Wooden Garden Kids Playhouse Set 

Garden toys for 4 year olds

As kids grow, their preferences change with time. A child under the age of 3-years may love toys that encourage movement and creative play. While those who are aged between 4 and 6 years love toys that meet preschool interest. When kids grow, they tend to love playing outdoors and that’s why you have to buy garden toys for 4 year olds. 

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In these reviews, we have chosen several toys that will suit your 4 to 5-year old boy or girl. The toys shouldn’t be extremely costly for your kids to have the fun that they deserve, but they should be safe. Always consider the safety of the kids when buying toys. Here are some of the best garden toys for 4 year olds. 


Childrens sit on sandpit digger


One of the favourite outdoor games for kids aged between 4 and 6 years is playing in the sand. It doesn’t matter if it’s a boy or girl. As a result, the sit on sandpit digger is a great game for your kid. Not only does this game come with a comfortable seat, but the kid can rotate on it in any direction. In addition, it has two handles that allow the kid to move the crane up and down as it scoops and releases sand. 

The sit on sandpit digger is very portable and can be carried to the park or to the garden. Ensure that your child doesn’t exceed 60 pounds and he or she should be 4 years of age or above. 


  • This is a sturdily built toy as it is built from metal
  • It is perfectly designed to act as a real digger
  • It is very easy to use with its two handles that move the crane up and down. 
  • It has a comfortable seat where the kid will sit as they scoop sand. Also, the seat swivels 360 degrees, making it easy for the kid to adjust from one side to another.
  • It has a stable stand which holds the digger in place
  • It is lightweight and very portable. This allows you to carry it in the garden or to the park with much ease. 


  • It is not ideal for kids aged 3-years and below
  • It cannot hold a kid who weighs more than 60 pounds. 


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Jolly Jack swing and slide set uk


This UV-resistant wooden swing and slide set uk with colourful accessories can turn your garden into a children’s playground. It is constructed with high-quality materials which are strong, pressure-impregnated wood and durable plastic. The multi-coloured wooden set will easily blend with your backyard or garden. It is made up of a wooden frame, 2 swings, a slide, and some climbing equipment. Kids can hide, climb, crawl, or slide on this awesome playset. 

The swing and slide set uk meets all the safety standards and parents can relax knowing that their kids are safe. When climbing, the toddlers can hold the two hand grips for added safety. With this playhouse, your kids can play different games with friends and neighbours. Ensure that you securely install the playhouse and it is stable. Note that: Only kids aged 3-years or above should use this playset. 


  • It is durably made of strong, pressure-impregnated wood and sturdy plastic. 
  • It is brightly coloured and will easily fit in any backyard or garden
  • This is a versatile playset that enables the kids to perform various practices like crawling, climbing, sliding, and hiding, all in one set. 
  • This is a very sturdy playset that will last long as it is also weather-resistant
  • It is safe for kids to climb as it comes with two hand grips
  • It meets the safety standards, so parents don’t have to worry about their kids so much, but they still have to guide them. 
  • It is ideal for parties as it can be used by many children at once 


  • It is a bit costly and not every person can afford it
  • It requires large space to set it up. So, if you have a small backyard, this is not the toy for you. 
  • It is somehow cumbersome to set up and you may be required to drill some more holes. 


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Giant snakes and ladders garden game


The giant snakes and ladders garden game is great garden toys for 4 year olds as youth have fun. If you want to keep your kids engaged and prevent them from getting dirty, this the game to play with them. The game is made up of snakes and ladders. Furthermore, it has a playing mat that measures 150cm by 150cm. Also, it has a giant dice and 4 different coloured markers. All of these come packed in a full-colour box. One of the advantages of this game is that it can be played by 2 to 6 players. So, your kid can invite some of his/her friends to play. 

The giant snakes and ladders garden game will keep your kid entertained and it doesn’t have any risks like some of the games that we have discussed above. Just like the other games, it should not be used by kids under the age of 3. 


  • It promotes family bonding 
  • It can be played both indoors and outdoors
  • It is sturdily built for longevity 


  • This is good for entertainment and but not for learning. Compared to other games on this list, kids will learn little skills as they are not engaged physically.


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When buying a toy for your toddler, you need to consider a lot of things. For instance, the age of the kid matters a lot. A toy suitable for a 2-year old baby may not be appreciated by a 4-year old child. Buy toys that help your kid to develop different skills. You can buy both outdoor games and outdoor kids toys. These will keep your kids engaged and busy the entire day. Choose from the above garden toys for 4 year olds if you want your kid to have fun during the holidays.