What’s the Best Scalextric Set to Buy

With so many sets to buy you maybe wondering what’s the best scalextric set to buy. Slot car racing is fun. But what is it? Slot car racing or slot racing is a miniature racing game with power cars run by the user with handheld controllers. Actually, the vehicles are directed by the slots or grooves around a designed track layout.

This game was very popular in the 1960s where sales reached $500 million annually and it started fading in the 1970s, when amateurs felt left out at races and remained at home. Slot car racing is a wonderful social activity. It can be played by casual home users, to competitive club racing, and model builders.

The Scalextric brand is the main slot car racing brand in the market. The brand offers a wide range of cars and tracks which are used for fun and in competitions. They makes cars that are compatible with different track systems and are of different sizes. Some of the common slot car sizes that you will find at Scalextric are 1:24th scale, 1:32nd scale, 1:43rd scale and 1:64th scale. In this what’s the best scalextric set to buy Article, we’ve chosen some of the popular Scalextric sets for a fun-filled moment at home with friends or family.

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So, what’s the best scalextric set to buy when there are so many different sets to purchase well we have put together a list that you may like.

The Best Scalextric Set

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Scalextric C1384 Gulf Racing Set 

Scalextric C1384 Gulf Racing Set, Black Track, 1899-12-31T01:32:00.000Z

The scalextric arc track day set will provide you with a new experience as you wirelessly create and manage races through the use of your tablet or smartphone. Users can effortlessly combine the excitement of real-time, on-track racing, with the joy of on-screen gameplay. Choose to ride the Jaguar CX75 or McLaren P1. Both of these cars match in speed and agility. So, you will be competing favourably with your mate. Simply download the Arc Air app, connect to Bluetooth, customize your race, and feel like you are in a real race. It is as simple as that. Choose from 8 race modes and select race conditions. This game is ideal for kids aged 5-years and above.


    • Two arc air wireless controllers
    • 2 cars (Jaguar CX75 and McLaren P1)
    • 8 race modes
    • Bluetooth compatible
    • Post race statistics
    • 5-years and above
    • Free Arc app
    • 12 track layouts
    • Five and out light start
    • Fuel usage
    • Variable weather conditions
    • Lap counter
    • Pit lane pit stop
    • Power level control


    • Ergonomically designed for easy use
    • Multiple 12 tracks layouts for entertainment
    • It is very easy to bind to the powerbase
    • Enjoy the race with the rumble pack which is easy to switch on or off
    • Control the race from your smartphone by connecting it through Bluetooth
    • It is compatible with all iOS and Android (OS 4.4KitKat onwards) devices


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Scalextric C1412M Ginetta Racers Set

Scalextric C1412M Ginetta Racers Set - AnalogueThis is a wonderful Scalextric porsche 911 rss set to acquire for your 7-year old boy. It will give him a real driving experience and he will compare his post-race stats with those of his friends. The C1359 set comes with 12 different tracks and two players easily use it. Simply choose your race type and race conditions to have a real-life racing experience. Installation is easy and you won’t even need help. The wireless rumble controllers are ergonomically designed and thus you will easily control the Porsche 911 RSR.


    • Arc Air wireless controller
    • Two Porsche 911 supper resistant cars
    • Lap counter
    • Multiple 12 track layouts
    • Recommended age of 5 years and above
    • 2 players
    • Bluetooth compatible
    • Vibrating wireless controllers
    • Variable weather conditions
    • Fuel usage
    • Number of laps
    • Weighs 6.8 kg


    • Provides you with a real-life experience as you can select the race type. It can be arcade endurance or any other race.
    • It enables the user to select the conditions to race in. You can select a rainy track or just normal conditions.
    • After racing, one can share and compare post-race statistics with friends on Facebook or Twitter.
    • It is simple to assemble and start using

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Scalextric C1405 American Police Chase

Scalextric C1405 American Police Chase (AMC Javelin v Dodge Challenger)The scalextric arc pro platinum gt set is an amazing game to have. It comes with a pro platinum GT set that comprises of a Mercedes AMG GT3, BMW Z4 GT3, Porsche 911 RSR, and an Aston Martin Vantage GT3. You can choose to race with one of the cars or compete with your friends on the unique track that can be configured. In addition, the Scalextric set has outstanding features that make the game to be lively such as 8 race modes, post-race statistics and variable weather conditions. Control the cars through the Arc Air app on your tab or phone.


    • ARC AIR app
    • Multi-colored cars
    • Bluetooth compatible
    • 8 race modes
    • Brakes
    • Fuel usage
    • Wireless rumble
    • Lanes changing
    • Light start
    • Lap counter
    • Post race statistics
    • 4 wireless controllers (4 players)
    • Variable weather conditions
    • 11 Unique track configuration


    • The set has a variety of cars to select from
    • It has a wide range of controls that make the game to fun and interesting just like a real game.
    • The variable weather conditions provide the users with a real-life experience
    • Post race statistics let you know how you have performed on the track in comparison with other cars.

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The Scalextric brand is the most popular slot car racing brand and buying one of their sets will offer you lots of fun and opportunities. Choose a slot car set that you love so that you can enjoy racing at clubs, with friends and to compete with other slot racing lovers. Scalextric sets will give you a thrilling experience with their wide range of track systems. Customize your car and have fun at one of the popular Scalextric circuits. Hopefully in this what’s the best scalextric set to buy article you have found a set that you like and want to buy.

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