Best Headphones for Kids

Gifting your kids on their birthday is not exactly easy for the parents. Clothes are a good option, but the kids outgrow quickly in months. Toys may be another good option, but they might not want toys on every birthday. But there is one thing that every kid can enjoy, and that is the headphones for kids. It’s the gadget that your kid can use while playing board games, driving their electric car, or even jumping on a trampoline.

However, picking the best headphones for kids is not only about the cool design. There are many factors that you should take into account before buying the one for your little music lover. Along with safety and durability, it must have exciting features and sorely kids friendly.

Besides the cool design and vivid colors, certain factors can lead you to the best kids’ friendly headphones; they can be Wired or Wireless. Beneath here, you find the collection of the best headphones for kids from hundreds of options available on mega sites. Save your surfing time and scroll down to select the one best suitable for your little musician.

Best Headphones for kids

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Rockpapa Over-Ear Headphones for Kids

Rockpapa Comfort Over Ear Headphones Earphones for Kids Childs Boys Girls Adults, Tablet Computer Cellphones MP3/4 CD/DVD in Car/Airplane Black Red

Type: Wired Headphones

Age Level: 6 years and above

What is so great about this toy: Lightweight and easy to fit on the head.

What is not so great about this toy: It doesn’t have a microphone and volume control.


Are you looking for a headphone for your little musician with better audio performance and rich bass effect? If yes, you found here the best headphones available for your kid’s music experience. This Rockpapa’s comfort-over-ear headphones will let your junior musician enjoy an unforgettable music experience.

The Rockpapa headphones are famous for comfortable fittings and a fantastic sound experience. The easily adjustable headband ensures the perfect fit on your kid’s head. With Ultra eco-leather and cloud foam cushions, it always gives a feeling of comfort and softness to your ears.

If you want to know about its sound quality, this stereo headphone has an excellent sound effect. With a 3.5mm audio Gold jack, it is compatible with all audio devices such as mobiles, tablets, laptops, and MP3/4 CD DVD players. You feel convenient with a 1.5 m long cord associated with L shaped jack.

At last, you have a fantastic support offer from the company. It offers one-year Hassall-free-Protection and quick response customer service. With a stretchable headband, easy-to-fit soft ear-pads, and superb sound quality with rich bass effect, it is a must-have gift for your little music lovers.

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Mpow Wired (2-Pack) Headphones for Kids

Kids Headphones (2-Pack), Mic & Shring Function Mpow CH8 Wired Child Headsets, 91dB Volume Limited Foldable On-Ear Earphones for Online Learning Toddlers/Children/School/Travel/Plane/Boys/Girls

Type: Wired Headphones

Age Level: 6 years and above

What is so great about this toy: Built-in mic for online learning and hand-free calls.

What is not so great about this toy: Separate volume control is not available.


Do you need quality headphones for schooling your two kids simultaneously? If yes, you are in the right place and reading about the right product for your need. Mpow wired headphone comes in two-pack with a 3.5mm splitter jack for enjoying two kids the best audio experience simultaneously.

One of the best things about Mpow headphones is their toughness resistance. Mpow know you do not want to buy a gift for your kids that ends in breaking quickly. That’s why Mpow made this fantastic headphone with sturdy, durable, and anti-violence material. Don’t worry! Pulling, twisting, and other hard treatment won’t beat this sturdy headphone.

If you want to know its audio capabilities, the volume level is set to 91dB, which is the maximum noise level to concentrate even in a noisy area. Kids can listen to audiobooks, music, and movies without any distractions because of this audible level.  Also, it renders full-spectrum and authentic sounds for a fabulous listening experience.

Another fantastic feature of this headphone is music sharing. It comes in a pack of two with a sharing splitter. So, it makes more joy able for kids to listen to their favorite music or audiobooks with their friend or family members simultaneously. And yes, it is foldable too, which makes it portable for traveling or storage. Lastly is the 3.5 mm audio jack that is compatible with most audio devices.

It is a perfect gift for little musicians on Christmas, birthdays, or other festivals.

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AILIHEN I35 Wired Headphones for Kids

AILIHEN I35 Kid Headphones with Microphone Volume Limited 85dB Children Girls Boys Teen Lightweight Foldable Wired Headset for School Online Course Chromebook Cellphones Tablets (Black Purple)

Type: Wired Headphones

Age Level: 6 years and above

What is so great about this toy: Foldable for easy traveling.

What is not so great about this toy: The sound is a bit too crisp.


Are you searching for any comfortable headphones with a variety of colors for your kids? If yes, you found the perfect match for your search here. This Ailihen wired headphone has adorable cushioned earmuffs for a comfortable audio experience and comes in different colors such as Blue, Black Orange, Black Purple, Blue Green, Grey Green, Light Blue, and Pink Purple.

For your kid’s hearing protection, this Ailihen headphone has limited volume protection with comfortable ear cups. These lightweight and padded earcups go over the ear and block out the distracting sounds providing a smooth listening experience that helps to focus on studies.

Another best thing about this headphone is the foldable and portable design. Its collapsible design provides extra convenience for your kids while storing or when traveling. You can fold these headphones and take them anywhere while in an airplane or a car. No matter how long the trip, it will occupy the kids all along.

As for head adjustment is concerned, its stretchable headband meets all head sizes. Because of its lightweight, kids won’t feel any burden even after a long time of use. Also, the built-in HD microphone supports hands-free calling providing an interactive video chat experience with single button control.

Besides all, the 3.5mm audio jack makes it compatible with all audio devices for easy listening to music, videos, or audiobooks.  The best value of money that won’t regret you.

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Mpow CHE2 Wired Headphones for Kids

Kids Headphones, Mpow CHE2 Wired Headphones for Girl Kids Teen, Children Headphones with Volume Limit, Foldable Adjustable On-Ear Headphones for School, Travel, Compatible with Cellphones, Tablets, PC


      • Brand: Mpow
      • Dimensions:3 x 8.2 x 12.5 cm
      • Weight: 06 Grams
      • Color: Cherry Pink
      • Connectivity: Wired
      • Connector:5mm audio
      • Microphone: No
      • Volume Limited: 94dB

Another Hi-Fi Sound quality headphone from Mpow! These CHE2 headphones deliver fantastic music quality with their 40mm dynamic drivers.  And you can enjoy profound sonic clarity and balance with its 94dB volume-limited hearing protection.  Also, its adjustable headband provides tailors fit to all sizes and shapes.

Its lightweight structure with 157 grams does not add any bulk to your kid’s ear. And its fordable feature allows you to take it anywhere you go. Just fold the headphones, twist up the cord and bring your tunes with you. Also, its comfy protein ear cushions give you a comfortable listening experience.

Its flexible cord and sturdy 3.5mm stereo plug can withstand kids’ kinks, twists, and other harsh treatments. Because of all these features, it is suitable for online studies and compatible with cellphones, computers, laptops, MP3 players, CD /DVD players, and other audio devices.


      • Hi-Fi stereo sound
      • Adjustable headband
      • Lightweight
      • Cushioned ear-pads
      • Long 47 inches nylon cord
      • 5mm universal audio jack
      • Compatible with most audio devices
      • 94dB limit volume protection
      • Foldable design


      • It is not suitable for heavy use.
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Riwbox WT-7S Bluetooth Headphones for Kids

Riwbox WT-7S Kids Headphones Bluetooth, LED Light Up Foldable Stereo wireless Headphones with Microphone and Volume Control for PC/iPhone/TV/iPad (Pink&Green)


      • Brand: Riwbox
      • Model Name: WT-75
      • Dimensions:8 x 15.2 x 8.6 cm
      • Color: Pink & Green
      • Connectivity: Bluetooth, wired
      • Headphone Jack:5mm
      • Weight: 210 grams
      • Batteries: 1 Lithium Polymer battery

This WT-75 Bluetooth headphone from Riwbox is a fantastic gadget that indeed brings happiness and joy to your kids’ life. Its unique LED flasher design flashes together with your music rhythm and expresses your mood with each flash. Regardless of age, everyone loves this flashing music dance.

The best thing about this headphone is its Bluetooth connectivity. With the convenience of wireless, it’s 40mm speakers provide quality sound with strong bass. Its Bluetooth 5.0 technology requires one-time pairing with your audio device. After pairing, you just turn on the headphones, and it will automatically connect with your paired device. Yes, the connection status and battery level will be available on the smartphone screen.

Sometimes, you don’t like the LED lights; the good news is you can turn these lights off with a touch of a button available at both sides of the headphones. It will also save the battery life for more extended music play. The cable supports most of the compatible audio devices.


      • Bluetooth headphone
      • LED flashing lights
      • 40mm speakers
      • Battery level indicator on the phone screen
      • Mic for hand-free calls
      • Cable included


      • The price is a little bit higher than other products.
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BestGot Over-Ear Headphones for Kids

BestGot Kids Headphones for Kids Boys Over Ear Kids Headphones with Microphone in-line Volume Foldable Headphones with 3.5mm Plug Removable Cord (Black/Red)


      • Brand: BestGot
      • Color: Black & Red
      • Dimensions:54 x 8.13 x 14.22 cm
      • Weight: 08 Grams
      • Connectivity:5mm jack
      • Sound Control: Sound Isolation
      • Water-Resistant: Waterproof

This over-ear headphones from BestGot is equipped with a high-quality PU ear cushion, adjustable headband, and long cord that provides a comfortable all-day listening. And with the in-line control feature, you can answer the incoming call by pressing the button that pauses the playing music.

For universal connectivity, it has a 3.5mm auxiliary jack that is compatible with most audio devices such as laptops, computers, MP3 players, CD/DVD players, and many more. Also, it has a built-in passive voice Isolating. Interestingly, this 3.5mm jack is detachable for providing portability.

The best thing about this headphone is the detachable cord. It provides effortless portability while traveling or storage. Another benefit is the easy replacement if you have to replace the cord. Also, it is available in various colors such as Blues, Black & Red, Black & Blue, Black & Green, Black & Purple, Pink, and White & Blue. Hopefully, one will suit your mood!


      • Built to stay comfortable
      • Heavy Bass headphones
      • 5mm universal audio jack
      • Built-in microphone
      • One-touch call answer
      • Long flexible cord
      • Detachable cord
      • Compatible with most audio devices


      • The control slider is a little bit loose.
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Termichy wireless headsets for Kids

Volume Limited Wireless Bluetooth Kids Headphones, Termichy wireless/wired Foldable Stereo over-Ear headsets with music share port and Built-in Microphone for calling, children Bluetooth Earphones for smartphones PC music gaming. Blue


      • Brand: Termichy
      • Color: Blue
      • Dimensions: 14 x 5 x 14 cm
      • Weight: 120 Grams
      • Connectivity: Bluetooth, wired
      • Audio Jack:5mm detachable
      • Volume Limited: 93dB
      • Microphone: built-in

This 4 in 1 Wireless handset from Termichy is equipped with a high-quality speaker’s system and is compatible with most Bluetooth devices like iPhone, android cellphones, smartphones, iPad, iPod touch, MacBook, computer, tablets, Laptop, Mp3/mp4 players, and many more.

One of the best things about this headset is two limited volume protections, one for wired and one for Wireless. It is limited to 93dB when listening by Bluetooth or the SD card. And with wired listening, it is limited to 108dB. So, meet the need of all sort of playing.

Another exciting feature is instant music sharing. With the port provided on the headset, you can attach a wired headphone. So, you can listen to your favorite music with your friends or family member untethered with the playing device. Its folded design makes it highly portable while traveling, and its lightweight does not burden your head even after a whole day of listening.

Besides all these features, it also has an FM radio and SD card slot that makes it unique in its rival devices. You can listen to the FM radio on the go or listen to your favorite music from your collection on an SD card.


      • Two Built-in Volume limited protections
      • Micro SC Card Slot
      • Instant music sharing
      • Lightweight
      • Foldable design
      • FM Radio
      • 5mm Cable streaming
      • Bluetooth 5.0
      • Built-in HD Mic
      • Wireless & Wired Modes


      • The voice prompt is a little annoying.
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Riwbox CT-7S  Bluetooth Headphones for Kids

Kids Headphones, Riwbox CT-7S Cat Ear Bluetooth Headphones Volume Limiting 85dB,LED Light Up Kids Wireless Headphones Over Ear with Microphone for iPhone/iPad/Laptop/PC/TV (Purple&Green)


      • Brand: Riwbox
      • Color: Purple & Green
      • Dimensions:8 x 17.8 x 8.2 cm
      • Weight: 210 Grams
      • Batteries: 1 Lithium Polymer (included)
      • Connectivity: Bluetooth, wired
      • Cable Feature: Detachable
      • Volume Limited: 85dB
      • Operation Range: 10M

Another great Wireless headphone from Riwbox! This Bluetooth headphone is equipped with a lightning theme that brings a touch of fun to your daily life.  It combines music, lights, and colors to create a fun effect while listening to your favorite music. The Red, Green, and Blue LED blink with the music rhythm.

If you talk about the embedded Bluetooth 5.0 technology, it provides natural sound with extended bass using the 40mm speakers while feeling the convenience of hand-free. Worried about connecting Bluetooth every time? No way! It’s just a one-time pairing, and after that, only power on the headphones, and it will connect to the paired device automatically, and you start enjoying your favorite music.

Another good thing about this headphone is the LED lights. You can turn these on to tell others how great you are feeling. Also, you can turn these off to save the battery for more extended music play. You can attach the headphones with any compatible audio device for streaming music because of the braided cable.


      • Bluetooth 5.0 Embedded
      • Foldable to save the storage place
      • Colorful LED lights
      • Cat ear structure for fun
      • 40mm powerful speaker
      • Natural sound with extended bass
      • Manual switching for music play
      • Detachable cord for streaming music
      • Built-in microphone for answering calls
      • USB charge port
      • Stretchable headband
      • Cushioned Ear-pads


      • There is no voice cancellation feature.
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JYPS Unicorn Bluetooth Headphones for Kids


      • Brand: JYPS
      • Color: Pink & grey
      • Dimensions:6 x 19 x 6.4 cm
      • Weight: 300 Grams
      • Connectivity: Bluetooth, Wired
      • Connector Type:5mm Jack
      • Batteries: 1 Lithium Polymer battery (Included)
      • Standby Time: 60 days
      • Call Time: 6 hours
      • Music Time: 4-6 hours
      • Material: Plastic

This lovely Unicorn headphone is ideal for girls and teens for online study or music listening. The young girls over three years old love this sparkly unicorn, pink color, and soft cushioned earpads. Also, it comes with a nice Unicorn gift box and a shiny Unicorn Bracelet; the combination of all these makes it a perfect Unicorn gift for Unicorn lovers.

The best thing about this Bluetooth headphone is the extended battery timings. It takes up to 2 hours to full charge, and you can enjoy up to 6 hours of music and talk time. However, the Unicorn headphone is still lightweight and does not burden the kids’ heads even after prolonged use. And you can use it as an ordinary headphone using the detachable cord when you finish the battery power.

Another good thing about this headphone is the adjustable headband. Because of its stretchable headband, it tailors fit almost all head sizes and shapes. Also, the cushioned soft earpads give you a softness effect along with natural sound and Bass beats.


      • Unicorn theme headphone
      • Bluetooth 5.0 embedded
      • Detachable cord with 3.5mm jack
      • Long battery life
      • Fast charging
      • Wired & Wireless usage
      • Built-in Microphone
      • Unicorn gift box
      • Unicorn Braceleted included
      • Compatible with all audio devices
      • Stretchable headband
      • Shining diamonds on sides
      • BPA Free nontoxic materials
      • Impact Resistant
      • USB charging port
      • One year Warranty


      • It doesn’t come with a charger.
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Zapig Wireless Headphones for Kids 


      • Brand: ZAPIG
      • Color: Orange & Black
      • Dimensions: 16 x 12.45 x 8.64 cm
      • Weight: 280 Grams
      • Connectivity: Bluetooth, Wired
      • Noise Control: Sound Isolation
      • Cable Feature: Detachable
      • Battery: 450mAh Lithium battery
      • Battery Time: up to 8 hours
      • Bluetooth Range: 10 M
      • Micro SD card Slot: Yes

This Bluetooth headphone from Zapig is ergonomically designed with a stretchable length that fits all ages of kids and teens. Also, its foldable design and portable size makes it your first choice for outdoors and traveling. With CD-quality sound and clarity, it’s the first choice of music lovers.

If you want to know about its durability, it is made with rubber material free from BPA. You will find it scratch-less for a long time, even with kid’s rough and tough use because of its rubber quality. Also, kids love it because it is lightweight and do not feel any burden even after hours of use.

Bluetooth 5.0 is the best thing in this headphone. It is compatible with most audio devices and connects very quickly. Also, its massive  battery keeps you enjoying music for a long time. Still, want to listen to more music? Don’t worry! You can use it without batteries with the detachable cord using the Line-in mode. An ideal gift for young girls and boys as a Back-to-school gift.


      • Bluetooth 5.0 support
      • Made with BPA free material
      • Support TF Card
      • Support Line-in mode
      • 2 Aux-In Cable
      • Soft Ear-pads
      • Stretchable headband
      • Long battery life
      • Foldable & Portable design
      • Micro USB charging cable
      • Tangle-free 1.5M cable


      • The separate charger is not included in the package.
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Frequently Asked Questions about Headphones for kids

What do you mean by Volume Limiting?

To prevent the kids from hearing loss, it is advised to keep the volume levels up to certain levels. These levels are called the volume limits. Usually, kids’ Wireless headphones are held at the volume limit of 85dB, and wired headphones are kept at 95dB which is loud enough to focus on the voice even in busy areas. Not all kids’ headphones are concerned with the volume limits, but here we review only those headphones that claim to observe the volume limits.

Does your kid need special headphones?

With various researches, it has proved that sooner or later, we all face hearing problems. Also, it is found that kids can hear those frequencies that older ones cannot. Such hearing loss is because older one has exposed to high volume for a long time. Whereas it is not the case with kids. That is why it has been suggested through these researches that kids shouldn’t hear the high volumes. It started the need for special volume-limited headphones for kids to avoid a hearing loss for long time usage.

Does your kid need a Mic?

Most of the headphones have a built-in mic, and people connect their mobile phones with these headphones and take calls while on the go. However, it is not the case with kids’ headphones. Not every parent like a built-in microphone in their kid’s headphone as they don’t want their kids to talk on headphones. Most parents discourage their children from using their headphones to talk with their friends.

What should you consider while buying the best headphones for kids?

There are various factors that you should take into account while buying the best headphone for your kids. These factors include:

      • Cool design
      • Bright colors
      • Sturdy and impact resistant structure
      • Long cord if wired
      • Volume limited for hearing protection.
      • Cushioned ear pads
      • Stretchable headband
      • Built-in Mic if you allow your kid to take calls on headphones
      • Long battery time for Wireless headphones
      • The maximum coverage area for Wireless headphones
      • The detachable cord is optional.
      • SD card slot for Bluetooth headphones
      • Sharing port for music is optional.


What is the best age for kids to use headphones?

The toddlers are susceptible so are their hearings. So, you should avoid them with such hearing threats. The kids’ age three and above can use the headphone but make sure those headphones should have the volume limit protection. The high-volume levels can damage the toddlers hearing abilities. That is why manufacturers recommend ages three and above to use the headphones provided those are equipped with volume limit protection.