Easy to Fly Kites for Kids: Little Hands at Work

When looking for easy to fly kites for kids, consider first their age. This is because kids may not like too small kites for their age or may not be able to fly too big.

Ideally, five- to six-year-old kids should learn their first lessons in flying kites. It is during this time that they still possess that unrivaled excitement but have begun developing proper motor and coordination skills that they can already use to fly a kite.

Another thing to consider is their skills. It is only practical to make sure that your kid can fly the kite. Certainly, no one wants a toy that they cannot play with.

You may also want to check your child’s favorite color. A lot of bright and fun colors can make up a kite, but the overall look should be something your child will love. After all, they are bound to spend hours of enjoyment with them. Anything less than extraordinary may just force them to lose interest immediately.

Once you have figured out what type of kite you are looking for, the fun hunt begins!

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Easy to Fly Kites for Kids: Key Benefits

A chance for a fun exercise. Yes, you probably guess that right. Kite flying can lift any kid’s spirit and once that child gets started, they can walk, run, or even dance while flying their kite. Those movements can help them exercise without being aware of it. Just be sure to wipe off their sweat or change clothes whenever necessary.

Development of social skills. If they are kite flying with siblings, family members, or friends, they are improving their social skills while maintaining strong relationships with those around them. What better way to see them enjoy their childhood than in the company of people they love hanging out with?

Being one with nature. They will learn to be aware of their surroundings and this is probably a perfect avenue for you to introduce why taking care of trees is important. As you go along, you begin to cultivate their love for the environment.

Improvement of strategic skills. Beginners will aim for just flying the kite. Once they master this art, however, they will begin to strategize how to keep the kite from flying downward by following where the wind blows.

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Finally, flying kites can encourage kids to express themselves. Whether they are happy that their kite is flying or get impatient if their kite will not fly, it is ideal for them to express their emotions so they will learn how to deal with them.

Ready to dig in? Check out these easy to fly kites for kids that we have compiled for you!

Easy to Fly Kites for Kids

Sun Kites Diamond Kite 

Sun Kites Diamond Kite for Children and Adults - Bright Rainbow Colours - Great Outdoor Toy for Beginners - Very Easy to Fly - Makes a Great Gift

Type: Kites

Age level: 3 years and up

What is great about this toy: Easy to assemble and flies so easily a 3-year-old can fly it alone

What is not so great about this toy: Instructions that come with the kite may be a bit confusing.


This Sun  kite for children is your perfect beginner kite for 3-year-olds and up. Due to its diamond shape and light frame, your child can easily fly it in light wind. The child can just pull the string and the kite will take off by itself! Consequently, the loop tail stabilizes the kite in stronger winds. Certainly, this is by far one of the easiest to fly kites for kids!

The kite measures 65×74 cm (plus two 250 cm, long-striped tails) and comes with an equally long string on a handle that children can comfortably hold. The tails are folded smartly and an elastic band holds them intact.

In terms of durability, the kite is sewn from tear-resistant polyester canvas and fitted with break-proof fiberglass rods. You can assemble it easily without much of a hassle.

Another feature of this kite is that you can dismantle it again for travel and have the same fun again.

Watch your little ones as they develop their coordination skills and become proud of their achievements. The mere thought of flying the kite by themselves deserves recognition, do you not think so?

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HQ Easy To Fly Kits for Kids -Rainbow

HQ Kites 1.3m Symphony Beach III Rainbow R2FType: Kites

Age level: 12 to 15 years

What is great about this toy: Incredible in high winds and very durable

What is not so great about this toy: Too big for younger kids but adults can always allow them to hold the string for them from time to time


This HQ Kites 1.3m Symphony Beach III Rainbow R2F stunt foil kite has an impressive 71-inch width and 24-inch height, making it ideal for teens. They can allow their younger siblings to join in the fun by allowing them to hold the strings for them while making sure they are properly controlling the kite themselves.

The manufacturer used Ripstop polyester for ultimate durability and the line is included with winder and straps. This kite is perfect for those who are sporty and looking to learn advanced tricks and stunts.

The tough and forgiving dual-line kite is an excellent choice and value for money. Adults will enjoy this product and kids ages 12 and above can handle the kite easily. What is great is that it has no parts to assemble or lose. So safe to be around little ones.

The kite operates in 5-31 mph wind. The stunt foils fill with air during flight. Wing shape is then formed as it is necessary for achieving flight and maintaining stability. Consumers are raving about this kite and it is probably high time that you give it a chance.

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M.Y Pocket Nylon Parafoil Kite 

M.Y Pocket Nylon Parafoil Kite 60cm x 51cm with Line & Storage Bag

Type: Kites & Flying Toys

Age level: 3 years and up

What is great about this toy: No frame – as simple as just unpacking and flying it

What is not so great about this toy: Can easily get into a spin once it begins to turn


This M.Y pocket nylon parafoil kite is perfect for a day at the park or a beach as it is easy to fly. Of course, we cannot always guarantee that your maiden voyage will not end in peril. But this kite is durable enough, allowing your kid another chance to fly it successfully.

It measures around 60×51 cm and is made from ripstop nylon. The string may be slippery so make sure to tie a sailing knot to the ring to avoid losing the kite. As a bonus, each kite comes with a handy carry bag. A small, complete set for promising fun with your little one!

If the wind is not consistent, be ready to explain to your child that they may have a tough time flying it. However, a steady wind will certainly create hours of fun and entertainment.

This is a good starter kite especially for small kids who are just beginning to get introduced to kite flying. They will surely have fun meeting the challenge head-on and improve their patience and motor skills in the process.

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Kwasyo 2.5m Parafoil Kite 

Kwasyo 2.5m Outdoor Parafoil Kite - Dual Line Stunt Parachute Beach Kite with Handle 30m Line (Yellow

Type: Kites & Flying Toys

Age level: 8 years and up

What is great about this toy: Available in three sizes for children and adults alike

What is not so great about this toy: May be too much for kids on a windy day – and needs adult supervision


This Kwasyo two-string parafoil kite/dual-line stunt kite is pre-assembled and ready to fly whenever you or your kids are ready. In sizes that are designed for beginners and advanced flyers, young and old, this is the perfect product for the whole family.

In terms of durability, the kite’s polyester ripstop material can withstand hard landings. It is a fast and strong kite with great pulling force. Note that the greater the wingspan of the kite, the higher the stunt kite’s pulling force will be.

It even flies if it is not very windy. Also, it comes with a sturdy carry case. A perfect ensemble that can compete with other easy-to-fly kites for kids in the market.

Most of the users who have had the pleasure of flying this kite acknowledge that it is easy to use and is a great flyer. It can be used in conjunction with a holding bar, especially for younger kids.

An ideal way to spend hours of fun on the beach. You not only improve your child’s confidence but you get to watch and help them deal with the challenges that flying kites pose – your perfect excuse for bonding with them and creating beautiful memories!

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Homegoo Huge Colorful Kites

Homegoo Huge Colorful Kites, Large Easy Flyer Rainbow Kites for Adults Outdoor flying easily in strong or light winds 74 * 65cm

Type: Kites & Flying Toys

Age level: 6 years and up

What is great about this toy: Easy to assemble and disassemble and can fly in light wind

What is not so great about this toy: May not be ideal for very strong winds


This Homegoo single-line, large kite for kids offers the best material quality, design, and flight characteristics – not to mention its perfectly dimensioned flying lines. Colors in Motion ensures that they only use premium and safe materials and employ top-quality workmanship.

Similar to another kite in this list, it can be flown in light winds from 1 BFT and the tail stabilizes the kite in stronger winds of up to 5 BFT.

The package comes with a 90×100 cm kite, 100 meters of kite string, and a child-friendly handle. If you are having difficulty with the string instructions, on the end of the string is a clip hook. Just attach the hook to the string’s loop on the kite and you are good to go.

The kite stands quickly, which comes in handy when performing out in the open. It can go high up so kids would surely love the thrill that comes with kite flying.

It can withstand crashes so long that there are no heavy winds. Very easy to assemble and disassemble so you have to reserve your impatience (or your kid’s) for something else! Expect loads of fun with this bargain buy!

More Easy to Fly Kites for Kids

HAOMARK Bat Kite -Beginners 

HAOMARK Bat Kite - Kites for Kids Adults Easy to Fly Beginners Outdoor Game,Beach Party, Park Activities Great Gift to Kids Childhood Precious MemoriesType: Kites

Age level: 3 years and up

What is great about this toy: Very stable and can fly up with ease with moderate to low winds

What is not so great about this toy: The string can come off the handle when it gets to the end so make sure to secure it tightly.


This HAOMARK Bat Kite for children and adults promises one of the best flying experiences for the entire family. Toddlers, boys and girls, and even adults can join in the fun with this flying manta ray. The kite can handle 6-18 mph winds.

Spend around two minutes to assemble the kite and your kid can enjoy lots and lots of fun. If you’re at the beach and it falls on the water, just drag it out and all will be alright.

The kite size is 58 inches but can fit into an 18-inch durable and nice-looking bag. It also comes with a 50 lbs x 300 ft kite string. The string is tied onto the handle.

At the end of the string, you will come across what looks like a fishing leader. Pinch to open and connect it to the front of the kite.

In case the rod breaks and if the purchase is just recent, you can try contacting the manufacturer and ask if they can provide a free replacement.

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Honbo Butterfly Kite 

Butterfly Kite for Kids and Audlts, 120x95cm with Long Tails,beginner kite for children,Easy to Assemble and Fly, Easy-grip Handle with 200’ String and Swivel,. Awesome Beach and Outdoor Toys

Type: Kites

Age level: 6 years and up

What is great about this toy: Very light, durable, and easy to assemble

What is not so great about this toy: No instructions on how to adjust the kite


This Honbo butterfly kite is another alternative among easy to fly kites for kids. An ideal choice for youngsters and beginners, it is simple to assemble (you just need to put two struts into place) and requires light winds to fly.

The kite is made in tough spinnaker nylon and includes a flying line and handle. This nylon is popular for its lightweight properties. The kite also comes with a stuff sack to preserve its design and allow for more uses.

With its bright colors and three-dimensional effect, the kite looks good from up high. It launches itself as soon as you hold it up – and quite beautiful to look at.

Make sure to unravel the ribbons because they may weigh the kite down. Also, they will force the kite to fly for just a few seconds.

Get your kid who needs exercise by giving them this perfect gift. The manufacturer, Honbo, has been designing and producing high-quality kites for more than 100 years now. This guarantees a memorable playtime for the entire family.

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HONBO Rainbow Octopus Kite 

HONBO R2F Huge Rainbow Soft Octopus Kite for Kids and Audlts- Large Kite with Long Tail and 200ft Flying line---Easy to Fly Toy for Outdoor Games Beach and ActivitiesType: Kites

Age level: 4 years and up

What is great about this toy: Big kite but flies easily

What is not so great about this toy: Does not come with instructions


This HONBO Rainbow octopus parafoil kite is a perfect gift idea for children and adults alike. With its bright colors and big size, it can dominate the sky and can create a stunning view. Certainly, the whole family will not be able to resist the charm of this wonder.

As we have mentioned in the first part of this article, kite flying has a lot of added benefits aside from hours of fun and entertainment. It is good for eye health, can reduce stress and tension, and is a suitable form of relaxation and exercise. This one does it all and more.

If you are having trouble attaching the strings to the kite, try using a lark’s head knot for your first flight. Also, you can attach a paracord loop to the end of the line because some kite strings can cut other strings if they rub together. Attaching them with something thicker like paracord can do the trick.

When we say eye-catching, it is huge. It is 196 inches in length or around 5 meters in total. Its Rainbow colors add drama to its overall effect. It is made of nylon, foldable, and easy to store. The package includes the original kite bag, handle, and string. A complete package, wouldn’t you say?

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Anpro Huge Colorful Kite 

Anpro Huge Colorful Kite for Kids and Adults - Huge Size and Best Easy Flyer, Huge colorful kite with 60m/197 Feet Flying LineType: Kites

Age level: 10 years and up

What is great about this toy: Easy to assemble and rises easily for more fun stunts 

What is not so great about this toy: Sticks may be thinner than other easy to fly kites for kids in the market but can still withstand many blows


This Anpro colorful kite with a flame design is different from other easy to fly kites for kids because of its natural wood material. It is made from fiberglass and ripstop for easy mounting.

It also includes two rectangular handles for an agile and comfortable flight. Also, it is packaged inside a bag with a handle for more convenient transport and storage.

It is very manageable because it rises easily. A perfect companion on the beach – as your child can do a lot of stunts with it. It goes great for beginners and has been known to stand very well against a lot of wind on a beach.

This kite is ideal for beginners. For easy mounting, grasp the kite with the handle and watch as it climbs up and starts to fly. It can fly in between 5 and 20 km/hr wind.

Purchase it now and get ready for hours of entertainment and fun with your little one. Plus, you get the chance to teach them more about the weather and how to develop their coordination skills.

Sun Kite Rainbow Kite 

Huge Rainbow Kite for Children and Adults - Very Easy to Fly Kite - Stable In Low Winds - Great Outdoor Toy for Beginners - Makes a Great Gift

Type: Kites & Flying Toys

Age level: 3 years and up

What is great about this toy: Vibrant colors and very strong kite and easy to construct and carry

What is not so great about this toy: May get lost if it flies in very strong winds so put a wrist strap to secure it


This Huge rainbow kite for children and adults can catch the wind easily and features weather-resistant ripstop polyester and fiberglass stability poles. This means your child can snap it together and start flying right away. After playing, simply pull it apart for convenient storage.

The kite features bright and vibrant colors that are easy to see from the ground even if high up on the sky. With huge wingspan and dual tails, it assures greater stability and more room for control. Tip: A strong launch can help the kite fly higher.

Just be a little more patient when putting everything together. Bend rods a little to get them into either end sleeve. Then they will just straighten out. If you want, you and your kid can assemble it for a more fun waiting time.

The kite comes in a clear plastic sleeve so you can store it after use. Also, it comes with up to 50 meters of kite string so the sky is the limit! This is one of the best easy to fly kites for kids that can offer great value for your money.

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A lot of outdoor games are available out there and kite flying is certainly worth checking out. Not only does it create opportunities for improved physical strength and motor skills; it also allows families to bond together and create wonderful experiences especially for the kids.

Whether you have flown a kite in your childhood years or have not tried the sport ever, this is the perfect chance to have fun! Awaken the adventurers in you and your child and appreciate more the beauty of nature with your choice from this list of easy to fly kites for kids. It is never too late to become a child again. Happy flying!

Frequently Asked Questions for Easy to Fly Kites

What easy to fly kite instructions can you share to prolong their longevity?

Carefully fold and store your kites indoors and in a cool, dry space. A reminder not to leave the kite in the trunk in the summer as too much heat can damage it. Also, make sure that the kite is dry before keeping it away. Do not leave it anywhere as the wind can sweep them away easily.

Are there easy steps to fly a kite?

Single-line kites are so far the easiest to fly. Medium winds might be your best option when flying kites. Lack of wind will prevent the kite from getting off the ground. Too much wind exposes the kite to crashes and breakages. Fly a kite in steady winds and do not run except for very light winds.

With your back to the wind, hold the kite toward the wind and it rises on its own. Slowly or when you are more comfortable, let out the string until the kite gets high. The higher you get, the more stable the winds will be. Remember that kids flying a kite will always need parent intervention and/or guidance.

What is the difference of easy to fly stunt kites from their counterparts?

Stunt kites require a greater set of skills because they are faster, more agile, and certainly, much more expensive. They are not suitable for beginners because of such characteristics.

How do we make an easy kite that can fly perfectly?

If you are thinking of teaching your child beyond flying a kite, you can also encourage them to make one on their own. All they need will be a rectangular piece of paper, string, and a puncher.

Also, prepare sticky tape, decorations for the kite, a pen or pencil, and a stapler. There are a lot of YouTube videos or instructional guides that you can follow to help your child create their first kite.

Certainly, buying one of our recommended easy to fly kites for kids can guarantee an easy kite that can fly perfectly.

Are parafoil kites easy to fly?

Yes, parafoil kites are easy to fly. This is because they do not have any poles. Aside from having bright colors, they are also inexpensive. They are very strong and stable and require little to no assembly. This is why even a 5-year-old kid can fly parafoil kites.

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