Kids Sizes: Goalkeeper Gloves for Your Active Ones

We have compiled for you a wide range of kids’ sizes – goalkeeper gloves that you can choose from if you are looking for that perfect birthday or holiday gift. When looking at best junior goalkeeper gloves or youth size goalie gloves, it is best to make a summary of the features that the receiver would be most comfortable with.

Certainly, for younger users like your kid(s) or what we describe as the more inexperienced goalkeepers or beginners, finding the perfect pair can be tricky and difficult in some way.

Main Parts of Kids Sizes: Goalkeeper Gloves

Here’s an overview for those who have little to no background about this important soccer/football gear. You can look at the main parts of a glove when checking out the variations of goalkeeper gloves:

  • Palm. Aside from grip, kids’ sizes goalkeeper gloves may fare better if there is less grip so it can help them improve their saving ability. Gloves that have less grip tend to be more durable as well.
  • Finger Protection. The fingers need to have enough room because this can affect the player’s performance and protect the gloves as well. Some of the most common damages include blowouts or holes. Some goalkeeper gloves for kids can feature finger spines. Plastic spines are inserted into the glove’s backhand. This helps avoid injuries when learning techniques and handling the ball.
  • Cut. A glove’s cut should be appropriate in such a way that the player can grip the ball well because it fits perfectly on their hand. Does your child have long or wide fingers? What about their palms? An ergonomic glove can provide additional comfort and more control because it can follow the hand’s natural shape.
  • Backhand. This aspect impacts punching ability, cushioning as well as breathability. The backhand connects to the palm via the glove body or finger gussets. These gussets are the inner mesh lining that helps improve overall glove fit. It may feature embossed latex or silicon elements or incorporate an air vent system. Some have mesh patches.
  • Closure System. A lot of available closure systems are available in the market. The most common is using a Velcro wrist strap together with an elastic wrist cuff to secure a goalkeeper glove.

Best Goalkeeper Gloves: Size Guide

Expect variations in the sizes of various brands. Buying that perfect pair will largely depend on having accurate measurements of the user’s hand size.

Junior Goalkeeper Gloves’ Sizes:

  • Size 4 (6 to 8 years):    15.5 cm
  • 5 (6 to 8 years):            16 cm
  • 6 (9 to 12 years):          16.5 cm
  • 7 (9 to 12 years):          17 cm
  • 8 (13+ years):                18 cm

Senior Goalkeeper Gloves’ Sizes:

  • 9 (medium adult):        19 cm
  • 10 (large adult):            20 cm
  • 11 (extra large adult):  21 cm

Kids’ sizes for goalkeeper gloves mostly fall between 4 and 6 sizes but the final product should be based on the child’s hand measurement. Bigger kids may require senior sizes. Also, too small or too big gloves may affect their learning/development curve. Be sure to measure both of your kid’s hands and order the bigger size to be on the safe side.

You can get the best estimate glove size by measuring from the base of the palm to the middle finger’s tip. This will at least help ensure that the gloves will provide a safe fit for the player’s hands.

Kids Sizes: Goalkeeper Gloves

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Tottenham Hotspur Goalkeeper Gloves 

Tottenham Hotspur FC Official Football Gift Boys Goalkeeper Goalie Gloves

Type: Sports Fan Soccer Equipment

Age level: 5 to 16 years

What is great about this product: Generous fit with a good amount of padding for hand protection

What is not so great about this product: May appear smaller than expected for some


These Tottenham Hotspur FC official football kids and youth goalkeeper gloves come in colors blue and navy blue with adjustable Velcro wrist fastening. You will also find crest and text print on each glove.

The pair comes in two sizes. The smaller one is for children aged 5 to 10 years while the bigger one is for kids and young adults aged 10 to 16 years. However, sizes may always vary depending on the hand measurement of the user. Do not forget to double-check the approximate size your child requires.

The product that you will receive will look exactly like what is on the picture so you do not need to worry about dealing with such confusion.

It is one of the most affordable kids’ sizes goalkeeper gloves in the market but is subject to wear and tear so try to handle it with care for longer use.

Celebrate with the Tottenham Hotspur Football Club (THFC) in this pair of youth size goalie gloves/junior goalkeeper gloves. As the first and, to date, the only non-league side to win the FA Cup in 1901, your child will surely feel the excitement and adrenalin that comes with wearing the club’s symbol of prestige and world-class triumphs.

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Sportout Kids Goalkeeper Gloves

Sportout Kids Junior Goalkeeper Gloves, Boys and Girls Training Gloves with Double Wrist Protection and Non-slip Wear Resistant Latex Material to Give Splendid Protection to Prevent Injuries (5, Blue)Type: Goalkeeping Gloves

Age level: 5 to 12 years

What is great about this product: With really good grip and padding; perfect fit especially for girls 

What is not so great about this product: Biggest available size may be small for some 12-year-olds so hand measurement is recommended prior to purchase


These Sportout kids’/junior goalkeeper gloves are perfect for both boys and girls who are beginning to love football/soccer. The pair features double wrist protection and non-slip wear-resistant latex material to provide ample protection and prevent possible injuries.

Also, the opening design of the wrist makes it easier for the child to wear them. The mesh design keeps the palms breathable and comfortable, especially during playtime. Finally, the softback offers more flexibility for catching the ball.

This pair is made of high-quality materials in vibrant green colour (also available in other colours such as blue and pink).

The pair comes in three sizes: 5, for palm length of 6.3 inches, 6, for palm length 6.8 inches, and 7, for palm length 7.2 inches. Please refer to the first part of this article for details of hand measurement.

Normally, Size 5 is ideal for kids aged 7 to 9 years while sizes 6 or 7 are the ideal youth size goalie gloves of kids aged 10 to 12. Again, it will greatly depend on the kid’s height and consequently, the size of their hands. Also, expect slight variations in sizes among manufacturers.

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 Barcelona Football Goalkeeper Gloves

FC Barcelona Official Football Gift Boys BARCA Goalkeeper Goalie GlovesType: Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves

Age level: 5 to 16 years

What is great about this product: Soft, comfortable, and easy to put on

What is not so great about this product: Stocks run out fast – so check them out now!


These FC Barcelona official football goalkeeper/goalie gloves come in claret and blue colors with adjustable Velcro wrist fastening similar to common kids’ sizes – goalkeeper gloves.

Note that they are not waterproof materials. The finger webbing is fabric but the top is man-made leather material.

With regular use, they may eventually suffer damage. To avoid wearing the pair out, consider buying two pairs so your child can alternately use them, thus prolonging their lifespan.

The pair comes in two sizes. The smaller one is for children aged 5 to 10 years while the bigger one is for kids and young adults aged 10 to 16 years. However, sizes may always vary depending on the hand measurement of the user. Do not forget to double-check the approximate size your child requires.

If the smallest size is too big for your child, as long as they enjoy wearing them and there is room for them to grow, eventually, they would fit perfectly into their hands. Just order the bigger size once you are sure of your child’s hand measurements.

In this way, you can avoid having to return them if they do not fit or worry about the gloves being too tight for your child’s hands.

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Arsenal Football Kids Goalkeeper  Gloves

Arsenal FC Official Football Gift Boys Goalkeeper Goalie GlovesType: Sports Fan Soccer Equipment

Age level: 5 to 16 years

What is great about this product: A great-looking pair that promises perfect fit 

What is not so great about this product: A bit thinner than other kids’ sizes goalkeeper gloves in the market


These Arsenal FC official youth and junior goalkeeper gloves are for Arsenal fans out there who are looking for something that can be worn everywhere – whether playing the sport or just showing their love for their favorite club.

Similar to other goalie gloves, this pair boasts of a red and blue design with adjustable Velcro wrist fastening. It comes in full color AFC crest and text print on each glove.

For kids aged 5 to 10 years, order the smaller size. For youth aged 10 to 16 years, the bigger size will do. Sizes may vary depending on the hand of the user so it is always recommended to verify the estimated size that would fit your kid’s hands.

The pair may be slightly big for a normal seven-year-old but once kids begin to love something, there’s no taking the fun out from them.

In terms of quality, the pair is very well made and a fantastic gift idea for all occasions. The foam pads may not be as par as your expectations, but as official junior goalkeeper gloves, they are designed with quality and comfort in mind for the wearer. Worth checking out!

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Sportout  Goalkeeper Gloves 

Sportout Youth Adult Goalie Goalkeeper Gloves,Strong Grip for The Toughest Saves,with Finger Spines to Give Splendid Protection to Prevent Injuries(5,Black)Type: Goalkeeping Gloves

Age level: 5 years and up

What is great about this product: A wide range of sizes for both kids and adults plus a world-leading brand that spells quality and durability

What is not so great about this product: Pack does not come with wrist guards/bands so purchase separately.


These Sportout youth size goalie gloves have bigger sizes than the other pair included in our list. Purchase them if you are looking for junior goalkeeper goals that can help you achieve the toughest saves because of their strong grip. Besides, the unique cut design allows for the best ball-contact possible.

The new backbone finger system of this pair helps players prevent the occurrence of hyper-extended finger injuries, which happen in trainings or competitions. For more cushioning protection to your kid’s palm, the super thick padded latex foam can do the trick.

Also, it features a double-designed wristband whose lining layer is elastic and whose outer part is close-fitting Velcro bandage with stretch-strap. This offers more secure protection and helps prevent sprained wrists.

Depending on color availability, the pair comes in six sizes. Sizes 5 and 6 for kids’ sizes goalkeeper gloves and sizes 7 to 10 for senior or youth size goalie gloves. Please refer to the first part of this article for details of hand measurement.

In elegant colors of white mixed with black, blue, or red, these durable and comfortable Sportout products belong to the best goalkeeper gloves being sold in the market.

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Liverpool  Football  Goalkeeper Gloves

Type: Goalkeeping Gloves

Age level: 5 to 16 years

What is great about this product: Promises perfect fit for your child’s hands

What is not so great about this product: Depending on the usage, can show signs of wear and tear


These Liverpool FC official kids’/youth size goalkeeper gloves feature a red and black design with adjustable Velcro wrist fastening and a Liverpool Football Club crest and text print on each glove.

Similarly, the pair comes in two sizes. One is for kids aged 5 to 10 years while the other is for those aged 10 to 16 years.

The most common problem parents encounter when buying kids’ sizes goalkeeper gloves is that the pair is either too small or too big for their child’s hands. To avoid this, do not forget to measure the recipient’s hands based on the size guide that is shown at the beginning of this article to ensure a perfect fit.

Promising high-quality materials and design, your child would surely have fun wearing gloves that bear the logo of one of the most popular football clubs in the UK and the world. Most noteworthy, these junior goalkeeper gloves show a clear Liverpool print that can boost the confidence of any player out there.

The price is worth it – given that you often have to pay for more for team merchandise. This pair does the job without requiring you to spend too much.

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Blok-iT Goalkeeper Gloves

Type: Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves

Age level: 6 years and up 

What is great about this product: With padded goalkeeper protection and improved breathable material that reduces sweating for kids and adults alike; can hold up well for a longer period of time

What is not so great about this product: The length of the thumb may feel slightly too long but does not hinder the pair’s protection in any way.


These Blok-iT adult and junior goalkeeper gloves offer a complete array of sizes for the whole family. They are available from size 4, the smallest size, to size 11, the biggest one. Also, you can choose from several goalkeeper gloves colors: black and white, blue, fluorescent yellow, green, orange, pink, and red.

The gloves ensure added protection and grip during ball handling. Other key advantages include waterproof feature, padded protection to reduce or minimize the chances of injuries, breathable materials that reduce sweating, and tight, secure, and comfortable fit with quick-release wrist support.

For safer sports gear, the manufacturer has ensured to include the following:

  • Tough shielding on the back of the goalie gloves to reduce damage from impacts with the ball or ground
  • Finger saver protection to reduce the risk of strains and overextension during saving
  • Secure wrist closures to hold the goalie gloves securely in place and protect the wrist area in the process

Suitable for all ages – boys and girls, and men and women – these might be some of the best goalkeeper gloves yet that you can find in the market. Certainly, a fantastic product for a great price.

These gloves will not disappoint you and have even surprised many of their buyers for being able to withstand regular use. Save yourself the trouble of failed purchases by investing in these perfect finds.

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Brace Master  Goalkeeper Gloves

Type: Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves

Age level: 9 years and up

What is great about this product: Cool design and offers comfortable fit, stable grip, and perfect protection for the fingers

What is not so great about this product: Needs a little push in getting them off – but certainly, the positives outweigh this inconvenience.


These Brace Master goalie gloves for youth & adults are specially designed for training and minor matches. Aside from excellent quality, these goalkeeper gloves boast of cool appearance, stable grip, and perfect protection. While there are some finger saves inside, you will still find them flexible to use.

True to the brand’s promise of protecting your health while helping you improve your performance in the sport, they are perfect gift ideas for kids aged 9 years and up. Even the adults can get themselves a pair for more bonding moments with the whole family.

The goalkeeper gloves have anti-slip and wear-resistant 3M German latex on top of 3 mm foam for maximum impact support and grip and better ball control. Also, the gloves have a double-design wristband that helps protects the wrist of the user.

Users have been amazed at how their gloves have held up well for several months. Add to that the fact that they do not stink nor do they cause your hands to get sweaty.

You can choose from several colors: black and white, black-green, black-red, blue-orange, and red-white; and from sizes 7 to 11. Please refer to the size guide at the beginning of this article to ensure that you are getting the right size.

You can rely on these senior and junior goalkeeper gloves to be reliable partners in improving each player’s defensive skills, concentration, self-protection, and relationship with other players.

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Renegade Goalkeeper Gloves 

Type: Goalkeeping Gloves

Age level: 6 to 13 years

What is great about this product: Superior looking gloves – comfortable and well-padded

What is not so great about this product: The top section of where the fingers are can show wear and tear depending on frequency of use


These Renegade GK Talon kids’ sizes goalkeeper gloves with microbe-guard are some of the best goalkeeper gloves in terms of finger protection and punch performance. They promise reliable grip, durability, protection, and comfort. The Talon Series in particular feature Endo-Tek pro fingersaves, DuraTek 4 mm latex backhand, and 3D Airmesh body.

You can choose between sizes 5 and 8 and pick your preferred color between the black Cyclone 2 XD (roll cut) and the white Mirage XD (flat cut).

The Renegade GK Talon series is the first antimicrobial pre-treated goalie gloves brand. The treatment kills 99.9% of bacteria, mold, fungi, and other microbes. Thus, it provides long-term residual protection from 3 up to 12 months. Non-toxic and gentle to human skin, your kid is safe with a pair of these junior goalkeeper gloves.

All Talon gloves use high-performance German Hyper Grip latex. Their removable Pro-Tek Pros fingersave will not bend backward, guaranteeing protection at all times.

Regardless of play level, the brand promises 100% satisfaction guaranteed. With an innovative design and a trusted name in this industry, the Renegade GK Talon kids’ sizes goalkeeper gloves can make a big difference in the player’s performance. Your kid will surely love owning a pair of these revolutionary goalkeeper gloves.

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Mitre Junior Magnetite Goalkeeper Gloves

Type: Goalkeeping Gloves

Age level: 5 to 12 years

What is great about this product: Good fit and offers decent protection for little hands

What is not so great about this product: Plastic may smell strong especially when first used


If you are looking for kids’ sizes goalkeeper gloves for your child, these Mitre Junior Magnetite goalkeeper gloves are worth checking out. The pair, which comes in a combined blue, cyan, and yellow color, is ideal for kickabout use in the back garden. Nothing too heavy and just the perfect companion for little hands.

Its flat palm construction is built with 3 mm latex palm and EVA backhand. It also features embossed palm details and air mesh thumb for improved breathability, plus a fully elasticated cuff with a wraparound strap to secure your gloves.

To ensure an optimum fit for these kids’ sizes goalkeeper gloves, make sure to follow the manufacturer’s size guide before placing your order.

Take a look at the mitre guide below to find out the perfect glove size for your intended recipient:

Junior Sizes:

  • Size 4:    60-67 mm
  • 5:            67-73 mm
  • 6:            73-79 mm

Measure across the width of the palm – excluding the thumb – to ensure a perfect glove fit. Try not to miss this step as their size chart seems pretty accurate. The best bet would be to probably buy the bigger size to be on the safe side.

For the ultimate grip and the softest touch, check out the Mitre junior goalkeeper gloves.

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Kids’ Sizes – Goalkeeper Gloves: Taking Care of Them

Similar to any other sports gear, you have to take some steps if you want that pair of goalkeeper goalies to stand the test of use. Consequently, they will inevitably deteriorate when used more often.

Pre-wash the gloves before using them for the first time. During play, occasionally dampen the palms of the gloves with water. Using a damp cloth, quickly wipe them after every use before allowing them to dry naturally. If needed, wash immediately in warm water (not exceeding 30 degrees Celsius).

Avoid using detergents in cleaning them and exposing them to direct heat sources and sunlight when not in use. Also, avoid pulling the gloves on with the strap to prevent stitching damage.

Finally, with constant use and depending on various external factors, your goalkeeper gloves may eventually suffer from wear and tear. You can prolong the lifespan of the gloves by making a wise decision from the beginning – and this is where our review of the kids’ sizes goalkeeper gloves will come in handy.


Frequently Asked Questions for Goalkeeper Gloves

How do I know what size of goalkeeper gloves do I need to purchase?

The best way to measure your kid’s hand size is to measure the length of the hand from the tip of the child’s middle finger to the end of their palm. The general rule that most people follow is to round up and add one size. Thus, a hand measurement of 6 inches would be a size 7.

What are goalkeeper gloves made of?

Goalkeeper gloves are generally made of various materials including polyurethane, leather-like material, and a wide range of latex grades. More than 200 types of gloves are available in the market but what differentiates one from the others is the grip. The softer the latex, the better the grip.

Harder latex means better endurance. On the other hand, thicker latex means better protection and thinner one means more ball control. Some latex is more expensive than others while some can help you in varying weather conditions.

What is fingersave goalkeeper gloves?

Fingersave is the other name for finger protection for goalkeeper gloves. Buying them has its pros and cons. If your child wants to strengthen their fingers, wearing non-fingersave gloves is ok. However, during actual games, we recommend wearing fingersave goalkeeper gloves to ensure your child gets added finger protection.

What is negative cut goalkeeper gloves?

This cut is suitable for kids with slender hands or goalkeepers who prefer a tight-fitting pair of gloves. If the glove you purchased is stitched correctly, the user will not feel the stitching inside. Due to the nature of this cut, gloves using this style will wear slightly faster than roll finger, for example.

What is roll finger goalkeeper gloves?

Roll finger goalkeeper gloves are one of the most popular and traditional cuts. These gloves do not use gussets and their backhand is linked to the palm. While this cut offers a more comfortable feel, some may view it as bulkier vs. negative type gloves.

How long do goalkeeper gloves last?

To parents out there, goalie gloves are perishable. The latex palms will eventually wear and tear over time. An average goalkeeper may need more than five pairs a season but with so many variables at play, you might need more pairs in the end. To make them last, we recommend following our tips for taking care of them.