4 Best Trampoline Tent Covers for Your Family

A trampoline tent is the latest craze in the trampoline industry. Aside from adding extra protection, a trampoline tent can convert your regular trampoline into an exciting children’s playhouse! As a matter of fact, some trampoline tents can also be brought to camping trips to provide a cozy camping experience for your children.


Why Buy a Trampoline Tent?

A regular trampoline cover will protect your trampoline from extreme weather. On the other hand, a trampoline tent is a cover that keeps your children safe while trampolining. With a trampoline tent, you are assured that your young children will never bounce out of the trampoline and hurt themselves.

  • Trampoline Tents -A play house

But the great thing about trampoline tents is that your children can rest or sleep inside when they grow tired of jumping. With trampoline tents, your kids can transform your trampoline into a playhouse where they can lie down and read or get some fresh air inside a trampoline

  • Trampoline Tents -A sleepover remedy

You can also use the trampoline tents if your kids are having a sleepover. Some trampoline tents have see-through materials so that you can see your children even when they’re inside the tent. In addition, they also have large entrances and screened windows that let fresh air in and keep your children cool while playing. They also have UV protection to keep your children cool during noon plays and safe from harmful sun rays. 

  • Trampoline Tents -For camping trips

Some trampoline tent models are compact and easy to carry for camping trips. Because the trampoline is elevated, your children can comfortably sleep during your trip. In addition, most trampoline tents are waterproof and you can be assured that they will not get damp during humid camping nights. Last but not least, because of the mesh covers, you can be assured that your children are safe from bugs and mosquitoes too. 

There are a lot of things you children can do inside a trampoline tent aside from jumping. They can read, play Star Wars board games with friends, watch Youtube, or just lie down and get some fresh air. This is the reason why trampoline tents are getting more and more popular nowadays.

Now you know why you should buy a trampoline tent for your children. There are a lot of models available on Amazon today from the simple canopy to the coverall trampoline tent types. That’s why we’ve compiled our top 4 best trampoline tent models to help you pick the right one for your family. 

Top 4 Trampoline Tents

Zaida 8 Ft Trampoline Tent with 6 Poles 

8 Ft Trampoline Tent with 6 Poles - Circular Circus Style & Fits Over Existing Trampoline Enclosure

Type: Trampoline Tents

What is great about this toy:  This trampoline tent is colorful. 

What is not so great about this toy:  It only fits Jump king’s 10ft trampolines. 


If you’re looking for something colorful and fun for your garden, this 10-foot trampoline tent is the one for you. This trampoline tent is a great choice if you already have a trampoline that doesn’t have a safety enclosure. That’s because it already comes with 6 poles that you can easily install to provide extra protection for your children.

But the best thing about this trampoline tent is its circus theme that can brighten up your garden and keep your children busy for hours. But aside from that, this trampoline tent doesn’t reduce the jumping area and keeps dirt off your trampoline. 

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Jumpking 8ft Green Canopy

8ft Green Canopy - Trampoline not included

Type: Trampoline Tents

What is great about this toy:  It has screened windows with adjustable covers. 

What is not so great about this toy: This trampoline tent is only compatible with Propel trampolines. 


This trampoline tent by Jumpking is the one for you if you have a large 8-foot trampoline in your backyard. Produced by one of the leading trampoline companies, this green Jumpking trampoline tent is guaranteed high quality and made with weatherproof materials. Thus, your kids are also safe from the harmful sun rays and the occasional rain showers.

The 8ft Jumpking Trampoline Clubhouse has a large zippered entrance that can let your children easily get in and out of the tent. It also has 3 screen windows to let fresh air inside the trampoline tent. The only downside is it is only suitable for Propel trampolines too. That’s why this is a better choice if you’re looking to buy a trampoline too. 

Jumpking  Oval Trampoline Tent

Type: Trampoline Tents

What is great about this toy: This trampoline canopy has an elegant and eye-catching color.

What is not so great about this toy: It will fit 10x15ft oval-shaped Jumpking trampolines only. 


If you don’t like circus-themed trampoline tents, then this elegant Oval Trampoline Canopy is another great option. In fact, this trampoline tent made by Jumpking comes in colorful white and green stripes that will look good in any garden.  

When it comes to quality, the Jumpking Oval trampoline canopy has 100% polyester materials, making it lightweight and durable. It will keep sunshine, light rains, and dirt off of your trampoline. It also comes with G3 rods zip ties and bungees to keep it in place. In addition, it can be easily taken off during bad weather or at night when it’s not being used. 

JumpSport Trampoline Tent 

Type: Trampoline Tents

What is great about this toy: This is easy to install and doesn’t require any poles.  

What is not so great about this toy: This outback tent is not waterproof.


The AlleyOOP Outback Trampoline Tent is the one for you if your children want to experience camping in your backyard. Produced by JumpSport, one of the leading manufacturers of safe trampolines, this hunter-green trampoline tent is high quality and durable. In fact, it comes with a 90-day warranty on all of its parts.

When it comes to specification, this trampoline tent is large, measuring 11 feet wide and 5.5 ft tall. It has 3 windows, and 1 door with screens and zippers to keep insects and mosquitoes out. The AlleyOOP Outback tent also has a fabric floor which makes lounging inside more comfortable for your children.    

Tips to help you pick the right one for your family.

Now that you’ve seen our top trampoline tents, here are additional tips to help you pick the right one for your family.

All of the trampoline tents that we’ve included in this list are only compatible with their own brand’s trampolines. That is why if you already have a trampoline, check out if the company also offers trampoline tents for your trampoline model. If this is not possible, you may need to buy some additional parts like poles or straps to modify the tent by yourself. You can also hire a contractor to help you make the one you’re buying compatible with the trampoline that you have. 

Most trampoline tents have UV protection and are waterproof. That’s why if you want your children to be safe from extreme heat or light showers, you should always check the type of construction materials used. 

You should also consider how you want your children to use your trampoline tents. Trampoline tents that cover all of your trampoline is great if you’re playing with your kids inside. But if your trampoline is not big enough, you may need to buy the canopy type so that you can still see and supervise your children while you’re outside. 

Frequently Asked Questions for Trampoline Tents

What are trampoline tents made of?

Most trampoline tents are made from 100% polyester. This fabric makes them waterproof and dry quickly after a light shower. Because polyester also resists UV rays, your children are safe from the harmful sun rays during daytime trampolining too. 

What are the benefits of having trampoline tents? 

Trampolines nowadays always come with a safety net enclosure. Adding a trampoline tent canopy will add protection to your children by blocking off the sun’s heat or shower rains. If you bought a trampoline without an enclosure, a coverall trampoline tent is a great option for you too. As these types can also enclose your trampoline and keep your children from bouncing out of your trampoline. 

Can you put a tent on a trampoline?

It is possible to put a tent on your trampoline provided that you have straps or poles to keep your tent upright. This is another option if you can’t find a brand suited for your trampoline and you want to have a more comfortable backyard camping. You can also build a trampoline blanket fort if you’re up for it. In fact, there are a lot of YouTube videos to help you build it for your children. 

How many kids can fit inside a trampoline tent?

All of the trampoline tents included in this list don’t include trampolines. The number of people who can fit inside your trampoline tents will depend on the capacity of your trampoline. Always check the manufacturer’s weight limit to keep your children safe while they’re playing or sleeping inside your trampoline.    

Are trampoline tents easy to install?

Generally, it is easy to install a tent if it is compatible with your base trampolines. In fact, the package includes all of the poles, straps and parts needed to build your tent. The manufacturers also design trampoline tents and canopies to have an easy install feature so that it can also be easily disassembled. This feature protects them from being blown away by high winds during windy days. 

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