Best rocking horse for a 1 year old child in the UK

When looking for a rocking horse for a 1 year old child for their birthday or christmas present, you need to find one that is the right size. There are many parents that just buy a nice looking rocking horse and think one size fits all and thats not the case.

The difference between a rocking horse for a 1 year old child, and an older child, is not just the size of the horse, but also the safety features. That is why we created this article to help you find the right size for your child and the safest.

Baby Rocking Horse with Fence

This first one of the list is the cheapest out of the five that we have listed, although it’s the cheapest don’t mean its crap because it’s not. It is in my list of the best rocking horse’s for 1 yr olds because of it’s safety fence, that keeps your child from falling out which i think is a great feature for keeping your child safe.

Another great thing about this one, is that when your child is old enough, you can just remove the wooden brace, by taking out a couple of screws. But one downfall of it, is that it’s not the most comfortable out of the lot.


  • Removable safety guard
  • Ideal for 1yr to 3 yrs
  • Cheap



Children’s Rocking Puppy

Although this is not called a rocking horse, but it does the same thing as one, and as you can see this is a cute rocking puppy that any child will love. This is a bit more in price than the one above, but is also more comfortable and safer than the previous one.


  • Safety belt
  • Soft, cuddly, comfortable
  • Positive reviews


Kids Labebe Rocking Horse

Another good quality kids rocker although you may have not heard of the brand labebe, customer review’s of this product are mostly positive. people are saying easy to put together and good quality and looked at a few of these and this was the most attractive.

The seat on this one is unique even though it does not have any sort of seat belt, it does have a wider seat and side cushion guards for protection.


  • 8” in shape of a saddle
  • Really soft and well padded

Crocodile rocking horse

Crocodile rocking horse


Another kids rocker by labebe, with another great looking design, this one is the most expensive out of our list. You can either buy the crocodile version or a pink unicorn on if you have a girl.

This is my personal favourite rocking horse for a 1 year old, because it looks good, has a saddle seat, with a seat belt. Out of the five here this is the safest rocking horse.


  • Bigger saddle seat
  • Seat belt
  • Cute design

Best rocking horse round up

When looking for the best rocking horse for your 1 year old child, your going to wan’t a quality one with a great design that your child will love. That has safety, such as a rail or seat belt if possible both would be great.

The rocking horses we have listed are the best one’s we could find, for a reasonable price with good safety features.

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