you talk about the frame quality, it has a galvanized steel frame, which is sturdy and robust and covers 2 years guarantee against rust. Also, it is equipped with Tramp Klamp brackets that provide a strong joint between the frame and the trampoline legs. Moreover, the trampoline legs are secured with a push-button locking system.

The jumping pad is UV treated and weatherproof while the thick foam pad covers the springs and frame to avoid any jumper contact. Also, the upright poles around the enclosure are covered with PVC pads for safety and a stylish look.


      • Innovative 3G safety enclosure
      • Galvanized steel frame
      • Tramp Clamp brackets
      • Push-button locking system for legs
      • Tested for 1 million bounces
      • Zink coated 80 springs
      • Five years rustproof guarantee
      • Weather-resistant UV treated mat
      • Plum logo on the jumping mat


      • Some customers complain about the curved entrance zip.
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Premium Plum Trampoline Review

Plum Oval Trampoline 14ft  

Plum The Oval 14ft x 10ft Springsafe® Trampoline and Enclosure


      • Brand: Plum
      • Color: Black
      • Shape: Oval
      • Size: 9m x 4.2m (10ft x 14ft)
      • Age Range: 2 years and above
      • Weight: 184 Kilograms
      • Max User Weight: 120 Kilograms
      • Number of Springs: 72
      • Spring Length: 22cm (8.66″)
      • Foam Pad Thickness: 20cm
      • Frame Thickness: 42mm x 1.5mm
      • Height to Mat: 90cm
      • Enclosure Height: 277cm
      • Assembly Time: 2 Adults, 3 hours

Plum used to innovate new designs and features for its trampolines and this trampoline is the display of these innovations. A complete new oval shape and with improved bouncing using the long springs, it is the best-selling trampoline and ideal for Pro gymnast as well.

The best thing about this trampoline is the improved bounce. For bounce improvement, Plum used the bigger springs in this trampoline, it means the jumper comes into the mat contact for a longer time and result in a bigger bounce effortlessly.

For better protection, Plum used the Tramp clamp brackets to strengthen the joints between the oval frame and the legs. This joint is commonplace for the whole weight and pressure of the jumping and most of the trampoline falls from this point.


      • Plum Ladder
      • Plum Cover
      • Huge 14FT size
      • 2f safety enclosure
      • PVC jumping mat
      • Waterproof UV stabilized mat
      • XPE foam padding to safety poles
      • Longer springs
      • Galvanized steel frame
      • Tramp Clamp Brackets
      • 10-year rust guarantee


      • The assembly consumes a long time.
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Latitude: Plum Springsafe Trampoline

Plum Trampoline Latitude


      • Brand: Plum
      • Color: Black & White
      • Dimensions: 390cm x 390cm x 263cm
      • Weight: 104 Kilograms
      • Frame Material: Alloy Steel
      • Size: 10 FT
      • Recommended Age: 6 years and above
      • Spring Length: 180mm to 218mm
      • Max User Weight: 100kg
      • Assembly Time: 2 Adults, 2 hours

The Latitude trampoline is one of the latest products from Plum and is the best-selling premium plum trampoline because of its safer and springier bounce. It provides endless hours of bouncing fun and is ideal for your energy-packed kids with active play.

From the safety point of view, it is the safest trampoline due to its double galvanized steel frame, and sturdy tramp clamp brackets. Also, the 3G safety enclosure with curves provides the maximum bouncing space as compared to any other same-sized trampoline.

The best thing about this Latitude trampoline is the Springsafe technology. It protects the jumper from the springs and provides a larger area for jumping. Also, UV-treated jumping mat and thick foam pads provide another layer of safety and protection for your little ones.


      • Long-lasting outdoor fun
      • Tramp clamp brackets
      • Perfect for aspiring gymnast
      • Springsafe technology
      • 3G safety enclosure
      • Double galvanized steel frame
      • Larger bouncing space
      • UV treated jumping mat
      • Breathable mesh net
      • Ladder is included in the package.


      • This trampoline is a little bit shorter than others.
      • The assembly requires a lot of time.
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In-Ground Plum Trampoline

Plum In-Ground Circular Trampoline with Enclosure

Plum Unisex's 27558 10ft Circular In Ground Trampoline with Enclosure, Black/Yellow, 10 foot

This Plum trampoline is distinct for its design. Its unobtrusive design means it can be placed in any garden without compromising its surroundings.

The In-Ground trampoline has a very low frame height, which is composed of tough galvanized steel. To deal with the unique problem of ground moisture, 2mm gauge steel has been added to the frame. Short legs reinforced with Plum’s Tramp Klamp mechanisms sit snugly on the ground, reinforcing the trampoline and adding stability.

The Plum In-Ground Circular Trampoline is not only UV-treated and tailored to give great bounces, but it’s also fortified against soil and dirt, which other sunken trampolines need to deal with.

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FAQs about Plum Trampoline

Is Plum a good brand for trampolines?

Whether you talk about an in-ground trampoline or an above-ground trampoline, there are few brands such as Evostar, Plum, and Berg that are famous. Among these Plum is the market leader with over one million trampoline sales worldwide. People from worldwide trust their innovative designs and quality trampolines.

What kinds of trampoline Plum offer?

Plum is a world leader in trampoline making, and they offer a lot of variety in trampolines. It includes a kid trampoline of 4.5ft, 6ft for juniors, 8ft for kids, 10ft, 12ft, and 14 ft for the professional gymnast. They offer from handlebars to safety enclosures as per your requirement.

What is the Springsafe® technology in Plum trampolines?

Springsafe® is an innovation by Plum. In this technology, an extra padded foam pad is used to cover the springs and the frame parts. It protects the jumper hit the spring or the frame. Along with protection, it also provides a larger bouncing area for jumpers as compared to the other same-sized trampoline.

What is the purpose of a safety enclosure with Plum Trampolines?

The safety enclosure is the patented product of Plum. It consists of a breathable mesh net along with upward poles that surrounds the trampoline. it acts as a barrier between your kids and the ground and protects them from falling on the ground. It also helps to cover the springs connected with the steel frame providing larger jumping space and protection against hitting the springs or the frame.

Do these Plum trampolines are weather resistant?

The jumping mats are made with PVC and treated for UV protection. It makes these mats weather-resistant so, you can easily use these outdoor. The thick foam pads are also weather resistant. Some safety enclosures have a pin push mechanism to foldaway for weather protection.