Best Wooden See Saw For Outdoor Play

The seesaw is one of the oldest and most iconic playground equipment for children. Every child loves to play on seesaws! And just like any playground toy, it can keep your children active for hours and help them improve their social skills as well.

But the best thing about a wooden seesaw is that it lets your children develop their balancing and coordination skills. As balance is one of the most important skills, your children should start developing these skills as early as possible. 

From indoor to outdoor, plastic to wooden types, there are a lot of types of seesaws you can buy today. If you’re looking for toys that will last you a long time, you should consider buying a wooden type. In addition to that, you should also consider an outdoor seesaw so that your children can play outside and get fresh air and Vitamin D. 

Wooden seesaws are generally larger and heavier and much more suitable to be positioned in your backyard or garden. Most of them are made from pre-treated timber and finished with a waterproof coating. 


In this article, we will review 3 of the best wooden seesaws on Amazon today. 

Garden Games Limited Traditional Pine Wood Garden See Saw

Garden Games Limited Traditional Pine Wood Garden See Saw

Type: Wooden See-Saw

Age Level: 3+ years

What is great about this toy:  This wooden seesaw has a 10-year guarantee against wood rot.

What is not so great about this toy:  Wooden seesaws are high maintenance, and you should always check for splinters or cracks to keep your children safe while playing. 


Garden Games Limited is one of UK’s leading manufacturers of high-quality outdoor toys for children. That’s why if you’re looking for a safe, high quality and long-lasting wooden see saw then you’ll never go wrong with their Traditional Pine Wood Garden See Saw. As a matter of fact, this seesaw is made from strong pinewood which is pressure-treated to guarantee 10 years of fun playtime for your children.  

When it comes to design, this toy has a simple traditional look which is more stable compared to the other newer types of seesaws. In addition to that, the main beam is 3m long and  9 x 9 cm thick providing stronger and sturdier support. To prevent rusting, Garden Games Ltd has made sure that all the fittings and bolts of this toy are all galvanized. 

The wood is planed and finished with child-friendly and non-toxic materials that keep it from splitting and cracking. The child seats are specially shaped to accommodate your children and make their playtime more comfortable. It offers strong handlebars that your child can hold on to comfortably while playing. 

The package comes flat-packed with all fixings and full instructions. It will take around 2 hours to assemble.

Plum Premium Wooden See Saw

Plum Premium Wooden See Saw

Type: Wooden See-Saw

Age Level: 3+ years

What is great about this toy: This toy has a maximum load of 50kg. 

What is not so great about this toy: This toy is super heavy and can be quite difficult to assemble alone. 


Are you looking for ways to encourage your kids to play outside the house? Then you might like this premium wooden seesaw by Plum. With this toy, your kids can get active without getting outside the safety of your own home.

Measuring 200 x 63 x 58cm, this wooden seesaw is pretty compact and can fit average-sized gardens. The wood materials are FSC-certified European Spruce making it durable and sturdy. It is suitable for kids ages 3 and up. But it can accommodate lighter adults as its maximum load is 50kg per seat. 

When it comes to safety, this seesaw has a durable wooden beam across a wooden support for extra stability. The easy to grip handlebars fit perfectly to your child’s small hands. It also comes with smooth and curved wooden seats which are comfortable for long hours of playtime. 

The best thing about this toy is it offers a 12-month warranty against wood rot and insect damage. In addition to that, Plum is a trusted brand when it comes to children’s toys. You’re assured that all materials are high quality, durable, and children-safe! In fact, we have reviewed a lot of their toys including their outdoor trampolines

TP Wooden See Saw

Wooden See Saw

Type: Wooden See-Saw

Age Level: 3+ years

What is great about this toy: This toy spins around full circle. 

What is not so great about this toy: This seesaw is smaller but more expensive compared to the two other toys on this list.


This traditional Wooden See Saw by TP Toys is a nice addition to your children’s garden playground. Unlike the other two seesaws we’ve tackled, this one uses plastic seats for better comfort. Aside from that, green accents cover the seesaw making it more appealing to your children’s eyes. 

Overall this toy is the smallest of the three, measuring 36cmx 205cmxHeight: 56cm. It is also much lighter, weighing only 20kg it can be easily assembled by 2 adults in 1 hour. The only downside is it has a maximum load of 35kg, unlike the two other heavy-duty seesaws in this list. 

This FSC Certified wooden seesaw is already pre-treated to the core using child and environment-friendly preservatives. This makes this toy durable and suitable for outdoors without the need for extra treatment. It also comes with comfortable molded plastic seats and easy-grip handles.

One of the best things about this seesaw is that, aside from the traditional up-and-down movement, it can also spin around. This will provide an additional level of excitement for your kids and will certainly hone their coordination and balancing skills. 

When it comes to safety, the package also comes with ground stakes to safely secure the seesaw to the ground.

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Wooden See Saw FAQs

Are wooden seesaws safe?

Just like any other outdoor toys, there are a lot of possible dangers when children play on wooden seesaws. But these types of toys and equipment play a large role in their physical development. The best way to ensure your children’s safety is to supervise them during playtimes.

How long does it take to assemble a wooden seesaw? 

Generally, it is easy to assemble a wooden see-saw. It will take up to 2 hours for 2 persons to install it in your garden. If you don’t have the time or skills to assemble, some companies offer installation services. This will prevent accidents in case you missed some steps in the instruction manual and ensure that your child’s see-saw is properly assembled.

What is the maximum weight of a wooden see saw for kids?

The maximum weight of a wooden seesaw is around 35kg per seat. Larger seesaws can accommodate adults with up to 50kg of weight!

What are the advantages of wooden seesaws?

Wooden seesaws are the best type of seesaws you can buy for your kids. First of all, it is more durable compared to the plastic models. When it comes to seats and handles, wooden seesaws are more comfortable to play on for long hours compared to the metal versions.

What age group is a wooden see saw for?

The wooden see-saws included in this list are intended for children ages 3 years old and up.

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