Wooden Dolls Pram: An All-around Child Development Toy

Imaginative play improves our babies’ fine motor, language, and cognitive skills. Baby dolls offer the same imaginative play benefits and enable them to have limitless creativity during their playtime. However, sitting down for hours and hours offers little to no help to their lower muscles. With this in mind, we have collected the ten best wooden dolls pram to enhance your child’s doll imaginative play with physical exercises.

Children oftentimes want to imitate adults, incorporating actions that they see on different media, such as pushing a baby cart— making wooden doll prams a great addition to your child’s playtime. Not only these well-constructed wooden toys are easy to use, but they also provide a great starting platform to help baby learn to walk. Furthermore, incorporating a wooden doll pram in your babies’ playtime provides them with developmental benefits. In addition, wooden doll prams are made to fit toys other than dolls, making them a versatile toy fit for your developing baby and child.

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The Developmental Benefits of A Wooden Doll Pram

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Role-playing at an early age helps improve children’s learning ability. In addition, imaginative and creative play helps developing brains with facilitating their independent ideas, such as making new scenarios and acting them out. Furthermore, a wooden doll pram encourages babies and children to develop their balance, fine and gross motor skills, and overall control of their bodies.

As parents, we often look at learning as a linear process of reading books and watching informational shows. We often overlook the ability of our children to learn through playtime. However, these hours spent on playtime can be maximized by providing children with toys that possess incredible educational values and benefits.

With a wooden doll pram, let your child explore the bounds of her imaginative play.

Fosters Role-playing

Role-playing allows a child to dive into different ideas— letting them explore more emotions and different perspectives, a major feature of social and cognitive development As stated, role-playing helps improve a child’s learning abilities and becomes a platform for independent thinking. Pretend-play in this case should have a wide array of possibilities to avoid limiting your child’s experience.  Furthermore, pretend-play enhances your child’s creative and imaginative thinking through the generation of make-believe scenarios.

Provides Emotional and Social Development

Most wooden doll prams come with accessories that enable your child to take care and nurture their doll. These accessories include pillows, blankets, and sheets that your child can use to take care of the doll. Through wooden doll prams, your child can develop a better understanding of empathy.

Furthermore, a child that engages in imaginative play by controlling objects on their own will lets your child have a glimpse of the social and emotional aspects of life. Through pretend-play, children see themselves as individuals, allowing them to introspect how they want to fit in the world. In addition, pretending to be someone, such as a doctor or a nurse, encourages your child to learn more about how the real world works— teaching them cooperation and responsibility towards others.

Improves Language Skills

Children love to imitate what they see and hear, and most of the time, they copy the actions and words of an authority figure in their life. Through role-playing with a wooden doll pram, your children can experiment and enhance their language skills. Through enacting make-believe situations, your children understand the use of language as they try to communicate with their toy or with a friend. Furthermore, supervised pretend play can be a great tool for parents to correct a child’s vocabulary just in case they use words that are not suitable for them.

Having a versatile toy to use on a child’s pretend play offers them more scenarios to be part of, introducing them to a wider range of vocabulary. However, parents should supervise the words their children use— since children tend to use complex words out of context.

Supports Brain Development

Letting children decide for themselves enables their brain to process independently-generated thoughts. In addition, this newly found independence fosters an environment where they can develop their problem-solving skills against any scenario. Letting your child play with a wooden doll pram equips them with this independence that stimulates their brain as they mature.

Moreover, through role-playing with a wooden doll pram, children utilize their memory to recreate past experiences they have seen or heard. In addition, children develop abstract thinking, enabling them to react and manage their thoughts as they act out a scenario they have made.

Helps with a Child’s Physical Development

Wooden doll prams are designed to be pushed by children. Pushing a wooden doll pram around the house helps with the development of your child’s balance and muscle strength. Furthermore, a wooden doll pram helps your child enhance their gross motor skills like standing, walking, and pushing. These gross motor skills are important for their development as they require a large group of muscles to perform. In addition, hand-eye coordination also comes into play when they put their toys inside and outside the pram.

What to Look for In a Wooden Doll Pram- A Guide

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Knowing how a wooden doll pram helps with the development of children, let’s now look at what you should look for when buying one. When buying a pram, there are things to consider for your child to fully utilize its benefits. Buying a wooden doll pram that is not fit for your child could lead to injuries. Therefore, it is imperative to consider the suggestions below:

Manufacturer’s Recommended Age

Manufacturers usually put in their product description the suitable ages for their product. To maximize a child’s experience, make sure to buy an age-appropriate wooden doll pram. Some wooden doll prams have removable accessories such as small toys that could be accidentally swallowed by children ages three and below.

In addition, buying a wooden doll pram that is too advanced for your child could impede their learning process. For example, some prams are made bigger than usual and are suitable for older children. Therefore, make sure that your child’s age is appropriate to the product your buying. This ensures them to have quality playtime with their wooden doll pram.


The materials used in making a doll pram will define its durability. Wood is a material that is sturdy enough to support your child’s activities— even the most demanding ones! However, wood is a more expensive material than cheaply made plastic, but don’t fret, as this increase in price will not disappoint.

First, wood is a material sturdy enough to support your child’s weight. Also, wood does not break into little pieces, minimizing the risk of having sharp broken plastic pieces that can hurt your child. Second, wood is a non-toxic material. Unlike plastic, wood does not contain BPA and phthalates, which could pose a health risk to your child. Third, wood possesses antimicrobial properties, thanks to its porous layer that absorbs moisture, eliminating bacteria and viruses before they can reproduce. Lastly, wood is a sustainable material that biodegrades and purely recyclable. Let your kid enjoy and learn through a wooden doll pram and help save the Earth— a total win-win situation!

Features and Accessories

A wooden doll pram should be able to accommodate and engage the various needs of a child. Buying a wooden doll pram with a multitude of features will not only get your child engaged but also provide them with limitless possibilities where they can hone their different skills. Also, the more features a wooden doll pram has, the more time your child can spend learning while playing. However, you must mind your budget, going with a simple toy pram does not equate to buying a boring product. The features and accessories are more of a preference than a necessity.

The Top 10 Wooden Doll Prams in Amazon

TukuTuk Doll PramTukuTuk Doll Pram | Wood | Pink-White | Handmade in EU | Toy pram with rubberised wooden wheels | Girls

Type: Painted Wooden Doll Pram

Age Level: 1 month and up

What is so great about this toy: The handle is adjustable depending on your child’s height.

What is not so great about this toy: Round edges on the side still look pointy.


Let your child act any role they want as they play with the TukuTuk Doll Pram. Perfect for role-playing and developing your child’s motor skills, the TukuTuk Doll Pram was made with durable materials to ensure playtime longevity.

With your child’s safety in mind, TukuTuk has designed the doll pram to have safe round edges. In addition, TukuTuk has minimized the use of screws during assembly, preventing sharp edges from protruding over time. Moreover, TukuTuk has used ecological materials such as harmless glue and child-friendly paints to coat the doll pram. Focused on giving the most efficient and quality playtime to your child, TukuTuk has incorporated nonslip rims on its wheels to prevent unwanted accidents.

To ensure comfort and stability, the doll pram features special seamless supports to the rear wheels. Also, TukuTuk has put into mind your child’s growth; therefore, the handle of the doll pram can be adjusted at two heights.

Support the growth and development of your child with the durable TukuTuk Doll Pram.

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Bigjigs Toys Wooden Doll’s Pram

Bigjigs Toys Wooden Dolls Pram Buggy Stroller - Pretend Play

Type: Painted Wooden Doll Pram

Age Level: 3 years and up.

What is so great about this toy: Overall sturdy design.

What is not so great about this toy: Assembly is quite a chore to do.


Enhance your child’s imaginative play with the Bigjigs Toys Wooden Dolls Pram. The Bigjigs Wooden Dolls Pram features a sturdy construction perfect for your child! Featuring four sturdy wooden wheels, an easy-grip handle, and a detailed finish; the Bigjigs Wooden Dolls Pram is a great sturdy toy for your child’s development. The Bigjigs Wooden Dolls Pram is made from high-quality and sustainable woods.

Increase the possibilities of your child’s playtime with the Bigjigs Dolls and accessories available in the Bigjigs Toys range. The Bigjigs Wooden Dolls Pram is suitable for ages 3+ years under adult supervision.

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LELIN Wooden Princess Doll Pram

LELIN 0003994 Wooden Princess Doll Pram Buggy Pushchair Children Girls Pretend Play

Type: Painted Wooden Doll Pram

Age Level: 3 years and up.

What is so great about this toy: High-end design and feel.

What is not so great about this toy: Contains small parts that could pose as a choking hazard.


Allow your child to look after their dolls with the LELIN Wooden Princess Doll Pram. LELIN knows that role-playing is an essential learning method that kids utilize. Let your child hone their imagination and creativity through role-playing with the LELIN Wooden Princess Doll Pram. In addition, playing with the LELIN Doll Pram teaches your child empathy by taking care of their doll. With this in mind, LELIN has designed this wooden doll pram as an engaging way to foster child development and upbringing.

The Lelin Wooden Princess Doll Pram includes a pink dram and features comfortable bedding. Designed for children to look at and play with, the pink finish will surely be eye-catching and engaging to your child as they figure out the different things that they could do with the toy pram.

WARNING: Contains small parts—choking hazard. Not suitable for children under 3 years old.

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Moover MVPRAMP Wooden Pram

Moover MVPRAMP Wooden Pram, PinkType: Painted Wooden Doll Pram

Age Level: 1-year-old and above.

What is so great about this toy: Made with high-quality and durable birch plywood.

What is not so great about this toy: The pram has a thin set of wheels.


The Moover Wooden Pram features a modern and traditional hybrid design that your child will surely love. Furthermore, the Moover Wooden Pram features shock-absorbing rubber wheels that cushion road bumps for your child’s comfort and safety.

The Moover Wooden Pram is designed for children to push and pull around— encouraging the development of their motor skills. In addition, the Moover Wooden Pram enables children to engage in entertaining, imaginative, and creative roleplay with their favorite doll.  Moreover, the detail Moover has put into its wooden pram enables toddlers to roam without worry. Furthermore, the Moover Wooden Pram is built to accompany your child as they grow. Built with passion and exquisite craftsmanship, the Moover Wooden Pram will surely withstand the test of time.

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Tidlo T-0213 Wooden Doll’s Pram

Tidlo T-0213 Wooden Doll's PramType: Classic-design Painted Wooden Pram

Age Level: 3 years and up.

What is so great about this toy: The body of the pram can be removed and doubles as a cradle.

What is not so great about this toy: Relatively hard to assemble.


The Tidlo 3-in-1 Wooden Doll Pram consists of fine wood, a beautiful pink retro design, sturdy wheels, and an easy-to-grip handle. Furthermore, the Tidlo Wooden Doll Pram features a pink fabric roof that can be partially lifted for easy access.

In addition, the body of the pram can be removed from the frame— enabling the pram to be turned in two directions. When your child wants to play in a stationary position, the pram doubles as a cradle. This high-quality wooden rocking stroller and pram will surely inspire creative role-playing and help cultivate a true sense of companionship.

Take your child’s role-playing to the next level with the Bigjigs Toys Poppy Doll. However, if your child already has a favorite doll, the Tidlo Wooden Doll Pram can accommodate most standard-sized dolls.

Product Safety Warning: Not suitable for children under 3 years.

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Chad Valley Babies to Love Wooden Doll’s Pram

Chad Valley Babies to Love Wooden Doll's Pram **Exclusively on Sunday Electronics**Type: Simple-design Wooden Doll’s Pram

Age Level: 3 years and up.

What is so great about this toy: Straightforward design.

What is not so great about this toy: Lacks features considering its price.


The Chad Valley Wooden Doll’s Pram is ideal for assisting your kids in having some role-playing fun. This pram is made of high-quality materials and is ideal for youngsters to push about their Babies to Love dolls while role-playing. Furthermore, the Chad Valley Wooden Doll’s Pram can also assist children when they begin to walk and gain their balance.

Perfect for ages 3 years and up, the Chad Valley Wooden Doll’s Pram can help your child’s brain development as they try to formulate imaginative scenarios. In addition, different accessories can be bought alongside this Wooden Doll’s Pram, such as the 20” lifelike doll for a more immersive experience for your child.

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Viga Wooden Doll’s Pram

VIGA Wooden Doll's Pram - Girls Buggy For Doll

Type: Simple-design Wooden Doll’s Pram

Age Level: 18 months and above.

What is so great about this toy: A relatively cheap offering in this list.

What is not so great about this toy: The product lacks accessories.


The Viga Wooden Doll’s Pram will easily fit dolls under 45cm, making it a perfect role-playing toy for children and their dolls. In addition, a transparent non-slip rubber ring sits on both wheels— offering children extra safety during playtime.

The VIGA Wooden Doll’s Pram is perfect for babies starting to walk and explore the area around them. Moreover, this Wooden Doll’s Pram is an excellent choice to supplement your child’s brain and physical development through creative and imaginative play.

For your child’s safety, VIGA made sure that all their toys are made with non-toxic paints & inks— complying with EN71 & ASTM toy safety standards.

If your child doesn’t have a toy doll, you can bundle the VIGA Wooden Doll’s Pram with the Bigjigs Toys Poppy Doll for a more immersive and engaging imaginative playtime!

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Small Foot Buggy

Small Foot 10741 Buggy Made of Sturdy Wood, Rubberized Tyres for Easy and noiseless Running with Spiral Effects, with White Wooden Board as a Tray, Ideal Doll AccessoryType: Buggy-type Doll’s Pram

Age Level: 3 years and up.

What is so great about this toy: The product offers a simplistic but sturdy buggy design.

What is not so great about this toy: Design might not fit your child’s taste.


The Small Foot Buggy is an inexpensive but durable solution for your child’s role-playing needs. Featuring a solid wood construction and a comfortable fabric seat, let your child and her doll engage in imaginative and creative playtime. A table is also included at the front of the pram for a wider roleplay possibility. Let your child learn empathy and social skills by taking care of his or her doll. Moreover, the Small Foot Buggy was designed to support your child’s developmental process.

In terms of safety, Small Foot has installed rubber tires to ensure a noiseless and lateral skid-resistant experience for your child. In addition, the added spiral effects make the toy visually pleasing to look at.

WARNING: Not suitable for children under 3 years old. To be used under the direct supervision of an adult.

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Dida- Wooden Pram for Dolls

Dida - wooden pram for dolls - decoration: BowType: Wooden Pram

Age Level: 3 years and up.

What is so great about this toy: Eye-catching simplistic design.

What is not so great about this toy: Wheels are all made of wood.


During their 2nd and 3rd year, children tend to learn through pretend-play. It is great to incorporate strollers and wooden doll prams in their playtime as it opens more imaginative scenarios for children. In addition, at this age, children need to exercise their lower body to support their balance. In this case, the Dida Wooden Pram for Dolls has got your back!

Put children in a fostering environment wherein they take care of their dolls— making you, the parent, their role model. Furthermore, these actions teach them social skills and empathy— which they can use as they begin to socialize with other people.

Your child’s safety is Dida’s priority, therefore, the Dida Wooden Pram for Dolls features both durability and aesthetics; fit for a safer and comfortable playtime for your baby. Moreover, a comfortable handle measuring 50cm high is incorporated to make the toy easier to move.

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Legler Doll’s Pram

Legler Doll's Pram (White)Type: Simple-design Wooden Doll Pram

Age Level: 3 years and up.

What is so great about this toy: Features a rubber wheel for a noiseless playtime.

What is not so great about this toy: The pram cannot support heavyweight toys.


Meticulously crafted from solid wood, this evenly varnished Doll Pram is an excellent playtime tool for your little one. Perfect for imaginative and creative play, the Legler Doll’s Pram is a toy that encourages brain development by being the perfect platform for your child’s roleplay.

The simplistic design of the Legler Doll’s Pram enables children to explore their emotions and ideas without the hassle of complicated features. Furthermore, the Legler Doll’s Pram is easy-to-use, just load your child’s doll at the front, and it’s ready to go!

Warning: Only for domestic use. The Legler Doll’s Pram should be used under the direct supervision of an adult.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Wooden Doll Prams

Q: Are push toys good for toddlers?

A: Yes, push toys can be beneficial to your toddler’s fundamental needs like muscle strength, hand-eye coordination, and balance. Incorporating a push toy into your child’s playtime encourages them to be more confident in their walking abilities.

Q: Why do toddlers like to push things?

A: Activities like pushing, pulling, and lifting can provide a calming sense for your toddler. A toddler’s senses crave these activities as they learn how to move around their environment. It helps them realize that they are capable of doing a lot of things with their body.

Q: Is walking early a sign of intelligence?

A: A study conducted between children that started walking early and their intelligence has found no conclusive data to support this claim. On average, children start to learn to walk independently around the age of 12 months.

Q: Do babies need push toys?

A: A push toy is not an actual necessity when babies learn how to walk. However, push toys such as a wooden doll pram support babies who are starting to learn how to walk. In addition, push toys allow your baby to build muscle strength and balance.

Q: What age can a baby use push walkers?

A: The usual age range for push walkers is between 6-36 months. On average, the lowest age range a manufacturer offers is around 9-12 months. However, it is important to check for the toy manufacturer’s recommended age range when buying a push walker or wooden doll pram.