Best Kids Electric Range Rover Ride On Car on Amazon Reviewed

Are you looking for the best Christmas or birthday gift for your child? Why not give him an electric Ranger Rover this year? Below, we’ll review the best electric range rover ride on cars available on Amazon today.

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Best Kids Electric Range Rover Ride On Toys

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With the advances in technology today, kids are so lucky they can enjoy high-tech electric ride-on toys like the luxurious kids electric range rover. But the best thing about these toy cars is it also has a lot of benefits to your growing child. Before we start with our list, here are the benefits and the reasons why you should buy your toddler an outdoor toy like a kids ride on range rover!

Benefits of Kids Electric Range Rover Ride On Car

Driving is a very exciting activity not only for adults but for children too. Because it gives your child a sense of freedom, it can help your child relieve stress and anxiety. It gives your adventurous and curious child the opportunity to explore and experience the joy of driving. In addition, because it can be difficult to play inside the house, it can keep your child away from televisions and their phone. You can also build them tracks in your backyard and let them get healthy sunlight and fresh air!

One of the best benefits of ride-on toys like a kids range rover is that it can improve your child’s motor skills!

From grasping the steering wheels to moving the joystick, this toy has a lot of features that will help your child enhance these physical skills. In addition, it can also help your child enhance his balance, reflexes and hand-eye coordination.

Playing with electric cars also makes it easier for parents to teach children about driving and traffic rules.

When you teach your child how to use the toy and how to drive, you teach your child how to listen and follow instructions. This in turn can help your child become a better driver in the future. 

When your child drives his range rover, it also stimulates his/her imagination and creativity.

When children are playing with ride-on toys, they are usually imagining and playing make-believe too. This stimulation will not only nurture their creative thinking but can also foster several cognitive skills like their problem solving skills.

Last but not the least, there are versions like 2 seater electric ride-on toy cars that can encourage cooperative play.

Driving or racing with friends can teach your child about healthy competition and sportsmanship. In addition, when your child has mastered his/her toy this can build his confidence giving him the courage to talk and interact better with their friends. This can also help your child improve his social skills and communication.

Now that you know the benefits of ride-on toy range rovers for your child, here are the best ride on toy range rover cars  you can buy today on Amazon!

Best Kids Electric Range Rover Ride On Cars

Xootz 2 in 1 Kids Electric Range Rove  Ride  On  CarXootz, Range Rover Official Licensed 2-in-1 Electric Ride-On for Kids with Headlights and Sound Effects

Type: Electric Ride-On Car

Age level:  2+ yrs

What is great about this toy:  This toy range rover car is one of the most affordable ride-on toys on Amazon. 

What is not so great about this toy:  Measuring 49.9 x 43.6 x 78.5 cm, this toy is quite small. 

Xootz Kids Ride On Range Rover Review:

Xootz is a new company that creates toys like skateboards, scooters, and ride-on toys to encourage kids to play outdoors. In fact, their range rover ride-on toy has won a gold award at the Independent Toy Awards for the Ride On Category. In addition, this feature-packed toy is officially licensed and carries the official Range Rover logo. 

Xootz Kids Range Rover has a 1.7kh/h maximum speed powered by a 6V battery which is a suitable speed for younger drivers. One of the best things about this electric range rover for kids is it can be used as a push car too whenever the toy ran out of batteries. In addition, it also has an MP3 player and working front and rear lights to make your child’s playtime more entertaining.  

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Range Rover Convertible Kids’ Ride-On And Suit Case

RANGE ROVER TY6108BL Suitcase, Official Sport SVR Convertible Kids Ride On & Suit Case, Blue

Type: Convertible Range Rover Ride On Car

Age Level:2+

What is so great about this toy:

Not only is this convertible Range Rover Ride OnCar an excellent toy in itself, but it’s also perfect for traveling and storing toys to keep your kids entertained. Quick and easy conversion to either mode. Its size makes it acceptable as carry-on luggage for most flights.

What is not so great about this toy:

Fairly low weight limit of only 23 kilograms.


For traveling parents, it’s hard to beat the convertible Range Rover Ride On Car. It can serve both as a suitcase for your little one’s prized possessions, and can also be deployed as a Ride On Car. A simple press of a button on its front opens its storage space, and all you need to do is to extend the handle.

This stylish Range Rover Ride On Car slash suitcase comes in either blue, red, or white, and is beloved by car-mad kids and parents alike. If you aren’t sold yet, you should know that this product won the Right Start Awards and the Made For Mums Toy Awards in 2019.

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HOMCOM 3-in-1 Ride-On Car

HOMCOM 3-in-1 Ride On Car Foot To Floor Slider Toddler w/ Horn Steering Wheel NO POWER Manual Under Seat Storage Safe Design White

Type: 3-in-1 Ride-On Car

Age Level:1-3

What is so great about this toy:

Comes with a backrest to ensure comfort and allows parents to push the ride-on car. Very light and solid. Built-in automatic brakes stop kids from oversteering and falling over.

What is not so great about this toy:

Requires some assembly. Its steering wheel has grooves with sharp edges that can be blunted or taped over for kids with sensitive skin.


The first thing many parents note when buying the HOMCOM Range Rover Ride On Car is the horn. Kids are naturally drawn to the horn and enjoy honking and beeping as they stroll along on this toy. The HOMCOM’s wheels allow it to also serve as a sliding toy for kids who’d rather glide alongside their parents on walks and at play.

An internal storage compartment serves as easy storage for toys, candies, and other treasures. A comfortable polypropylene (PP) seat and a sturdy backrest ensure that your babies will have a smooth and cozy playtime when using the HOMCOM Ride On Car. Its maximum weight limit of 30 kilograms makes it tougher and sturdier than similar products on the market.

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Epicstuff UK 12V Evoque Kids Electric Jeep


Type: RC Range Rover

Age Level:3-6

What is so great about this toy:

Comes with a gearstick and pedal to let your kids drive, and can be configured to be driven via 2.4G Bluetooth parental controls. Powerful 35W electric twin motors allow the Epicstuff Range Rover to handle well even on rocky or grassy surfaces.

What is not so great about this toy:

Remote control Range Rovers are pricier than manual models. Requires batteries to operate.


The Epicstuff Electric Jeep Range Rover is very visually impressive, and even kids can appreciate its streamlined and luxurious look. With realistic opening doors, a fully-functional gearstick (forward and reverse), a “gas” pedal and a steering wheel, your kids will feel very grown-up when driving this RC Range Rover. It even comes with a suspension system, headlights, and an MP3 Player input!

For parents that prioritize safety, this remote control Range Rover includes 2.4G parental controls that work from up to 20 meters away, and are tuned so that there’s no frequency overlap with other Bluetooth devices. Comfortable leather seats and solid EVA rubber tires guarantee a smooth ride over any terrain for either two small kids at once or one older child.

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ToyStar Range Rover Ride On Car

Licensed Range Rover Ride On Car, Kids Foot To Floor, Toddler Evoque SUV, Sound Effects, Under Seat Storage

Type: Range Rover Ride On Car

Age Level:3+

What is so great about this toy: Assembly is quick and easy. Alloy steel construction makes for a sturdy and long-lasting toy.

What is not so great about this toy: Slightly more expensive than other items in the same price range. Steering wheel requires 2 AA batteries for sounds and music.


Modelled after a Range Rover Evoque, the Toystar Range Rover Ride On Car is notable for having great value for its price. Thick and hardy wheels with anti-slip treads keep the car stable even as your kid zooms around on it. Imaginative kids will have fun playing with the non-functional gearstick and side mirrors.

A storage compartment beneath the seat serves as storage for your kids’ toys, snacks, and other supplies. The car’s raised back supports its rider and a built-in anti-topple device serves as protection against leaning too far back. Best of all, the ToyStar Range Rover Ride On Car is very lightweight in spite of its construction.

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Ricco 12V Evoque Remote Control Range Rover Ride On Car

Licensed 12V Range Rover Evoque Kids Electric Ride On Car with MP3 and Remote Control - White

Type: Remote Control Range Rover

Age Level:2-5

What is so great about this toy: Starts up via key and includes engine sounds. Has an MP3 Player input for music and sounds. Gearstick has two forward gears and one reverse, and a seatbelt is included for more safety. Doesn’t require assembly.

What is not so great about this toy: Doesn’t perform well on slopes or uneven lawns and may even receive damage from doing so.


The Ricco 12V Evoque Remote Control Range Rover Ride On Car has it all: engine startup noises, working lights, a functional accelerator pedal, brakes with fully-functional suspension systems,  and a four-chanel remote control for parents.This white Range Rover both looks and feels like a miniature version of the real thing.

The Ricco teaches kids about road safety during playtime with its wing mirrors and seatbelt, but its wheels are equipped with grooves that prevent the Range Rover from slipping and sliding. This luxurious RC Range Rover is powered by a rechargeable 12V battery tucked safely away in its tough plastic and metal body. With a weight limit of 30 kilograms, the Ricco Remote Control Range Rover is sure to provide young kids with many happy memories of gliding smoothly along your yard.

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Angelis Black EVOQUE Range Rover Ride On Toy with Remote Control


Type: Electric Ride-On Car

Age level:3 -8 yrs

What is great about this toy: This range rover toy is available in 5 colors

What is not so great about this toy: This toy range rover Evoque doesn’t have doors. 

Toy Range Rover Evoque Review:

If you’re looking for a bigger children’s range rover but don’t want to break the bank then EVOQUE 12V Kids Electric Range Rover Ride On Car is the one for you!  This car is larger than Xootz range rover and suitable for older and larger toddlers. But when it comes to features it has more, from the more powerful motor and larger batteries to the parental remote control for your child’s safety

The Ride On Toy Range Rover EVOQUE 12V is made from high-quality materials like alloy steel and ethylene vinyl acetate. It is powered by 2 motors and a 12v battery. One of the best things about this toy is its Range Rover key replica that lets your child start the electric car with a realistic engine sound. It also can be connected to an MP3 player to play songs that your children love.


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Xootz Blue Kids Electric Range Rover

Xootz, Range Rover Electric Ride On, Sport SVR, Ride In Car with Push Handle option and Working Headlights, Blue

Type: Electric Ride-On Car

Age level:  3-8yrs

What is great about this toy:  This toy range rover has a powerful engine and can carry 2 children. 

What is not so great about this toy:  This kids range rover is expensive. 


If you’re looking for a unique kids’ range rover on Amazon, then Xootz Blue Electric Ride-On Range Rover is the one for you. That’s because this ride-on toy is 2 in 1, it has a push handle that lets parents push the toy range rover when it rans out of battery. In addition, thanks to the soft EVA foam wheels it can run smoothly up to 2.7km/h.

When it comes to entertainment, the Xootz Electric Ride-On Range Rover also have fun music your child can enjoy while drive. It also has functioning headlights and taillights and opening doors. 

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OutdoorToys Range Rover

OutdoorToys Ranger SUV Jeep Style 12v Child's Ride On Car with Parental Remote Control (White)

Type: Electric Ride-On Car

Age level: 3 – 6 years

What is great about this toy: The Outdoor Toys range rover toy has 3 forward speed options and 1 reverse.

What is not so great about this toy:  This outdoor toys electric car is slow and much more suitable for younger children


If you have a daughter who loves driving, then the OutdoorToys Range Rover is the best Christmas present you can buy for her. That’s because this toy doesn’t only come in an elegant white color. It also comes in a cute pink color your child will definitely love. In addition, it has 2 opening doors to make your child’s driving experience more realistic!

Just like the other toys in this list, the OutdoorToys Range Rover has all the safety features from a seat belt to the parental remote control. In addition, your child can cruise while playing his/her favorite music because of the included AUX sound system, MP3 player and USB input.

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Kids Range Rover Buying Tips

Now you’ve seen some of the best children’s range rover toy cars you can buy on Amazon today. Here are more tips to help you find the best ride-on toy for your developing child.

When it comes to ride-on toys, one of the most important things you should consider is safety.  That’s why all of the cars in this list are made from high quality materials and come with hand brakes and seat belts. In addition, almost all of the toys we recommend come with a parental remote control as an additional safety feature. It will let you control the speed, the direction and the emergency brakes whenever your child is over speeding. 

A children’s range rover has 4 wheels which makes it easy to balance. But you should also check it’s stability, if the toy is not too high to tilt and injure your child. Furthermore, always check the recommended age and its maximum weight limit to make sure it will not break apart while your child’s driving. 

Having some music and sound effects are great safety features too. It will let your child activate the horn to alert someone if they’re on his/her way. In addition, it will be great if you can find a ride-on toy that also has soft or rubber tires. This will make it safer for them to ride through bumpy gardens or smooth floors inside the house. 

FAQs about Kids Electric Range Rover Ride On Car

How many hours does an electric Range Rover battery last?

A 12v battery-powered range rover toy can last up to 2 hours depending on the usage of the toy. If your child will be playing music and tunes while driving it can go down to 1 hour.  

How fast does a 12v Kids Range Rover go?

Most of the ride-on range rovers powered by 12v batteries can go up to 5mph. For a larger children’s range rover that has 24v batteries, it can run longer and faster up to 7 mph.

At what age can a toddler ride a Kids Electric Range Rover?

The recommended age for driving ride-on toys is 3 years and up. That’s because by the age of 3 most children have developed their physical skills needed for driving. This includes motor skills, reflexes, and hand-eye coordination. In addition, kids at this age are more curious and adventurous making them want to explore the outdoors as well. 

Is it safe for children to drive a Toy Range Rover?

Although most of the toys in this list are durable and stable, you should always make sure that your child wears a helmet whenever he/she drives. Also, you should never allow them to drive on steep terrain or bumpy roads, especially without parental supervision. 

 How long does it take to assemble a kids range rover toy car?

It will take you around 15-20 minutes to assemble a range rover ride-on car. It is pretty easy too because most of these toys are already assembled. You just need to attach the tires, steering wheels, and other accessories. But if you have a hard time trying to assemble your child’s toy, some companies have Youtube tutorials to make the process easier for you.