Top 10 Busy Board for Toddlers Reviewed

As is clear from the name, a busy board is something that keeps your toddler busy and lets him satisfy his curiosity to explore something new. Toddlers love to touch and feel things with their hands, and a busy board for toddlers satisfies such sensory appeals. That is why busy boards are also known as sensory boards. These boards provide toddlers with lots of fun learning activities where they touch everything with their hands.

Busy Boards for Toddlers Benefits

When kids take their first step, parents typically sigh in relief for they think their life has become easy. But those parents having their first baby probably don’t know that this first step marks the beginning of their child’s ever-growing curiosity and eventually of their tough time too. With his little unstoppable steps, he can reach anywhere. From opening the doors to flipping them hard, every light switch is in his range now. He wants to do something new at all times except for when he is in deep slumber. To keep your little ones busy yet productive all day long, you need busy boards or board games like Star Wars Board games!

Busy boards are not only engaging for growing children, but they also offer a great way to learn daily life skills. For instance, with buttons, buckles, and ties, children learn self-dressing skills to dress up independently. Also, the buckles and snap buttons help them improve their fine motor skills and the confidence to face daily life problems. With busy boards, your toddler can learn numbers, alphabets, basic geometry shapes, recognition of various colors and so much more!

Busy boards help children learn “the cause and effect” of their action so they get conscious before triggering a new button or snap on the busy board. This also helps improve their eye-hand coordination and decision-making abilities. And above all, a busy board keeps your toddlers busy for hours with endless fun activities. Let us all thank the fun busy board as a skill tutor at our homes!

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UK’s Best Busy Boards for Toddlers

DigHealth Busy Board for Toddlers 1-4 Years Old

DigHealth Busy Boards for 1 2 3 4 Years Old, Preschool Educational Toys for Kids Learning Basic Motor Skills, Montessori Activity Board with Zippers, Buttons, Buckles, Braids for Airplane, Car or Home

Type: Self dressing skills for kids

Age Level: 1 to 5 years

What is great about this toy: It comes with a nice bus at the back of the board along with a wheel that is detachable by snap buttons.

What is not so great about this toy: Made with felted wool that smells unpleasant when damped.


Are you looking out for a basic skill learning toy for your kid? The DigHealth Busy Board for toddlers is the perfect toy for your kid to hone some finger flexibility skills at home. It helps your kid to think and learn to tie and zip independently. From buttoning the dress to zipping, your kid gets to learn every technique in a fun way.

The DigHealth Busy Board measures as 12.28 x 9.1 inches, weighs only 0.4 pounds, and is made of high-quality felted wool.  Special care is observed while making this hand-made board so there are no sharp edges. The safety of kids is prioritized within the manufacturing of this board.

You can fold this lightweight busy board to fit it in a bag pack while traveling. Also, with a carrying strap, kids can hang this board upon their shoulders. You can carry little things in the multiple zipper pockets of this board, unlike the ordinary busy boards that only have a single zipper without any supporting pockets.

The DigHealth Busy Board can occupy your kid with eleven different buckles, buttons, ties, and other activities that help him learn variant skills. And also, did we forget to mention that these activities help children attain finger flexibility, develop motor skills with buckling, and hand-eye coordination with stick buttons opening and closing?

Adorned with bright colors, buttons, and many fun activities, the DigHealth Busy Board is an excellent toy to keep your children occupied and productive at the same time!

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WOODY TREASURES Wooden Busy Board Latches

woody treasures Wooden Toys Busy Board Latches - Sensory Boards Ages 3 and Up – Latch Board for Toddlers – Educational Learning Toy for Kids – Fine Motor and Cognitive Skills Development

Type: Wooden learning board for toddlers

Age Level: 3 and above

What is great about this toy: A lightweight and colorful board that is eye-catching for toddlers and helps them learn while having fun.

 What is not so great about this toy: The use of latches should be under parents’ supervision.


Are you searching for a Christmas gift for your toddler that helps him learn a new skill while he plays? Luckily, your search ends here. This special busy board from Woody Treasures is full of fun activities for your fun-seeking little ones.

Woody Treasure designed this board for kids of ages 3 and more to provoke their curious mind to think towards the solutions to real-world problems in a fun way. This board contains six locks that train the juvenile minds of children to handle different situations that require thinking and quick decision-making. These activities also help them to coordinate their hands’ and eyes’ movements for performing trivial tasks one by one.

This colorful busy board has dimensions of 41.7 x 31.3 x 4.2 cm and a 1.15 kg weight, ideal for your kid to move it from one place to another with his tiny hands. Playing with the same, your kid gets to learn the skills to open these six latches and get an amazing animation hidden behind the closed doors. Also, the closing of these latches requires some additional skills that your kid learns while closing them. It helps your kid to learn the colors and skills to identify different patterns in a fun way.

And yes, not to worry about the longevity of this challenging and engaging board for it is made of soft and well-polished wood that would never break or crack. An ideal gift for your toddler of the age 3 as learning never ends with Woody’s busy board.

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Best Toys for Babies and Toddlers:

MELISSA & DOUG Latches Board for Toddlers

Melissa & Doug Latches Board | Developmental Toy | Motor Skills | Problem Solving | 3+ | Gift for Boy or Girl

Type: Wooden learning board for toddlers

Age Level: 3 and above

What is great about this toy: A lightweight busy board with endless fun activities.

What is not so great about this toy: Adult supervision is compulsory to use this toy.


Do you want to stimulate your infants’ brain and improve his eye-hand coordination? Then Melissa & Doug’s Latch board is the perfect busy board for your kid that helps him learn amazing new skills with so much fun on hand.

This busy board is made out of wood and measures as 39.88 x 29.72 x 3.56 cm with a weight of 997.9 Grams. Your toddler can conveniently move it around anywhere and explore the hidden pictures behind the door. Every latch and lock within it allow your kid to learn skills of opening doors and locks. The vibrant colors, different patterns of doors, and those of windows let children memorize colors and patterns in a fun way.

This board contains six latches that open and close in different sequences and improve your kids’ hand-eye coordination enhancing their decision-making abilities. Have your kids engaged in fun activities for long with this fun-driven busy board by Melissa & Doug.

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JORZER Toddler Busy Board

Toddler Busy Board Basic Skills Toddler Activity Board Learn to Improve Fine Motor Skills Early Educational and Sensory Toys for Young Children Ages 2, 3, 4, 5 (Hand-held)

Type: Skill improving busy board

Age Level: 3 and up

What is great about this toy: Helps children learn daily life skills in a fun way. Lightweight enough to be carried on shoulders or to be kept in a bag pack.

What is not great about this toy: The Felted wool is susceptible to moth damage


Looking for a toy that can engage your kid during a long drive or on an air trip? If yes, then you are in the right place. The Jorzer busy board is 27 x 27 x 2 cm in size with just 210 Grams of weight that makes it super easy to carry while traveling.

This 12-in-one busy board contains buttons, zippers, laces, buckles, and many more things. These activities create finger flexibility, stimulate little minds to think, enhance motor skills, and help children recognize different colors and shape patterns. The buttons and buckles are specifically designed for various difficulty levels that train your kid to learn the skills needed in real life.

With a strap on the back, most kids would find it easy and convenient to wear it on their backs or like a crossbody bag. The Jorzer Toddler board is made of soft felted-wool without any hard corners. With this busy board having vibrant colors, keep your kids engaged at home, on weekends, and during traveling, too.

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MELISSA & DOUG  Doug Lock and Latch Busy Board

Melissa & Doug 19540 Doug Lock and Latch Board

Type: Learning latch and lock board

Age Level: 3 and up

What is great about this toy: It consists of no loose components that make it easy to be carried while on the go.

What is not great about this toy: Adult supervision is necessary when kid playing with this board.


A new world of hands-on learning for your toddler! The Melissa & Doug latch and lock busy board provokes the endless desires of your kids to explore everything new that comes their way. This board keeps your kids busy with unlatching, unlocking, and opening doors that help them develop skills to reach out for solutions.

Every door is closed with a different kind of lock; this versatility makes your kid think for diverse solutions and thus, he learns a new skill set every time he opens a new lock to find a fascinatingly colorful gift beneath. The board is made of smoothly sanded softwood with no loose pieces; easy to carry while on the go.

Also, this colorful board helps your kid identify different colors, remember new shapes, animals, numbers, and much more. The opening and closing of different locks and hinges within this busy board by Mellissa and Doug improve your kid’s hand-eye coordination, motor skills, and problem-solving skills.

And did you just notice? Every time your kid tries opening a new lock unleashing a gift beneath, he has a story to tell of his venture doing the same. It thus improves his storytelling skills giving him the confidence to face any problem.

This busy board by Mellissa and Doug is indisputably a great learning toy for a screen-free learning experience with locks, latches, shapes, and numbers.

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OBEDA Firetruck Busy Board for Toddlers

Type: Busy board in a fun fire-truck shape.

Age Level: 2 and up

What is great about this toy: Lightweight and has a carrying strap to wear across the shoulder and take anywhere for endless learning and fun.

What is not great about this toy: The felted wool can be de shaped if wash in a machine.


If your kid loves cars and gears, then this is a perfect learning gift for him. Obeda busy board is apparently a fire truck equipped with different learning activities that can engage your kids for hours. These diverse learning activities stimulate kids to think about solving different problems.

This fire truck shaped board by Obeda weighs only 320 grams and has easy dimensions of 41 x 19.5 x 2.9 cm, which make it ideal for being carried during traveling or for storing in compact spaces. It also comes with a durable strap to wear it as a side bag.

On the front side, it has shoelaces, fabric fasteners, belts, and buttons related activities. While on the backside, it has snap buttons, belts, zippers, shoelaces, snap belts, and gears that your kid can move. With these intriguing components, your kid gets to learn motor skills, finger flexibility, hand-eye coordination, and problem-solving skills.

Also, the rotating gears within it help children learn mechanical motion, and with eight buckle activities, it is excellent at improving the hand-eye coordination of toddlers. The Obeda busy board comes in rich colors of red, blue, and yellow that attract children and keep them playing for hours. Also, they get to learn new colors!

Soft-material, no chemical smell, and well-sewed buttons, everything seeks your kid’s safety in the first place. This busy board by Obeda makes an excellent learning toy for curious little hands.

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APOFLY Busy Board Montessori Toys for Toddlers

Type: Busy board with handles as a carry bag.

Age Level: 2 and up

What is great about this toy: Lightweight and small. Comes with handles that makes it easy for you to carry.

What is not great about this toy: Cannot carry with shoulders with small handles.


Are you looking for an educational aid and an engaging toy for your kid at the same time?  The Apofly busy board is just the one for you. This board contains 16 different buckles and buttons specifically designed to help your children learn with every step.

This great learning busy board weighs only 200 grams and has dimensions of 29.3 x 25.3 x 5.4 cm that make it ideal for playing, hanging, and storing in a bag pack for carrying purposes. The buttons and laces activities within it enhance the self-dressing skills of children, while eight different buckles help improve the coordination between their hands and eyes. Also, the zipper activity improves their problem-solving skills.

The Apolfy busy board is designed to enrich the imagination of children and encourage them to think more logically. At the same time, it develops their practical ability to identify colors. And more importantly, the unique small handles that come with it make it exceptionally easy to carry this bag along tough long routes.

The Apolfy Busy board is one of the best gifts for your kid this Christmas!

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BEINOU Busy Board for Toddlers Shark Dressing Board

Type: Busy board with handles as a carry bag.

Age Level: 2 and up

What is great about this toy: The adjustable strap for hanging it like a school bag makes it more convenient to carry while on the go.

What is not great about this toy: Shark fin get lose when moved frequently.


The shark-shaped Beinou busy board is super attractive for kids who are curious to explore new things. Two leather fins are attached with the board that do not loose easily, whereas two eyes at the top make it similar in looks to a friendly shark. The board is made of soft wool felt fabrics that are comfortable for tiny hands and have no hard edges.

This lightweight shark busy board comes with an 80 cm long adjustable strap that makes it easy be carried across the shoulder. The 26 alphabetic letters at the backside make it more attractive for kids to play and learn. Not to forget, these alphabets are in the shape of animals and ocean species that create sea-life awareness among kids.

With three types of buckles, two ties, and zippers, this board helps improve the dressing skills and problem-solving skills inside your kid. Also, you can store little supporting things within these zippers.

This shark-shaped busy board by Beinou is a great educational toy that allows children to learn more about sea-life and keeps them happily engaged!

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NICE2YOU Toddlers Busy Board

Type: Busy board with facial expressions.

Age Level: 2 and up

What is great about this toy: A lightweight fabric busy board without any hard edges. Harmless for kids of any age.

What is not great about this toy: the peel up numbers can be a choking hazard.


Are you searching for a toy that offers emotion-based learning activities for your kid? If yes, then the Nice2you facial expression busy board must put an end to your search. You can enjoy a happy parenting time with this fun board teaching your kids different behaviors of people; how they look when they are angry, happy, sad, or thinking about something.

This fun toy weighs only 240 grams with 34 x 31 x 6 cm dimensions. It is a soft fabric board and is not harmful at all. With this productive tool, your kid should learn how to express his emotions of happiness, sadness, anger, and surprise in a much better way. It offers three options; a father, mom, and boy, that allow you to express variant emotions and expressions.

Not just that, it also helps children identify and learn different facial parts. With the mounting notch, you can mount it on a wall, or with a hanging strap, your little one can carry it across his shoulders with sheer ease. This busy board by Nice2you is a unique learning toy that your kid will never feel bored of even after playing for hours.


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BETOORES Toddler Busy Board

Type: Busy board with numbers and alphabets.

Age Level: 2 and up

What is great about this toy: A soft and lightweight busy board that keeps your kid busy for hours with awesome learnings.

What is not great about this toy: Due to soft material, you may de form it if wash in macjine.


The all in one busy board for your toddler! This Betoores busy board contains 26 alphabets and 9-digit numbers. Along with these, it contains basic shapes, buttons, zips, and laces. The 1 to 9 digits and basic geometry shapes can be torn off.

This board is made of soft felted wool and can be bent easily to be stored in a bag pack. Its weight is merely 0.62 pounds, and it doesn’t have any hard edges to harm your kid. The button activities improve your kid’s finger flexibility while fastening different types of buckles helps improve his hand-eye coordination.

Also, it has a bag with a zipper on top of the board where your kid can store his little things. The multiple activities offered by this board are specifically designed to improve the dressing skills, motor skills, and memory of children.

Learning with fun – what else would you want for your little one?

FAQs about Busy Board for Toddlers

Is it good for a one-year-old or younger?

Usually, busy boards are meant for ages two and up. But children of the age one and above can certainly benefit from them too. These boards help develop self-dressing skills among young children. Whereas, kids above the age of two are more likely to go for lock and latch busy boards, which encourage them to find solutions to various problems. Also tying and lacing helps to improve the hand-eye coordination among elder toddlers. These activities make them more confident

Can we wash busy boards?

You cannot wash the busy boards that are made of wood or those that contain some metallic locks or latches. However, you can wash the fabric made busy boards. Also, you can wash the busy board made up of felted woolen material.

What safety tips you should observe when choosing a busy board?

Busy boards are developed with all safety measures. While choosing the one for your toddler, must bear in mind the age of your toddler. For young toddlers, you should choose the one with no loose components like latches or zippers. However, for a kid above the age of two, the busy board must not have any hard edge that can harm him.

What your kid can do with a busy board?

The common objects on a busy board are buttons, zippers, buckles, laces, locks, and latches. From self-dressing skills to fine motor skills, these objects can help your kid learn a lot alongside having a fun playtime. Kids who love to dress up multiple times a day must love these boards.

Do kids need supervision while playing with busy boards?

If you opt for a busy board free of any loose component or choking hazard, then you need not to supervise your kid’s playtime using it. But some activities on busy board need special, challenging skills which might results in frustration. So, you better take some time to demonstrate your kid about handling those challenges the right way. Once demonstrated, you won’t need to supervise your kid anymore.

Does BETOORES use any harmful chemicals in busy board making?

No, BETOORES pay special attention  to make sure no toxic or hazardous chemicals  in the manufacturing process which might harm the skin of users.