bouncy castle for babies

Are you planning to buy a bouncy castle for babies or kids, young children and keep them busy for the entire holiday? If that’s the case, then you have landed on the right page.

Inflatable bouncers provide babies kids with endless playtime as they jump on them. These are normally placed in the backyard and they should be properly installed to avoid any injuries associated with them. Whether it’s for one kid or many kids, you should always ensure that it is a quality inflatable bouncy castle. 

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Inflatable bouncers or bounce house come in a variety of sizes and designs. Ensure that you buy one that comes with materials that are easy to anchor. There have been reports of bouncers being lifted in the air with the kid inside. Check reviews online to make sure that you buy an inflatable that has a proven track record of safety. Below are some of the best kid’s bouncy castles. Please note that we have looked around to find bouncy castles designed and recomened for babies but we have not come across any and the ones we have listed seem suitable.


6ft inflatable bouncy castle

Children love bounce houses as they keep them busy and entertained. This 6ft multi-coloured inflatable bouncer is a great addition to your backyard. It is sturdily built from durable laminated polyester and sandwich PVC material with sturdy stitching bonds. Your kids will always be safe as it has side panels for keeping them inside the inflatable even when they jump. The colourful bouncer can as well be inflated with much ease as it only takes one-minute to-do-so. With its lovely multiple colours, this outdoor inflatable bouncer will add vigour to your backyard. 

At such a great price, this bouncy castle is recommended for kids that are 3+ but its totally up to you what age child you put in there, as its small snuff to be a bouncy castle for babies. They will never feel lonely as they can spend the whole day having fun in this bouncy castle. Fold it with ease, after use and keep it safe. 


  • It is constructed with a strong and durable material for longevity
  • The bouncer has side panels which keep the kid safe inside as they play
  • It is of a great design and colour which makes the kid have endless fun
  • It is very easy to store after use as it can be folded with much ease
  • Inflating this device is very easy and quick as it only takes one minute. 


  • It is not suitable for kids aged less than 3-years
  • It cannot be used by many kids at once, which is a challenge 
  • It cannot be used indoors as it is specifically built for outdoor use


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Jump O Lene Transparent ring bouncer 

The Jump-o-lene transparent ring bouncer is a wonderful playhouse for kids. It is stylishly built to match your home décor or backyard. In addition, the Transparent ring bouncer has an inflated floor and base for bouncy play. The kids will be entertained by the twelve colourful balls that move around the top ring as they jump up and down. The crawl through door makes the bouncer be more fun as kids crawl through it as they play.  If you have a kid aged between 3 to 6-years, this ring bouncer will be ideal for them. Same as the last you could if you wanted to use this for a bouncy castle for babies. Make sure that only two kids play in the bouncer at a time. 

One of the good things about this playhouse is that it can be set up indoors or outdoors. But you will have to buy an inflator pump separately. 


  • It is made of durable materials for longer use
  • It can be used both for indoors and outdoors
  • It is made up of 12 colourful balls that roll around the top ring and beautify the surroundings
  • It is enclosed with transparent sides that prevent the kids from jumping off the bouncer
  • It is very easy to inflate the round bouncer
  • It has a crawl through door that provides extra fun for the kids


  • The bouncer is not suitable for children aged below 3-years 
  • It cannot be used by more than two kids at the same time
  • Parents need to keep an eye on the kids as they play 


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Jump-O-Lene Playhouse Bouncer 

This is another amazing playhouse bouncer from Jump-O-Lene brand. The colourful bouncer comprises of different colours, which make it be eye-catching to the kids. It has a crawl through door which allows the kids to enter through it with much ease. In addition, it has reinforced net inserts which help adults to keep an eye on the children as they play. 

The Jump-o-lene playhouse bouncer has a soft inflatable floor that can be inflated quickly. At such a wonderful price, you can get this playhouse bouncer for your kids and set it up in the garden or backyard. You will be required to purchase a separate inflator pump. Remember, it should only be used by two kids at a time and they should be aged between 3-6 years. 


  • It has high walls to provide safety to kids as they play inside the bouncer
  • The bounce house can be inflated with much ease with its soft inflatable floor
  • It allows parents to keep an eye on the kids as they play through its reinforced nets 
  • It is colourful and will add vigour to your backyard
  • It has a crawl through door for extra excitement to the kids


  • It cannot be used for kids aged under the age of 3 years
  • You will have to buy an inflator pump as it is not provided
  • The bouncer cannot be used by more than two kids at once. Also, they should both weigh below 120lb.


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Before you purchase a bouncy castle for babies, you should make sure that it is safe for them. Some bouncy castles are not stable and can be lifted by a strong wind. Make sure that the bouncer is made of strong materials and is suitable for the age of your child. Also, adhere to the rules of using a bounce house to avoid your kid being injured as they play.