Top 10 Kids mini moto pocket bikes Reviewed

Kids to love to ride mini moto pocket bikes, from the scrambler version to mini super bikes. These little bikes are a great way to get you children started in the dirt bike world. By being such a low price, a lot of people can afford to buy one of these.

Has you child been begging you for a dirt bike? but your not sure which one to get them. You cant go wrong with buying a kids mini moto. They are cheap, easy to fix, easy to ride, and will provide endless hours of fun.

This post will be broken down in to three sections, to give you all the information you need to know. From general information every owner should know, then to mini scramblers reviews then to the kids super bike reviews.

What are pocket bikes?

Pocket bikes also known as mini motos are smaller versions of adult bikes. You can buy them with 43cc 47cc 49cc engines. And they come as a mini super bike or a mini scrambler. They must be ridden on private land & dirt bike tracks and not on public land.

How fast does a 50cc pocket bike go 

The speed depends on which one you buy, and which engine it has. The water cooled engine ones are the fasted but they are made for racing. But the average speed for a kids mini moto is 20-30 MPH.

Are they safe to ride?

As with anything your child rides they can hurt their self, but the only way to stop that is to banned them from everything with wheels. The best way to keep them safe while riding, is to buy all the safety equipment. And to buy a pocket bike that has the most safety features.

50cc Childrens Petrol Motorbike Mini Motocross

FunBikes MXR 50cc Motorbike 61cm RedBlack Kids Dirt Bike 234x234

Starting off one of the best sellers is this 50cc petrol, This one comes in many different colors to suit girls and boys. Powered by its air-cooled engine with an easy to use pull cord.

It has a safety kill switch for added safety if your child falls off the cord that attaches to them will cut it out.

Has a lighter and stronger improved frame, with heavy-duty footpegs. And a max rider weight is 60kg. This is fully automatic just like the rest on here.


  • Front & Back wavey disks
  • 10 inch tyres with good tread
  • Upside down forks
  • 61 cm

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Renegade 50R 49cc Petrol Kids Mini Dirt Bike

This renegade scrambler looks similar to the one above but is half the price. It starts by pull cord as they all do on here. The bike has an upside-down fork plus safety cut out switch that attaches to the child riding.

Comes in many different colours for boys and girls. It stand 80cm floor to seat, so before buying make sure your child will be tall enough to ride it.

Another safety feature it has, the throttle can be restricted. The bike takes unleaded fuel mixed with 2-stroke oil.


  • Max Speed 15mph
  • x2 safety features
  • front & Back disk brakes

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Dirt Bike 49cc 10 Inch Crossbike Pocket


These bikes are selling like hot cakes, maybe thats because the price is so low on them. These are the older style pocket bikes, just as good as the new version just a redesign and few mods.

Upside down front forks, and rear mono shock. Also with front and back disks, there not hydraulics but for the price you cant go wrong.


  • Safety cut out cord
  • 10 inch wheels

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KXD Mini Dirt Bike – 50cc Scrambler

Next up is my favourite, the mxr 50cc. The company that sells this one say it faster and more torquier and more reliable than ever before.

Has front upside down forks and rear adjustable rear mono shock. Front and back wavey disk brakes, for better stopping power.

Its recommended that the max rider weight should not exceed 60kg. And depending on many factors, such as terrain and the weight of the rider, You should expect the mxr 50 top speed to be around 15MPH.


  • Higher Grade Wheel Bearings
  • Higher grade tyres
  • CE approved
  • 2 litre fuel capacity
  • 10 inch wheels

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Crossbike Cross Dirt Bike Pocketbike Orion

Another great seller amongst the pocket bikes within the UK. With a floor to seat height of 62cm, and 10-inch wheels. This one comes with a stronger metal full start, as the plastic ones usually have to replace.

Apparently this mini moto is capable of 30MPH, which I think the truth is being stretched there. The knobbly tires help to keep traction when the terrain is not dry.


  • 3-Stove Reactor
  • Upside down forks
  • Front & back disk brakes
  • Safety wire
  • Weighs 22 kg


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Action Force Ltd Kids SuperBike Italian Style – 49cc


One of the best sellers in the mini super bike market is this limited edition 50cc KXD. Being more than just a nice looking bike, this rocket can reach speeds of up to 30MPH.

So if you end up buying this make sure your child will be able to ride it safety. And wear all the required safety equipment meant for these types of bikes.

Powered by a air cooled 49cc engine, this is chain driven and fully automatic. And the max rider weight is up to 88kg.


  • Back & Front disk brakes
  • Pull start
  • Safety kill switch
  • 2-stroke

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Action Force Ltd Mini Pocket Motorcycle Bike


Similar super-bike to the one above. This pocket bike is a bit cheaper, but just because its cheaper that don’t mean that its not as good because it is.

This ones comes with the stronger metal pull start, that lasts longer than the plastic ones that seem to round off.

The mini super bike comes with a side stand a tool kit and a fuel jug to mix the petrol and 2-stroke oil. This mini moto speed also reaches up to 30MPH, so please be careful who you buy this for.


  • Disc brakes front and rear
  • 30mph top speed
  • Cheaper price

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MT4A 50cc 46cm Blue Orange Mini Moto Racing Bike

One of the smartest i have seen, is the mt4a 50cc, thats the reason why this has made it on to my list. Comes with performance racing tyres for better grip than the standard tyres.

With all bikes the top speed depends on the weight of the rider, but the average speed you should see is 20 to 30 mph.

Weighing only 25kg, you can easily put this in the back of any boot to get to your destination. Being only 46cm from floor to seat, no matter what size you are your more than likely to be big enough.


  • 20-30 mph
  • Throttle restrictor
  • Performance can be upgraded


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Super Motard 50cc Motorbike

The super motored 50cc is an unusual one, that i haven’t come across before. While doing my research i found that this one is really liked by a lot of people.

This is like a cross breed mini moto race bike and a scrambler version, so if you can decide with one you prefer theres always this option.

It is a bit bigger coming in at only 48cm, got to be more comfortable than the smaller versions.


  • 2-stroke 49cc tuneable engine
  • Front and back suspension
  • Race exhaust
  • back and front disk brakes
  • 48 cm


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Wether your going to buy one of these for you or your child, for the price you cant go wrong as these will provide endless hours of fun for the family. Christmas and birthdays are the ideal day to gift something like one of these.

By being so cheap, the parts are also cheap, you can replace the engine with a racing engine that doubles the power for less than £100.