Children’s Dressing Tables with Mirrors and Stools

Children’s dressing tables with mirrors and stools are just some of the furniture that we tend to overlook. People think of these last – if they ever find the time to do so. While the bed is unarguably the most important consideration when designing a bedroom, a dressing table is important as well. This is because it can store ornaments, clothes, and other items that contribute to the bedroom’s overall look.

For adults, it is common to find things like lotions, deodorants, gels, and makeup items on a dressing table. For kids, it is the ideal place for their accessories, knickknacks, and even toys.

Dressings Tables: Size & Styles

Dressing tables come in different sizes, styles, and even materials – some are made of wood while others with wrought iron or plastic. Some feature designs for kids while others are for adults. Normally, a children’s vanity table comes with a chest of drawers where your child can store various items.

Little girls would want to look at their cute faces and would enjoy having this staple in their bedrooms. White and pink are the most common colors of children’s dressing tables with mirrors and stools. This is probably because little girls associate pink with warmth and femininity and white symbolizes innocence.

In terms of design, children’s vanity tables should at least have some drawers as little girls love to store their personal belongings and bring them out to display to their favorite visitors.

Girls love receiving bags, accessories, and colorful toys or decorations. They would be excited to arrange these items on something that they can consider theirs. Away from the prying eyes of the naughty boys – regardless if they are siblings or cousins. It makes them feel more controlled and eventually, helps them develop their sense of responsibility.

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Why Buy a Dressing Table for kids?

If you’re thinking of redecorating your child’s bedroom or just starting to build one, consider buying a children’s vanity table. Watch your little diva learn how to brush her hair, put on a hair ornament, or simply improve her self-confidence while standing in front of the mirror.

You can even teach her how to sit up straight and develop good posture using the stool. Find a set that complements your child’s personality to make the experience more fun. Remember that it will be the silent witness to your child’s smiles and probably even beautiful dances for those who love swaying to their heart’s delight.

Don’t got time to read reviews? Don’t worry, here are the top 5 Dressing Tables:

Children’s dressing tables 

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WOLTU Dressing Table 

WOLTU Dressing Table,Wood Dressing Table with Chair and Mirror, Bedroom Furniture for Girls, 4 Drawers White Makeup Desk 68 x 40 x 138cm(L x W x H) MB6025cm

Type: Dressing Tables

Age level: 4 to 17 years 

What is great about this furniture: Well-designed table with cushioned tool that makes for a comfortable princess moment with your little one

What is not so great about this furniture: Stool may be a little low or small for adults


The WOLTU white dressing table is a wooden set that kids between the ages of 4 and 17 will surely enjoy using. It is easy to assemble, durable, and safe to use, since the back of the table is fixed with a connecting plate. With its white color and classic look, it can match any room – especially a vintage one. It features a love heart mirror, large storage space, and a comfortable dressing chair.

Moreover, the WOLTU kid’s bedroom makeup table has enough drawers that allow your child to keep their accessories, toys, and other valuables. This children’s vanity table has an adjustable mirror so your child can position it at an angle they are most comfortable with. This makes it more convenient to dress up and capture one’s image perfectly.

Also, the chair that accompanies the table is comfortable enough for kids of all ages as it has a cushion. At such a favorable price, the WOLTU set will help make your daughter look spectacular and well groomed, on a daily basis – from the privacy of her bedroom.


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KidKraft Pink Dressing Table 

KidKraft 76123 Princess Wooden Vanity Stool with Mirror, Kids Children's Playroom/Bedroom Furniture, Pink

Type: Kids’ Vanity Tables

Age level: 3 to 8 years 

What is great about this furniture: Features a shatterproof mirror that allows for safer experience for your child

What is not so great about this furniture: A bit more costly than other children’s dressing tables with mirrors and stools


KidKraft’s vanity dressing tables come in different sizes, designs and colors. The dressing table helps kids put on their clothes easily and look spectacular. In addition, these vanity tables can beautify your daughter’s room and give it a royalty feel. Depending on the budget and demands, there are various children’s dressing tables with mirrors and stools to choose from.

When buying a dressing table for your daughter, it is important to know what they love as you can get them one that has a chest of drawers or one that comes with an adjustable mirror. Or – you can get them both. Also, some vanity table sets are meant for older girls while there are designs that are suitable for younger girls.

Among a wide range of children’s dressing tables with mirrors and stools, the KidKraft Princess dressing table is one of the best. This is because it has a strong pink finish, doesn’t chip off easily, and features a shatterproof mirror. Certainly, that’s one aspect of its design you should take advantage of. You know how kids can be really naughty sometimes. It also occupies very little space so you can place it anywhere or at the corner of your child’s room. 

Aside from the stool, the KidKraft Princess kid’s table set has a sizeable drawer to accommodate toys, a few clothes, ornaments and other small items. See your little girl do her makeup while mommy does hers. Or watch her boast of her handiwork – for she has plenty of space to do so.

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VASAGLE Dressing Table Set -Black 

VASAGLE Dressing Table Set with Large Frameless Mirror, Makeup Table for Bedroom, Bathroom, 5 Drawers and 1 Removable Storage Box, Cushioned Stool, Black RDT25BK

Type: Dressing Tables

Age level: 8 to 13 years 

What is great about this furniture: Drawers with large space for storing different items

What is not so great about this furniture: Mirror tends to tilt 45 degrees


Girls like to follow in the footsteps of their mothers. So, buying your 6-year-old daughter a dressing table is a great idea. There are different types of dressing tables on the market. Wooden dressing tables are the most popular and last longer. A dressing table can help your daughter dress up well and apply makeup as needed. The mirror that dressing tables come with prevents your daughter from over applying makeup, so they can look more like you!

The VASAGLE modern dressing table is one of the most popular children’s dressing tables with mirrors on stools on the market. It is every girl’s dream dressing table with a white finish. It comes with a frameless mirror and a cushioned stool. Both the stool and table bottoms have a non-slip mat for better functionality and to prevent floor damage. In addition, it is lightweight and very easy to move from one corner of the room to another.

This children’s vanity table comes with 5 drawers that have spacious space for keeping various items such as watches or kids’ accessories. Also, it has a drawer baffle design that adorns any room. An instruction manual comes with your purchase so you can easily install it.

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J jeffordoutlet Pink Girls Dressing Table 

J jeffordoutlet Pink Girls Dressing Table,  Little Vanity Table for 3,4,5,6,7,8 Years Old Kid Girl, European Princess Style Dressing Table

Type: Dressing Tables

Age level: 3 to 8 years 

What is great about this furniture: Pink cute European-style dressing table with exquisite carved decoration and heart-shaped mirror

What is not so great about this furniture: Mirror not glass – but it is very clear 


There is a wide range of children’s dressing tables with mirrors and stools on the market to choose from. Some are made of wood and others are created from wrought iron. Dressing tables add flavor to a room and help one dress up properly. As a result, acquiring one for your daughter can be a great idea so that they can easily apply makeup and dress up to occasions.

The J jeffordoutlet dressing table is uniquely designed to bring aesthetics to any bedroom. The pink girl’s vanity table is made of MDF board and paulownia legs. The stool surface is made of jacquard smooth fabric, wrapped with soft sponge. It is high-grade and doesn’t easily break. This children’s vanity table adds functionality to any room and is of an ideal size.

The girl’s dressing table comes with a nice and simple stool for sitting on as one applies makeup. The mirror adds elegance to the set. The kid’s dressing table is very easy to assemble. With 3 drawers, this is a great vanity table gift idea for your little one.  

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Fantasy Fields Kids Vanity Set 

Fantasy Fields By Teamson Kids Vanity Set Wooden Dressing Table With Mirror & Stool Pink TD-11670L

Type: Vanity Tables for Kids

Age level: 3 to 8 years

What is great about this furniture: Features a pull-out center with a knob for a spacious storage area 

What is not so great about this furniture: Issues with mirror and stool screws


This set is quite different from the rest as it features a unique polka dot design to cater to those who wish to experiment and match other furniture in their child’s bedroom. Polka dots can perk up an ambiance instantly. It can inspire girls to be more expressive with their looks and outfits – as long as you’re there to guide them and help them achieve that perfect look! In fact, the design offers an energetic, fresh-vibe look that makes for an interesting dress play up experience.

The Teamson Kids dressing table boasts of a unique polka dot design that is perfect for your little princess. It is quite elegant to look at and the gold lining of the dressing table creates a somewhat sophisticated yet clean look – a unique yet somewhat beautiful feature that differentiates it from other children’s dressing tables with mirrors and stools.

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Children’s Dressing Tables with Mirrors and Stools: Perfect Gift Ideas

Show your huge love for your little princess with a cute children’s vanity table. Build special moments together and make your bonding time a regular one in her quite busy schedule. Certainly, she will love to show you her collections – however small they may look – because any encouraging words from you can do wonders to her outlook.

Children’s dressing tables with mirrors and stools can help every little girl’s dreams happen. They are some of the best gifts that can last for years – and the memories that come with them for a lifetime.

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