climbing frames with fireman pole

The aim of climbing frames is not just to provide kids with hours of fun and entertainment, but as well to help them develop motor skills, strength, and balance. Climbing frames with fireman pole come in a variety of sizes, designs, and features.

To provide your kid with endless fun and entertainment, you need to buy them a quality and safe climbing frame.

When buying a climbing frame, there are a number of factors that one ought to look at. One of those factors includes the availability of space for installing the Children’s climbing frame. A frame too big for your backyard or garden will only cause you more problems.

Also, consider the type of activities the climbing frame with pole has, as the more the activities, the better. In addition, you should look at the safety of the kid. If it doesn’t meet safety standards, you are better off without it. 

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In this review article, we’ve selected some of the best climbing frames with poles. They will fit well in your backyard as they don’t take up much space. Also, they are affordable and durable

What to look for in climbing frames with fireman pole

Materials – most of the climbing frames are built out of wood, whilst others are made from plastic. Some are made of both wood and plastic with the inclusion of some metal components. Wooden frames have been proven to be the most durable and safest to use. Plastic provides comfort, but most of them are not very durable. 

Ease of installation – before you purchase a certain frame for your kid, ensure that it comes with pre-drilled parts for easy installation. Also, it should have clear installation instructions. Some climbing frames are difficult to set up and will take up most of your time before you put it together. 

Safety – this is another thing that parents forget to look at when buying their kids a playhouse. Some climbing frames are dangerous to use as they don’t meet the safety standards. So, check and ensure that the frame meets all the needed standards. In addition, ensure that the area around the playhouse is spacious enough for the kids to run and move around with much ease. 

Features – what features does the wooden climbing frame offer? If the frame has limited activities, kids will get bored quickly and go back to playing computer games. As a result, you should make sure that the climbing frame with pole has different activities in order for it to keep the kids engaged for long hours. For instance, select a frame that has a fireman pole, ladder, and a playhouse. 

Design of the climbing frame – the design of the climbing frame matters, too. You don’t want to have an ugly toy in your backyard. When neighbours peep into your garden, they should be enticed to bring their kids over to play. You don’t want your kid leaving their own toy and going to play next door. Pick a climbing frame with ladder that is multicoloured and of a great design. 

Smoby garden climbing tower with pole

The Smoby garden climbing tower toy is a lovely addition to your backyard. Kids love fun games and this can help them be entertained the entire day. Instead of your kids climbing on chairs or tables, you can get them this toy and keep them busy outdoors. 

The smoby climbing tower with pole is sturdily made from durable plastic for longevity. In addition, it is multicoloured and stylish to bring vigour to your garden. Your kids can play and develop different skills as they climb, slide or play role games in this tower toy.

Simply install this climbing frame with a fireman pole at a place with enough space in your garden, so that kids don’t get hurt. The plastic parts are safe as they have anti-UV treatment. Also, more than 3 kids can play at once without the danger of weighing down the plastic climbing frame with pole. 


  • It is versatile as it has a climbing pole, ladder, climbing walls, and tower for playing different activities
  • It can be used by many kids at once as it can hold up to 100kgs
  • It will blend easily with our backyard as it is stylish and colourful
  • It is very easy to assemble
  • It can be used by kids aged 2-years and above


  • Not suitable for older kids as it is small in size. 


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TP Toys Chalet Wooden Playhouse with fireman pole 

TP toys chalet wooden playhouse with a pole is another outstanding toy for your kids. This quality and sturdy climbing frame offer a wide range of activities for your children. They can climb, slide, bake in the sand, or play roles in the playhouse.

Also, the spacious playhouse with a lower sand area can be used by many kids at the same time. Only kids aged between 3 to 8 years should play in the playhouse. 

Furthermore, the chalet wood climbing frame with pole us very easy to set up and it takes up less space in your backyard. Adding this climbing frames with fireman pole in your backyard will not only bring fun to your kids but also beautify your garden. 


  • It is constructed of durable wood 
  • It offers different activities for the kids
  • It can host many kids 
  • It doesn’t take up much space in your backyard
  • It is safe to play on 


  • Not suitable for kids under the age of 3
  • It is a little bit time-consuming to install. Follow instructions for quick installation. 


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Buying a kid’s climbing frames with fireman pole is a very daunting task. This is because you need to determine some factors before you purchase a climbing frame that will be ideal for your kid.

Things to look at include the size of the backyard, the safety of the climbing frame, the age of your kids, materials used to construct the frame, and of course, the cost of the climbing frame with pole.

The above two toy climbing frames are some of the best in the market. They can fit in almost any garden or backyard. Also, they provide more than one activity and will have your kid engaged the whole day.