Top 5: Best 2-Seater Electric Ride-On Cars for Kids

Check out our own Top 5 best 2-seater electric ride-on cars for kids and plan that birthday or holiday with these best picks. When it comes to your child’s cognitive, social and emotional, and fine and gross motor skill development, it will not hurt to combine pleasure and fun with learning. This makes their journey more exciting and filled with surprises.

You can benefit a lot from these electric/battery-powered ride-on cars. In fact, a technical report reveals that with creative use and customized modifications, toy cars, both electrical and mechanical, can function as a “general learning environment” that you can use at home or even in schools.

These toy cars for kids and toddlers have the potential to improve not only a child’s mobility but address posture and movement impairments. What more can you ask for?

Top 5 Best 2-Seater Electric Ride-On Cars for Kids: Key Benefits

It is no longer just about encouraging exercise and physical activity. These ride-on cars for toddlers and kids can teach leg and arm coordination as well as improve creativity.

Also, ride-on cars can promote independent play and help kids learn how to operate them themselves. Without being aware of it, they begin to make decisions so they can properly drive the toy.

Consequently, they develop their self-confidence as well. This is an important aspect that every child must learn in their early years so they can have the freedom to do what they want to in the future – when it is time for them to make decisions on their own.

Finally, when you teach them how to ride these toys, certainly, they need to increase their skills in understanding and following instructions. This is an important attitude as well when they become adults.

Ride-on cars for toddlers and kids can be heavy and most are motorized. Be sure to be there to guide your child as they learn the complexities of their vehicle.

Practice caution from the very beginning. Ensure that your kid(s) will fit in any of these top 5 best 2-seater electric ride-on cars for kids to avoid delays or problems in your child’s playtime.


Kids’ 2-Seater 12V Electric Ride-On Car: Wrangler Style Jeep 4X4 Red

Kids 2 Seater 12v Electric / Battery Ride on Car / Wrangler Style Jeep 4X4 Red

Type: Kids’ Electric Ride-Ons

Age level: 3 to 6 years

What is great about this toy: Great on uneven gravel and hilly grass with a reliable remote control

What is not so great about this toy: Some assembly instructions may be a bit confusing but they are clear enough that you should be able to eventually work them out.


This Kids’ 2-seater 12V electric ride-on car Wrangler style Jeep 4X4 features 12V powerful twin motors that provide extra torque on less perfect surfaces such as grass or gravel driveways. It has a double seat that can suit two younger children, depending on their size, or one older child.

Also, this ride-on car comes with two-speed settings. Your child can drive with just the torque and at a lower speed, or higher speed on flat surfaces.

Aside from seatbelt, it has a parental remote control that can operate from up to around 20 m away and controls forwards/reverse and moves the steering wheel left and right. Certainly, a great safety measure for your little driver.

Other great features include the four buttons on the steering wheel that can produce sounds and music, front headlights that light up when the car is in motion, and an MP3 player input that has a volume control.

The electric/battery-powered car’s dashboard-mounted battery meter is also a great way to indicate how much time your child has left to drive the car around. Charge time is 10 hours for a full charge runtime.

Watch your child navigate through lawns, grass, firm gravel, or any flat surface as they both enjoy and learn from the experience.

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Epic Play Ltd Kids’ 2-Seater SV Roadster Sports Car

Epic Play Ltd Kids 2 seater SV Roadster sports car 12V Battery Electric Ride on Car with Remote Control - Black

Type: Kids’ Electric Ride-Ons

Age level: 3 to 6 years

What is great about this toy: Great attention to detail – with Lamborghini badges on the wheels, disk brakes, head rests, and steering wheel

What is not so great about this toy: No instructions to set up the parental control but you can always find a video online


This Epic Play Ltd kids’ 2-seater SV Roadster sports car is one of the hottest in our Top 5 best 2-seater electric ride-on cars for kids that comes in an elegant black colour with a great parental remote control.

Your child can drive this battery-powered, ride-on electric car through the normal in-car controls by using the gearstick and pedal. For parents, you can opt to use the parental control to operate the car in forward and reverse gears and turn the steering wheel left and right. The remote is not subject to any interference because it is a 2.4G Bluetooth type.

Also, the car has realistic opening doors and comes with a cable that plugs into the dashboard. This allows an MP3 player or any other device that has a headphone socket to be plugged in, and the music played through the car’s speaker. However, plugging in a device will disable the in-car sounds.

The two-seater feature will depend on the size of the kids so please be sure to check first. The seats’ size is 34 cm x 17 cm per seat section.

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Model Car 2-Seater 12V Kids’ Ride-On Electric Truck

Model Car Seater 12V Kids Ride On Car Electric Truck Motorized Vehicles Child Two-seat Four-wheel Electric Car W/Remote Control Battery Powered, LED Lights, Suspension, Music, Horn Exclusive Collectib

Type: Kids’ Electric Ride-Ons

Age level: 3 to 8 years

What is great about this toy: One of the largest electric ride-on cars in the market for a more comfortable ride experience

What is not so great about this toy: More expensive than the others in our Top 5 best 2-seater electric ride-on cars for kids – but comes with added features and in a much bigger size!


This Model Car 2-seater 12V kids’ ride-on electric truck is a great birthday or holiday gift for your adventurous child. While it is more expensive than the rest of our Top 5 best 2-seater electric ride-on cars for kids, it offers a larger space for more comfortable riding experience.

With a 135 x 86 x 85 cm (L x W x H) size, kids who are 3 to 8 years older can enjoy this electric ride-on truck that is made of non-toxic raw materials. The maximum load is 50 kg and the length of use is around 1 hour. The charging time is 10 hours.

Key features include engine start and horn sounds, wheels with spring suspension for a smooth ride, and volume adjustable aux for playing music. A four-wheel drive with LED lights and hot black and red colour combination, this big toy is worthy of your extra budget.

Ideal for both outdoor and indoor playing, it also comes with parental remote control, gamepad mode, and features a double door design for increased child safety. Certainly, kids will have fun driving this big toy car without having to worry about limited space.

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OutdoorToys Licenced Defender 24V 4WD Battery-Operated Ride-On Pickup Style Jeep

OutdoorToys Licensed Defender 24V* 4WD Battery Operated Ride On Pickup Style Jeep with 2.4G Pareental Remote Control - Green

Type: Kids’ Electric Ride-Ons

Age level: 3 years and up

What is great about this toy: Strong enough to roam around lawns and flexible enough to climb a curb 

What is not so great about this toy: Can be tricky to start but the controller can override anything the child does


This OutdoorToys licensed Defender 24V, 4WD battery-operated ride-on pickup style Jeep is available in green and orange colours. This is a miniature version that symbolizes durability, built to withstand sustained impact just like its real-life counterpart.

The Defender is an icon and this will not disappoint. It boasts of instantly recognisable appearance as well as impressive parts specifications. The price is in the middle bracket of our Top 5 best 2-seater electric ride-on cars for kids.

It is a licenced electric ride-on car for toddlers and kids with a 2.4G parental remote control, forward and reverse gears, LED lights, and working suspension system. It even has upgraded EVA noise reduction tyres.

Before charging the toy for first-time use, be sure to connect the battery. You may need to remove a plastic safety cover before charging. Note that the toy has a safety cut off so it will not work while the charger is plugged in.

Since the pickup is made from moulded plastic, expect irregularities in its built – such as dents, as there are unavoidable issues that usually happen during the manufacturing process. Overall, based on the feedback of previous customers, this is certainly worthy to be included in your birthday or holiday shopping list.

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Kids’ Electric Car 2-Seater Mercedes AMG GT

Kids Electric Car Two-Seater Mercedes AMG GT EVA Tires, Leather Seat, Shock Absorber

Type: Kids’ Electric Ride-Ons

Age level: 3 years and up

What is great about this toy: Elegant workmanship and is officially licenced by Mercedes

What is not so great about this toy: Need to purchase the battery separately


This kids’ electric car 2-seater Mercedes AMG GT is the perfect symbol of elegance and its white colour improves its overall aesthetic appeal. Licenced by Mercedes, it is a children’s electric, two-seater car with leather seat and EVA tyres for kids aged 3 years and up.

Some of the key features include MP3, USB connectors, multi-function steering wheel, and music effects. Also, the car has front and rear headlights, daytime running lights, opening doors, and shock absorbers.

It features two 35W electric motors, a 12V battery of 4,5 Ah, and a maximum speed of 6 km/hour. With a dimension of 117 x 74 x 49 cm (L x W x H), the car can accommodate a maximum load of 50 kg. The battery indicator allows parents to monitor how many minutes of playtime are there left before the next charge. Travel time is up to 1.5 hours.

Certainly, this is an all-in-one ride-on car that promises a fun and memorable riding experience.

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Taking Care of These Top 5 Best 2-Seater Electric Ride-On Cars for Kids

One of the key problems parents usually have to deal with toys such as these is normal wear and tear. In fact, some even have shorter lifespans due to unrepairable damage.

If you want your child to have more time playing with their electric ride-on car, be sure to practice these simple maintenance tips:

  • Follow the manufacturer’s advice about full charging before first use. More than that, read the instruction manual (if there is) before doing anything.
  • Never leave it unattended when charging.
  • Avoid charging it for more than 12 hours.
  • In cases where they will not be in use, charge at least once a month. This prevents the battery from being depleted or damaged.
  • Consequently, disconnect the battery when not in use. Better yet, cover with a cloth or sheet to prevent the accumulation of dust.
  • Clean with a damp cloth and wipe stains gently.
  • Store in a clean, dry place.

Follow these tips and your child will surely spend longer years driving their ride-on car and creating happy memories with you!


Frequently Asked Questions for 2-Seater Electric Ride-On Cars

1. At what age can children play electric ride-on cars?

The normal age is 3 years old but there are electric ride-on cars that are designed for 1-year-olds. Be sure that the child is coordinated enough to stay sitting up and holding on to the toy especially while moving. At 12 to 15 months, babies start developing the skills they need to use a ride-on toy.

If they have older siblings and the ride-on car has enough space for two, then with parental guidance, toddlers can certainly enjoy driving 12-V ride-on toys.

2. Why are electric ride-on cars with remote control important?

Having a remote control is perfect especially for younger kids or toddlers. This allows parents to control the movement of the car without having to disrupt the driving experience of your little one. Most noteworthy, it guarantees safety on the part of the child and peace of mind on the part of the parent.

3. How do I solve an electric ride-on car that is not charging?

First, batteries normally have a limited lifespan. If the battery of the ride-on car is already more than two years old, it may be time to replace it. If it is new, note that even if you are not using your car, the battery still slowly loses charge.

In some cases, batteries left for too long can no longer be repaired. This is why manuals state to regularly charge the battery to prevent such loss of capacity. Do not also allow it to be discharged.

Also, check if you have exposed your battery to moisture or a humid environment. Thus, ensure that you store it in a dry, room-temperature area.

4. What is the cause of an electric ride-on car that is not working?

When an electric ride-on car is not working, it is important to diagnose the real problem since this may be due to several possible causes. Some of these include battery issues, connection problems with some parts of the vehicle, a problem with controller and motor, and shorted switches, which can cause real damage to the toy.

5. Can I buy electric ride-on car spare parts?

Yes, you can buy electric ride-on car spare parts in various stores, including Amazon.  You can search based on your budget or preferred brand. Be sure to give the exact specifications or better yet, bring the car to a nearby repair shop so you can see the actual replacement products and check on-site if they will fit the ride-on car.