10 Best Pedal Go Kart for Kids: Pedal-Powered Ride-On Toys

If you’re looking for the ultimate birthday gift for your child, then we recommend you get them one of the best pedal Go Kart for kids!  

A Go-kart is a smaller version of the open-wheel racing cars, usually powered by a 2 or 4-stroke engine. It was originally invented for racing purposes but thanks to amusement parks, it has been more popular than ever. In fact, you can buy a kid’s version – a pedal go-kart nowadays that they can enjoy in your backyard.

What is a Pedal Go Kart

Pedal go-karts, as the name implies are powered by pedaling which makes them safer and more beneficial to growing kids. It doesn’t require any type of fuel too. That’s why it’s more affordable compared to battery-powered or gas-powered ride-on-cars for kids

bopster - Pedal Go Kart with Inflatable Tyres 5-8 Years - Pink

Pedal go-karts have four wheels, that’s why they are more stable compared to kid’s bikes and tricycles. They have a low profile, making them much safer for younger kids as well. 

Here is a quick peek of the best Pedal Go-Kart for Kids. 

Best Pedal Go Karts for Kids

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Pedal Go Kart Buyer’s Guide

Before going out to buy your child their own pedal go kart, it’s good to do a little research about the ride-on toy itself and the best children’s go kart found in the market.

To start off, there are three types of go-karts: electric-powered, gas-powered, and pedaled.

  1. Electric go-karts require electricity or batteries to power the vehicle. This type of go-kart is good for older children, aged 5 to 8 years old. The main disadvantage of electric go karts is their price. Electric go karts cost around $300 and up to $2000, which is pretty expensive for very young children!
  2. Gas-powered go-karts are more powerful than the electric versions. They are faster and sometimes larger, making them more suitable for children aged 12 and up.
  3. Pedal go-karts, on the other hand, are the easiest to find in the market. They’re suitable for children as young as 2 years old. It features an old-fashioned pedaling technique, which makes it a lot cheaper than the first two types we’ve mentioned.

If you’re looking for the best type of go-kart for developing children, you definitely should consider pedal go karts. They’re inexpensive, and more beneficial to young kids than the battery and gas-powered versions. Here are the features to look out for when buying a kid’s pedal go kart.

Safety features

As parents, our first priority is always our children’s safety. When purchasing children’s pedal go-karts, the first thing you should check out is its safety features.

Brakes are the most important safety feature of any children’s ride-on vehicle. While there are many types of brakes that may come with your child’s go-kart, the thing you’ll need to check is that your child can easily locate and grip this safety feature when they’re on the road.

Bumps and crashes, unfortunately, inevitably happen. You may, however, prevent serious injury by ensuring that your child’s go-kart features a bucket seat and safety straps, so they’re not at risk when the vehicle tips over.

Build and Material

The quality of any child’s product can be assessed by looking over how it is built and the material it is made from.

Here’s a general rule: thick is better. 

Thicker rubber tires prevent ride-on toys from sliding over the floor or road. If possible, you should also look for rugged tires, especially if your child will be using them outdoors. These types of tires provide more traction, add more stability, and let your child tackle uneven terrains.

As for the body itself, you may opt to choose between high-quality plastic material and tubular steel frames. Again, our general rule applies here. Thick materials are meant to withstand bumps and crashes, so you won’t need to worry every time your child hits a wall.

Last but not least, consider the weight of the vehicle: thickness usually equates to heaviness. Although weight can also add stability to your child’s go-kart, young kids may find it difficult to haul heavy pedal go kart outside of the house or your storage. So, it is important to find that balance between being lightweight and sturdy.


Most of the go-karts in the market come with adjustability options that allow for a better experience for the rider. This is ideal for children of varying heights who share the same go-kart.

Children go karts with adjustable seats or pedals also allow for prolonged product life. With kids growing up fairly quickly, it’s important that the toys you purchase for them won’t be left unused because of their growth spurts.


Apart from the physical features of the go-kart itself, another thing to consider is your child’s age. Many go-kart manufacturers categorize their products by size (based on age), so it’s easier for parents to look for a vehicle that is suitable for their children.

Pedal Go Kart for Ages 3 to 5

Believe it or not, young children can also enjoy go-karts. It is a matter of safety for these toddlers, of course, but there are toy companies that create go-karts for 3 years old and above. These are usually smaller than the usual go-kart products and are usually made from light, yet sturdy plastic materials.

Pedal Go Kart Ages 5 to 8

If you have a child between the ages of 5 and 8, they’re probably at their most energetic stage. You may opt for a vehicle that is made from tubular steel frames and has a well-structured brake system.

Pedal Go Kart Ages 8 to 12

Older children tend to be more careful with how they play, so it’s safe to say that a larger go-kart made for the outdoors is the way to go! Growth spurts usually occur in this age group, so you should opt for go-karts with adjustable bucket seats and steering wheels.

Additional Tips

  1. If possible, check the vehicle in person before your purchase. This gives your child the chance to check if they’re comfortable with the go-kart or not.
  2. Ask yourself, where would you allow your child to drive? Would it be indoors or the grassy outdoors? Doing so would give you an insight into what tires your child’s go-kart should have.
  3. Despite the four wheels found in a go-kart, it is still an open vehicle. Strengthen your precautionary measures by investing in safety gear such as helmets, goggles, gloves, and safety straps.

After reading all of that, we are very certain that you’re ready to make your purchase and make your child the racer they aspire to be!

Now that you know the things you should consider before getting a pedal go kart for your child, here’s our review of the top 10 best pedals go karts for kids!

Best Pedal Go-karts for 3 year olds

Size is very important when you buy a pedal go-kart for small children. It should be small enough so that their foot can reach the pedals. If you have a 3-year-old, here are the best pedal go-karts for this age level. 

COSTWAY Kids Go Kart COSTWAY Kids Go Kart, Ride On Racer with Adjustable Seat, Controllable Handbrake, Children Pedal Go-karts for Boys and Girls (Blue)

Type: Go-karts

Age level:  3 -6 yrs

What is great about this toy:  This pedal go-kart is strong and durable.  

What is not so great about this toy: This go-kart is quite difficult to put together.


The COSTWAY Kids Go Kart is another one of our favorites because of its outstanding features. One of these features is its 4-wheel balancing system to help your child easily steer and balance the toy. In addition, its 4 premium non-slip wheels are suitable for different types of roads from asphalt roads to grassy lawns! 

When it comes to the body, this children’s go kart comes in two colors, blue and red. It is made from high-quality PP and heavy-duty iron frame that can support up to 30kg of weight. Furthermore, it has 2 adjustable seat positions and is fully equipped with all the safety features like a seat chain and handbrakes.

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HOMCOM Kids Pedal Go Kart 

HOMCOM Kids Children Pedal Go Kart Manual Ride On Car w/ Brake Gears Steering Wheel Adjustable Seat Outdoor Fun Vehicle 97 x 66 x 59 cm

Type: Go-karts

Age level: 3-6yrs

What is great about this toy:  This toy is cheaper compared to the other ride-on toys in this list. 

What is not so great about this toy:  It’s smaller in size and more suitable for younger kids. 


If you’re looking for an affordable ride-on toy for your kid, then Homcom Kids Pedal Go Kart is the one for you! Although more affordable, this toy has all the same features the more expensive children’s Go-Karts included in this list have. From the durable body and safety features, this toy will keep your child busy for a very long time

The Homcom Kids Pedal Go Kart has 4 non-slip and wear-resistant wheels with optimum grip, providing your child a smooth ride even on rough surfaces. With a total size of 95 x 66.5 x 25 cm, it is quite smaller compared to the other children’s go karts in this list. But because of its high-quality PP and iron-framed body, it can still carry a maximum load of 35 kg. 

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BERG Buzzy Nitro 2-in-1 Pedal Go Kart BERG Buzzy Nitro 2-in-1 Pedal Go Kart With Parental Push Bar Blue/Orange Ages 2-5 Years

Age level: 2 -5 yrs

What is great about this toy: It can be converted into a push car when your child is tired of pedaling. 

What is not so great about this toy: It is more expensive compared to the other go-karts in this list. 


BERG is another trusted toy company with over 30 years of experience crafting high-quality and safe outdoor toys for kids. For instance, their Buzzy Nitro 2-in-1 Pedal Go Kart is one of their best-selling pedal karts because of its unique 2 in 1 feature. With this feature, you can convert it to a push car whenever your child is tired or in cases where you need to control the kart. 

BERG Buzzy Nitro 2-in-1 Pedal Go Kart is a small pedal kart suitable for younger kids. But because of its size, it can easily fit inside your home and let your child play indoors. Thanks to its four EVA wheels, this pedal kart is more stable and can tackle any terrain! In addition, it also comes with a safety saddle and steering lock that you can enable when you’re using it as a push car. 

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Chillafish Kids Foldable Pedal-Powered Childrens GoKart 

Chillafish RED Monzi Rs Kids Foldable Pedal Go-Kart with Airless Ruberskin Tires, Medium

Type: Go-karts

Age level: 3 -7 yrs

What is great about this toy: It has a storage compartment! 

What is not so great about this toy:  It is more expensive compared to the other go-karts in this list. 


If your child wants a pedal Go-Kart that looks like the ones in the park or arcade then this Chillafish RED Monzi Rs Kids Foldable Pedal Go-Kart is your best choice. In addition, this pedal kart also comes in 4 vibrant colors your child will definitely love including blue, green, and pink! 

The Chillafish RED Pedal Go-Kart is large enough to accommodate a 7-year-old child weighing up to 35kg weight. But the best thing about this kart is that it has several features none of the toys in this list have. This includes a trunk storage compartment, a wall mount for easy storage and a foldable steering wheel and seat for easy transportation!

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HOMCOM Kids Pedal Go Kart Ride-On 

HOMCOM Pedal Go Kart Ride On Excavator W/ Front Loader Digger Four Wheels Child Toy

Type: Go-karts

Age level: 3 – 6 yrs

What is great about this toy:  This unique pedal kart comes with a movable front load digger.

What is not so great about this toy: It takes a longer time to assemble this go-kart. 


If your child loves construction toys, then he/she will definitely love this unique Pedal Go Kart Ride On Excavator from HOMCOM store. In fact, this pedal kart comes in a bright yellow color and stickers that make it more realistic and will stimulate your young one’s imagination!

When it comes to quality, this toy has a strong metal frame and non-skid large tires to make your child’s playtime safer. For control, it has a backward and forward foot pedal, a built-in hand brake, a clutch, and a bright red horn button! The large front digger can also be controlled using a rotating handle.    

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Best Pedal Go-karts for 5 year olds

The go-karts below are larger and have a higher maximum load capacity. This makes them more suitable for heavier and older kids.

HOMCOM Kids Pedal Go Kart 

HOMCOM Kids Children Pedal Go Kart Cart Air Inflatable Tyres Motor Racing Style Suitable for 3 to 8 Years

Type: Go-karts

Age level: 5+ years

What is great about this toy:  It has durable and inflatable tires suitable for all kinds of terrain.  

What is not so great about this toy: This toy is more expensive compared to the other children’s go karts in this list. 


HOMCOM is a trusted brand when it comes to skateboards, scooters, and ride-on toys for junior children. In fact, their HOMCOM Go Kart is one of their best-selling toys that has garnered lots of awards! This includes 2018’s Right Start Awards for Gold and Top WOW Factor and Made for Mums Awards. 

When it comes to quality, the HOMCOM Go Kart has a tough alloy steel chassis and framework. It measures 114 x 62 x 62cm and has a maximum rider weight of 30kg. In addition, it also has a built-in gear stick and hand brakes that is convenient and easy to use. 

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Hauck Nerf Battle Racer Childrens Go Kart 

Hauck Nerf Battle Racer Gokart - Pedal Vehicle with Nerf Blaster Holding Consoles, EVA Tyres, Adjustable Seating Position, Handbrake for Both Rear Wheels

Type: Go-karts

Age level:  4-10 yrs

What is great about this toy: Compatible with NERF toys!

What is not so great about this toy:  This Go Kart is the most expensive toy in this list. 


If you have a kid who loves NERF guns, then this Hauck Nerf Battle Racer Go kart is the best one for him. In fact, it comes with holding brackets for your child’s favorite blasters and darts! In addition, the vibrant purple and orange colors will definitely match your child’s NERF arsenal.

The Hauck Nerf Battle Racer Go kart has a strong steel tube frame that can support up to 50 kg of weight. The size of this pedal GoKart is large enough to accommodate 3 sitting positions with extra space for your child’s blaster holders. It also has durable EVA tires and hand brakes for the 2 rear wheels! 

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Kiddo Pedal Go-Kart -Adjustable SeatKiddo Racer Design Red Kids Childrens Pedal Go-Kart Ride-On Car, Adjustable Seat, Rubber Tyres - Suitable For 4 to 8 Years - New

Type: Go-karts

Age level:  4-8yrs

What is great about this toy:  The racing stickers make the toy look realistic.

What is not so great about this toy:   This go-kart is not suitable for larger kids. 


This red Pedal Go-Kart by Kiddo is one for your kid if he likes to race. That’s because this Go-Kart has an elegant black finish, vibrant red and racing sticker accents! Not only that, this toy is also sturdy and has a maximum load of 30kg. 

When it comes to safety, this toy has an EN71 certification and has undergone several safety tests. It measures 101x61x62 cm and has an adjustable seat and an enclosure chain for additional protection. On the other hand, the wheels are made of rubber attached to a durable steel frame. It also has a hand-operated rear wheel brake.

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Still not sure whether you should buy your child a pedal go kart? Here are some of the benefits your young ones can reap from driving a pedal-powered go-kart. 

Benefits of a Pedal Go Kart

Go-karting is a popular activity kids of all ages love and enjoy. Just like swings and roller coasters, children’s go karts can bring a lot of fun and excitement not only to your kids but to the whole family too. Nowadays, there are so many types of Go-Karts your child can choose from and this includes the safer pedal-powered version. Because of this, you don’t need to go to amusement parks, your child can experience the fun of go-karting in the safety of your own home!

The value of go-karting doesn’t stop there. It can offer a lot of healthy benefits to your kids not only socially but physically and mentally too! As a matter of fact, here are some of the benefits of pedal go-karts and reasons why you should buy one for your child! 

Physical Development

One of the most important skills your child should develop at a young age is his/her hand-eye coordination. Ride-on cars or toys like Go-Karts can greatly help your kids concentrate, enhance this skill, and improve their reflexes while maneuvering through your backyard kart track.

Furthermore, pedal go karts can greatly help your child improve their motor skills. Instead of lying around the house with eyes glued on mobile devices, pedal go karts can keep your child moving and physically active. This in turn can help strengthen their bones and help them develop a healthy body. In addition, being active can also increase their metabolism and help them avoid diseases later in life. 

Mental Development

Research shows that physical activity has a great impact on a child’s memory and stimulates brain development. Games like Go-Karts increase oxygen circulation to your child’s brain and help them think and learn better. In addition, driving through obstacles helps your child enhance his problem-solving skills and creativity.    

Social Development

Your child will definitely boost his self-confidence once he/she has mastered driving a pedal Go Kart. This confidence will help him enjoy driving with his friends and neighbors or give him the courage to join friendly races and compete with other kids. This in turn will teach him more about healthy competition and sportsmanship.  

Did you know that kart racers can start racing at the age of 6? That’s because go-kart is another safe way to introduce kids to driving. And if you want your child to become a great and responsible driver in the future, get them the best pedal-powered go Karts for kids as soon as possible. 

Safety Tips regarding Pedal Go-Karts

It is highly recommended by all toy companies and manufacturers that your child wear protective gear while riding their pedal go-karts. Although all of the children go karts in this list have 4 wheels for stability and balance, wearing helmets, elbow pads and knee pads can protect your child from unforeseeable accidents. In addition, whenever your child is playing outside or inside the house, make sure that they are supervised to prevent these accidents.

Secondly, always make sure that your children’s go kart is regularly maintained. Some ride-on toys are not waterproof and can develop rust when not properly cleaned after play. Furthermore, pedal karts have a lot of bolts and spinning parts that need to be checked from time to time. These parts can cause wobbling or tilting when these bolts get loose or these parts get dirty!

Always check if the toy has safety certifications and has a warranty. Some ride-on toys don’t have these certificates and are not strong enough to carry your child. That’s why all of the pedal go-karts we’ve included in this list have EN71 certifications


FAQs about Pedal Go Karts for Kids

What is a pedal go kart?

A pedal-powered go-kart is a type of Go-Kart that is a safer and cheaper alternative for children. This type of kart can let your children control their speed by pedaling and keep them from accidental over-speeding. In addition, it doesn’t need any batteries and will let your child be physically active and mentally stimulated. 

How to choose the best pedal go-kart?

There are a lot of things to consider when buying a pedal go-kart. But one of the first things you should look out for is the construction materials. Make sure that it has a solid and strong metal construction to keep your child safe during playtime. 

At what age can you go on a pedal go-kart?

According to most manufacturers, a child can start pedal karting at the age of 3. That’s because at this age, most children have already mastered their basic motor skills. In addition, most of these karts are big enough for children younger than 3. That’s why it can be very difficult for them to reach for the steering wheels or hand brakes. 

Where can you ride a pedal go-kart? 

Almost all of the pedal karts in this list can handle all types of terrains. The best thing about this type of ride-on toy is that the power to go through these terrains relies also on your child’s strength and stamina. Just make sure that you supervise your child whenever they play outside to prevent accidents when they try to drive through bumpy roads. 

Is pedal go-karting safe?

Compared to bikes and scooters, pedal go-karts are much safer for children. Thanks to the pedal go kart’s four wheels, your child will have no problem with balancing. In addition, all of the pedal go-karts come with a safety chain or saddle to keep your child from falling off the kart.  

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