Best Dartboard for Kids

The best dartboard for kids are usually the magnetic versions. In fact, magnetic dartboards can deliver all the fun of a real dartboard and still be safe and friendly for kids of all ages. This is because magnetic dartboards are played with flat magnetic darts instead of the pointy and sharp adult darts.

Dartboards are one of the best toys you can give your children who wants to improve their hand-eye coordination and motor skills. In addition, you can also introduce math to your children while playing the game. Developing social skills through friendly competitions are also a must for a young learning child. 

There are a lot of factors to think about when buying the best dartboards for kids. There are dual or reversible types and there are circular models. The size of the dartboard is important when buying this toy too. Also, the fact that the packaged comes with different darts is a plus factor. In addition, there are different varieties of darts too, like the flat magnetic darts and the magnetic dart balls. This is the reason why it is really difficult to choose the best magnetic dartboards for your kids.

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Best Dartboard for Kids

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CLISPEED Magnetic Dartboard for Kids

CLISPEED Magnetic Dart Board Game Set Reversible Rollup Dartboard with 6 Safe Darts for Indoor Outdoor Fun
Type: Dartboards

Size: 18.3 x 14.7 in

What is great about this toy: his dartboard is easy to hang, carry and store.

What is not so great about this toy: It can be difficult for younger kids to aim and make the darts stick to the board.


CLISPEED Magnetic Dart Board Game Set is one of the best rated dartboards for kids. This safe alternative to the traditional dartboards will not only keep your kids busy for hours but will also keep your wall free of sharp darts.

Made of high quality and durable cloth, this dartboard hangs anywhere and soft enough for convenient storage. It also features a colorful monster themed bullseye on the other side. While conventional dartboards are sharp and not ideal for kids, this dartboard includes 6 safe magnetic darts. In fact, these darts are made from high quality magnets that are durable and accurate.

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Alomejor Magnetic Dartboard for Kids 

Alomejor Magnetic Dart Board Safety Dart Set Kids Dart Board Set with Reversible Design for Family Leisure Sports

Type: Dartboards

Size: 18.5 x 16.5 in

What is great about this toy: More affordable than the other magnetic dartboards.

What is not so great about this toy: The hanging cable is not that strong enough.


If you’re looking for one of the best dartboards for kids that is cheap, this Generic Magnetic Reversible Dartboard is for you. Just like the other magnetic dartboards, this dartboard is also reversible, double-sided and durable. Moreover, it includes 6 magnetic darts that are colorful and guaranteed safe for young players.

This cheaper version will definitely help your children improve their hand-eye coordination, motor skills and sportsmanship. In addition, this dartboard and the included darts are safe for kids to play with as there are no sharp and edgy points. However, it is not recommended for children under 6 years as it is difficult to play this game without parental supervision.

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AlevRam Magnetic Dartboard 

AlevRam Magnetic Dartboard with 6 Safety Darts Double Sided Hanging Roll Up Magnetic Dart Board Game Toy Present for Kids Children Boy and Girl (15)Type: Dartboards

Size: 15 x 15 in

What is great about this toy: The magnet is stronger and the darts stick to the board every time.

What is not so great about this toy: It is smaller compared to the roll up dartboards.


For parents looking for durable and more accurate dartboards, AlevRam’s Dartboard is another great choice. This magnetic dartboard is 15 inches in diameter and made of high quality magnet. It also comes with 12 colorful magnetic darts.

Although this version can’t be rolled up, the magnetic properties are much stronger compared to the fabric type dartboards. Because of this, your children will never get disappointed by darts bouncing off and missing their targets. In fact, this dartboard will definitely help them aim and shoot accurately and enhance their hand-eye coordination. In addition, the darts are also flat and safe for playing even without adult supervision.

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WINMAU Diamond Plus Bristle Dartboard

WINMAU Diamond Plus Professional Bristle Dartboard

Type: Dartboards

Size: 18 x 18 in

What is great about this toy: It has a CNC precision-engineered bulls-eye which is tournament approved.

What is not so great about this toy: It doesn’t include any darts.


WINMAU Diamond Plus Dartboard is the perfect gift for kids who love dartboards. Considered one of the best dartboards for kids, this dartboard is also exclusively endorsed by the British Darts Organization. This is because this premium bristle dartboard has passed rigorous testing and complies with the World Darts Federation specifications.

Unlike many other dartboards offers a triangular wiring system and includes a game of darts booklet and a checkout table. It also has an anti-glare number ring and has 50% thinner Dynamic sector wires. Because of this your kids will never miss and will enjoy playing with their friends.

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Beylos Magnetic Reversible Dartboard 

Beylos Magnetic Reversible Dartboard 18.5

Type: Dartboards

Size: 18.5 x 15 in

What is great about this toy: It is longer compared to the other dartboards. 

What is not so great about this toy: It is not suitable for younger kids.


Beylos Magnetic Reversible Dartboard is another great option for magnetic dartboards. This double-sided dartboard measures 18.5×15 inches or 47×38 cm. And like the other products listed in this best dartboards for kids article, it is easy to hang on walls, easy to roll up and easy to store.

While the main side is a traditional dartboard the other side of this Beylos reversible dartboard features a bright yellow bullseye target. In addition, the package includes 6 safe and durable magnetic darts. To prevent the darts from falling off, make sure that you hang the dartboard at arm-level with the player and teach your children to throw straight.

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ActionDart Soft Tip Dart Board Set 

ActionDart Unisex's Target 1 Soft Tip Safety Dart Board-Games for Kids-Leisure Sport for Office (Set), 16
Type: Dartboards

Size: 16 x 16 in

What is great about this toy: The included dart balls are soft and have larger surface area, thus have better magnetic properties.

What is not so great about this toy: It is not recommended for toddlers as the dart balls are choking hazards.


ActionDart Dart Board Game Set is included in this list of best dartboards for kids because of its safety features. This is because this dartboard game uses magnetic soft balls instead of the traditional sharp darts. In addition, the package comes with 6 pieces of this magnetic, safe and easy to grasp dart balls.

While the other fabric dartboards are reversible, this version includes two separate colorful and child friendly dartboards. Furthermore, it has a hanging type design and has a strong magnetic feature. As a result, this will definitely help your children relieve anxiety, improve their hand-eye coordination and promote the balance of your children’s left and right brain.

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Toyrific Kids Magnetic Dartboard Set Toyrific Kids Magnetic Dartboard Set with 6 Magnet Darts

Type: Dartboards

Size:  16 x 16 in

What is great about this toy: This dartboard is made of durable materials.

What is not so great about this toy: The magnets on the tip of the darts are small.


Improve your kids’ math and motor skills with this Toyrific Kids Magnetic Dartboard. This dartboard is thick and sturdy and will never let your kids miss a shot. Moreover, the package includes 6 magnetic darts that are colored blue and yellow.

This dartboard is easy to hang and can be played inside or outside the house. However, it is not recommended for children younger than 8 years because there are parts that can be swallowed by smaller toddlers. In addition, this dartboard is dedicated for more advanced kids as the magnets are too small and children need to have a better aim and stronger arms to hit the target.

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ADEPTNA Strong Magnet Dartboard 

ADEPTNA Strong Magnet Dartboard Roll Up 6 Magnet Darts Double Sided Safe For Kids Adults Dart Board Game Party Set Gift Boxed

Type: Dartboards

Size: 15 x 15 in

What is great about this toy: This dartboard has superior quality.

What is not so great about this toy: It is more expensive compared to the other dartboards.


If you want a dartboard with more darts included, the best choice is the Magnetic Dart Board Set from ADEPTNA which comes with 12 magnetic darts. These darts are equipped with strong magnets and will definitely not fall off the board unlike any other brands.

Above all, this dartboard is made from high quality ABS and metal making it hard wearing and long lasting. In addition, it has a flocking magnetic surface and spiral seam edge technology. Because of this, this is the perfect gift for your children. This magnetic dashboard is also easy to carry and assemble. Therefore, it can be used indoors and outdoors and can be played alone or with the family.

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T best Two-sided Dartboard 

T best Two-sided Dartboards, Children Interactive Toys Flocking Magnetic Two-sided Darts Target for Safety Fitness and Professional Training

Type: Dartboards

Size: 12.60 x 21.26 in

What is great about this toy: The fabric seams are treaded firmly and evenly, making it more durable.

What is not so great about this toy: The fabric seams are treaded firmly and evenly, making it more durable.


For those looking for more stylish dartboards, the Two-sided Dartboard from T Best is one of the best dartboards for kids you can buy. Above all, this training dartboard has a strong two-tone lanyard that lets you easily hang it for indoor or outdoor use. Furthermore, this dartboard is reversible, the Side-A dartboard is for professional competitions while the Side-B is for lone players or family entertainment.

This interactive toy for kids comes with 2 magnetic darts that are made of high quality PVC and magnets making it fall-resistant. It also has a spiral seam side reinforcement making it long lasting and hard wearing.

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Surplex  Hanging Dartboard for Kids 

Surplex Children's Hanging Dartboard for Indoor or Outdoor, Includes 4 Balls 4 Darts Coating for Firm Grip Dartboard Darts Throwing Game For All Ages, 30cm

Type: Dartboards

Size: 11.81 x 11.81 in

What is great about this toy: It includes a combination of dart balls and darts.

What is not so great about this toy: It is smaller compared with the other dartboards.


Last but not the least, this Children’s Hanging Dartboard by Surplex is one of the most exciting dartboards you can buy for your children’s birthday. In fact, this dartboard includes 4 dart balls and 4 darts that are soft, lightweight and easy to grasp. Because of this, your children can have fun throwing dart balls and darts at the same time.

This dartboard weight about 100g and is easy to carry and hang inside or outside the house. It also comes with different but more vibrant colors compared to the traditional dartboards. The game rules are also easier, making it more suitable for younger children.

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What to observe while playing with Dartboard?

Now that we’ve seen the best dartboards for kids there are a lot of things to keep in mind when playing with dartboards. First of all, it is common for magnetic darts to bounce out when it strikes the board. Although, not much force is needed to make the tips stick to the board, if the magnetic tip did not touch the board it will fall off. That is why, you should teach your children to aim straight forward and practice more to be able to achieve this.

The best dartboards for kids are portable and easy to hang. It should also be colorful and vibrant so that kids can easily distinguish the points and the target. Where you hang and how high is important too, especially if you’re playing with small children. Thus, you should position the board at the center of a wall in a safe area and at arms-level with the playing children – especially toddlers.  

Although math isn’t required when playing darts, this game is actually a great way to introduce mathematics to your children. Furthermore, playing with friends and families helps develop their social and communication skills. Aside from this, dartboards can also help them improve hand-eye coordination, motor skills and stimulate cognitive abilities.

Frequently Asked Questions for the Best Dartboards for Kids

How high should be a dartboard  for kids?

Unlike traditional dart boards where the height is usually based on a 6-foot tall player, the dartboard height for kids should depend on your children’s height. Dartboard’s height is measured from the center bullseye to the ground. To set up your children’s dartboard, measure your children’s height and use this measurement to position the board.

How far to stand from a dartboard?

Although throwing distance should be the same as adults which is around 7-9 feet away, it can be modified for children under 12 years old. Throwing lines for younger kids can be positioned 5 feet away from the dartboard.

What games can you play on a dartboard?

There are a lot of ways to play darts, from the standard 701, 501, 301 games to the more exciting Sudden Death game. You can also modify the game to make it more simple and entertaining for younger children.

What are the scores on a dartboard?

Dartboards are divided into 20 sections, with the numbers corresponding to 1-20 points. Furthermore, each of these sections are subdivided by circular wires into single, double and triple areas. A dart only scores if it hits these areas, the outer black rings don’t bring you any points. In addition, hitting the outer bullseye gives you 25 points while the inner bull gives you 50 points.

What are the different types of dartboard for kids?

The traditional dartboards are either played with steel tip darts or soft tip darts. Children aged 9 and above who are more familiar with the game can use soft tip darts for more accuracy. But since soft tip darts can still hurt your kids, it is recommended to let your children play with parental supervision. On the other hand if you have toddlers and younger children, the Velcro models or magnetic dartboards are the safer options.