Best remote control car for a 4-year old in the UK

When looking for the best remote control car for a 4-year-old, you need to think about safety, ease of use, and price. Before you buy the remote control car for your 4-yar old,  you need to decide whether it is really for them or is it for you?. We all know the big kid that playing with their children’s toy’s and enjoys them more than their children.

There are a few things to consider when introducing remote control vehicles for your 3-4-year-old toddler. Is my adequate for a youngster driving around with his newly found possession? What about the vase I got from my auntie? Is that situated in a high enough place? And what will our dog think? Although these are all relevant things to take into consideration – nothing we can say or recommend in this review, can ever solve those kind of headaches for you. Remote control cars for toddlers, drives fast and will definitely make some noise. The thing is however, your kid will cherish the remembrance of the toy for years on end. Best of luck shopping for your kids new best friend – a remote control car!

Best Remote Control Cars for Kids

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UIGJIOG Remote Controlled Jeep -Willys 

UIGJIOG Electric Remote Controlled Car RC 1/6 Jeep Willys 1941 MB Scaler Model Car Climbing

As you can see from the picture that this is a good looking remote control jeep, and easy to control. Being Official Licensed from Willys, means that this is not a cheap 5 pound knock-off, and will have great build quality. The company selling these says if you put good batteries in the car the faster it will go with a speed up to   10MPH and a range around 30 feet.


    • Independent suspension
    • Easy to use
    • Rear wheel drive
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Monster Jam Monster Trucks 

Monster Jam Authentic 2 Pack, 1:64 Scale Die-Cast Monster Trucks (Styles Vary)

This next kids remote control car is a great one, good for off road on gravel and short grass. A great feature with such a cheap toy is that it has a Rechargeable Battery, so your not buying batteries all the time. Comes with rubber Tyre so you get the ultimate grip rather than crappy plastic ones.

This RC monster truck is recommend for 3+, but this one would be fun if your a lot older than that. The only problem i see with this is the remote, although a good one, children have trouble with these types or remotes.


    • Rechargeable Battery
    • Anti-skid, Strong Grip
    • Run time 10-15 minutes
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Baztoy Remote Control Car -360°Rotation 

Baztoy Remote Control Car, Kids Toys Wall Stunt Cars Dual Modes 360°Rotation RC Cars Vehicles Toys Children Games Funny Gifts Cool Gadgets for Boys Girls Teenagers Adults, BlackThis wall climbing car is more unique than the other, as it says in the title this is a wall climbing car, yes you read that right wall climbing. Any child would love this no matter what age they are, something they have not seen before will surprise them.


    • 360 degree rotating
    • Break lights
    • Unique


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SZJJX Remote Control Car -360° Flips

SZJJX Remote Control Car 2 in 1 Tire Switching RC Stunt Cars 4WD 2.4Ghz Double Sided Rotating Vehicles 360° Flips, Kids Toy Trucks with Headlights for Boys 4-7 8-12

Stunt remote control car that flips over and keeps going is a popular amongst young children. As they can crash it, and it just flips over and keeps going. Which makes it easier for 4 year old to control. This one also does 360 spins, and is a great car to go for.


    • Can drive in water
    • 20 minutes play time
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SainSmart Jr. Transformation Robot Car 

SainSmart Jr. RC Transformation Robot Car, Remote Control Action Deformation Figure, Shape-shift Model Car, One Touch Transforming

If you really want the best remote control car for 4 year old then this is the one for you. This car is my personal  favorite one, transforming into a car in just a click of a button. You can see from the picture this is a great looking car. Although more expensive than the others we have mentioned your 4 year old kid will have fun with this on their birthday or Christmas.


    • One Button Transforming
    • Last up for 20-30mins
    • 30-40 meters distance control
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When looking for the best remote control car for 4-year-old in the uk, you need to think about your budget as these remote control cars can get fairly expensive. For some people that may not be a problem but for a lot of people, it is that’s why we put this article together for people to find affordable toys.

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