The Best 10ft Trampoline for your Children

A 10ft trampoline is the safest size to pick if you’re in the market for trampolines for kids. This is because kids usually outgrow toddler trampolines pretty quickly. The good thing about 10 ft trampolines, they’re still pretty compact and can fit regular sized gardens. 

Trampolines nowadays are safer thanks to the new features manufacturers have included in the equipment. In fact, we have discussed these features and a trampoline’s essential parts in our 6ft trampoline guide. But to keep your children safer while trampolining, you should learn how trampolines work first. That’s why before we discuss our top 10ft trampoline choices, here are more details on how a trampoline works and how to use it safely. 

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How Do Trampolines Work?  

If you’ve ever seen a trampoline in action, it’s pretty easy to understand how they work. Jumping on a trampoline will briefly launch users in the air, allowing them to float in the air for a few seconds. This feeling of weightlessness is one of the reasons why jumping on trampolines is super fun. Moreover, unlike, jumping on the floor or diving into water, trampolining is low-impact and can be enjoyed for longer hours. 

In general, trampolines work by following Newton’s Three Laws of Motion and elastic collision, according to Wikipedia. Basically, this all just means that in order for the trampoline to propel you upwards, you will need to exert force by jumping on the trampoline mat. 

To explain further, when you jump on a trampoline, the trampoline bed which is the mat and springs, stretches back to accommodate your weight. And when it returns to its original position, it uses the force you exerted, to propel you upwards into the air. And thanks to the trampoline bed’s elasticity, the force needed to bounce higher is lesser.   

The higher they jump, the harder they fall

One of the most dangerous parts of jumping on trampolines is when your children discover that they can go higher when they jump harder. That’s why it is important to buy smaller round trampolines on Amazon because they produce lower bounces which are more appropriate to children. In addition, kids who loves to jump higher and who are not careful tend to fall on the springs or the frame. That’s why it is important that you buy trampolines with safety enclosure nets and frame padding as this minimizes trampolining injuries too.  

Now that you understand how trampolines work, it will be easier for you to choose the best 10ft trampoline for your children. Now, let’s discuss our top pick for the best and safest 10ft trampolines.

 Best 10FT Trampolines

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ZERO GRAVITY Ultima 4  Trampoline

ZERO GRAVITY 6ft / 8ft / 10ft / 12ft / 14ft Ultima 4 High Spec Trampoline with Safety Enclosure Netting and Ladder (6ft)

Type: Outdoor Trampolines

Age level: 5 to 16 years

What is great about this toy: The Zero Gravity has a strong, high quality and safe internal safety enclosure.

What is not so great about this toy: This trampoline is perfect.


Ultima 4 Zero Gravity 10ft trampoline is our top pick for this size of trampoline because of its safety features and quality. For only £169, this trampoline has all the accessories you need in a trampoline. But the most important feature of the Zero Gravity is its patented weldless frame that makes their trampolines last longer. 

When it comes to quality, the ZERO GRAVITY 10ft  Trampoline has a 1 year warranty. This assurance lets you know that the company has created this product with the finest materials. In addition, this trampoline has an indoor safety net enclosure and a thick  spring cover to provide maximum protection for your kids. 

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AIRWAVE  10ft Trampoline

AIRWAVE Outdoor Trampoline With Safety Enclosure For Kids and Children (8ft, Blue)

Type: Outdoor Trampolines

Age level: 5 to 16 years

What is great about this toy: This trampoline is made from ultra-thick steel and durable pipe. 

What is not so great about this toy: The net enclosure is thinner compared to other brands.


If you’re looking for a durable and premium quality trampoline, try out the 10ft trampoline by AIRWAVE. In fact, this trampoline has an ultra-thick steel galvanized pipe frame that can support up to 150kg weight. In addition, its spring cover has three thick layers made from PVC, EPE, and PE materials.

For it’s price, the AIRWAVE 10FT Round Trampoline Set is totally worth it as it comes with a lot of accessories. It already comes with a safety net enclosure that is UV resistant and waterproof. It also comes with a blue three-layer thick spring cover, a ladder and a blue shoe bag too.

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PlayActive 10ft Trampoline

PlayActive Trampoline With FREE Safety Net Enclosure, Ladder, Rain Cover, Shoe Bag (10ft)

Type: Outdoor Trampolines

Age level: 5 to 16 years

What is great about this toy: It offers free shipping to select UK locations.

What is not so great about this toy:  This trampoline has an external net enclosure. 


PlayActive is one of UK’s biggest importers of kids outdoor toys and equipment. That’s why if you want to save money on shipping, this trampoline is the best option for you. Moreover, it is also £10 cheaper compared to the other affordable trampolines in this list.

Although the PlayActive 10ft Trampoline is cheaper, it doesn’t compromise on quality. In fact every part of this trampoline is made from strong, durable, weatherproof and rust resistant materials. And the best thing about it is it comes with all the accessories you need to keep your children safe while trampolining like the net enclosure, spring cover, ladder and shoe bags.

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Rebo Jump Zone II Trampoline

Rebo Jump Zone II Trampoline with Halo Safety Enclosure 2020 Model - 10FT

Age level: 5 to 16 years

What is great about this toy: Come with free accessories, including safety net enclosure, trampoline cover, ladder and shoe bag.

What is not so great about this toy: This trampoline is quite difficult to assemble.


Rebo is another superior brand that you should consider when buying a 10ft trampoline. As a matter of fact, the Rebo 10ft Premium Trampoline has all the safety certifications you need such as CE, GS, TUV and EN71. This assures every parent that the Rebo trampoline’s high quality materials have met all of EU safety regulations.

The Rebo 10ft Premium Trampoline has a 2.63 m jumping mat and has a maximum load of 120kg. With a 65cm high frame and 180cm enclosure height, it has an overall height of 245cm (8ft). This size is very much safe and appropriate for older children or even light adults.

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METIS Garden 10 ft Trampolines

METIS Garden Trampolines – 8ft, 10ft, 12ft, 14ft,15ft | Family Outdoor Fun – Padded Springs and Tall Net Enclosure (10ft, Voyager)

Type: Outdoor Trampolines

Age level: 5 to 16 years

What is great about this toy: This trampoline has a premium quality feel and look.

What is not so great about this toy: It is more expensive compared to the other brands and it doesn’t come with a ladder.


If you’re looking for a compact but elegant looking trampoline, then METIS Garden 10ft Trampoline is an excellent choice. Not only is it great for your kids, it can also support lighter adults because it has a maximum weight of 100kg.

METIS Garden 10ft Trampoline has a galvanized steel frame coated with black to match the overall elegant black look. The jumping mat produces high and even bounces because of it’s premium quality. In fact, it’s made from UV resistant polypropylene (PP) material that is guaranteed to be tough as it is usually used in the automotive industry. The internal enclosure is high quality too as it is made from thick and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) netting.

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Skyhigh  Rectangular 10ft Trampoline 

Skyhigh 7ft x 10ft Rectangular Trampoline with Enclosure. Superior and Expressive Bounce which doesn't pull user in centre of mat

Type: Outdoor Trampolines

Age level: 5 to 16 years

What is great about this toy: This trampoline is easy to assemble.

What is not so great about this toy: This trampoline is the most expensive of all the trampolines in this list.


If you’re looking for a trampoline that can fit two kids at a time. Skyhigh 10ft Trampoline is the one for you. That’s because this trampoline has a powerful weldless frame that can accommodate a maximum load of 120kg. In addition, it has a spacious rectangular design that will make sure you can have fun with your children safely.

Skyhigh 10ft (3.05m) Garden Trampoline is super easy to build because it comes with all the equipment that you need. It comes with an internal safety net enclosure, a ladder, 6 base hooks and a rain cover where you can also store all your trampoline parts.

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Charles Bentley Monster 10ft Trampoline

Charles Bentley Monster Children's 10ft Trampoline with Safety Net Enclosure

Type: Outdoor Trampolines

Age level: 5 to 16 years

What is great about this toy: It has 4 steel frame legs to assure stability and durability.

What is not so great about this toy: It has a lower maximum load, 10kg lower than the other brands.


Charles Bentley 10ft Outdoor Trampoline is another great model that your children will surely enjoy. Although it doesn’t have an internal safety enclosure, it has thick safety padding to protect your children. This padded frame and spring cover has a thickness of 40mm and made from high quality PVC and PE fabric.

Charles Bentley 10ft Outdoor Trampoline has an overall size of 169.5 x 44 x 25cm and weighs 45.5 kg in total. It has 54 galvanized gold conical springs to give your children strong and even bounce. But one of the best things about this trampoline is it is easy to install and remove too. Thanks to its unique net top design that lets you easily remove the net when the weather is bad.

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BodyRip PREMIUM BOUNCE 10ft Trampoline

BodyRip PREMIUM BOUNCE Trampoline Safety 10FT NET (for 6 pole trampolines)

Type: Outdoor Trampolines

Age level: 5 to 16 years

What is great about this toy: It has a maximum load of 130kg which is high compared with the other brands.

What is not so great about this toy: This trampoline is £100 more expensive than the other brands


If you’re looking for a trampoline with superior jumping mat quality, then BodyRip’s 10ft Outdoor Garden Jumper should be your top choice. In fact, this trampoline’s jumping mat is made from a tough polypropylene material with a density of 265g / m². This high quality mat and its 54 robust galvanized spring, makes it possible to support users up to 130kg in weight.

One good thing about BodyRip 10ft Outdoor Trampoline is that it has a double-sided zipper and buckle on its net enclosure. This feature lets your children easily get on and off the trampoline in addition to the ladder that comes with the package too.

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CZON SPORTS 10FT Trampoline

CZON SPORTS Trampoline, 10ft Outdoor with safety enclosure net, green

Type: Outdoor Trampolines

Age level: 5 to 16 years

What is great about this toy: It has a new and unique safety feature that makes the net enclosure safer.

What is not so great about this toy: This trampoline is £200+ more expensive than the regular trampoline models.


Czon 10ft Trampoline is one of the safest trampolines in this list. Thanks to its low frame height, this trampoline is more stable and doesn’t require any ladders. In addition, its sturdy frame is made from high quality steel that is galvanized inside and out to make it rust resistant and long lasting.

All of Czon trampoline models are equipped with its unique Springsafe® technology. This makes sure that your kids never hit its hard frame and springs. The Plum Wave trampoline on the other hand, has an updated net enclosure. It has a metal top rim that holds the net enclosure and poles together making the safety net stronger and safer.

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Ultrasport Garden Jumper Trampoline

Ultrasport Outdoor Garden Jumper, Trampoline Complete Set with Jumping Sheet, Safety, Padded Net Posts and Frame Cover, Up to 265 lbs (120 kg), Pink, Ø 6 ft (180 cm)

Type: Outdoor Trampolines

Age level: 6 to 16 years

What is great about this toy: Even the poles holding the enclosure have safety padding.

What is not so great about this toy: Net enclosure is not that thick and is located outside the frame.


The Ultrasport 10ft Outdoor Trampoline for Kids is another great choice you can find on Amazon. Like all the other trampolines in this list it has all the accessories you need to easily build this on your own. It also comes with a safety net enclosure, padded covers and a ladder.

The Ultrasport 10ft Outdoor Trampoline also has safety certifications including CE, GS and EN71. With 54 strong springs and a very durable metal frame, it can support up to 120kg maximum load. When it comes to safety, it’s frame cover is 12mm thick and is covered with UV resistant PVC. In addition, the safety enclosure is 160cm high which is a safe size for the recommended age.

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Tips for using 10ft Trampoline

Now that you’ve seen our top 10ft trampoline recommendations, here are some tips to maximize your kids’ safety once you’ve bought your favorite from our list. 

10ft trampolines can usually fit a 100sqm garden perfectly. But you should always make sure that you have a minimum of 2.5m clearance space around it. Position it away from fences, bushes, trees or walls to prevent your children from hitting these hard surfaces. In addition, always make sure that there aren’t any hard objects underneath the jumping mat as this is one of the causes of trampolining injuries too. 

You should avoid building your trampolines on concrete pavements because hard floors can damage your trampoline’s frame and legs. Soft ground on the other hand absorbs the energy and prevents this damage from happening. That’s why you should install the trampolines on a level soft ground or firm grass which is not hard enough to stress your trampoline parts. 

Always make sure to follow the manufacturers recommendations like the maximum load, number of users allowed and age limitations. Moreover, tell your kids to jump in bare feet because shoes or sneakers can damage the jumping mat and enclosure net. And last but not the least, always make sure that you supervise your children while trampolining. 

Frequently Asked Questions for 10ft trampoline


Is a 10ft trampoline big enough for 2 kids?

A 10ft trampoline is pretty spacious to use for 2 younger and lighter children. Although there are manufacturers that allow it, most of the manufacturers in this list only recommend one user at a time. And if you want to maximize your children’s safety, only let one child at a time to use the trampoline. 

How long does it take to put up a 10ft trampoline?

A 10ft trampoline can take 2-3 hours to build especially if you’re alone. The most time consuming part of trampoline building is attaching the springs. That’s why it will be easier if you have some help or if you have experience doing this before.  

How long does a trampoline last? 

A 6ft trampoline can withstand winds of around 40mph. You will need to securely anchor it to prevent it from being blown over by high winds. If the wind is too strong or the weather is bad, you can disassemble the trampoline and store in a dry place.   

How many springs does a 10ft trampoline have?

A standard 10ft trampoline should have 52 springs but some can have up to 72 springs. But the performance of your trampolines doesn’t only rely on the quantity of springs. It is important that your springs are made from high quality materials and protected with rust-proof and weatherproof coating. This keeps your springs strong and long lasting and prevent them from losing elasticity. 

How much weight can a 10 ft trampoline hold?

A 10ft trampoline can support up to 100kg of weight. But some of the trampolines in this list have a weight limit of up to 120 or 150kg. You should never exceed this weight limit to avoid injuries and accidents.