Best Map of The World for Kids

Parents have dozens of choices to adopt, from busy board games to the mysterious solar systems models when it comes to early education. One way to bring the playfulness in early education is to use age-appropriate toys that stimulate the little one’s curious mind. The map of the world for kids is the best tool for kids as they are inherently curious about the world around them.

The map of  the world for kids is a little bit different from the original Maps. In these Maps, all continents and respective countries are shown in different colors that attract children. Also, different icons for animals, landmarks are used for creating kids’ interest in these world Maps.

These days world map for kids is available in a variety of stunning formats. You can get a map of world for kids in poster style, scratch-off Maps, talking Maps, 3D puzzle games, wall curtains, table mats, and many more. To shorten your search time for the world map for kids, we selected the best world map for kids, which are best sellers due to their features.

Best Map of the World for Kids

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Collins Map of the World for Kids

Collins Children’s World Wall Map: An illustrated poster for your wall: 12 (Collins Children's Poster)

Type: World Map

Age Level: 4 years and above

What is great about this toy: Vibrant colors and pictures attract the kids.

What is not so great about this toy: The barcode at the top right corner is annoying.


Do you want to take your children on a journey around the world while staying at home? If yes, this Collins map of the world for kids is ideally suitable for you. It is the bestselling world map for kids, a highly illustrated pictorial map, takes children on a journey of discovering the world.

This world map from Collins is up to date, full of colors and full of information showing about the countries and their cities. Because of its colorful pictures, children love to read countries’ names and capital cities and learn amazing facts about them.

If you talk about the dimensions, it is 24 x 36 inches, large enough for kids to easily locate and find other countries. You can find stunning illustrations such as national emblems, food, birds, animals, and buildings that help your youngers get a better understanding of the world.

The colorful pictures and other illustrations make it the first choice for those anxious to learn about the world. It is the best gift for your kids to discover the world as it stimulates their imaginations about those countries.

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Wallpops  Map of the World for Kids

Wallpops Self Adhesive Kids World Map

Type: World Map

Age Level: 3 years and above

What is great about this toy: No adhesive or nails are required to put it on the wall.

What is not so great about this toy: This item is a bit expensive compared to other available same items in the market.


Are you tired of wall world Maps that require extra tools to put on the wall? No worries! You now have this Wallpops peel and stick world map that just requires a pair of hands to stick it on the wall. No extra adhesive is required.

The best thing about this world map is that it is safe to walls, doors, and other smooth and flat surfaces like door backsides. You don’t need any sticky material for it, just peel it and stick it on the flat surface. Yes, you can remove it, and it can again stick with the same clarity.

If you want to know about the graphics and their printings, its fun graphics and bright colors make it easy for kids to read and learn about various countries and their capital cities. Because kids love to see the pictures and it is full of pics to elaborate everything about various countries.

Dry-eraser is another best thing about this world map, and the dry-erase marker is included inside the package. So, your kid not only read and learn interesting facts about countries, but they can make their notes on the map as well. The notes can be rubbed easily.

It is not only a wall map but the first-rate decoration for your classroom.

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Rand McNally Map of the World for kids

Kids' Illustrated World Wall Map Folded

Type: World Map

Age Level: 4 years and above

What is great about this toy: Looks good when frame.

What is not so great about this toy: Colorful, but the quality is not so great.


Are you searching for a map of the world that sparks curiosity in your junior’s mind? If yes, you found the best match for your search here. This Rand McNally’s map of the world for kids is designed using vibrant colors and fun graphics that spark the young’s curious minds.

The best things about this map are the heavy paper that ensures this world map’s long life and durability. Its vibrant color printings using pics and labels encourage the children for fun while learning about the countries and their capital cities.

If you talk about its design, it is decorative as it is educational. The white border around the map makes it ideal for framing and can be a good addition in your classroom or even in your playroom. And its color-coded continents provide a delightful illustration of animals, landmarks, and cultural icons.

Another best thing about this ma is you can fold it to take it with you while on the go. When folded, it has 8″ x 11″ dimensions that expand to 50″ x 32″ when unfolded. This large and compact design provides interesting information about the major cities, landmarks, and other additional points that you can use as a handy reference.

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The Genuine Company Map of the World for Kids 

Childrens Map of the World flat laminated map dino (Dino Wall Maps for Children)

Type: World Map

Age Level: 3 years and above

What is great about this toy: Super details about every country.

What is not so great about this toy: Some cartoons are racist.


Another great world map by the Genuine Company for mind curious about the geography of countries. This quality world map is full of photos that are engaging and informative. Your kid can have fun and learning side by side with this colorful world map.

If you talk about the map material, it is printed on heavy vinyl paper that is long-lasting and durable. You can mount it on the wall with sticky pads. Many details everywhere engage the kids and improve their knowledge with interesting facts about various countries.

The best thing about this map is it is super detailed about many things. Like there is even the point where the Titanic bumped into the iceberg. It is pretty nice for kids going to grade school, and they learn many things. All the learning in a fun way, just the way kids like it!

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Wisdom Learning Map of the World for Kids

World Map - Kids Childrens Wall Chart Educational A3 (30cm x 42cm) Childs Poster Print Art WallChart Map of World

Type: World Map

Age Level: 3 years and above

What is great about this toy: High UV gloss varnish paper and thin plastic coating.

What is not so great about this toy: The paper size is small for wall mounting.


This world map from Wisdom Learning is specifically designed by teachers keeping in view the children’s attraction for learning and is ideal for use in-home or in the classroom. With its glossy look and anti-smudge quality, it is durable and long-lasting.

As for the paper quality is concerned, they used the A3 size paper with 11.7 x 16.5 inches and 200 grams weightage to make it durable to stay away from any weather wear or tear. Also, they printed it on high UV gloss varnish paper to protect the paper for a long time.

The best thing about this world map is its bold printing with vivid and bright colors that enhances readability. Also, they avoid using barcodes or dull backgrounds that may affect the kid’s attention while learning. These bold printing and bright colors are very pleasing for kids’ eyes and look great on any wall.

Dry-eraser is another great thing with this world map. With the dry wipe pen, you can make notes on the map and can easily wipe it. Along with fun it enhances the learning abilities. Finally, the wall charts are delivered in a sturdy postal tube that prevents any damage to Maps.

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Enrico Lavagno Map of the World for Kids

Maps of the World: An Illustrated Children's Atlas of Adventure, Culture, and Discovery

Type: World Map atlas

Age Level: 4 years and above

What is great about this toy: Colorful and informative Maps.

What is not so great about this toy: A little bit busy on the eyes.


Do you kids love geography and curious about exploring different countries? If yes, this Enrico’s Maps of the World Atlantis is exactly for your curious little kid. With pictorial illustration, wonderful facts, and an oversized atlas, you can discover the world without leaving your home.

The best thing about this atlas covers every continent, country, major city, and even Space. This vast, vibrant and comprehensive information makes you excited to explore the whole world, and it is within your reach within this atlas.

The detailed Maps are filled with fabulous icons representing important landmarks on every continent. The cultural, environmental, and social illustrations make it interesting for every age child. And every map gives a lot of information about populations, language, agriculture, and political facts.

Another great thing about this atlas is the link associated with each map that allows you to download that particular map on your computer screen or laptop to explore in more depth. This comprehensive yet captivating atlas is an interesting source of information even for the reluctant young explorer.

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Handy Essentials Map of the World for Kids

Handy Essentials Kids World Map, Dry Erase Map,Wall Decals [24 x 36 inches]

Type: World Map

Age Level: 3 years and above

What is great about this toy: Secure tube packing is awesome.

What is not so great about this toy: Some place’s names do not have capital letters.


This Handy Essentials world map is an innovative product that allows children to unlock their true learning potential by combining entertainment and learning to achieve stunning goals. It is a fun and engaging way to educate the children about countries and their cultures.

The wonderful map comes with a peel and sticks option; just peel and stick it on the wall or any smooth surface like doors. Interestingly, you can remove it without damaging the walls, and it sticks again as the first time. It’s a piece of décor at home or educational décor in the classroom.

The best of it is the dry erase pen that is included in the package. Your children can use this marker to plan a visit, express their great ideas, or simply makes their notes on the map. Because each country is clearly outlined with bold boundaries, so children find it convenient to recognize them individually.

The color scheme of icons and the map is very creative and interactive, grabbing the children’s attention and helps them to learn more effectively. Also, its 36 x 24 inches size is large enough to be Visible while mounting on walls. The secure tube packing makes it an ideal gift for your little curious mind on occasions.Buy on Amazon

DYNH Cartoon World Map for Kids

Cartoon World Map Tapestry Wanderlust, Cartoon Animal Mountains Forests World Map for Children and Kids Tapestry Wall Hanging, Wall Blankets Home Decor Beach Towel TV Background Panels 60X40 In

Type: Map Tapestry

Age Level: For all ages

What is great about this toy: Easy to hang with non-trace nails.

What is not so great about this toy: Some place’s names do not have capital letters.


These tapestries from DYHN are equally good for home decoration and learning.  These make a good combination with carpets, furniture, and other home décor accessories and decorate any of your home walls.

If you talk about the size, it is 80″ wide and 60″ high, making it prominent for reading and learning. Digital printing on soft and elegant polyester fabrics gives your room a real-life scene. The color is bold and does not fade with time.

If you talk about its uses, you can use it in multiple ways, such as wall hanging, blankets, tablecloths, bedspread, or sofa cover. Yes, you can use these as curtains giving a stylish look to your room. Also, due to polyester fabrics, you can use it both indoor and outdoor without any wear or tear.

The best thing is that you will find eight  non-trace nails in the package. With these eight nails, you can hang them anywhere on walls. The fine stitching and 3D high-definition digital printing make it ideal for learning and fun, along with room decoration.

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Happy Map World Map for Kids

The World Happy Map for Kids, Laminated Write On Markable Foldable Map, School Classroom Educational Wall Display, Teach and Learn Geography, Plan Fun International Family Travel

Type: World Map

Age Level: 4 years and above

What is great about this toy: Sticker sheets to personalize each child.

What is not so great about this toy: Nothing.


Did you hear about the map that you can play with?  This world map from Happy Map is an innovative world map that teaches geography to kids and helps them plan travel in a fun and interactive way.

As far as quality is concerned, it is double-sided laminated and durable to live long with you. It comes with a wet-erase marker and three reusable sheets of stickers.  “My World” stickers to identify where you were born, “My happy places”, where you have visited, and “Migrating animals” stickers.

The best thing about this map is you can fold it into a readable travel booklet of 8.5″ x 11”. A compact design to take with you on the go or to store in a small storage place. It expands to 34 x 22 inches when open this booklet.

Child personalization is another best thing about this world map. Each child can personalize with a sticker about his birthplace, his journeys, and pinpoint their heritage origin. It also helps the kids to dream of global travel and learns about the wonders of the world.

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Maps International World Map for Kids

Glow in The Dark Map of The World - Map is Illuminated at Night - Children's Educational Poster

Type: World Map

Age Level: 3 years and above

What is great about this toy: You do not require any batteries for this glowing world map.

What is not so great about this toy: The countries outlines are very dim while glowing.


Have you seen any illuminated world map that glows in the dark? This Maps International’s world map is one of its kind that glows in the dark. It is a fun and educational map and provides a welcome gesture for those scared in the dark.

If you talk about its glowing secret, you don’t need any batteries to illuminate this world map. Instead, it absorbs the light in the daytime that filters into the room. The mysterious illuminating map appears in the night when the room is completely dark. And it keeps glowing for up to 12 hours, if you keep the room completely dark.

If you come to size, it is 33.11 x 23.39 inches; that is a good size and looks awesome while glowing in the dark. The company used 170 grams of silk paper that ensures strength and durability. You can frame it to hand on your front wall where you can see it glowing throughout the whole night.

The great thing about this glowing world map is that if you don’t have enough daylight in your room, you can charge it with a lamp as well. Put the lamp in front of the world map and turn it on. When you turn off the light the glowing room make you astonished.

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Frequently Asked Questions about map of the world for kids.

What is a world map for kids?

The world map is the drawing of the whole earth’s surface. The main purpose of the world map is to show where things are. It also shows Visible features such as rivers, forests, landmarks, and roads. Mostly Maps are drawn on a flat surface and show random things like the country’s boundaries, population, and temperatures.

What is the orientation of world Maps for kids?

The world map for kids includes all continents and oceans on the surface of the earth. On a flat surface, you will find the north pole  at the top and the south pole at the bottom of the map. There are colorful pics and icons for kids to learn the map things in a fun and interactive way.

Is it safe for children to play with a world map for kids?

The manufacturing companies use high-quality vinyl that is eco-friendly, non-toxic, and odor-free. So it is safe and healthy for your kids to play and learn with world Maps.

Does a world map for kids improve the child-parent relationship?

Yes, the children need guidance for reading the world map. And with parents’ guidance, they easily search themselves on the map. It improves not only their confidence but also the parent-child relationship.